Rainbow Wall 2012


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...

Duncan McNabb

Fitz (L) RB 2/3/11 and Duncan (R) RB 1/19/12
(Editor's FAVORITE Scottie photo, EVER! God Bless, lads!)

Scottish Terrier

6-15-1997 - 1-19-2012

"The most beautiful Scottie in all the land! He was the textbook Scottie, strong, brave, beautiful, stoic, stubborn, aloof, regal, protective, and loyal. He had a tough personality, but was a tender hearted boy on the inside.

A life well lived.
We will miss you sweet boy."

Kim and Mark Magnusen

Am. & Can. CH.
Roscot Merlynn Macho Man ROM


RB January 26, 2012

"My beautiful boy! It was hard to say goodbye--but I will always love you.
RIP, sweetheart!"

Yvonne Kazan
Roscot Scottish Terriers


Scottish Terrier

RB January 28, 2012

"My heart is breaking and the tears won't stop.
May he be at peace beyond the rainbow bridge."

Kora and Roland Kari

Huckleberry Finn

Scottish Terrier

RB February 9, 2012

" I will miss him so....
of all the Scotties in my life he touched me the most..."

Bob & Linda Bugle




RB February 25, 2012

3 wks shy of his 14th Birthday..

"Jake was the lone boxer in our passel of Scotties over the years and he even learned how to arroooo. He was the sweetest boy to our children and always knew to be gentle when they were little. He loved a good boxing match with our son, and in his later years when he couldn't stay strong on his back legs he'd lay on his back and box with Connor from the floor. But his best buddy was our scot, Robbie Doo, and Jake was devastated when we suddenly lost him last year. Benson has been a good companion to him, but not like Robbie and the two mischief makers are together again."

Laurel and Randy


Scottish Terrier

RB 2-27-12

"...so we said goodbye to the best little Scottie with the biggest heart in the world.
So very broken hearted..."

Marian Goodwin-Clifford, UK


Scottish Terrier

11-9-99 - 3-4-12

"He was a funny, laid back, smart, loving boy. He was tolerant and dignified his whole life. What a blessing it was to have him for so long. I feel so lost. I'm heartbroken. No scotties in the house. Only memories. I'm going to bury him with his "brothers".
Rest in peace, my dear baby boy.
I love you."

Melanie Wilmer

Frosty Meadow

CGC, ThD, AKC Therapy Dog

Scottish Terrier

April 10, 2001 - March 8, 2012

"Her heart which was a big as all outdoors simply gave out. RIP best Scottie girl in the world."

Lee Juslin

Haigis Tsunami Robert of Inverness


Scottish Terrier

May 19, 2001 - March 20, 2012

"We loved this little boy with all our hearts. ...for the last 11 years he has filled our days and hearts with joy and laughter and companionship. Robbie was 100% scottie, fearless, full of attitude, he thought he was a 200 lb dog. My little champion.
I miss you with all my heart Robbie Bobbie, Mommy's Baby Boy, my little Booboo. Don't know how we'll get through the days or nights without you. My only solace is you are free, no more pain and suffering. May the angels take your little broken ]j body and give you wings to let you fly again. You are safe in my heart forever."

Shannon and Les Coughlin



Scottish Terrier

9/20/2000 - 3/20/2012
(Rescued Birthday 3/17/2006)

"We are so thankful you came into our lives, you were a blessing! You came to us through a Scottish Terrier Rescue and, because of your loving nature, you became the grounding force for North Star Rescue. You accepted and watched over every dog, cat and bird that came to live with us until they found their forever home. You helped teach children who were afraid of dogs that they could pet you and love you, and you were a fine example for others that were considering adopting a rescued pet. We hope you are running free in the tall grass surrounded by sunshine and our love for you."

Rachel & Jeff Kyle


Scottish Terrier

Born: One Fine Day in July, 1998 or 1999
Joined our Family: October 1, 2002
Slept in our arms and crossed Rainbow Bridge: March 26, 2012

"Abby, my Miss Pretty...
"I love you still, my sweet girl.
I miss you more than I can say."

Sharon Calderone


Scottish Terrier

March 23, 2000 - March 28, 2012

"We are so sad that a legend, our little man Stewart, who showed affection by lying hip to hip with those he loved, is no longer walking our floors and demanding a treat. I told Stewart many times in the last days that we loved him so much and that I would do anything for him. And, that we will always be together."

Monica and Rick Collett


Scottish Terrier

August 24, 2002 - March 29, 2012

Yvonne Maddocks

Bentley Bernard

Scottish Terrier

RB March 30, 2012

Scott and Elaine Gerstenkorn

Glendarra's Good Day Sunshine


Scottish Terrier

December 26, 2011 - March 30, 2012

"Wee Scottie lad, Lennon/Hudson, I followed you with joy in photos and videos from shortly after you entered this world until you were in my arms one month ago today, and today, I held you for one last time. Your time with us was too short, but what wonderful memories you created and leave for us to enjoy in the days ahead.

Your mom, Rose Shacklett, named you, and your three brothers, after the The Fab Four--The Beatles...Lennon, Starr, Harrison and McCartney, and you were blessed with the AKC name: Good Day Sunshine. How appropriate, as you were a breath of fresh air and sunshine every day of your life for each of us who had the pleasure of knowing you.

I will always remember your piercing baby blue eyes and cute puppy antics that brought us smiles and the happy moments of frapping that you and young MacBirch enjoyed each day. Shortly before you became ill, you enjoyed several days of running in the yard and through the grass, which was nearly as tall as you, with the big Scots--you were in the height of your glory!

So, today, with tears and a heavy heart we cherish the precious memories we have of you our little Wheatie Boy. How blessed we were to have you in our lives--you were a beautiful little spirit.
Sweet dreams to you with all our love."

MacKenna, MacBirch, and Jim Goble

Greenbriar's Haley


Giant Schnauzer

February 24, 2001 - April 5, 2012

"Haley, the queen of my heart, has left her earthly bonds today for her angel wings.
At last she is off duty.

I know that she will be greeted by Tess and The Rocket and Duke and Daisy and no doubt reign over them at the Bridge the ways she reigned supreme over her earthly pack. She has been feeling punky and not eating well for some time now. The vet would have had to do another major surgery to find the cause and I would not put her through that. I made her a promise that she would not ever suffer. She has been cueing me for a while that her time was near.

Haley came to me in 2002 as a graduation gift to myself for completing my Paralegal Certificate. I had been through a rough patch for a few years with the house fire and resulting lawsuit and several dogs had passed away. Haley was a fearful one year old when she came to me from being a failed showdog. She greeted me with great suspicion in the breeder's barn. She had been unsuccessfully shown - hated men (especially judges) and was very head shy (result of being beat about the head at dog shows). I hesitated for a fraction of a second and then our eyes met under those long bushy brows I took a leap of faith and so did she. We bonded on the ride home from Kentucky- hubby drove while I held onto Haley during a massive non stop thunderstorm. Once at home she immediately put her beard into my soup bowl and we were best friends from then on.

We spent the next few months working on socializing - training and socializing some more. Soon we were on our way to into years of adventure, climbing dunes, exploring nature and later photo shoots all over the country and vacations with that proper and prim dog that many of you have met at Fala Days.

Haley loved going to Little Bit Farm. She felt totally at home there with the sheep, cats, chickens, Collies and Scots. The first visit she scared the stuff out of us both as she twice escaped from a horse stall where I penned her so I could shoot some photos- she flew right over the door - and took off chasing sheep and horses. After receiving a correction from Cora, Haley ran back to me n one the worse for wear. I on the other hand was just this side of heart failure. We never thought she could clear a four foot stall door at such close range! The second time she just whammed the latch with her huge paw and out she came.

After my car accident it was Haley who prompted me to pull it together and get up and walk. With Haley by my side, while I was still wearing a halo and walking with a cane, I started to walk up and down the driveway. From there we went on to walking at the park, then once the Halo came off the sky was the limit. We walked through swamps and over sand, forded brooks and creeks and tramped over hill and dale with cameras and monopod, water bottles and treats in search of the perfect shot. We traveled to many places and enjoyed many peaceful times in nature together.

I shall cherish those times the most. She was the perfect travel companion, always guarding the car and gear and my person. Always on duty. She took to Hans and mentored him- letting him get away with eating her food and playing with her toys and he in turn loved her.

Without Haley, I would not be who I am today - she taught me much about dogs, about life, about courage.

But now it is time for my baby girl to rest - her job is done and she has earned her wings.

Rest in Peace, my darling girl, until we meet again.

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace."
- Milan Kundera

Beryl Gersch


Scottish Terrier

Sep 12 1996 – April 7, 2012

"My sweet baby... I’ll never forget the day she came into my life. I could hardly believe such a fine little girl was mine.
She will always be my sweet scottie girl."

Kathy Harrison

Tandem's Witchy Woman


Scottish Terrier

6/27/1998 – 4/9/2012

"It is with a heavy heart that we said good-bye to our little girl Emma today. She lived a long and happy life. She was still very bossy until just a few days ago, although her health has been failing over the last year.
She will be deeply miss by all of us, human and fur-kids alike.
She is now with all of the other scottie kids
that have crossed the bridge before her and
I’m sure she is bossy once again.
Look out Owen, Auntie Emma is on her way."

Toni Hines
Tandem Kennels


Scottish Terrier

December 8, 1998 - April 16, 2012

"Our Abby came into the world on December 8, 1998. She was from the last litter of a once proud line and when we found out that this lovely wheaten girl was available we jumped at the chance to bring her home. The next 4,873 days would be exciting, challenging, entertaining, never boring, and filled with love. Abby was about 8 months old at the time and she had lived her life pretty much as a kennel dog through no fault of anyone; it was just time and circumstance but she was well cared for. I remember the trip home in our truck; Abby was confused and scared. When we got her home she adapted well, not right away, but over time she assumed the "alpha bitch" status as our old girls passed on."

"Abby and I went on many walks and shopping center visits in order to get her socialized and her confidence built up. It worked but only to a degree. She still barked incessantly at anyone that was new to visiting our home. After several visits however, or until Abby deemed them worthy, then she would allow them in without so much as a peep. Early on we had made numerous attempts to show her but for Abby it was not in the cards. The ring was not for her as she was very independent and of course hard-headed and she also dragged her right rear paw quite noticeably. She was so good though at giving you the doggie finger as she pranced away from any command or demand you many say to her that she deemed not worthy of obeying. I say pranced because as most Scotties have that distinctive gait, our Abby did not, she pranced. We'd get the biggest laugh out of watching her do some very funny things. She would spend many happy hours admiring her reflection in the oven door or in the glass cover on the fireplace. She had several aka's such as "Snowflake", "Pudd'in in a Cloud" or "Bruinhilda". They all fit Abby well depending on what mischief she was up to. She also loved to do what we called "riding the slot" with my sister Binki. Binki would be sitting down on the couch and she'd pick up Abby and place her on legs which she held together and Abby would just lay there on her back and eventually go to sleep if you let her."

"When I say mischief, she was number 1 on the Hit Parade of Scotty, boy mom and dad are really going to be mad at me pranks. It was little things like chewing holes in our box springs, destroying shoes, high-heels were her favorite, and the immediate destruction of any toy that squeaked. We were so thankful that she grew out of most of these Scotty issues. It was always difficult to be mad at her because she could be so loving and comical at the same time. She loved to camp and especially when the dog parks at the KOA's were empty and we let all of them run off lead. It was Abby's job to patrol the entire perimeter while our others were running helter-skelter without regard for anything. Once her job was done then she'd join in. As the years rolled by Abby continued to adopt new routines to keep us on our feet at all times, such as sitting next to my chair at the breakfast table so the leftover milk in my cereal bowl did not go to waste. Her patience was usually very short with me because I did not eat fast enough to suit her. Once I was done then she'd quit barking and she set about enjoying her bounty. Yes we did indulge her but isn't that what having a Scotty is all about?"

"Her health was always good with the exception that she took thyroid meds all her life. Yet time grants no free passes. She eventually became deaf (not selective hearing) and her eye sight began to fail. Yet she still was our Abby only in a slower version with less prancing. She began to sleep a lot and several months back I took her in for an exam. Her blood panels showed that her kidneys were starting to fail. Not unexpected for a Scotty girl over 13 years old but still hard to watch her fade. She moved less and less and when she did it was slow and shaky. Small seizures began to occur that would leave her immobile for about a minute at a time. Our hearts were heavy because we knew her time with us was drawing to a close. The day before yesterday she refused to eat and she had another seizure that lasted for about two minutes. It was time to help her on her journey to a better place where the inevitable never comes and pain and age do not exist. Yesterday morning as she was out in the run just standing there very unsure of herself our boy, Eddie the Cruiser honored her. He came up next to her, put his head over her body and gently nuzzled her. He stood next to her, tail bang up in a typical Scotty posturing position for several minutes. I've seen Scotties do this before and in different ways. It pulls at the strings of your heart. I could not write this yesterday as her leaving us hit very hard. Love and hold your Scots tight because tomorrow comes to soon."

"When my turn comes I'll look for the "Prancing Wheaten Scotty" running towards me over the Bridge."

You will live on in our hearts
Our little friend so true,
And memories of you will fill our minds
Until we go to you.
Gone yet not forgotten,
Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within us,
Forever in our hearts.

For the Love of our Abby,

Mike, Candi, Binki
and the MistyMoors Clan


Scottish Terrier

March 8, 1998 - April 14, 2012

Lisa Gerstner

"Sycho Kat" Joe


Sept 1999-Apr 25, 2012

"Today I lost one of the lights of my life...
He was a funny little fellow -- would be quiet and calm while I petted and held him, then suddenly his teeth were wrapped around my nose.
He was the one who welcomed Chak with open paws, wanting to play with him the minute he came in the house. The two were the best of buddies. When I sat on the sofa to watch tv, Joe would drape himself over my shoulder and snuggle."

"I'll miss my little fellow. Rest in Peace, Mr. Joe."

Sue Stacy

Ginny Bufkin

RB 4-27-12

Devoted Scottie Mam
Very active in Scottie Rescue
Home of the annual Carolina Scots gathering

TKO Mad About You


Scottish Terrier

Jan. 22, 2000 - May 2, 2012

"My precious alpha bitch, Maddie, passed this life into the next on Wed. A.M.
My dear sweet girl-- the one I showed at MKC who decided at 8 months that she wasn't lead broken afterall and wouldn't go around the ring at Lulu. The class coming around the ring nearly ran into us. She refused to go up and back on Sunday for Annie Clark. Maddie did decide to learn to go up and down stairs at Arlene's house and anything else she made her mind up about. I put 8 points on her and when I saw she didn't enjoy the ring, I promised her she would never have to do it again and we didn't. She loved her home and yard for all her 12 years and three months and was in excellent health until this tragedy. There are 5 dogs & 3 cats in this house and most are elderly, she was the only one I wasn't worried about.

Maddie was a true Scottie bitch to the core. She ruled this clan with an iron paw, calm, determined and gentle and sweet, when food wasn't involved. She had one litter of 2 puppies and was a wonderful mother. She still licked Emma ( now 8, from head to toe) and tolerated no nonsense unless she wanted to play. When she played, it was no holds barred and she loved to lick my dinner plate when I was through. She knew the drill, everyone got a lick and then she could have the rest and she waited patiently, but when it was her turn, get out of the way, that plate was hers, paws planted on both sides.

When I brought home a Westie puppy bitch, Nessa, for my son 7 years ago, Maddie hyperventilated, thinking it was my puppy. I was shocked, I didn't know she cared that much about me. Nessa wanted to be alpha and Maddie would have none of it. They held a grudging respect for each other and when they went out to potty, Nessa stalked Maddie around the yard and would mark over her spots. Maddie ignored her.

My son Jeff favored his Westie and Maddie didn't miss the disparity of treats. She held Jeff accountable and would let me know he was favoring the westie-- her arch nemesis-- we would be in the kitchen and Maddie would stare Jeff down and then look at me and give her two sharp barks and I would tell her "give him hell Maddie" and she would continue to stare at him, bark and then look at me to tell me "I told him!" over and over. I loved it and Jeff and I would laugh.

All I can say is that she was the best Scottie bitch in every way that counts-- feisty, full of life, fabulous temperament, beautiful, loved her food, her home and me-- and gave me everything she had-- why do we always feel like we never give them enough in return.

The kids and I are heartbroken-- there will never be another Maddie and we are lost without her. It feels like 10 dogs have left the house-- she had such a presence-- the rest are quiet as mice.

It is so empty here."


CH Hotdam Near Perfect


Scottish Terrier

December 28, 1997 -- May 14, 2012
14 years 4 1/2 months

"It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you that Ch Hotdam Near Perfect -- my Max-- passed quickly and gently Monday afternoon at my vets-- 14 years 4 1/2 months. I didn't know how long he would last after the loss of his beloved Maddie, but he seemed to carry on until Monday, 11 days after her passing, when he had a stroke.

I can't begin to tell you what joy he brought into my life. I picked him up at the airport and out of this crate comes this roly poly chunk of black with the most enormous front paws and beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I put him on my lap for the drive home and played "Braveheart". My first show dog and all that goes along with that experience, learning grooming, handling classes, and going to shows every weekend. I dragged him everywhere and we loved it. He would sit on my lap in the car or on the seat beside me on those trips, Bee Gees playing, with me rubbing behind his ears and off we would go.

Max got french fries after every handling class-- we had a long drive home and I needed coffee at McD's-- and powdered donuts after every show. At his first show, after he did a somersault going around the ring, he won BOS at the Houston Specialty and I was so proud of him. He learned after our first weekend out to mark the toilet in motel rooms, only once on arrival, not the rug, and I had clorox ready to go for the tile. He got bored with bait, so I tried caramel popcorn, cat toys, anything that would spark his interest-- the judges rolled their eyes. One time I let him wear his favorite plaid clown collar to a show to make him feel up for the show-- he was bored with that by then too and he would let me know it by peeking sideways out of his beautiful eyes towards me while remaining in a perfect stack -- he won but was a stinker. When he finished, he was ready to stay at home to dig holes, play with his huge collection of balls, jump through the screen to go outside and ramble through his "jungles" (cannas, ferns and bushes) and run in the rain. We sat on the patio and when the cannas shook, we knew where Max was and laughed.

When Maddie came along 2 years later, it was her turn for the ring. Max knew the ropes and was her guide and reassurance during the early days. As they grew older the roles reversed, she looked after him and he looked to her for guidance and reassurance as age caught up with him. We called them "Ethel and Norman Thayer" from "On Golden Pond". He was her knight in shining armor and she kept him going. He was always by her side.

Max was the sweetest, silliest, handsomest Scottie boy I have ever had in 40 years of loving Scots. The laughs and fun we had -- a huge part of me is gone with him. At the end, he knew only me and in the hour before we went to the vet, I got down in front of him -- his beautiful eyes shone at me and he arrooed softly in that way he did over the years and gave me kisses and I arrooed back. He told me in a way I will never forget and always cherish how much he loved me and I told him as I held him as he passed. We went to the vet the way we went to the shows, Bee Gees playing, me rubbing behind his ears and him wearing his plaid clown collar. He had french fries and powdered donuts on Sat.

Another angel is in heaven with his best girl.


Gaelforce Yours To Konquer


Scottish Terrier

01/03/2000 to 05/29/2012

"My heart is too broken. We thought we could help him through this, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Our ninja boy was ready to go play in the meadow, with his buddies Ty, Dom and Megan who are waiting there.

A silly moniker for a Scottie, maybe – ninja boy. But he got it as we drove home with him from Camille’s -- his breeder’s house, because the silly puppy insisted on sitting up on the console between Bob and I in the front seat, balancing there the entire way home, looking out the front window, wagging that tail. His tail always wagged, especially when he met a new dog or kitty – that tail went a mile a minute.

Connor had a big heart, a kind nature, and he was, to us, The Best Dog Ever! He was happy, and a cuddle bunny, but mischievous and playful and friendly and always wanted to be a part of whatever we were doing. He was Bob’s special boy, and loved him best. He and I did agility together, a learning experience for both of us and he and I laughed a lot doing it. And I mean that – he could laugh, I could see it in his face, especially his eyes – he was just a happy boy. And agility gave him an opportunity to run around and be crazy, and entice me to have crazy fun with him.

He taught Aggie and Mason and Phoebe and Mickey, through his sense of fun and camaraderie but always making sure they knew he was leader. He frapped with them, he wrestled with them, he slept in the pile of Scotties, and I think he was pretty content. And recently he even took on some playtime with our grand puppy Matix. (Connor was Aggie and Mason’s uncle, great uncle to Phoebe, great-great uncle to Mickey, and great-great-great uncle to Matix!)

He loved car rides and hikes and just about anything that put him in the thick of the action with his humans or his pack buddies.We are missing him like crazy, and every time I think I’m done with the damn tears, they start up again.

Fly free, our beloved ninja boy!
We will dearly miss your special spirit in our lives, until we see you again one day.

Val and Bob Bruce
Agatha, Mason, Phoebe and Mickey


Scottish Terrier

March 17, 2001 - June 11, 2012

Yvonne Maddocks

Emmitt Bad Boy

Scottish Terrier

October 7, 2000 - June 18, 2012

"Emmitt Bad Boy soars with the angels....
My heart is broken........."

Michelle Nuckles

Gracie Girl

Scottish Terrier

February 13, 2001 – June 18, 2012

"For seven years you were my little shadow. Wherever I was, you were there too. Words cannot express how much I miss you. Your spirit will always be with me.
Rest in peace my dearest angel"

Rosanne Kubicek

Casey Doodle

Scottish Terrier

10/05/2001 - 06/29/2012

"She is carved deep in my heart forever"

Barbara Grieco



RB July 14, 2012

Cathy & Brian

CH Lavander Bloom


Scottish Terrier

October 31, 1999 - July 17, 2012

"I don't know how I'll go on without your smile sweetie..."

Milica Boskovic
Kilthorn Scotties
Belgrade, Serbia

Kay Wooldridge

RB 7-22-12

Devoted Scottie Mam
Driver of "Holly Go Litely"
Fan of road trips and all things Scottie...

Much loved by:   Nancy,
Kevin O'Cork, Rori, and Karley with a K
The Kaynan Scots


Scottish Terrier

RB July 26, 2012

Sue & Don Placer

Sydney Mae McArran


Scottish Terrier

10/30/2001 - 7/30/2012

"Gentle girl, simple soul ..... ran the house with the most velvet of paws. Four years of brave living makes her humans look like pikers. I am humbled."

Anne and James Duston


Scottish Terrier

May 30, 2002 - August 2, 2012

"Rest in peace, dear gentle angel. You will always be in our hearts."

Anita and Joe Collins

Hillview's Black Treasure


Scottish Terrier

1/13/2000 - 08/11/2012

"R.I.P. my sweet Velcro Boy..."

Beth and Ricky Sheets


Scottish Terrier

12/25/99 - 08/11/12

Dee Janis


Scottish Terrier

7/7/97 to 8/13/12

"He was my heart dog........"

Becky and Chuck Ray



1997 - August 17, 2012

"He was the most mellow cat, taking everything in stride, never doing anything wrong. He was accepting of anything I threw at him, and accepted all newcomers with an open heart. Even when Chak arrived, Yoda took it in stride. When I worked on the computer, he'd perch on the paper shredder, head-butting my arm for attention. He was the one who knew it was mealtime and would become insistent until I'd get up and feed him and Chak. I'll miss him draping himself over my shoulder while I watched TV."

"Yoda was a gentleman, coming out of wherever he'd been sleeping to greet anyone who came to the door, and not quite understanding those who were immune to his charms.Chak and I will miss him. It's just the two of us, now."

"Rest in peace, YodaBoda."

Sue and Chak Stacy


Scottish Terrier

RB 8/22/12

"He is with Suzann Michael now at the Bridge. She is waiting for him with Greenies and chewies in hand. I am heartbroken."

Amy Cada



RB 8/23/12

" We are so brokenhearted to have lost the best Labrador Retriever that ever walked this earth. 13 years was just not long enough.
We're gonna miss you 'yellow dog'."

Pam and David Pell

Odyssey’s Places to Go


Scottish Terrier

10/11/2002 – 08/24/2012

"What do you say about a dog that was so much a part of one’s heart, so much a part of one’s life? She was my special girl. She was the bravest, most full of life, happiest and silliest girlie ever. She was a fabulous mentor to the young ones, teaching hunting skills and imparting discipline even at the age of one to Mason, and then later to Phoebe and Mickey, and also to our new grandpuppy Matix. And she taught me many things – not the least of which is to have a zest for life, and to live it on your own terms.
But today, my tears refuse to stop."

Val and Bob Bruce

Bonnie Belle McAfee

Scottish Terrier

RB 8/29/12

"She is a happy girl again. I will miss my sweet Bonnie."

Janet Bush


Bridie, RB 11/25/12(L)... Duncan, RB 9/6/12,(R)

Scottish Terrier

3/5/00 - 9/6/12

"He is missed and it is a very sad and quiet house tonight."

Katie and Bill Nixon

Merry Sydney Ursula

a.k.a. "The Squid"

Scottish Terrier

4/15/1998 - 9/14/2012

"A classic naughty child, Sydney was into everything as a pup, and really never reformed herself. If something could be ripped up, chewed on, pooped under or in when she was displeased, it was done. I believe that in the Book of Doggie Psychiatry, next to the entry on revenge pooping, there's a picture of the Squid in a squat."

"She was a minor character in the early adventures of the Scotcorde flights, a member of a young group of pups (which included Katie Wild Child) that raised hell and disrespected the elders, especially Nurse Macalester and Tess. Other than getting into trouble, Sydney's next favorite thing to do was to do nothing. She was the Queen of Lazy. If she could get another dog to do her bidding, all the better. Why bark at squirrels and bunnies, when Laddie could do it? Why roll over for a belly rub when she could just lift an arm to make you reach under her for a scratch. Instead of walking around her brothers, she would fuss and bark at them to get them to move, so she could walk in a straight path to her destination."

"Sydney loved, loved, loved me. Her world revolved around me. She would seek me out, or if she couldn't find me, caterwaul at the top of her lungs until I responded and made my presence known - or go to where she was to fetch her. She answered many of my questions about life, my career, and the capabilities of my students with a blank stare and a tilt of the head that silently said all that needed to be said. She'd live under my computer desk, and if I spent too much time there (to her liking) would pee or poop (or do both if my sin was especially severe) under the same desk."

"A few years ago, Sydney told me that she was going to outlive me. That made me nervous. I didn't know if that meant I would die before her or what. When Sydney died, she was 14 years, 4 months, and 29 days old. So in dog years, that translates to about 100 years 10 months and 20 days. I know my goal now, if I want to outlive Sydney. It's on, Squid Marie!"

"I will miss her naughtiness and Scottitude
every day for the rest of my life.
She was my baby, and I was her world."

Carol Anne Wall


Scottish Terrier

August 7, 2001 - September 15, 2012

"I kept my promise to Zuni today. She was born into my hands on August 7, 2001. She wasn’t breathing. I rubbed her and she took her first breath in my hands. It felt like a miracle. I had always promised her she would take her last breath in my hands too. First to last she was my girl. It was the hardest promise I have ever had to keep."

"Now she is free of a body that no longer did what her athletic spirit needed it to do. She played soccer till her nose would bleed from pushing the ball until cancer stole her mobility. She played tennis ball in the house and attacked her toys with relish. She mastered IQ puzzles in seconds. She was alpha and kept the bigger dogs in line. She is the one that pierced Draco’s tongue for pestering her. Even today she kept the others away from the food she couldn’t bear to eat with a well timed snarl. That was her to the end, strong and proud."

"She was an amazing girl in a thousand ways and it makes my loss unfathomable.
Hug ‘em while you got ‘em because the time is way too short."

Tracey Edwards

Ch Specialscots You're So Vain


Scottish Terrier

1/10/02 - 9/17/12

"I'll sure miss you, but heaven's sweeter with you there...."

Linda T. Bell and the Specialscots


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/17/12

Fred Zeigler

Vicarscots My Shining Star


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/19/12

Harry & Ginny(RB) Bufkin


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/27/12

Fred Zeigler

Maggie May

long haired tortoise shell cat

Oct 26th 2000 - Oct 9th 2012

Linda and Earnie Wilson

China Jade


Scottish Terrier

1/18/2002 to 10/16/2012

"You came into our lives as a foster dog that some would call unadoptable due to no fault of your own. You weren't a cute little puppy and you were, for lack of a better word, "follicularly challenged" due to allergies and those dratted fleas! You had a tendency to be a bit of a food hog and didn't like to share ANY food."

"Yet the moment I saw you, I wanted you to be with me and I knew my home would be your last home. To me, your sweetness and desire to be loved and to love far outweighed any of the negatives that anyone else saw. You were the perfect addition to our household- laid back lady of leisure who desired only to be snuggled with and to cuddle. To you, it was pure heaven to be on the bed or couch near me or Danyele and you were the best listener. Best of all, you never criticized any of my decisions and always agreed with me! You became a matriarch to the others, and when Odie and Maddie got a little too rambunctious, you would bark a short sharp bark and that was the end of it!"

"Your time with us was far far too short but you left your nose and pawprints on our hearts. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge sweet China girl for we'll cross together."

"There is a hole that will never be filled without you here. We miss you and love you always."


Krystal Liske


Scottish Terrier

RB Oct 19, 2012

Karen Raile

Xenascots Flying Chakram


Scottish Terrier

1/2/01 - 10/23/12

"Chak had been my constant companion for 11 1/2 years, going places with me, helping around the house, supervising my showers, and snuggling next to me in bed. He stayed with me when my electricity was disconnected for 4 months, through six surgeries, and through the passing of the three kitties. He was my friend, my lover, my bestest bud, the light of my life.
My heart is breaking.........."

Sue Stacy

Sidney’s Braveheart of Burns


Scottish Terrier

11-25-1999 - 10-24-2012

Julia Jordan

"Braveheart had a rough start in life. His mother had a difficult pregnancy and Braveheart came into this world via c-section. The vet said to take him home and let him die in peace. Marty Straw fed him with an eye dropper and kept him warm with a light bulb. She gave him the name Braveheart because his heart wouldn’t quit. Sidney was Julie’s father and they lived on Burns Drive. Braveheart gave Mr. Sidney something to live for because “someone had to look after the poor little boy while Julia worked.” This precious little Scottie boy lived almost thirteen years. He loved being in the WBSR Christmas parades and the CTC St. Patrick’s Day parades.
He was a brave heart, a true diehard."

By: Friends of Braveheart

Cammeron Seamus Meverden


Scottish Terrier

July 11, 1999 - November 7, 2012

"Goodnight sweet Prince, you take my heart with you."

Morgana Meverden

Jim Newton

RB 11-12-12

Co-founder of WEE SCOTS
Beloved husband of Donna
Devoted Scottie Dad
Loved collecting Scotties and could talk about his collection for hours

George Burns

Scottish Terrier

April 3, 1998 – November 19, 2012

"Loyal son and fierce protector (from behind my legs),
George loved to spoon with me at night.
He will be missed by his parents and by his older sister
(by 4 hours), Gracie Allen...
No more pain, Boo Boo..."

Sarah Weiler


Bridie, RB 11/25/12(L)... Duncan, RB 9/6/12,(R)

Scottish Terrier

2/27/00 - 11/25/12

Katie and Bill Nixon

CH Gryndlscot It's About Time

"Murphy Brown"

Scottish Terrier

April 3, 2006 - December 10, 2012

"Gone too soon...."

Monica Madore & Linda St. James
Gryndlscot Kennel


Scottish Terrier

December 22, 2000 - December 17, 2012

"On December 17th, five days short of his 12th birthday, our sweet little boy, Puck, joined his little sister & soulmate, Casey, at the Rainbow Bridge. She called him to her side as she was determined to spend both his birthday and Christmas as they had always done during their lives - together. We unfortunately are left to mourn. Although our hearts are crushed we realize how blessed we were to have been entrusted with these two precious gifts. We were so hoping for a miracle but I guess the miracle was actually the almost 12 years we were allowed to share with him. Our home is so empty now without them - more so than I could have ever imagined. I am attaching a couple of pictures of my sweet, handsome boy and one with his constant companion and my little girl, Casey."

Puck(L)- RB 12-17-12    .....    Casey(R)- RB 6-29-12

Barbara Grieco


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