Rainbow Wall 2015


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...


Scottish Terrier

RB 01/2/2015

Jackie Tucker & STRSE

Keipat's Miss Beatrix


Scottish Terrier

2/25/08 - 01/3/2015

"Bea was one of a kind--a little girl with such a soft, kind, sweet heart.  I always called her my "Wuv", a term meant for her, and her alone.

Play freely at the Bridge with Allie, sweet Bea. We'll meet again--and that will be a happy, happy day--for I loved you every day you were here with me."

Mary Duffey

Caerleon You Are My Sunshine


Scottish Terrier

01/2006 - 01/4/2015

Nancy Michael


Scottish Terrier

RB January 6, 2015

Beth and Ricky Sheets

Daphne Branzell

2-2-1936 - 1-23-2015

"Queen Mother of Scottie Rescue"

Marshall Branzell & Scotswind Scotties


Scottish Terrier

February 13, 2015

"My permanent foster for St Louis Scottie Rescue went to the Bridge tonight. He came with many many problems and outlived them all happily and comfortably until tonight. Today, with failing kidneys, we let him go. He is now running free with a healthy bladder, kidneys, and liver.
Good night my love."

Amy Cada

Bravo Buona Sera

Scottish Terrier

RB February 20, 2015

"My heart is breaking. My beautiful Sera, matriarch of Bona Sera Scotties, died this evening. She never fully recovered from the intestinal blockage that had her down a couple weeks ago."

Deb Metzger

Angus Fala

Scottish Terrier

RB 2-28-2015

Dianne Glenn


Scottish Terrier

7-1-2005 - 3-2-2015

Marty Straw

Bailey McBarker

Scottish Terrier

2-6-03 - 3-11-15

"My boy went to the Rainbow Bridge today. He seemed ok when we walked to the vets office just a week ago. I was worried that he had vomited and was incontinent the night before. A week later, he was in liver failure and on his way to the bridge. I am heart broken. Thanks to all who sent warm thoughts, wishes and angels to him. I have included my farewell message to him . ¡iley had a rare, but aggressive cancer - "cholangicarcinoma" - cancer attacking the bile ducts. Please send a prayer for me and my boy. Hug your babies tonight."ʼbr>
Lisa Frazier

Eroglen's Iron Butterfly

"Bonnie Belle"

Scottish Terrier

12-16-2000 - 3-17-2015

"Sadly, today, cradled gently in our laps and - still - gazing into her daddy's eyes, Bonnie belle (Eroglen's Iron Butterfly) slipped quietly over the Rainbow Bridge. God Speed, our little Scottish lass. Until we are together again."

Bill and Joanne Simmons

CH Gaelforce Material Girl


Scottish Terrier

August 2003 - March 22, 2015

"Gaelforce Sweet Molly Malone, fka Ch. Gaelforce Material Girl, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon at 12:45pm. She was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma last June, and while the CHOPS protocol failed to get her into remission, a rescue protocol of vincristine, melphalan and cytosine arabinoside did. The average remission with that protocol is three months, Molly got seven, but on March 3rd, her lymph nodes were again swollen, and needle biopsy confirmed that she was no longer in remission."
.... "Molly got pizza at suppertime both Friday and Saturday evenings, and more on her breakfast, she got low-sodium corned beef and a white chocolate peppermist Hershey's Kiss before we left for a little walk in her favorite park, and on the way back from the park she got a whole entire McDonald's cheeseburger to herself, so she crossed the Bridge well-fortified and full of yummy treats. She even enjoyed her very slow amble in Avery Park, sniffing for scent of rabbits and squirrels at every chance, though, alas, we didn't see any critters. At the vet's office she had me, her litter sister Gussie, and young cousin Johnny at her side as she gently went to sleep and left her sick, tired body behind for her joyous reunion with her two mothers, Birdy and Peggy Sue, and her sisters Ginger and Lucy, as well as her grandpa/uncle Bucky. Gussie and Johnny are both very sober and sad tonight, as I expect they will be for some time to come. Now, as I always expected she would be, Gussie is last as she was first, the last Gaelforce Scottie at Gaelforce. And I am heartbroken beyond any hope of healing."

Camille Partridge
Gaelforce Scottish Terriers


Scottish Terrier

RB 3-22-2015

Kirk and Daye Blackmon


Scottish Terrier

RB 3-22-2015
13 wks, 2 days

Teresa Harris

Duncan-MacGregor McLellan Cole


Scottish Terrier

8-06-2006 to RB 4-21-2015

Marian Cole


Scottish Terrier

2/24/2005 - 4/24/2015

"We helped Sebastian across the Bridge this morning. We were blessed with his love for only three years. We will love and miss you forever. Sebastian ... Run free sweetheart."

Beth & Ricky Sheets

Keipats Castaspell


Scottish Terrier

5-15-2004 - 5/27/2015

"Cassie was a grand old lady... quiet, good-natured, and an easy-going girl. She will be deeply missed here."

Patricia Baker
Keipat Scottish Terriers

CH JacGlen's Brave Explorer


Scottish Terrier

RB 5/28/2015

"God must have needed a VERY Special Scottie boy because He dispatched His angel band to take Brendan to Heaven early this morning.. Brendan was the sweetest Scottie boy EVER...not a nasty bone in his body. He was almost deaf and had really started slowing down after he turned 14 in April. I am thankful that he was my boy and co-owned by his breeder Jacki Forkel and that he passed his wonderful sweet temperament to his pups. He never gave indication of any pain, but he had started to slow down since his 14th birthday in April. i know now that the ravages of time had done its work, but in true Diehard fashion, he hid any pain if he had any. It appears that he just lay down and went away...no appearance of any pain, and I am thankful for that. I will miss you my Sweet Mr Brendan...
Ch JacGlen's Brave Explorer ...my Brendan...Rest high on that mountain, my sweet boy! I'll slways love you.
My heart is hurting now, so maybe I'll post more later....Thanks for all your prayers...i love that you understand how deeply I love my doggies..."

Linda Tubbs Bell

CH Anstamm Stonewall Jackson


Scottish Terrier

RB 6/29/2015

Cindy Cooke
Anstamm Scottish Terriers

SpecialScots Toby Tyler


Scottish Terrier

RB 6/30/2015

"Today we had to do the hardest thing we have ever had to do - say goodbye to our beloved Toby. An ultrasound yesterday discovered his precious little body was filled with tumors & his health was declining rapidly. We spent a quiet day with him yesterday & had one more night all snuggled in bed together. We have 12 years of the most amazing memories but, as so many of you know, it is never enough. He was our first Scottie & thru him we have met so many wonderful people & had so many AMAZING adventures. Run free spunky butt!!! Our love for you will remain forever in our hearts. A special thank you to Linda Tubbs Bell for blessing us with our sweet "Specialscots Toby Tyler."

Jim and Vickie Benson


Scottish Terrier

1/11/03 - 7/13/2015

"My Special Love Shiloh.... I love and Miss you so badly. Such a funny, loving, vocal Scottie. We will be together again Sweetheart. Until then, stay near Mom, Bowser and Mickie Meghan..
I Love you Shy"

Lisa Depa-Quarry

Miss Mischief & Mayhem


Scottish Terrier

RB 7/14/2015

Kristi & Craig Fowler



1997 - 7/20/2015

Kristi and Craig Fowler


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/14/2015

Kim Siegfried


Scottish Terrier

RB 9/21/2015

Georgia Grant

CH McCarver In Hot Pursuit


Scottish Terrier

10/9/2002 - 9/29/2015

Janet N.

Blue Boy

Scottish Terrier

9-11-15 - 10-11-15

Kathie Lawrence



1999 - 12-21-15



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