Katie and Riley received a gift in the mail yesterday, from Linda Wilson in Canada. They were VERY eager to get the package opened, being VERY helpful with those furry muzzles of theirs.

Linda must have thought that life was just WAY too dull down here on the Bayou, as she sent K&R a ZAP BALL.... a rubber ball that says it's a "flash and sound dog toy"!! The ZAP Ball's package says to "pound me on a hard surface to hear EIGHT whacky sounds while I'm FLASHING!!!!"

Yes, indeedy.... the ZAP ball lights up and makes crazy sounds ON IMPACT!!!! Not only THAT, but it's made of an unusual rubber, that suddenly turned Katie into a psychotic demon!

Things were DEFINITELY hopping around HERE!! Riley loved the lights and noises it made, while Katie was drawn by its BALL status, and that unusual material from which it was made!!!

What followed was a cross between the Twilight Zone and the Keystone Cops!!!

THANKS, Linda!!! We have truly had a MEMORABLE experience with Katie's all-time FAVORITE orb!

A new toy..... a funny sounding BALL!!!
OHHH, goodie!    MINE!!   Gimme, GIMME!!!
Riley, always the impatient one, LEAPS for the ball!
Katie WC, thinking AHEAD, licks her chops gleefully!!!

Poor Riley.....
Katie's getting PUSHY!
She uses Riley's BACK as a step-stool to reach the new ball!
"Gonna THROW it Mam??
Are ya, HUH??"
"THROW it Mam, we're ready!

Katie stashes the ball in the corner,
so Riley can't GET TO it!
Katie is hogging the new toy!

Katie enjoys a quiet moment getting to KNOW the new orb.
OOPS!! Riley sees his chance!
Katie drops the ZAP ball!

"Hello, ZAP ball, my name's RILEY!"
GONE again! Katie STEALS the ball,
then races BACK to the couch!

Riley steals the ball BACK...
and TAKES his turn with the ball.
Guess who stole the ball!!
Riley watches as the WC races down the hall with HIS ball!

The poor ball was stolen back and forth, again and again!!
Katie became totally obsessed with finding the source of those incredible noises! Every time she grabbed the ball, she became "DESTRUCTO-scottie"!! She hasn't been THIS obsessed in AGES!!! Riley enjoyed the ball, but being a "tug" guy, he wasn't the insanely ball-obsessed scottie that KATIE became!!! The ball soon became an endangered toy....Katie's massive jaws were wreaking havoc on the ZAP ball!!!

SOOOO... what happened to the ZAP ball???

The once-pristine ZAP ball now must reside inside a SOCK...
for its OWN protection!

They LOVE to have the ball thrown, and LOVE to chase it. This ball requires total and CONSTANT supervision!!!!!! But I have to get to the ball QUICKLY, as Katie is STILL after the ZAP noises......THROUGH the SOCK!!! She's gnawing a HOLE in the SOCK, at every opportunity!!! The Wild Child is TRULY wild when it comes to this ZAP ball!!!


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