Rainbow Wall 2013


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2013.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...

Noah Little Bear

Scottish Terrier

11/08/12 - 1/5/2013

Larry G. Westberry
Phoebe Lane Scott


Scottish Terrier

10/28/2001 - 1/7/2013

"There’s a big empty hole here in the house left by a small scottie boy with a huge personality."

Vicki Frazier

Tartan’s MacKenzie

Scottish Terrier

6-24-1994 - 1-8-2013
18 years 6 ˝ months

"She is shown here as she posed this fall for the 2013 swimsuit calendar for Healing Waters, where she went each week for hydrotherapy - though usually all she wore was a life vest."

Joanne Young

Mr. Kitty

Maine coon

RB 1/11/2013

Jody Henderson


Scottish Terrier

December 1999 - January 14, 2013

"Was a therapy dog for 12 years of his precious 13. He was our first scottie and taught us the love for the breed. We will love and miss you forever little buddy."

Marsha and Steve Lutz

Vicki Campbell

RB 1-20-13

Devoted Scottie Mam

Princess Heidi Belle


Scottish Terrier

April 22, 1999 -- January 26,2013

Joan and Pat Delli Carpini


Scottish Terrier

RB January 26, 2013

"He was the only Piranha Puppy I’ve ever owned – and until he was about 4 months old we worked diligently to teach him OUCH! and ‘Tiny Bites’ – he matured into a sweet, stately ‘Elder Gentleman’ by the time he was about 8, tolerated the cats, and soaked up the sun from the back deck or the arm of the sofa even in July."

Kathryn & Dennis Smith

GCH Charthill Virtuoso


Scottish Terrier

9/11/02 - 1/27/13

"My beautiful boy was loved by many and will never be forgotten. What great adventures we had and great memories to hold on to. My gratitude to his breeders Charla Hill and Lisa Hills for the opportunity to love him. My gratitude to the judges that awarded him to make #5 All Breed Scottish Terriers in 2009. He was a great friend to the new puppy "Hunter" and my heart mate.
I will always love you MacCartney :-) "

Susan Morse

Charlie Cartboy

Scottish Terrier

11/1/02 - 1/27/13

"Today a piece of me died. I lost a very dear friend who loved me unconditionally. He was always there when I needed him. Helped me get thru some of the most terrible times in my life and didn’t ask for anything in return. He was my first Scottish Terrier Rescue and was with me for ten years."
"I miss him so much."

Ken Handshaw
Scottish Terrier Rescue of RI

Tammy Friedl

RB January, 2013

Devoted Scottie Mam

Cheryl Root

RB 2-4-13

Devoted Scottie Mam


Scottish Terrier

Gotcha Day 3/14/03 - 2/7/13

"My Reilly soars with the Angels....
He was such a fighter...
I loved you so.... I am again heartbroken..."

Michelle Nuckles

Hampton T. McBean

Scottish Terrier

RB 2/15/13

"I can write no more, but I wanted his friends to know there's a bright-shining star, a bundle of energy wrapped in love and the overwhelming desire to please waiting there."

Peggy Elliott

Nora Jean

Scottish Terrier

RB 2/18/13

" She truly had to have been the sweetest Scottie ever. She never met a dog or a person she didn't like. Barley is a bit lost as he is now the only Scot in the house. It's been a huge amount of time since there has been only one Scot in residence here. I think we're both a bit lost.
Sleep well, Dear Girl, you've earned your rest."

Kathleen Zetcher



Scottish Terrier

RB 2/20/13
14 yrs 9 mos

Charla Hill
Charthill Scotties


Chow/Shar Pei/Lab mix

RB 2/25/13

Barb and Reyner


Scottish Terrier

RB March, 2013
14 3/4yrs

Debbie Cleveland

Baxter MacTavich


Scottish Terrier

RB 3-25-13

" Baxter MacTavich Tucker, was the epitome of Scottitude, and he was Momma's "Little B". Rest in Peace, my little man, and we will cherish all the tennis balls we find hidden in the back yard."

"There is a giant hole in my heart."

Glenda Tucker

CH Maryscot Nothing But Net


Scottish Terrier

12-25-99 - 3-25-13

"She was gorgeous, independent, smart, stubborn, demanding, naughty, hilariously funny, adorable. She was a curmudgeon. She was sweet to the core. She was perfect in every way except for lacking immortality. We couldn't have loved her more."

Marilee Clark,
Mary Ann, daughter Bridget, niece Sara, and Rory

Chess Lilly of the Fields

Lilly, from her Puppyhood days.....


Scottish Terrier

July 12, 2000 - March 29, 2013

"She was 12 years, 8 months and 17 days old. We remember so well when Nanette McCarthy brought her to us from Canada; she was 8 weeks old. We were thrilled and loved her from the first moment we saw her. She was the very best dog anyone could wish for and we already miss her desperately."

Fran and Gary Sanden


Scottish Terrier

RB 4-5-13

"She was the last of the original Brice Bunch. 15yrs 7mos old They are all together again, Daddy Pippin, Momma Poppy, Sister CeCe, Brother Wheatly and Lily."

"She loved everyone, but, she was always Greg's sweetie and he, hers. As a puppy she loved to crawl up inside his shirt when he would lay on the couch watching tv. The only times in her life that she growled was when she was on his lap and any of the other dogs would try to push her off. He was her's and her's alone. She was patient and kind, never bullied anyone. I called her our "Wallflower" because she would hang back and watch rather than get into any fray. She danced for her dinner, a treat, or to go in the car. She loved a hidey hole, briar patches, anywhere she could squeeze into. Earthdog probably would have been her true calling, but we just never got around to it....."

"Her last gesture in this world was to lift up her head and nuzzle in deeply in his chest, with her last breath she thanked him for loving her enough to let her go.
They never live long enough....."

Arlene & Greg Brice
AKC Breeder of Merit

Ch Byrnecrest's Danny Boy


Welsh Corgi

1-18-96 - 4-17-13

"1 day short of 17 1/4 years old.
Please don't cry for me, Danny would tell you.
He had a great life, came to me at 5 months old, untrained, wobbly back legs (thought they'd never work correctly), leash broken (NOT), blowing coat everywhere, but the best top-line of any Corgi around. He was my second champion, 1st Corgi Ch.

He quickly became a mama's dog, stuck to me like glue, slept at whatever door I exited out of till my return. Anytime I left home for more than a day, Jim had to give him a T-shirt with my scent before he would settle down and sleep. He was a true Corgi, herded the Bouviers around the house, barked at any strangers or other dogs on the street.

At home, Danny was always at my feet, sleeping in the bed back against my legs,loved his ears, face and back rubbed. Got his AKC Championship, CGC title, not interested in herding or Obedience. Loved all his brothers & sister, we make them think they are related, and being an ambassador for his breed at the "Meet the Breed" events.
He was loved by all and will be missed every day,
more than I can express..."

Lyn Sheridan


Scottish Terrier

7-1-10 - 4-21-13

"I've lost another special needs Scottie who I loved dearly...When you loose a special needs Scottie that you loved so much, it just tears you apart. At least now I know he is healthy and running around the Rainbow Bridge with my Charlie Cartboy. I've lost two special needs Scotties this year.
This really hurts."

Ken Handshaw
Scottish Terrier Rescue of RI


Scottish Terrier

RB 4-27-13

"Sissy, my beautiful little rescue Scottie, crossed the rainbow bridge last Saturday. She lived with us for almost 5 years and we didn't know her exact age but it was estimated as eight years when we got her. That made her about 13. She was the sweetest Scottie you could ever imagine; never once growling or snipping.
Goodbye my little one. :( "

Robert Schultz


Scottish Terrier

January 17, 2000 - April 30, 2013

"I love each and every one of the fur babies and Sugar was a foster in name only. Another piece of my heart has gone but there is always enough for the next one.
Until we meet again...run free Sugar... I love you! "

Krystal Liske



RB May 21, 2013

Kathie Lawrence

CH Destiny's E Equals MC Squared


Scottish Terrier

9/11/99 - 6/19/13

"Champion, Registered Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, and all-around stand up gal :). Mother of 4 in 2003 by CH Bardriaan's Choir Boy, who recently passed at 14 1/2."

"I had aspirations to get obedience titles on her but she did NOT SEE FIT to "down" in public until she was *9*. I kid you not--she would do absolutely everything perfectly but look at me with disdain when I asked for that magic command-- which is how she saw it. At home? She would "down" on a dime and stay there for 30 min, 3 min, 12 min--it didn't matter, she stayed. She was excellent at making me look like a fool, as all good scotties are apt to do."

"One of her favorite activities until a few years ago was tetherball with the rest of the gang, and "hose baths" (i.e. SQUIRT ME IN THE FACE!!)."

"Her whole life, however, her favorite sport was OLYMPIC CHAMPIONSHIP EATING. Shrimp with cocktail sauce. Lobster. Dill pickles (nearly every day). No peasant tastes for this girl.. :)."

"She lived every day with quality; although diagnosed with TCC bladder cancer at 12 1/2, and it inevitably aged her more quickly, she was winding down at almost 14."

"She never stopped eating and her condition was good; she went with dignity and never had a truly bad day in her life. It is my gift to her to not let her suffer, we should all have that for ourselves!"

"Liah, I love you and miss you."

Amy Cada


Scottish Deerhound

RB 6/21/13
9 yrs

" Goodbye sweet girl, I will miss your gentle nature."

Tracey Edwards

Queen Nikki

Scottish Terrier

Sept. 29, 1995-June 21, 2013
18 yrs 2 mos

"...in my life from Jan. 15, 2009-June 21, 2013.
With my deepest gratitude and love,
sleep sweetly my Queen.'

Kristi Fowler

Beameups Black Gold


Scottish Terrier

June 1, 2003 - July 2, 2013

"My extra special Scottie boy.
The Professor, my Best Friend and Companion
Miss you every day."

Kate Wood

Donna McDonald

RB July, 2013

Devoted Scottie Mam

Tony Gruda

RB 7-13-13

Devoted Scottie Dad

CH Casey's Magic by Design


Scottish Terrier

11/27/2000 - 7/13/13

"All Scotty attitude,
Taylor knew she was in charge.
We'll miss our beautiful girl."

Iva and Ed Burks

Barbara DeSaye

March 7, 1932 - July 25, 2013

Involved in Scotties for over 50 years as a breeder, judge and health advocate.


Cairn Terrier

RB July 31, 2013

"My loving Cairn Terrier met many of you. He had a very rich, well-travelled, and happy life after we got together, and he had many friends and fans. Each loss is unique, I realize, and I will miss this boy, who was my great defender and companion, every day."

Eileen Gill

Keipats Bedazzled


Scottish Terrier

RB August 8, 2013

"I’ve been telling her for a month now, I’d do anything to take the burden of her pain from her. I got my chance today. She’s not hurting anymore. We shared some beautiful moments on the travel here - I got to see her hunting in grassy meadows, yelling at people, cyclists & motorcycles outside the car, sticking her head out the window at the levee, obnoxious barking at other dogs at hotels. In between all of this, when she rested, you could just tell it wasn’t a comfortable rest. When you looked in her eyes, they looked dark. I wanted to, but didn’t hold her in my lap - it was painful for her to be handled and the catheter was in her good front leg. So, I sat on the floor with her on the couch - we were at face level. The whole time, Nikko & Jolie, played, wrestled, growled, snipped at each other, bounced into my legs, the vet, ... they said it was okay, if okay with me. Yes. I wanted “busy fun” to be Phoebe’s last sight; I had my hands & face on her, she never shook or trembled, she just rested, then slipped away from me. I would like to thank every single one of you, my friends out there, who held my girl in your thoughts, held her as special, sent such loving thoughts and words. I still hadn’t finished thanking everyone who did the same in late June upon her diagnosis. Some of you all, my friends, have met and know Phoebe, some know her like family, some have or have had, some of her “blood” family, and some of you have never met Phoebe or me, and yet you have poured out so many well wishes and so much love. Thank you."

Michael Siener


Scottish Terrier

December 16, 2000 - August 22, 2013

"Bran was a sweetheart with a wonderful disposition. He always wanted to play with other dogs he met. He lost his battle with TCC after 2 years, 4 months, 2 days.
You will always be in our hearts and our thoughts.
Much loved."

Iva and Ed Burks



RB August 30, 2013

"I lost my beloved Big Man today.... "

Janet N.

William Murdoch

Scottish Terrier

Aug 2005 - Oct 7, 2013

"Our beloved little William Murdoch had to give up his battle today the cancer won ,his little body had had enough. William Murdoch came to us 3YRS ago in Aug. He bonded with the Golden One HMB you never saw one without the other ,they loved laundry day they would follow me to the lower level and run laps in the family room ,now DH had two heads into all his yard work and repairs WM was coming into his own but what to call him we couldn't find a name that suited him ."

"We were watching Murdoch Mysteries and the little boy looked at me with big black liquid eyes( just like the star of the show has ). So the little Scot became William Murdoch now I had a PC Hamish MacBeth(I found this show after HMB was named ) and a Detective.William Murdoch,seemed right the artist who did his caricature when she heard his name drew him as Detective William Murdoch we treasure this as we never really had a decent picture of him only one KD kindly photo shopped for us."

"WM was diagnosed in April ,he never looked back from his first Chemo we thought he would prove them wrong the way Duke has with his TCC WM was a happy little boy till last week ,he had his treatment but his body didn't respond to it the nodes didn't shrink,his little body was taken over so we had to let him go this was so hard on DH as William really was his Daddy's dog ,he was a needy little boy so he followed me every where till Dad came home."

"WM deserved so much more in his life ,we loved him dearly."

Linda and Earnie Wilson



RB Oct 12, 2013
Just shy of 19yrs old

Lori Mancuso & Donnell Griffin

Good Golly Miss Molly


Scottish Terrier


"It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that we had to help Miss Molly over the Bridge today. Her heart was giving out and they advised that it was time. My vet is very good that way because we would hold on for as long as WE could, and need them to tell us when its time, and for the best. This was so hard as she was the "last" of the original knuthouse gang, won oldest Scotty at Fala Day the last 2 years, and Bill's girl (like Ceilidh was mine). She attended the first Gathering of the Clan from Great Scots Magazine, in Tennessee, and that weekend we got to meet Ceilidh for the first time. Ginger used her for a demonstration and Donna McDonald did her first groom that weeked. She was just 4 months old and the only puppy there. Whenever we played the video of that weekend, she remembered all the "fawning" made over her and she looked around for her "subjects". Life just sucks some times, so ya'll hold on tight to your babies tonight.."

Kathy and Bill Nixon

Mike Serrano

RB October 22, 2013

A generous, kind, gentleman,
devoted to breeding and showing Scottish Terriers
Mistymoor Scotties

Charthill Love Letter JE "Cara"

Scottish Terrier

4/8/99 - 10/26/13

"Over 14 years ago our family traveled to SC and came home with a little black brindle puppy. She soon became Cara "Babe" (to go with Aggie's "Boss" and Duncan's "Boy"). Her first dog show was the day she turned 6 months - at Montgomery Sweeps, followed 2 days later at Mudgomery. She moved like a dream, but because of her ear infections as a pup, she backed up from the judges on the table. After she had her first litter, she retired from the conformation ring. When it was her turn to lead the pack, she was much more easy going than Aggie had been. She didn't take any guff, but she didn't bother the others unless they bothered her first. After her second litter, she was introduced to Earthdog, and was able to earn her Junior title. Her first puppy, Evan - who would be her clone if he had a milk chin, was a college graduation gift to my daughter. He stayed with her (and later also her husband) at night, but came here for doggy day care while they worked. When the Air Force transferred my son-in-law to CA, we sent Cara along to keep Evan company. They moved back east 3 years ago, and we were able to see more of them, most recently about 3 weeks ago. Since then, she began to seriously slow down and lose her appetite. She died peacefully at home overnight. Her legacy continues, both with Evan, and her 2 daughters, 2 grand daughters, and great granddaughter who live with us. We'll miss you, Babe. You'll always have a place in our hearts." "

Marge Rosa



1 November 2004 - 29 October 2013

"Forever young.....
May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong,
Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond.
And may you never love in vain.
And in my heart you will remain
Forever young...."
(Bob Dylan)

Karen Danielz

Hiwood Seanache Carly Rose

"Carly Rose"

Scottish Terrier

11/22/02 - 11/6/13

"She was born on a November day almost 11 years ago....and she has been such a wonderful little girl. She has given us love beyond measure, and we will never ever ever forget our girl. We owe a debt of gratitude to Betty Lou Breese for allowing us to bring Carly Rose into our home. She was my first Scottie...and man did we get hooked........so today....we will hold and love her and gently let her go.......and a piece of each of our hearts will be gone forever."

Terri and Ron Beach

Bryant Thornhill

RB November 6, 2013

Devoted Scottie Dad
Active in Scottie Rescue for years

Scottish Terrier

RB November 17, 2013

Kellie Massi

Nancy Ann
Scottish Terrier

RB December 5, 2013

Janet Bush

West Gates

RB December 11, 2013

"Dearge Portraits"

Scottish Terrier

RB December 13, 2013

Doreen Moskowitz


Scottish Terrier

March? 2000-Dec 14, 2013

"Callie, queen of the couch... I was privileged to have served Her Highness Callie for the last 3 months of her life. She joined my clan on Labor Day having adopted her from St Louis Scottie rescue (for whom I also foster/coordinate). She walked out of the car and right into a group of 8 scotties and said "I'm old and I'm not puttin' up with any crap!" . And that's the way it has been ever since. Today she went to the Bridge with dignity.
I will see you again my love."

Amy Cada

CH Maryscot Painted Black


Scottish Terrier

RB December 17, 2013

"She was mother of 13 Champions including Sadie.
She was just over twelve years of age."

Mary L. O'Neal
Maryscot Scottish Terrors

Redhan Brinin Mac Dughul

Scottish Terrier

Aug 2002 - Dec 27, 2013

"Today the Grandest, most magnificent Scot left us,he fought TCC for 43 Months, a valiant warrior is gone. RIP Duke, you sure gave it hell."


If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.

You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.

We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes,
please, let me go.

Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.

Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;

We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.


Linda and Earnie Wilson


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