Rainbow Wall 2009


This page is dedicated to all of the furbabies
who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2009.
Here, we honor those newest angels in that meadow across the Bridge.
All angels are welcome here, for they were well-loved.

identifies a newly listed fur ANGEL...



Scottish Terrier

RB 1-7-09

Susan Truett



Scottish Terrier

RB 1-13-09

Bob & Jamie Keller

Madeline McDee McDougal


Scottish Terrier

2/20/1997 - 1/15/09

In loving memory of very special scottie girl:
"So Hard To Say Goodbye"
A song by Shelly Guidotti

I had to say good-bye today
To the dearest friend I've known
And no one understands like me
By my side to comfort me
When I wasn't at my best
You even loved me when I'd shout
Stop being such a pest

I won't forget the games we played
Or your favorite place to sleep
The hardest part will be coming home
you not there at my feet
Everyday that precious face
Filled my world with gentle love
Now you're with the
Angels up above

(Still) it's so hard to say good-bye
Like my shadow I could
Count on you to be there
So don't mind the tears that I cry
It may take a little while to
Remember you and smile
It's the selfish part of me that wants
You right here back with me
Yes right here by my side
It's so hard to say good -bye

There will be days I know,
As I learn to let go
The rain in my heart'll feel like a river
Then like a soft gentle wind,
From the warmth of a friend
Instead of tears
I'll remember you and smile

Those we love and have lost are no longer where they were before.
They are now wherever we are,
close in our heart and forever loved.

Linda Sprinkle


Siddhartha, with Scottie pal, Rammbler


20+ years of age

RB 1-18-09

"What am I to do without my Sidd Kidd,
my Siddinator, My Buddha Boy...
...Goodbye old man..."

Morgana Meverden




Scottish Terrier

RB 1-19-09

"... Angie soared over the bridge as only an agility dog can do....

She will be missed very much as she was my travel and sleeping companion...
I am sure she will be bounding through the meadows, showing off her high jumps, trying her wings, and finding Ali, Linus and Ziggy for a good snuggle and chat."

Susan Riches



Scottish Terrier

March 2, 2000 - January 20, 2009

Bill and Michelle Whiston


Scottish Terrier

RB 1-24-09

Kait Bell

Mr Murphy


Scottish Terrier

10/25/2000 - 01/27/2009

"In my mind's eye and in my heart this morning I watched as My Murphy leaped the fence and was finally able to chase those deer he had barked and barked at for so many nights. The lame leg was gone but the sparkle in his eyes and the energy he had in life carried over with him as he chased those deer through the woods and across the bridge."

Dayna & Randy Williamson

Keipats VictoriaSecret


Vicki with trophy

Tom and Vicki


Scottish Terrier

RB 01/30/2009

"Vicki was the sweetest girl. She loved her family and was a kisssy girl. She ruled the other dogs with an iron paw. Random assaults were her trademark. She never snapped for effect, she went for blood and got it. The other girls walked wide circles around her. She became my son Tom's 4-H agility dog in her middle years. She was surprisingly good at it. A couple of years ago, she won first place and Tom was thrilled with his trophy. Vicki was more impressed with the celebratory ice cream cone she received."

"Most of all she was very well loved and will be very missed."

Tracey Edwards

Gillian Starwind of Denbigh


Scottish Terrier

Aug. 4, 1998 - Feb 28, 2009

"My Gillian went to the bridge today.
A sweetheart of a girl who filled my life with lots of Love ,Joy ,and Laughter. She was the Queen of Sitting Pretty and could get away with almost any thing by doing the Sit. I was there when she came into this world and I was there when she left. Coming in was a joyous day and I had 10 1/2 years to share and love her. Leaving has taken a large part of my heart."

"Rest my sweet girl and know your are loved..."

Marty Straw

Keegan Of Kerns


Scottish Terrier

Aug4,1998 - March 2, 2009

"Our Wee Beastie rescue boy Keegan went to the bridge this morning. Keegan can into rescue 3 yr ago due to tlhe death of his mom. After testing the diagnosis was Cirrhosis of the liver. We were told he had only 90 days to live but Keegan had other plans,in our scottie family he was Dead Dog Walking. Keegan became part of my family just one of our boys, Sweet, Strong, and Stubborn.
He took life on his own terms."

"Take your wings and fly away. We love you."

Marty Straw


Parson Russel Terrier

October 23, 2001 - March 12, 2009

Cody, Robin and Tim

Scotty Tucker


Scottish Terrier

1995 - March 15, 2009

The TuckerBoys Circle has been broken.

Today Scotty lost his battle with Cancer. Our beloved little Scotty Man was rescued 8 years ago through our Vet. He immediately fit into the crew. What a sweetheart, lovable, well behaved and his spot was reserved to sleep above my head at night. He was a snuggles this little Scotty man. But, don’t pick him up, yepper, funny little guy, cuddle and pet but don’t pick up.

I called him my Southern Gentleman. He was the only Scottie I had ever known who smiled on cue and he would dance for his meals. All the Tucker boys took care of him this last year he was sick. I held him in my arms until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with Mackenzie and Rocky Tucker. It was very tough to let go of the little guy.

Our hearts are heavy and the tears are flowing as we love this little man with all our hearts and will miss him dearly. It never gets any easier.

Glenda Tucker

Penelope Pinkerton


Scottish Terrier

3-15-1998 - 3-16-2009

Jillian Barrett

Gaelforce Ebony Gryphon





Scottish Terrier

September 18, 1996 - March 20, 2009

"From the very beginning he clicked everywhere we lived and with everyone he met. He could chase a cat--then I could tell him to leave it alone, and he would--- he'd switch to herding it just in case I said "ok" again.

His famous feature was his "talking". I could put the phone up to his ear and Camille would talk to him--and he would "Chewbacca" back. He emulated words at times and LOVED to listen to his own head roar--frequently!

He was a big boy......... stellar temperament and nary any health problems until he became an old man at 12.

Gryphon did just about everything exactly right on the first try--Memorial Day Weekend, 1999, he flew (underneath, he was a big boy) from Arkansas to Portland, then we drove 2 hours to Camille's on a Thursday. The next four days he competed in 2 agility runs a day--and qualified in 6 out of 8 runs, to gain 2 titles.

A few months later, we attended a herding seminar run by a nationally recognized trainer. I was laughed at "you want to enter a scottie?". There were 25 spots--we were number 25--we were told that if a "herding" breed entered at the last minute, we would lose our working spot. Indeed--we got our working spot, and Gryph was one of TWO dogs out of 25 that worked the sheep and got a gold star that day. I will NEVER forget what Gary said after 5 min of moving three 200-lb intact haired rams that were dog savvy "THAT DOG HAS POWER!". He had it in his voice, in his mannerisms, and in his soul.

He was a therapy dog for almost 11 years of his life--AIDS Hospices, nursing homes, state mental facilities, rehabilitation centers; however, his specialty, and his very favorite were CHILDREN. The adolescent mental facilities and children at the battered women and children's centers were his forte. Interestingly, although he was a talkative, barky dog at home, he said NARY a word while working--part of the reason why he was perfect for children that were very sick or afraid of dogs. I see Gryphon in Tank every day--in his look, his mannerisms, his self-confidence, and his magnetic attraction to people--but only those that think he's the most handsome man on the planet (gotta be a little self-centered, don't you?).

The pacemaker gave him another 3/4 of a year of therapy work, I would not have regretted getting the pacemaker even if he'd only been here a few months--everything he did was for the greater good."

Amy Cada


Scottish Terrier

RB 3-21-2009

Cate Elsen





Scottish Terrier

September 1, 1995 - April 4, 2009

"Our sweet boy. Our fighter of all fighters, Our love.
Has gone to be with the angels."

Carole & Dewey Belvin



Yellow lab mix

November 1 1995- April 6 2009

"He was just the best dog ever, so gentle and kind. He was young at heart but born with an old soul. He was the childhood friend to my kids and many times I would peek into the garage when the boys were swapping an engine or dropping a transmission and there would be Max's butt and tail sticking out from under the car or truck along with the boy's. He would come in for a drink and have grease on him just like they did, and many times his pink nose was black from axle grease. I will miss his gentle paw on my lap at 5:00 pm to tell me it was time to fix his and the scottie's dinner."

"God is good to have sent him to love us the way he did..."

Rae & Hubert Bailey



German Shepherd

December 10, 2005 - April 8, 2009

"A life cut suddenly and unexpectedly short. This German Shepherd was our gentle giant. He was everything we could want in a dog--fiercely protective and very loving, never destructive. He took delight in chomping on a huge meat bone and playing with his special 'bowser ball'."

"A deadly cancer was lurking in Buddy, and we never knew it until it ravished all his vital organs--in less than one week's time. After heroic efforts by our veterinarian and his staff, my husband and I made the painful decision to have Buddy put to sleep April 8, 2009. Rest in peace, faithful friend."

Caroline Nayor


Scottish Terrier

RB 4-14-2009

Lanier & Bill Hollingsworth

Midnights Black Magic

Maggie "Maggie"

Scottish Terrier

RB 4-16-2009

"My sweet baby Maggie, you were the love of my life, the apple of my eye, my soulmate. We did everything together and even during the last days of your life you always made sure that your mom was ok. I just hope you know how much I love you and how much happiness you brought into my life. I know you are with me and watching over me. I just wish God would have given me more time to love you and be with you but we had 6 years of fun, love and happiness.

"There will never be another like you my Mags....you brought to me the most wonderful 6 years of my life baby girl. Just know that mom did all she could to give you the best of the best right up to the end.

"Rest in peace my sweet Maggie. You will never be forgotten and we will be together again someday.

"I love you Mags and always will."

Kellie Massi

Specialscots Trailblazer



Scottish Terrier

2/15/99 - 4/16/09

"Littermate to Ch Specialscots Endless Love (Jade) and Peppermint Pattie (Pepper).
Rest in peace, you sweet, darling girl.
We'll miss you!"

Mam: Carolyn Wilder
Bred & raised by: Linda Tubbs Bell


Duffy "Duffy"

Scottish Terrier

11/16/1998 - 4/17/09

Lorraine Tracey


Scottish Terrier

RB 4/20/09

Gina and Scott Smith


Scottish Terrier

RB 4/24/09
14 yrs.

Doreen Moskowitz



Scottish Terrier

RB May 12, 2009

"Our hearts are forever broken."

Vickie and Jim Georges

Lady Morag Kiltie MacGregor

Scottish Terrier

Nov.27,1996 - May 18,2009

"Morag was my Sweetie Wheatie and like to be in control of all things in her world .A strong and loving girl that filled my heart with love.
Rest my sweet MoMo Mutt."

Marty Straw


Shepherd mix

RB May 25,2009

Peggy Harness' grandpup

Mickie Meghan McBeal



Scottish Terrier

12/10/03 - 6/5/2009

"My precious Girly girl who ruled with a velvet paw. Loved so very much by Mommy, Grandma (who she is with now) and her Fur Mommy "Bowser" and her sisters Sunny and Shiloh. TCC took my baby away at the young age of 6. Every night I still sing her favorite song to her. I love you darling and wait with grandma for us.
I miss you so very much ❤ "

Lisa Quarry

Princescot Foreign Affair

Mz Jozie

"Mz Jozie - La Princessa"

Scottish Terrier

7/2/1995 - 6/6/2009

"We had to let our girl Mz Jozie go this morning.
The decision was made with great sadness and heartache.
She is now free to run with the angels.
Fly free momma's girl.
We love you and will always miss you."

Susan Friend

CH Jacglen's Journey To Oban




Scottish Terrier

6/29/01 - 6/6/09

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven
To bring you home again.
No farewell's were spoken,
No time for goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness,
And secret tears will flow,
What is meant to me to lose you,
No one will ever know.

Author Unknown

Missing our baby girl, our wee Saint, Journey.
"She was perfect..."

Julie & Danny Hill, Jacki & Dick Forkel
and all the Oban & Jacglen Scots

CH Merrybend Top Brass Step N Out



Skye Terrier

June 4 1994 - June 6 2009

"Everyone that met Steeler fell in love with him! Not only was he a love at home, but he made his mark in the ring too. He finished his American Championship with 5 majors, 3 of them Specialty wins and he retired the Winners Dog and Best Of Winners Skye Terrier Club Of Southern California trophies owner handled."

"It will not be the same here ever again at Top Brass without my Steeler. I loved him so much and miss him terribly. But...I do have 15 years of wonderful happy memories with Steeler."

Marilyn Garfield
Top Brass Terriers


Scottish Terrier

6/6/96 - 6/19/09

Beloved Scot of
Kat Cantrell


Scottish Terrier

RB June 21 2009

Mary Anne and Enrique Thornton



Scottish Terrier

November 18, 1998 - June 29, 2009

Christy Honeycutt


Scottish Terrier

RB June 21, 2009

Janet Sneath


"Leader of the Pack"

Austin - Leader of the Pack
Scottish Terrier

April 14, 1998-July 2, 2009

"Beloved Tucker Boy"

"Austin was born in NYC in 1998, when he and his brother Bohdi were 1 year old, his former Mistress gave he and Bohdi to NY Scottie Rescue. In 1999 we received a call from Marion Krupp, and were blessed with two beautiful, fun loving Scotties, who just thought the soft green grass of Pennsylvania was the finest carpet they would ever feel on their paws. Austin walked into our home and never looked back. He was a quiet, laid back leader, who gathered the pack and ordered them around with his soft “woofs”, every once in awhile he would take a paw and gently push them to the ground."

"Austin had those soulful brown eyes, that would melt my heart. He was a snuggler, and a very loyal leader, who protected me and slept with me every night Ted was out of town on business. He failed obedience school when he was 2, but yet he turned out the most obedient and well-mannered Tuckerboy of all. He loved to play, around dinner time he gathered the pack and all the tuckerboys had playtime where they frapped around the great room entertaining us while we ate."

"There wasn’t a day went by, that he didn’t find a way to tell us how much he appreciated being taken away from the big City, and numerous foster homes."

"We all miss you Big Boy, you left too soon. God Bless."

Glenda & Ted Tucker
and the TuckerBoys

Glencoe's Maggie Lou CD

Scottish Terrier

RB July 5, 2009

"At 14 1/2, Maggie had almost earned her CDX. She had 1 more leg to earn, but time and cancer caught up with her. Maggie had a heart of gold and was the most loving companion to Betty. She was one of those special Scotties who are content to be with her owner and never was rude to another dog or human- just wanted to be near Betty. Betty and Maggie always enjoyed participating at the STCA obedience trials in PA in October, and were grateful for all the loving support from all the Scotie handlers and owners who were laways there to root for every Scottie entered."
Tribute written by: Lois Miller

Betty Henderson


Scottish Terrier

RB July 6, 2009

Nellene Lemmon

Kirkley McKellar Sprinkle


Scottish Terrier

August 23, 1997 - July 8, 2009

Those we love and have lost are no longer where they were before They are now wherever we are, close in our heart and forever loved

In loving memory of Ebonye Anne, Winnie, Mattie, and now Kellar

If you had not been born here
I could not have loved you
Angel flying too close to the ground
I picked you up and sang to you
And told you how cute you were
Tried to keep your breathing up
And your problems down
I knew someday that you would fly away
For love's the greatest healer to be found
So leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on, fly on past the speed of sound
I'd rather see you up
Than see you down
Leave me if you need to
I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground

Gone is the scottie that was so sweet.
'My heart is broken and cannot be mended.
You must go your way,
And leave me behind
But now that our dreams have ended...
What'll I do when you are far away
And I am blue what'll I do?
When I am wond'ring if you're okay
What'll I do?
What'll I do with just a photograph
To talk to you
When I'm alone with only dreams of you
That won't come true what'll I do?

Kellar my sweet gentle giant; what does one say about a scottie so very special in so many ways from your right ear that never went up to your beard that got so curly when it rained to the endless games of throwing the tennis balls to you. I nicknamed you my "Boyd" boy for the cute little Boyd statues and the Cambridge book-ends because of your ear.

You were a giant among scotties and have left a huge, giant hole in my heart with your leaving. There will never be another quite like you, my dear sweet furchild. There are just so many sweet things to remember about you from the day you came into my life until the day you left. I'll miss those sweet kisses each time I sang the purple dinosaur song to you and your toys will always remind me of you. I'll miss when you got so excited about my playing the little music boxes for you and letting you sniff the little boxes that contained each of your families' ashes. You were such a special, sensitive soul and never will there be another one like you.

Never one to complain about things, you took each day with something each of us humans could learn, to sieze the moment and savor the times of joy. How sad was the day when your own mom, Kerrye Skye, died and you licked her from her nose to between her ears. I know she is thrilled to see you again as well as your other siblings, Skara Brae, Dundee, Ebonye Anne, Smokey, Mattie and especially your sweet love, Winnie. There is much rejoicing at the bridge I know as they welcome their own into the meadows. Please dear one, think of me sometime and know that I loved you more than words could ever say and I will always remember you. Let me know you got there okay and know that you took a huge piece of me with you on your leaving. This scottie shaped hole in my heart will never be healed until we meet again. Until then, my sweet darling boy, I love you with all my heart and soul and will miss you so very much.

Sadly missed forever and ever by
Linda & Doug Sprinkle and Tigger


Rhodesian Ridgeback

RB 7-11-2009
6 years old

Gerald Linton
Grandpa to the Killeen Wild Bunch


Scottish Terrier

RB July 11, 2009

"My heart is breaking because he is gone but yet I know he is now healthy and happy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest In Peace My Sweet Barney."

Juanetta & Gary Powers
Human Brother Kenny, and Sisters Bear(Chow Huskey) and Breezy (Scottie Mix)



Scottish Terrier

5-5-97 - 7-16-09

You will be remembered when the flowers bloom in spring
And in the summertime remembered
In the fun that summer brings.
You will be remembered
When fall brings leaves of gold
In the wintertime, remembered, in the stories that are told.
And you will be remembered, each and every day right from the start
For the memories that we shared
Forever in our hearts…

BY: Judith Bulock Morse

Soar with the Angels my love...

Jean and Larry Zale


Scottish Terrier

October 23, 1996 - July 18, 2009

Marilyn Fugate


Scottish Terrier

RB 7-21-2009


Margie Mae

Margie Mae

Scottish Terrier

RB 7-21-2009

Eileen & Luis Velez


Lhasa Apso

4/28/95 - 7/30/09

Mary Battles



RB 7-31-2009

Peggy Harness' grandkitty



Scottish Terrier

Oct. 8, 1994 - Aug. 5, 2009

Lucy Alexander

Betsy Glasscock

RB August 7, 2009

Scottie Mam


Scottish Terrier

9-24-93 - 8-13-09

"He was a month shy of his 16th birthday. There were only two days in his long life that he didn't feel good, the last two. He always had things his way, mister alpha. Last year he won the oldest scottie prize at Fala Day. This is the first time I've had just one scottie since 1994. This is the first time Maggie has been an only dog. We both miss our old man, my big old pretty boy."

Kate and Maggie



Scottish Terrier

RB 8/18/2009

Steve Dennison

Sam E

Scottish Terrier

5/2/1995 - 8/24/2009

Dayna & Randy Williamson

Ch Winterbrook Spencerian Girl


Scottish Terrier

May 3,2000 - Sep 12,2009

"Why does love have to hurt so much..."

Deborah Jeans

Velez' Pale Ginger Ale Fizz


Scottish Terrier

2/6/1996 - 9/29/2009

"My beloved Princess Golden Girl...."

Eileen and Luis Velez


Scottish Terrier

RB 10-5-09

Janet Hale


Scottish Terrier

RB 10-15-09

Graham & Brenda Marsh



Scottish Terrier

RB 11-9-09

"She was the sweetest, gentlest Scottie in the world."

Barbara Wienand


Murdock, laughing while he was out playing in the 
yard a year and a half ago

Murdock didn't want me taking his picture 
after his haircut last October, and really gave me THE look! He was seriously mad!!(funny!)

Scottish Terrier

RB 11-10-09

Melanie Wilmer


Scottish Terrier

RB 11-11-09

Ken & Nancy
Scottish Terrier Rescue of RI

Chantilly's Hot to Trot


Bearded Collie

5/15/97 - 11/20/09

Judy Graves

The GUARDIAN BRIGADE deeply mourns the passing of one of their own.

Agnes Lucille


Scottish Terrier

Karen Donnelly-Draak and John Draak

Glen Heather of Fens Hollow


Scottish Terrier

May 17 1996 - Nov 20 2009

"She was Miss Heather, Miss Heather-Feather, our Little Jealous Girl, the Woo-woo girl, the ornery little bitch, and She Who Thinks She's in Charge. She would get jealous and howl when you called another dog ("Wooooo"), until she got too deaf to hear you do it. She loved to "get the RAT!" at earthdog, and never met a cookie she didn't inhale. Even Monday, she was trying to go after squirrels when Michelle took her for a walk around the neighborhood. She loved bathtime, the garden hose, and would go out and patrol the back yard in the rain, just to get wet. Of course, she wasn't a big fan of being dried off, but that's another story.... "
"I'm sure she's at the bridge, stealing Duncan's toys again. What else would she do?"

Perry and Michelle Lynch


Scottish Terrier

RB Nov 24, 2009

Bob Keller


Chow/Husky mix

RB Nov 27, 2009

Juanetta and Gary Powers

Another loyal member of the GUARDIAN BRIGADE has been promoted to Guardian ANGEL... we'll miss you Bear!

Miss Katie


RB December 2, 2009

"Forever now to run the fields across the bridge."

Dayna and Randy Williamson

Kerrigan Livingtone Grant



Oct 2002 - 12/13/2009

"The sweetest big lug of a Scottie that anyone would ever meet, whose heart couldn't contain his love for everyone. He met so many with his brothers in our travels with Scotty's Gifts, and so many loved him so much in return."

"He is sorely missed by his brother, Finnegan, and his parents, Keith & Bill."

Bill Miller



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