Katie and Riley thank you for these awards!!

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"From Animal Kingdom... for VOTES received!

Thanks, Jean! It's BEAUTIFUL!

"FOR originality, overall design and appearance,
ease of navigation, and content"
Thanks, Art Space 2000!

Thanks, Sandy!

Thanks, Laurie!!

From the International Association
of Webmasters & Designers!

Thanks, Richard and Barbara!
Thanks, Birgit!  It's beautiful!

Laurie presented these two awards for our Memory Lane memorial pages!
Thanks, Laurie!
Thanks, Laurie!

Thanks, Karen!
Thanks so much!

Dog' Site Award
Thanks, I-Love-Dogs.com !

From the "International Association of
Web Masters and Designers!!
Thank you!
Thanks, Paula!

Thanks, Gretchen!
Thanks, Amy!

Thanks, Sharon!
Thanks, Mystical Puppy!!

Thanks, Breeze !
Thanks, StarKitten!

October 16-21, 2000
MILKY WAY Champion-Site WARS!!!
October 23-28, 2000
MILKY WAY Champion-Site WARS!!!

Thank you, Grandma Lydia
In Honor of World Animal Day!
From: Dolphin Dreams!!

Thanks, StarKitten!
Thanks, Brat !

Petsburgh Award-Site of the Week
August 12-16, 2000
Petsburgh Award
Thanks for voting us Site of the Week
August 14-18, 2000!!

Thanks, Paula !
Our very FIRST award!

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