Katie and Riley spent the summer on the road.
Discovering that the sadistic squirrels had also infiltrated her New Orleans yard,
Katie went into "catch the squirrel" mode...
ALWAYS accompanied by those high, piercing screams
designed to knock the squirrel out of the tree by it's sheer power!

It all started when the figs ripened!
Dozens of birds and squirrels attacked KATIE'S tree!

Katie spots a critter! She hops, she bounces, she dances!!
LOOK, Mam...right there...ya see him??!!LOOK!

What concentration! What balance! What determination!
What BIG teefers for that squirrel if he doesn't hang onto that limb!!

The squirrel LEAPS to another limb! Katie explodes---UP!!!!
Growling and screaming, she's determined to CLIMB this tree!

The squirrel freezes! He's convinced she CAN climb this tree!!
He doesn't know that he's dealing with a scottie--
the DEFINITION of determination!!

Riley's reaction to this bedlam?!
Standing back watching Katie Wild Child live up to her name!!
He's going to be my distinguished, reserved scottish gentleman.....
but I DID catch him sneaking a look UP into that tree!!!!

Katie and Riley.....making their own adventures, any time, anywhere!

A SCOTTIE MAM OBSERVATION: ááYa CAN'T get a scottie to do their
"yard business" if there are critters in the tree!!
TRUST ME on this!!!

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