Summertime fun!
Katie and Riley have found their favorite summer activities!

Katie does her Michael Jordan impression!
An amazing vertical leap for a short-legged lassie!
Rear legs straight out behind her....toes pointed.....such style, such grace!
Is this an action shot, or WHAT!!!!!

Katie and Riley discovered the FIG tree. Now, Katie isn't fond of figs.....
but she IS wild about the squirrels that are attracted to the fig tree!
So she began her campaign to clear the yard of ALL squirrels!
She watches the squirrels leap from the fig tree to the neighboring ginkgo tree,
then she leaps into action ! Rearing up onto the tree, she hops, she leaps, she jumps, ....
growling, barking, squealing, and snarling!
Those squirrels don't have a chance!

Under the magical fig tree.....Riley keeps his eyes DOWNward,
looking on the ground for those sweet, juicy figs.
Katie...ahhh, she's STILL looking UP toward the squirrels !!

Tree patrol is a huge part of their vacation time.
Katie spends ALL of her time leaping UP, trying to climb that tree after the squirrel.
Riley just looks at her and shakes his head.
He KNOWS why she's called the "Wild Child" !!
Pssssst- Look VERY closely at Katie.
She's OFF the ground, again!!!!!

Riley discovered a new sport - Ball Deflating!

I kicked it across the yard.....that's all it took!
Riley chased, he bumped, he growled. But, he did NOT like the soccer rules,
so he took things into his own MOUTH ! Ahhhhh, that's better.
He carried the ball around, tossing it, and chasing it.
Then he discovered that the ball wasn't "scottie-proof".
He then began HELPING the ball deflate,
pushing his furry muzzle into the growing DENT in his ball!

The ball is kicked across the yard... with Riley in hot pursuit!!
He captures the ball...then proceeds to "terrier" it to death!

Riley comes up for air!! Deflating a ScoobyDo ball is tough work!

Water break!!
Katie and Riley enjoy a bowl filled with water and 6-7 bobbing ice cubes.
OF course, this ends up with wet, drippy whiskers as they BOB for ice cubes!

And WHAT, you ask, does Katie do after bobbing for ice cubes???!!

Well, she roots, she rolls, she scratches the ground, she shows her tummy!
Then, she flips back over and looks around, quite pleased with herself!

Between the squirrels, the figs, the ScoobyDo ball,
and bobbing for ice's been a busy afternoon!
Katie(L) and Riley(R) show their happy smiles
after a successful afternoon of backyard carnage!!

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