Katie and Riley went to the groomer.
Naturally, when I went to pick them up, it required some appeasement.
So, Katie and Riley browsed the toy aisle, made their choice....a woobie!

This photo event started out to capture two freshly-groomed scotties,
HOWEVER, when I downloaded the pics to the computer,
it had apparently become a rare session of "ACTION" photos...
with WILD, flying scottie beards!!
I'm impressed that those pics are CLEAR enough to SEE the action!

The Wild Child Gang chose this VERY obese, TERRY-cloth 'gator!
Wellllllll, this won't last long!!!!

Mam has a new TOY for us... but she won't GIVE it to us!
Just waves it around in front of our NOSES!!
Note- there's a LOT of movement going on between photos,
as K&R keep changing sides!! We won't even DISCUSS the noise!

Riley(L), gets tired of Mam teasing him with the toy,
and begins LOUDLY complaining...barking QUITE insistently!
Each photo caught him in MID-bark!!! Amazing!!
Meanwhile, Katie's heading to Mam's feet, to rear up against her LEG!
There MUST be a way to get Mam to drop this thing!!

Riley is getting VERY insistent now!
A study of behavioral actions reveals that Riley has a VERY active bark.
He throws his head up each time he barks, sending his handsome beard FLYING!
Did I mention that the barking is getting louder???

FINALLY!! Mam threw the woobie up... "jump ball"!!!
Riley grabbed the ball and hurried it back to the sofa
where he spent some quality time searching for the squeaker!
Within seconds,the squeaker had been found and tested, REPEATEDLY!

Katie takes HER turn with 'Gator Glob!
And, as usual, she's in the midst of a fierce DEATH SHAKE!!!

MORE flying beard!!! *sigh* Even got her ear in mid-POP!

As for Katie's MOST FAVORED toy preference???
(L) Hmmmmm... I WONDER what she has in her mouth,
that has her COMPLETE attention?!?!?
(R) It's yellow and round..... need I say MORE?!

Other people have nice, SEDATE photos of well-behaved furkids!
MY furkids??? Beards look like they've stuck their PAWS in a light socket!
BETCHA that's why they're called the WILD CHILD GANG!

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