Rainbow Wall 2017


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2018.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...

HiJinks Kaynan Kevin O'Cork


Scottish Terrier

12/31/04 - 2/3/18

Nancy Aaron


March 28, 2004 --- June 10, 2018

Marilee Clark

GCH CH Glendarra's Phoenix Rising


Scottish Terrier

Sept. 28, 2010-June 25, 2018

Rose Shacklett
Amy Cada


Scottish Terrier

October 31, 2006 --- July 16, 2018

Monica Collett

CH Glendarra's Triple Crown


Scottish Terrier

June 12, 2006--- July 30, 2018

Rose Shacklett


If you would like your wee angel added to the
BayouScotties Memorial Pages, please CONTACT me.
I would be happy to add them.

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