Memory Lane

With My Special Fur-Angels.....

Lady Abigail Dundee

You were my first Scottie......the ultimate regal Lady.  You never met a stranger, you never wore a leash, yet you never left my side.  You were totally self-assured,  in complete control, and always got your way. You, my special Lady,  will always retain the title of most royal Queen.  Take care of  our angels at the Bridge.

Toby ---  my sweet rescue boy.
You were so loyal, so loving.  You were so afraid of strangers....never letting others get close to you. You were such a joy in my life. You were 28 pounds of solid muscle, yet you yielded to Lady's wishes in all things..... my little gentleman.  You  derived such pleasure from wrestling the mail away from the mailman through the many mauled letters....such sweet memories, my little man.

Sandy ----- ahhhhh, such a smart  girl you were.  You were definately ruler of your world--a true family guardian , an enthusiastic performer with so many tricks in your bag.....always going through your entire list of tricks to get to that bone quicker.  So many miles you made with us as we learned to drive...there you sat in the front seat...guarding us from made adolescence such a had a legendary reputation, Sandy girl, and had the pride, confidence, and strength of will to enforce your laws. Such a family treasure you over my Scottie angels, my girl. 

Misty..... sweet girl.   .  You had the kindest heart, the gentlest of dispositions.  Such joy you had swimming in the lake.  Such a love you were in our family. 

BoJo.....trusting, loving, and gentle.
You, sweet one, benefitted from Sandy's legend----never having to prove your strength. You were so very much Connie's girl , yet we walked many miles together around the lake, you always leading the way ---clearing the road, chasing the ducks, visiting with other walkers.  There are no thunderstorms there to frighten you now,  precious........enjoy the sunshine.

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