Katie & Riley LOVE to watch tv!
A recent discussion of Katie's "Plane Watching" hobby drew a question..
"Does Katie watch tv?"
She LOVES to watch tv...
even taught Riley at a young age to appreciate 'the tube'!
Katie has FIRM opinions, however, as to what makes QUALITY television!

This discussion sent me to the photo archives, in search of documentation...
visual proof of the Wild Child Gang's TV-watching habits!!

Katie DOES like her comfort when watching tv...
tootsies stretched out behind her... attention focused on the program!
NOOOOO sense in being uncomfortable as ya watch TV!!

101 Dalmations -- "Twilight Bark"
Katie became a VERY active participant in THIS scene!!!

Watching TV in bed takes on a WHOLE new meaning....
Katie (R) sees no reason to SUFFER as she watches her program!!!

Riley began watching TV as a wee lad!

However, once Riley discovered his rich baritone voice...
his TV watching transformed into a LOT of "sing-alongs"!!!

Katie (L) and Riley (R)...true TV TERRIERS!!!

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