Enya Trio

Riley turned 2 on January 19, 2002.
The following story was a birthday celebration thrown by his sister, Katie.
We had 112 fur friends join our "virtual" adventure.
Sit back, and enjoy the ride !

Chapter 1
The NEW Man

I seem to spend all of my time waiting at the Shreveport Regional Airport. That is not usually a problem.....but I had already contacted the Scotcorde twice since it's take-off, and was shocked to find that the PUHDUL pilot....the Barney Fife of the pilot-world.... was still in command !!! I was furious!

That's what I get for leaving it to HER to take care of !!

Katie! I thought you took CARE of that pilot business!!! I called the Scotcorde .......and "THAT MAN" is still at the controls!!!! And he's NOT happy!!! AND he's throwing a HUGE fit!!! AND he's threatening the wee ones! Ty, Dom, and the Guardian Brigade have placed themselves between the cockpit and the wee ones ! What is going on???

Katie patted my hand softly, smiled ever-so sweetly, and said, "Never fear, Mam m'dear.....it will ALL take care of itself shortly." She walked calmly to the large window at the far end of the waiting area, and eagerly searched the sky for the first sign of the Scotcorde.

I glanced over at Riley, and rolled my eyes as I watched him ruffle his whiskers, which gave him an unkempt, rakish appearance. Ohhh, my....this boy was on the prowl !

Katie rushed back, announced the Scotcorde's arrival, then she and Riley hurried to the door to greet their guests. I noticed the NOISE first, before door suddenly burst open. Out rushed the PUHDUL pilot, red-faced and angry. He glared at the wee ones behind him, being restrained by Jubilee, Gracie, and KayCee. Burberry D'Ascenzo, Alexander Bradberry, and Sherman Mathison scurried past the large guardians, seized huge mouthfuls of trouser-leg in their mouths and began to shake furiously!! The wee ones behind began cheering gleefully, encouraging the mayhem!! Ty, Dom, and Jubilee hurried over, and each took charge of an enraged wee terrier. The pilot was ranting and raving......the terriers were growling, snarling, and showing huge amounts of dangerous teefers. Chaos reigned!

Amid the noise and bedlam, Katie stepped quietly forward. She nodded to Riley, who put his paws to his lips, issuing a piercing whistle. The silence was immediate ! Riley stepped briskly over to the enraged pilot, grabbed the end of the pilot's neck-tie in his paw, bringing the pilot's face to within inches of Riley's furry muzzle. Riley produced a folded piece of paper, and handed it to the angry pilot. "Here is your contract," Riley said between clenched teeth. "NOW, you have fulfilled the terms of your contract, SIR !! You were PAID by the ScotCorde Association to pilot this plane until WE decided you were no longer needed ! We have NOW DECIDED that you are NO longer needed! You're Fired!"

The pilot jerked the contract out of Riley's paw, and stomped off down the concourse to the jeers and taunts of the jubilant terriers!!!! Emmitt Nuckles, Murray Reyner, and Robbie McGillivray, eager to speed the pilot on his way, raced after the fleeing pilot.....nipping at his heels, and snarling loudly. Ty, Gracie, and KayCee caught up with the three and were forced to DRAG them, kicking and screaming, back to the cheering crowd.

It was Audrey Maddux who then asked the obvious question......"uhhhhhhh, now that we got rid of the PUHDUL man, has anyone wondered WHO's gonna FLY the Scotcorde??????" Everyone began talking at once, worried that their adventure week-end was now ruined. Another piercing whistle brought everyone's attention back to Riley.

Smiling broadly, Riley simply gestured down the concourse. Everyone eagerly pushed forward, curiosity aroused. Katie strolled toward them, a huge smile on her face. On second glance, the terriers noticed that she was not alone. Sauntering down the concourse beside her was a very tall, broad-shouldered man in a uniform. As they neared the group, the wee lasses began to sigh loudly, several even threatening to swoon!!

For approaching them was the most amazing male human they'd ever encountered..... black hair, sky-blue eyes, 6'3", broad-shouldered...and he wore the uniform like he was accustomed to being obeyed. Walking briskly at the stranger's side was the largest German Shepherd anyone had ever seen! The girls began to giggle softly, whispering eagerly, frantically making plans. Abby Gamble, Miss Fiona Baillargeon, Molly Wynne, and McKenzie Sue Barfield raced forward, pushing each other aside, as they eagerly presented their paws to the handsome stranger. Then, they helped Katie escort the tall stranger and his companion to the waiting group.

Katie stepped forward, smiled broadly to her friends and began to address the group. "Friends and pals, our recent ScotCorde adventures have been disrupted by a most disagreeable man. We have corrected this problem. This gentleman that you see before you today has a most distinguished reputation as a pilot. He has just retired from the U.S. Air Force, where he spent 5 years as lead pilot with the famed "Thunderbirds". He has flown the F-16 Fighting Falcon at speeds of 300 meters/second, climbed VERTICALLY at speeds of 30,000 ft/second, and has "pulled" up to 9 "G's". He is quite capable of flying our beloved Scotcorde, and has agreed to accept our offer, if we'll allow him and his companion to occasionally join our adventures!!!!!

Lads and lasses, I give you the NEW pilot of the Scotcorde, Captain Scott Terry and his german shepherd, Champ !!!!!!

Chapter 2
The NEW Toy

Captain Scott Terry!!! He WANTED to fly the scotties and share their adventures!! He LIKED adventurous terriers with wild imaginations! Wild cheers erupted as they all began talking at once, all trying to introduce themselves to their new Captain.

Smiling, Captain Terry raised his hand for quiet. " I'm very glad to be given the opportunity to fly your famous ScotCorde. But, let's straighten a couple of things out, first. PUHDUL folks will address me as Capt. Terry, but my terrier friends may call me by my nickname..."Scotty" !!!

Gleeful aroooooooo's echoed through the airport, as the wee terriers began to realize their good fortune! Katie raised her paw for silence. The terriers quickly quieted, eager for more surprises. Riley stepped to the front of the group, and cleared his throat. " We have ONE more surprise for all of you. If you'd please follow us......." The entire Wild Child Gang hurried after Katie, Riley, and "Scotty". Bartholomew, Willum Seamus, Gertie and Harold Mitchell kept racing around the group, tugging on unsuspecting whiskers, or nipping at waving tails. Angie Riches and Brewster were hard-pressed to keep the wee ones under control, although Brewster suspected that Angie's repeated whispers into Bartholomew's ear were NOT helping to keep things quiet!

The gang was led outside, to a huge hangar. Katie, Riley, Megan Bruce, and Spoiled Stormy stepped forward, grabbed the huge hangar door, and slid it open. The terriers gasped in shock........for in front of them stood a shiny, NEW Scotcorde!!!

Down the entire length of the glistening aircraft ran a sleek plaid racing stripe! At the front of the plane, the terriers noticed the "nose art"......a large, snarling Scottie....with the words "Sleek ONE" under it!

Confused, they waited for an answer. Katie explained that the OTHER Scotcorde was still to be used.....it would be ScotCorde 2 !! This would be ScotCorde 1 and would be the plane of CHOICE for prime adventures.....having several SPECIAL modifications!!! The scotties all began asking "where" and "how" and "who" !!! Katie smiled broadly, turned to Spoiled Stormy and Megan Bruce......who whipped out their Platinum MasterCards and announced that their MAMS had bought the Scotcorde 1 for the scotties and their friends!!!

Excitedly, they all raced up the steps to explore their new "toy" ! Fergie Grant walked casually up the steps, smiling joyously....Judge Brimley on her right and CCCharlie Bugle on her left. As she climbed the stairs, she reached over and grabbed Bartholomew's collar, pulling him OFF of the top rail of the stairs where he'd climbed for a better view! Sighing, she handed Bart back to Angie.

The last one up the steps was Captain "Scotty", who entered the cockpit, and began his pre-flight check. As the Bash bunch explored the new Scotcorde, Captain "Scottie" picked up his microphone, and quietly asked if they'd like to take their new toy out for a "little spin" !!! Bedlam erupted as the entire gang scurried to a seat, where they eagerly fastened their seatbelts, then began chanting, "GOOOO, GOOOOO!"

Ty, Dom, and Jubilee breathed a huge sigh of relief as they watched the last of the wee-est ones buckled safely into a seat......with Gracie seated nearby.

The Bash bunch smiled joyously as the sleek plane slowly taxied out of the hangar and onto the tarmac. They listened to the engines as they approached the end of the runway. "St. Louis Riley" Fernandez was the first to realize that the engines sounded different. He excitedly poked Duffy Hoffman in the side, telling him that something was about to HAPPEN! Hearing "St. Louis Riley's" prediction, they all sat very still.....listening, waiting, wondering.

It was then that Captain "Scotty" came over the intercom again. "All right, youngsters!! Are you ready for a little RIDE??????"

A huge Aroooooooooo was heard from all the passengers. The terriers didn't notice Champ's reaction.....they didn't see the huge german shepherd place himself in the seat nearest the cockpit door,brace all four feet solidly against the wall in front of him......and smile!!!

Katie turned to Riley, smiled and said, "Happy Birthday, brother! This ride's for YOU!!!"

Then, the engines of the jet roared to life......the terriers felt the power as Captain "Scotty" revved the engines to full throttle, yet NOT allowing the plane to move forward. They could all FEEL the power......as the plane fought against it's restriction.....it wanted to move, it wanted to FLY!

Captain "Scotty" came over the intercom again....a smile could be heard in his voice as he announced, "Okay, youngsters...let's PLAY !!"

Suddenly, Captain "Scotty" released the brakes and unleashed the massive power. The Scotcorde 1 leaped forward, unlike anything the terriers had EVER experienced!! They were ALL plastered to the back of their seats as "Sleek ONE" tore down the runway. They could hear the scream of the engines as the plane suddenly left the runway, nose pointing to the sky. The shrieks of glee coming from the Bash Bunch was deafening! Excitement shone in their eyes........finally, someone capable of "running with scotties" !!!

Chapter 3
Scottie Rollercoaster

The new Scotcorde 1, nicknamed "Sleek ONE" leveled out smoothly at 30,000 feet. Captain "Scottie" stepped out of the cockpit, a devilish smile on his lips. "Did you youngsters enjoy that?" he asked, a wicked gleam in his sky-blue eyes. He smiled broadly at the cheers, aroooooo's, and wild applause from the terriers, then added, "That wasn't too ROUGH for you, was it???" Seeing the excitement glowing in their eyes, he asked if they wanted MORE excitement.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !", was the resounding response.

"Okay, then......brace yourselves!" Captain "Scotty" chuckled as he turned back toward the cockpit, then stopped near Judge Brimley, bent low over the scottie, and began whispering into the ears of Linus, Fergie, CCCharlie, Charlie Mathison, and the distinguished elders of the terrier gang. The rest of the Bash bunch grew quiet.....curious about what was being planned by their Captain and their respected elders. Then, they watched open-mouthed, as the Captain escorted ALL of the elders up front, to the Executive Lounge right behind the cockpit, where he began strapping the distinguished terriers securely into the large, cushioned seats. Then, with a final scritch to Fergie's ear, he turned and entered the cockpit.......but not before he turned and gave the intrigued youngsters another wicked grin......then closed the door.

Bucky Sheets,Cameron Waldrum, Piper Almandinger, Robin Baillargeon, and Spencer Goetz had unbuckled their seatbelts and were rummaging through the galley kitchen, looking for snacks and treats. Locating the baby carrots, they began tossing carrots at the eagerly waving paws of the hungry terriers. Willum Seamus leaped up from his seat, trying to gather up the stray carrots on the floor. Stuart Lyons hurried over, wanting his share of the tasty treats. Duffy Barfield, Midget Wion, Campbell Donnelly, Audrey Maddux, and Heather Tracey eagerly joined the carrot hunt....followed closely by Riley and Cammeron Meverden.

From the intercom came Captain "Scotty's" voice, telling them to HANG ON! At the SAME instant, the floor of the "Sleek ONE" shifted, and was no longer UNDER the paws of the carrot-grabbing scotties! Captain "Scotty" had pulled the stick back until the nose of the Scotcorde pointed straight up ! The screaming engines of the supersonic jet roared as the giant plane tore through the sky in pure vertical flight!!!!! Gasps, howls, and squeals were heard.....as everything not buckled down in the cabin flew toward the rear of the plane!!! Webber threw out his paw to catch Katie as she fell toward the back of the plane.....loose scotties found themselves thrown against the rear bulkhead....paws, whiskers, collars, and fur all tangled up in a mass of well-blended scotties who were pasted to the back wall !!! Duffy Barfield found himself wrapped around Bucky, Audrey, and Cameron, with Willum struggling to climb out from under Stuart and Robin, who was planted solidly on top of Midget. Campbell sputtered as he spit Heather's paw out of his mouth....Riley and Cammeron were laughing so hard that they were no help whatsoever.....while Spencer and Piper could only grunt, as they found themselves at the bottom of the scottie pile! The lucky scotties still seated could only gasp in awe as the plane pulled intense g-forces, still climbing!! It was all the terriers could DO to just breathe!!!

Then, without ANY warning.......the nose of "Sleek ONE" pitched FORWARD.....this time pointing Earthward!!!!!! Squeals and shocked gasps were heard from the buckled scotties, as they watched their furry pals float effortlessly forward through the cabin!!!!!!! Captain "Scotty" came on the intercom, saying only ......"Welcome to "O" Gravity, youngsters!!!!" Willum, Cameron, Bucky, and Midget were having a ball... they tumbled, they dove, they rolled.....Riley, Robin, and Cammster were having "air" races across the cabin......Audrey, Heather, and Stuart sailed past the seat-bound scotties, tweaking ears as they went .....giggling, as they floated away across the cabin!!

As suddenly as it started, it was over......with a resounding THUD!!!! As the jet again resumed smooth, level flight...the loose scotties found themselves dumped unceremoniously onto the floor of the "Sleek ONE", where they hurried to untangle themselves from the seats, and each other!!!! They stood there, in the aisle, open-mouthed and speechless. The seat-buckled scotties were wide-eyed.....and not a sound was heard in the cabin !!!

They were still in shock when the cockpit door opened. Captain "Scotty" stepped into the cabin......stopping first at the large, cushioned seats occupied by the elder terriers. He spoke quietly to the distinguished terriers... then nodding, he moved on toward the youngsters piled up on the floor in the main cabin. His smile faded as he saw the open-mouthed, wide-eyed looks on the terriers in front of him. Worriedly, he approached the group on the floor.....helping the wee ones to their feet. Midget, Audrey, and Heather announced that they needed the CAPTAIN'S help to get up.....and he smiled as he gently lifted each lass to her paws.

He stood there, concern for the well-being of his furry youngsters visible on his face. He was about to apologize when the entire cabin burst into wild CHEERING!!!!!!!!!! He was further amazed when the remaining terriers unbuckled their belts, leaped into the aisles, screaming "ME too! ME too!"

His devilish smile returned, then he doffed his hat to the Bash bunch in front of him. "I've flown with many brave men and women......and I have never seen such determination....such resolve.....such a fierce joy for life as I've seen today. I take my hat off to you all......you Terriers of the AIR!"

The Bash bunch cheered loudly, again screaming "AGAIN.....AGAIN !!!!!!"

The Captain smiled, then told the eager Bash bunch that the elder terriers had already REQUESTED another ride.....from the safe security of their well-padded chairs ! Captain "Scotty" could only shake his head in amazement as he watched the entire furry mob scurry around the cabin, unbuckling themselves.....preparing for the "ride" !!!

What followed was an hour unlike any that the terriers had ever experienced. Captain "Scotty" put the "Sleek ONE" through its paces.......he flew vertical, he did nose dives, he gave the youngsters their "0" gravity....he flew slow rolls, he gave them 8-point rolls, he pulled -3 g's as he went into an inverted turn......and through it all, he could hear the youngsters on the intercom.....squealing with delight, arooooooo'ing at the top of their lungs !

Captain "Scotty" could only shake his head and smile, thinking to himself, "amazing.....they're truly amazing!!"

Chapter 4
The Trip

Once again, the "Sleek ONE" resumed quiet, level flight. As Captain "Scotty" stepped into the cabin, he laughed out loud. The cabin was a mass of tangled furry bodies !

Scarlett Barfield, Maggie Doodle Nuckles, Sofy Bradberry, Abbie Gamble, Maggie Reyner, and Millie Phillips were laughing hysterically.....they had used their time wisely....and had spent the last half hour flying around the cabin, planting furry kisses on the lads, then flying away to locate another Casanova to kiss !!!!

Ty, Dom, and Jubilee were helping Angie and Brewster round up Bartholomew, Gertie, Harold, Derrick, Daphne, Donald, and Samantha, who had managed to create havoc in the aft bathroom, where they'd managed to stuff as many seat cushions into the small space as was possible. Angie smiled sheepishly as Brewster leaned over and whispered into her ear....." I SAW you helping Bart PUT those cushions IN there, Angie!!"

Terriers were thrown everywhere......and as they all climbed to their feet, they were laughing uproariously, slapping each other on the back, each bragging about their aerobatics!

Captain "Scotty" asked for quiet, which immediately got the attention of the entire group. They quickly found seats, and once settled....waited eagerly. Katie stepped to the front, pulling Riley behind her. She smiled as she looked around at all of their friends who'd joined them on this adventure......they had NO idea of the adventure they were about to begin!

With a gleam in her eye, the Wild Child made her announcement: "Lads and lasses......we came together this week-end to celebrate Riley's momentous 2nd birthday! This can be no ORDINARY Bash birthday....for our favorite Rambuctious one is now a grown-up TWO........so, with that in mind.......we have made a few adjustments to your week-end plans!!!"

The terriers all looked around curiously.....confused by Katie's mysterious speech.

Katie proceeded: " Feel free to use the phones in the seats in front of you......we know you'll want to SHOUT it to the world!! Riley-- your birthday present is a small trip "out of town" !"

Katie turned to Captain "Scotty" and nodded. He smiled devilishly, then turned toward the cockpit, closing the door behind him. The sounds of the engines were heard as the Captain throttled up....but this time, there was a deep, growling rumble to the sound.....MUCH more power !

The cabin grew very quiet......Katie stood at the front, smiling broadly. A new sound was heard, and the terriers looked up toward the strange sound. They gasped......then stared......the entire roof of the "Sleek ONE" was sliding open!!!!!! The entire roof structure of the Scotcorde 1 was a reinforced-glass canopy !!!! The sunlight streamed into the cabin, the blue sky overhead shone clear and bright!

Cheering broke out!!!!! Everyone stared at the magnificent sight above them. Sophie Donnelly was the first to notice the difference....and quickly pointed it out to the others....they were climbing, FAST!! The nose of the sleek jet was pointed skyward, as the deep rumbling engines began pushing the plane upward faster and faster !

Katie smiled broadly, turned to Riley, and planted a kiss on his furry cheek. "To all my dear friends......and my beloved brother, Riley.....I give you a small week-end "out of town" !!!!!!

Then, she spread her paws toward the glassed ceiling, as the sun suddenly disappeared......to be replaced by total blackness, and the twinkling of distant stars!!!!!!

As the "Sleek ONE" roared on into the darkness, Katie added, "Lads and Lasses, we're going to Alpha Centauri Prime......via the MOON!"

Chapter 5
Moonlight Madness

"Sleek ONE" ate up the distance, and soon settled gently onto the gray, dusty surface of the Moon. Riley gathered the Bash bunch at the rear of the plane, and when he had their attention......he pushed a button. The rear bulkhead began to slide open, revealing an immense room, filled with all manner of space equipment.....oxygen tanks, tethers, tools....everything needed for an adventure in space. But, the attention of the entire Wild Child Gang was focused on what hung from the dozens of hooks that lined the walls of the room......space suits.....small, plaid space suits !!!!!

They clapped gleefully as they saw that everything had been prepared for the PERFECT scottie adventure! They rushed into the room, and began grabbing suits off the wall. Plaid suits flew everywhere.....paws were stepped on......whiskers were pulled....tails were pinched. Quincy Nuckles, Dunc McGillivray, Tucker Warner, Angus McTavish, Maxie Meverden, Tavish Pehle, Spencer Goetz,Billy Delli Carpini, Hoagy Devine, Sophy and Tiger discovered that if they teamed up, they could "toss" each other farther into the pile, closer to the plaid space suits. Enthusiastically, they began "boosting" each other over the furry pile toward the suits. Grunts and thuds were heard as the "tossed" ones were thrown into the far wall.

Riley, Connor, Bucky, Duffy Tracey, Mack Bloebaum, and Angus Maddux didn't HELP any..... they were grabbing those scotties that were climbing OUT of the pile, and whispering promises of extra treats, encouraged them BACK into the pile of grasping paws. Once again, chaos reigned.

Katie looked at Webber for assistance. He grabbed her waist and boosted her onto his shoulders, where she could be seen over the plaid pile. "Enough!" she shouted.

The rest of the Wild Child Gang stopped, and struggling to raise their heads from the mass of fur, peered innocently up at Katie. Dusting himself off, Riley sauntered over to Katie, and smiled. "That went quite well, I think!" he said with a smirk. She threw him the LOOK, then turned to the Bash bunch.

"I thought you may have noticed by now.....but each suit has a NAME on it! You EACH have a personalized space suit waiting for you! We have Skinface and the Scotsman ......errrrrr, Wart and Wren to thank for this. Without their help, this would NOT have been possible. You see, they sent the Canine Nostra to EACH of your homes, and without your Mam and Dad's knowledge they took measurements of your sweaters and clothing, to guarantee a perfect fit for each of you.

Special accomodations have been added to some suits. McKenzie Sue and Cammster, your suits have special backpacks added to hold Harvey the Tabby and Gypsy Rose Kitty. Audrey, you have a pocket for your harmonica. Heather Sue and Hailey.....we put a washable lining in your backpacks for those grilled squirrel tails. Portland Piper, your suit has been equipped with special pockets for the Twinkies you requested. Rose and Abby Goetz, y'all each have a backpack.....one for the chicken necks....and the other is insulated for the snow you brought! Robbie has a toolbelt to hold the shovel he said he HAD to have. And we can't even COUNT the number of credit card holders that we had to velcro to the gloves!!!"

"So, with great appreciation to the Canine Nostra, we were able to acquire the necessary information we needed to give each of you a personal spacesuit, which you will be able to take with you upon completion of our mission. Now, if you hurry, we will be able to begin this portion of our journey."

The Wild Child Gang began untangling themselves, and grabbing plaid suits, they began calling names: Brindi, here's yours....Millie....Simon and Maggie.....Peanut,Shalimar, Sondra, Tosca, Betty, Prince, Jade, Bart,Apollo, Sargent, and Calvin!!! ;-) Plaid suits flew as they were handed across to their owners....and furry bodies wiggled eagerly into their space gear.

Soon, the entire Bash Bunch stood there...dressed in sharp, plaid space suits....looking like small, compact aliens. Mandi Reyner raised her paw and asked, "Uhhhhhhhh, we have a slight problem here. We westies will have no problem with the helmets.....our heads are built to fit those round bubbles."

Looking at her scottie friends worriedly, she added,"But, y'all can't wear them. You can't go out there!! You'll DIE !"

Gasps were heard as they realized the truth of her words. "What'll we DO?" and "I wanna go OUTSIDE!" echoed across the cabin. The wee-est scotties began stomping their paws in anger at the thought of being left INside while their westie friends went for a "moon walk". Angie and Brewster were suddenly busy trying to keep wee puppy tempers from flaring. They KNEW what those puppy teefers would do to precious plaid space suits !!!!!!

A sudden bumping noise was heard....they turned to see Ty and Dom staggering up from the cargo hold with a huge box in their paws. Eagerly, the WCGang crowded around, curiosity aroused. Ty opened the box to reveal the strangest objects they'd ever seen!!! HUGE football-shaped glass helmets!!!

The scotties cheered wildly.......they were NOT to be left behind !!!! Ty, Dom, and Jubilee hurriedly passed the "footballs" around, and soon all the wee terriers were dressed and ready. They clapped wildly as they saw Ty, Dom, Jubilee, Gracie, and KayCee walk down the aisle toward them.....sporting much larger versions of their beloved plaid suits!!!! Just when they thought it couldn't get any better, the cockpit door opened, and out stepped Captain "Scotty" and Champ.... ALSO wearing the WildChild Gang plaid spacesuits!

Wild cheering and aroooooooo'ing erupted!!!! They were allll together...no one was to be left behind...they were alllll going to take a "moon walk" !!!

"You youngsters ready to make some moon pies?" Captain "Scotty" asked, then smiled as he saw all the wee plaid suits jumping up and down eagerly...so ready to begin the adventure.

Smiling, he pushed the button beside him on the bulkhead. The gangway slid open.

Gestering toward the open door, Captain "Scotty" said, "After you, youngsters. The Moon awaits!!!"

Chapter 6
Lunar Laborers

A huge mass of plaid spacesuits raced down the steps of "Sleek ONE" and onto the dusty surface of the Moon. Clouds of gray dust flew up as excited plaid suits jumped and hopped, rolled on their backs, and danced with the joy of the moment.

It didn't take long for the first ever "Lunar Frap" to begin....which took Champ by surprise! He'd never seen such wildness, such pretended ferociousness, such craziness.....and could only stand at the foot of the steps and stare!

Dom walked up, and seeing the amazed look on Champ's face, began to laugh as he explained, "Welcome to the insane world of TERRIERS! You're going to learn that they are NOT to be underestimated, by ANY means! They may be small of stature, but....brother, they're LARGE in attitude, determination, and pure stubbornness! Don't EVEN try to change a terrier's mind....you're talking to a wall! But, if you ever need someone to "watch your back", you'll want one of THESE beside you.

As for these BASH trips, Ty, Jubilee, and I have just barely managed to keep our heads above water......it's a miracle that we've survived them at ALL! Ty and I had to run "interference" for these Terrier-ists by ourselves for a while, until Jubilee came along. We were sooooo glad to see her. Now, we have Gracie, as well as KayCee....and that makes it a LOT easier....well, as easy as it CAN be with 112 insane terriers on the loose! They just seem to sometimes get in "over their heads", and that's when we jump in. We long ago learned when to stick our noses into the problem, and when to back up and "leave 'em be" !!! " He laughed as he saw Champ shake his head in disbelief.

"Count me in, Dom", Champ replied. " These wee ones have spunk, spirit, and such a fire inside.....I'll stand with ya!" The two huge dogs shook paws, and Dom was soon regaling Champ with exploits of past Bashes, when Ty, Gracie, KayCee, and Jubilee strolled up. They were thrilled to learn that the Guardian Brigade had increased by 1, and eagerly welcomed him to the club. The large guardians sat back on the steps of "Sleek ONE", propped their backs against the railing, and smiled as they watched the action taking place below them on the lunar surface.

Katie brought Floyd Johnson, Mackenzie Quigley, Topsy Mitchell, MacDuff Arzani, Natalie Lyons, and Lucy Sheets to stand beside a huge pile of material and supplies piled on the lunar surface at the back of "Sleek ONE". Clapping her paws together, she quickly got the attention of the frapping "spacesuits". She and Riley climbed to the top of the stacked boxes... their friends crowded around eagerly, curious about what was to come next. Riley explained that they were about to begin a "building project"....and that it would be a momentous task, but would be a "signature piece" for the entire universe!!!

Riley then took a out a large, folded chart from his pocket.....opened it, and tore it into 6 pieces !! He handed ONE portion of the "chart puzzle" to each of the chosen "Construction captains" standing beside the stack of supplies.

He then told them to choose their teams, and follow the instructions on their portion of the chart! The terriers looked up at Riley as he added, "Ohhhh, and the first team to finish their assignment, gets the extra grilled squirrel tails!" Squeals of delight erupted as all the terriers chose "teams", and immediately began sorting through the supplies to grab what THEIR team needed to complete their assigned task!

Ty, Dom, and the Guardian Brigade watched in horror as groups of terriers suddenly began racing off into the distance.....realizing that their wee charges were spreading out across the lunar landscape...in all directions!! Dom leaped to his paws, quickly assigned groups....and the large guardians sped off to watch over their assigned wee ones!

Captain "Scotty" watched the great protectors speed off, and knowing that the youngsters would be safe, he turned to the elders quietly chatting in the Executive Lounge. "I thought that all of you would like a little tour of this place, so if you'd follow me."

Mystified, they followed the Captain to the elevator, located just behind the cockpit. They soon found themselves down in the belly of "Sleek ONE", in the cargo hold......but the Captain just kept walking toward the rear, into the darkest recesses of the plane. He finally stopped, and reaching to the wall, he turned on the lights......which revealed a wondrous vehicle!

Before them sat a vehicle equipped for ANY surface.....huge, soft wheels.....an enormous, glass-enclosed bubble protected an exquisite seating area for touring alien worlds. Judge Brimley and CCCharlie Bugle quickly gathered up the wee-est ones and placed them in the seats nearest the window....then, they turned back and each grabbed one of Fergie's paws, eager to help her into the waiting vehicle.

Fergie sighed, and smiled to herself, as she was tugged most unceremoniously into the "space buggy".....it had been quite some time since she'd been "chased" by two such handsome rogues !! Linus shook his head and smiled, leaving the chasing to the scotties. He checked his pack, and , reassured that Harvey the Tabby and Gypsy Rose Kitty were safely snuggled in the bottom, he climbed into the buggy, located a comfortable spot, and gently tucked the backpack by his side.

Charlie Mathison grabbed Mac Tracey by the paw and eagerly climbed into the front seat, where they began inspecting the buttons, knobs, and dials that spread across the front of the compartment.

Bartholomew and his wee pals were unable to contain their excitement....pressing their cold, leathery noses against the clear glass bubble....eager to get a closer look at the strange world.

Captain "Scotty" made sure that all were safely buckled in and comfortable...and smiled when he noticed the scottie "snuzzle" being created on the windows of the buggy by the young ones. Then, reaching around Linus' curious paws, he flipped a switch, and the buggy roared to life. The rear of the jet opened up, revealing a ramp, that lowered to the surface. The Captain pushed the stick forward, and the buggy leaped forward, down the ramp, stirring up clouds of gray dust as he headed toward the far horizon.

They made a wide tour of the lunar world........stopping to watch each group build the mysterious, unusual "signature piece". They were completely mystified, unable to make heads or tails of it.

They smiled as they watched Winnie Waldrum, Terra-Belle Warner, Agie Donnelly, Toby Pehle, and Pagan pushing a huge boulder toward a waiting depression in the surface.....only to lose control as the boulder began a downhill roll ! The five raced along behind, desperately trying to recapture their run-away boulder!! As the buggy turned away toward the distant horizon, they saw Jubilee trudge over to the boulder and begin pushing it BACK up the hill toward the depression with much encouragement from five embarrassed terriers.

Their next stop found another group, equally busy.....also building strange objects with NO purpose in mind. Maxxie Meverden, Bonnie Hoffman, Heidi Delli Carpini, and Ali Riches, paint brushes in paw, were busy painting a long line of boulders black. They watched with glee, as Ali popped Maxxie on the back with his paint-filled brush....only to have Maxie slap his own brush back and forth across Ali's whiskers. Bonnie and Heidi squealed with delight, and they too entered the paint fight! As the buggy turned away, they saw Champ trot over to end the contest....and receive 4 paint-soaked brushes in the face for his trouble!

The afternoon passed quickly as the buggy sped across the gray landscape, over hills and down valleys, and around huge asteroid craters. The elders leisurely sipped their steaming mugs of coffee, as they admired the scenery. The youngsters, noses still plastered to the glass, were talking excitedly, pointing out the strange sights in the distance. The Captain finally turned the buggy back toward "Sleek ONE", and as they pulled to a stop at the rear of the giant plane, they realized that everyone else had already returned, and they were all waiting for THEM!

Quickly, the Captain returned the buggy to it's secure place in the cargo hold, and with much terrier help, they soon had the supplies reloaded and stowed safely. They all climbed eagerly back into the large, cozy cabin of "Sleek ONE", and returned their plaid suits to their hooks on the wall. Exhausted but happy, they plopped down in the luxurious, tufted seats......then, propping their paws on the seats in front of them, they began devouring the treats being passed around by Natalie Lyons, Carlene, and Sarah.

Molly Reyner, between bites of sausage balls, raised the question that was on everyone's mind....."Exactly WHAT were we doing today?"

Riley laughed and told them that it would SOON be obvious to them AND to the entire world! Curiosity aroused....the Bash bunch waited. They heard the engines of "Sleek ONE" roar to life, felt the sheer power in the great jet... and with a sudden rush, the plane raced forward, then quickly gained altitude, before turning into a lunar orbit.

They felt the plane shift positions, knew that they were rolling....but knew that UP didn't matter in space. NOW, being accustomed to the lack of gravity, they now merely tucked their paws under the seat in front of them, anchoring themselves into place. They looked up as they heard the skylight open......and looking up through the giant glass ceiling, they could only GASP!!!! Then, they began cheering !!!!!!

As "Sleek ONE" raced past the Moon one last time, the terriers looked at their handiwork. The world WOULD know that the Wild Child Gang had been there!

Below them, spread across no less than 300 miles, was the most enormous scottie silhouette they'd ever seen! Now, instead of the "MAN in the moon"....the world would see the "Scottie in the moon" !!!! They aroooooooo'ed loudly, knowing that they'd made their MARK on the universe!

Then, "Sleek ONE" changed course, speeding off into the deepest, darkest recesses of space... leaving behind a quiet, serene lunar landscape...and a giant scottie, lit only by the reflected glow of the distant sun.

Chapter 7
The Unknown

Captain "Scotty" left the skylight open as "Sleek ONE" raced through the universe... providing a glorious overhead view for the terriers who lay stretched out on their backs in the cushioned seats. Bagpipe music droned softly through the intercom....the lights were dimmed, allowing the dark universe to share its secrets. A sigh was heard from somewhere in the terrier ranks, and they all understood.....peace, contentment, and utter joy.

Suddenly, from the cockpit, came the sounds of alarms going off!!!!! The ceiling closed abruptly....the lights in the cabin glared brightly....and everyone came to full attention. The Guardian Brigade raced forward, feet braced, prepared for action! The terriers stood ready, ears pricked, tails erect and reaching almost to their backs........

It was then, that they heard the single word, shouted over the intercom....



Chapter 8
Terrier Volunteers !

"Brace!", the Captain shouted......and the reaction was immediate. Everyone raced to their seats, buckled themselves in tightly, and hung on! "Sleek ONE" made a drastic roll to port, then dove at an alarming rate. The cabin was eerily quiet......the terriers were braced, all right. They were braced for ACTION, and did NOT like the idea of NOT being in control of the situation.

A sudden shrieking sound drew their attention, drawing closer by the second. "Sleek ONE" made a drastic plunge, spiraling downward into the black void. The shrieking continued closer until it seemed to be alongside the jet, then seemed to fade away, before disappearing altogether. The Scotcorde leveled out again, and immediately, the cockpit door flew open with a crash.

Captain "Scotty" was LIVID ! "We've been FIRED on !" he stated through gritted teeth. "Two alien vessels materialized from a gas cloud, firing photon torpedoes at "Sleek ONE". I managed to evade the torpedoes with some of my old Thunderbird maneuvers.... we've flown into the gas cloud to mask our presence. But, they're sitting out there, waiting for us to emerge......so they can finish the job. I need your help, youngsters.....are you up for it?"

The terriers looked shocked!! NOT at being attacked by aliens...but by the mere fact that the Captain had to ASK if they were up for a fight! As a single voice, they shouted their readiness for action! The Captain smiled, then hurried to the rear storage cabin. As he pushed a button, the floor opened to reveal a stairway heading downward....into a huge, dark cavernous room. The terriers scurried along behind the Captain, gasping in awe when he flipped on the lights.

Before them sat 15 small, black imitations of "Sleek ONE"....but with one difference. These small fighting ships were adorned with enraged scottie faces on the front.....huge, white teeth appeared to snarl at them menacingly. The sharp intake of breath from the terriers revealed their amazement.....for, upon closer inspection, the white teeth were actually the armaments for the small ships. These flying scotties really DID carry a vicious "bite" !!!! They cheered wildly, paws waving, eager to offer their help to Captain "Scotty".

Captain "Scotty" quickly explained his plan. He divided the terriers into 15 squads, as each "flying scottie" needed a crew of 5, to battle at peak efficiency. The terriers quickly returned for their spacesuits, then hurried back down to the flight deck for final instructions.

Sophie Donnelly, Briony Mitchell, Quincy Nuckles, Alexander Bradberry, and Maggie Johnson quickly climbed into the "flying scot" nearest them.....then buckled their harnesses, lowered the canopy, ready for action.

Other squads quickly claimed other "flying scots" . Ace Graves hurried his teammates, Rose Goetz, Millie Phillips, Angus Maddux, and Heather Arzani to their ship, where they too waited for orders.

Riley claimed the "scot" nearest him, and Heidi Delli Carpini, Bubby Waldrum, Angus McTavish D'Ascenzo, and Sherman Mathison scampered in behind....located seats and waited for instructions.

Katie also hurried to a "flying scot", with Angie Riches, Bonnie Gamble, Wart and Wren Archie hurrying behind her. They climbed in, buckled up, and began inspecting the instruments and dials that would save their lives.

Webber, along with "St. Louis Riley" , Hoagy Devine, Mackenzie Quigley, and Maggie Johnson, claimed another ship, and prepared for action.

The other ships were soon filled with scotties...waiting expectantly, waiting for permission to become "TERRIERS" ! The Captain stood for a second, looking over his small army.....they were so small, he thought to himself. But, as he glanced around the huge chamber, he saw that all of the terriers had the same expression on their faces......not fear, not in those faces. There was a gleam of adventure shining brightly in their eyes, they were actually smiling....tongues hanging out in eager anticipation. Again, he had underestimated these wee beasts. "Amazing," he thought to himself,"truly amazing... 'me thinks' these aliens have rattled the WRONG cage this time."

Captain "Scotty" chuckled to himself, then continued to the far end of the flight deck, revealing a much LARGER "flying scot". He signaled to the Guardian Brigade, who had been standing back, watching the terriers prepare for action, and feeling very left out. They rushed over, eager to join this "scrap". The Captain told them that this "scot" was theirs, and as they climbed eagerly into the ship, they became almost puppy-like in their excitement...realizing for the FIRST time, the joyous adrenalin rush their wee ones experienced on their wild adventures .

Captain "Scotty" took a last glance around the large chamber, and seeing the ships "scottied" and waiting, he turned and headed back up to the cabin, stopping at the Elders. They had secured the wee-est ones, although Bartholomew had put up quite a fuss at being cinched in while all the others were "gonna get to go outside and PLAY" !! The Captain looked closely at the Elders, and saw the longing, the regret.....he saw the "useless" look in those deep brown eyes. He patted Fergie's paw gently, then looked at the Judge, CCCharlie, Linus, and Charlie Mathison. Smiling at the venerated Elders, he announced, "I've saved the most dangerous assignments for YOU.....if you'd like to help."

A look of youthful joy lit each elder face, and they eagerly joined the Captain for their instructions. He led them upstairs to the very top of the jet, where he showed them several cushioned chairs, anchored to a swivel base. Over each chair was a glass canopy, and extending beyond the glass were huge weapons. The Judge, CCCharlie, Linus, Fergie, and Charlie leaped into the chairs, and twirled the chairs excitedly....puppy-like glee on their faces. The Captain smiled broadly, explaining...."These are laser cannons......and we could SURE use your experience and expertise to help defend "Sleek ONE" during the coming battle. You ready?"

The Captain laughed loudly when he saw the venerated Elders raise their furry muzzles skyward and aroooooooo happily !

All was ready......Captain "Scotty" hurried down to the cockpit, and spoke into the intercom to his small army....."okay, youngsters......let's PLAY!!!"

With that, he pushed the button that opened the hangar door.......and 16 "flying scots" erupted from "Sleek ONE" ...fierce, snarling scotties....teath flashing, eyes gleaming with anticipation. The small, menacing fleet of scotties sped out of the gas cloud, aiming directly for the alien ships.

"SURPRISE, aliens. The TERRIERS have come to call!!" Captain "Scotty" yelled into his intercom as the first shot was fired.

Then, the battle began in earnest.

Chapter 9
Battle Royal

The two alien ships sat motionless, waiting for their victim to emerge meekly from the gas cloud. These "Gorkons" were space pirates and accustomed to success and easy victories..... their battles had always been easy tasks. Their ships....huge, dark hulks, shaped eerily like manta-rays..... were designed to intimidate, to frighten, and to insure that the victims showed little resistance when they were boarded.

The "Gorkons" were notorious for turning space craft into abandoned piles of useless metal, and the inhabitants always disappeared....never to be seen again. They sat back, confident about the outcome of this chase......it would end as all the others had....they would frighten, they would overpower, they would annihilate these helpless victims.....then they would profit from the ship and its cargo.

They did not expect resistance, and did not even react when they first saw the ship race out of the cloud. Shocked, they realized that these "weaklings" were coming directly TOWARD them.....only now, instead of ONE lone victim ship, there were MANY! The "Gorkons" hesitated as they watched the ships close the distance.....and seeing the snarling faces of strange creatures displayed on the fronts of the ships, they realized that this would be UNlike any of their other conquests. Their hesitation and slow reaction was their undoing.

"Sleek ONE", with its litter of wee "flying scots" close by its side, streaked across the void, heading directly toward the alien vessels. Captain "Scotty" gave sharp, quick orders.....and immediately the wee "scots" broke into 3-ship groups, angling the wee ships toward the underbellies of the huge alien ships.

"Sleek ONE" continued forward, and as it neared the two alien craft, it rolled quickly onto its back.....presenting the Elder Fighters to the aliens. Laser fire erupted from "Sleek ONE", creating great, huge gashes in the aliens' ships, as the lasers ran the length of the enemy ships.

The "Gorkons", realizing that they were under ATTACK, tried desperately to distance themselves from the sleek, snarling beast above them. In their haste, they failed to notice the small, maneuverable, snarling "beasts" below them.....who as one began an insistent phaser fire on the underside of both "Gorkon" vessels.

Inside the wee "flying scots".....the activity was chaotic. The scotties were working as well-trained teams....they were listening to Captain "Scottie" as he snapped orders to his fleet. The scottie pilots dove, rolled, and angled their wee ships, to prevent becoming an easy target for the enemy weapons. The scottie weapons' teams had their paws on the phaser controls, giving relentless fire to the "Gorkons". The engineers in each small craft had his/her paws full to maintain full power to the weapons, provide a continuous current to the energy shields, and watching the display screens for enemy weapons fire.

The "Gorkons" were totally unable to react quickly enough to prevent the constant, unyielding damage being dealt out by those strange, snarling ships. Those snarling beasts were everywhere at once....the "Gorkons" could not provide enough protection against the savage onslaught from those ruthless, snarling ships.

For the first time in their miserable existence, they found themselves receiving serious damage, and had their first encounter with cold fear. The "Gorkon" ships had huge gashes from the lasers and gaping holes where the photon torpedoes had found their marks. They realized that they would do well to even escape with their lives...and in an effort to do just that, they turned and used what power remained to flee these unrelenting beings.

Captain "Scotty", realizing that the aliens were trying to flee, issued one last order. The snarling fleet, pointing all weapons toward the engines of the "Gorkon" hulks, fired as one. Immediately, the enemy ships were reduced to merely crawling through space. Their once-great ships no longer had warp capability...they would never again wreak havoc on innocent space travelers. The "Gorkons" limped on into the blackness of space....and in the scotties' eyes, the enemy definately left with its tail between its' legs!

Captain "Scotty" called his wee fleet back, and the small ships immediately raced back toward "Sleek ONE". He laughed as he watched them approach, each ship doing rolls, and bold maneuvers.....he knew how they felt, he'd felt the same joy! Then, as he listened on his headset, he heard the now-familiar sound.....the long, joyous AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of victorious terriers !!!

"Sleek ONE" hovered motionless as the wee "flying scots" returned to the great Mother ship. When all were once again docked and secured, the huge door closed, and the warriors emerged from their ships, congratulating each other on their magnificent success !!!

Captain "Scotty" walked onto the huge flight deck, followed closely by the Elders and their wee charges. The Elders joined their friends, eyes bright with excitement, as they recalled their part of the battle. They blushed furiously as Bartholomew danced around the group, bragging about the fact that "Uncle Brimley let me fire the laser thingie" ! The scotties smiled and they understood......terriers are the same........no matter the age.

Captain "Scotty" called for attention, then when all eyes turned toward him, he suggested that they'd had enough fun for one trip.....and stated that it was time to go home. An immediate "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" echoed through the cavernous flight deck.

"We promised Riley a trip to Alpha Centauri.......we're only a light year away.....we can make it by morning!! We can't let Riley down!"

The terriers crowded around the poor Captain.....they grabbed his pants leg and shook vigorously.....Stuart grabbed a mouthful of boot and hung on !! The Guardian Brigade turned their worried gaze toward Champ...and were surprised to find him doubled over with laughter. Smiling, they leaned back against the ship and watched the wee ones convince the Captain to do their bidding!!!

Finally realizing that he would NOT win this argument......and knowing that his pants and boots would not survive much longer.....he agreed to one more day.

He looked at each of the wee terriers, pride in his wee warriors shining in his eyes. He patted each terrier on the back, and watched as they hopped, and leaped... and was not surprised when the flight deck became the perfect site for a huge frap session! He'd come to love these wee beasties.

Climbing the stairs to the cockpit, Captain "Scotty" brought the engines back to life......and turned "Sleek ONE" toward Alpha Centauri......one more day.

Chapter 10
Wild Woobidoor

"Sleek ONE" made one last pass over the strange planet below, then circling lower, it gracefully touched down on a wide expanse of open terrain. Captain "Scotty" used the sophisticated sensors onboard to carefully scan the area, then headed back to the cabin to locate his wee adventurers.

The terriers were sprawled across the cabin, paws propped up, exchanging tales about their victory over the Gorkons. The Captain cleared his throat, immediately attracting everyone's attention. "We've entered the Alpha Centauri Prime system.......and our sensors have located this very hospitable planet. The atmosphere has more pure oxygen content than we're accustomed to, but that's not a problem. We're heading for an enormous mound that I spotted on our approach. You can have Riley's birthday party there.....then we're heading back to Earth."

"Gather the things together that you'll need...we're leaving in 10 minutes," Captain "Scotty" said, then watched as the terriers raced off in all directions... gathering backpacks, boxes, sacks, and crates. He shook his head, muttering.... "what NOW!" Then, chuckling to himself, he left to prepare for the coming hike.

Everyone gathered at the rear of the great jet, where the Captain had placed the 3 huge terrain vehicles. The terriers were awe-struck as they surveyed this strange planet. The sky had a dark rose tint to it, the surface of the planet had a fuzzy texture to it, in shades of blue, purple, and yellow....the temperature was quite cool as the terriers saw their breath in the crisp air. Abby Goetz pointed excitedly to the sky....there were nearby planets clearly visible on the horizon, and the scotties stared in wonder as they saw 3 moons shining in the rose-colored sky. The Captain, reminding them of their timetable, hurried the terriers to the buggies.

They quickly loaded their equipment, then piled into the vehicles. Dunc was designated scottie-driver in one buggy, Riley drove the second, and Captain "Scotty" insisted on driving the third...after reassuring the terriers that he DID trust their driving!

Signaling to the other buggies, "Scotty" headed off toward the distant mound. The other two buggies sped along , occasionally racing on ahead, leaving great plumes of dust in their wakes. Riley's buggy companions had the radio on, blaring out rock and roll music, and were singing at the top of their lungs. In the other buggy, Dunc was in a heated argument with Duffy Hoffman and Agie Donnelly about which CD they would play....Pavarotti, Polka, or Puff Daddy.

"Scotty" just shook his head, as he watched the other buggies speed off, then slow to wait for the others...only to speed off again.

The journey to the great mound was noisy, but uneventful, and they soon pulled up to the base of the furry, purple slope. The terriers leaped from the buggies, grabbed the bags and boxes, ready to climb the slope to the summit. Mac Tracey was the first to see the strange shapes on the horizon that rapidly drew closer. The entire terrier gang quickly assumed alert positions, feet braced, tails erect, eyes on the approaching shapes. Captain "Scotty" stood at the front of the group, with Champ, Ty, Dom, Jubilee, Gracie, and KayCee at his side. Jubilee was kept busy trying to keep Tavish, Emmitt, and Campbell behind the Guardians...having to drag the youngsters back by their collars.

The strange shapes stopped near the buggies, and began chattering rapidly in high, piercing voices. Their features were covered in fuzz, and the terriers could see no signs of legs or feet....they were just huge, fuzzy balls. Heather Sue gasped, "Why, they're WOOBIES!!!"

"Woobies!!" exclaimed Abby Gamble, as she lunged toward the closest furry alien. Cammster grabbed Abby, and pulled her back against him. "These are ALIENS, Abby.....not your toy woobie!!! LOOK!"

Abby stopped and stared.....one of the fuzzy balls opened what must have been a mouth.....to reveal huge rows of teeth. Deciding that these woobies were MUCH different from her toys at home, Abby stood beside Cammster, waiting and watching.

Captain "Scotty" approached the closest chattering fuzzy ball, and reaching to his belt, he pushed a button, activating the universal translator. Then, he spoke to the fuzzy aliens, "Hello, we are from a distant planet. We've come here to have a Birthday Party for one of our wee ones. We've fought the Gorkons to get here, and we only want to spend the afternoon on this beautiful purple slope here. We promise not to disturb your beautiful planet." He stood quietly, waiting for a response.

The reply from the fuzzy creatures was immediate..."Welcome !!! A PARTY ! Well, that's a whole different matter !!!! Welcome to the planet of WOOBIDOOR. Woobidoor is widely known as the "Party Planet of the Galaxy" and we work very hard to make sure that everyone has a very special time here. We're known as "Woobids". Do you have any special requests for your party?"

Wart and Wren quickly stepped forward, and unable to find any "ears", began whispering eagerly AT the fuzzy creature. The Woobid smiled broadly, and then turned and began squeaking rapidly to his nearest companion, who dashed off. The second Woobid soon returned, and handed a large sack to Wren. Smiling, Wart and Wren rejoined their friends, and the Bash bunch began hiking to the summit of the fuzzy purple mound.

The Wild Child Gang made the trek to the summit quickly, and began spreading out the tables, blankets, food, cd player......and everything that would be needed for a successful birthday party on an alien planet. The bandanas that Burberry and Angus McTavish D'Ascenzo had provided, were passed out to the Bash bunch, and they all turned, posed, and admired the stylish tye-died scarves that were wrapped around their necks.

The Woobids below soon heard music, laughing, and much arooooooo'ing coming from the summit of the purple mound. Smiling, the Woobids recognized a successful party when they heard one! They left quietly, leaving these strange, toothed furbeasts to their party.

On the summit, dancing had begun. Maxxie was twirling Mandi around the furry slope.....Brimley and CCCharlie were both trying to convince Fergie that HE was the better dancer. She smiled sweetly, then promised a dance to each of her handsome suitors....the golden years were such fun, she thought to herself.

Riley, Cammster, Connor, Bucky, and Ace Graves were scoping out the slope......looking for lasses that wanted to dance the afternoon away. They soon had Abby Gamble, McKenzie Sue Barfield,Miss Fiona Baillargeon, Sofy Bradberry, Angie Riches, Molly Wynne, Heather Sue Devine, Bonnie Hoffman, and Maggie Doodle Nuckles gathered around....and laughing and giggling, the entire group began "line dancing" across the furry hilltop.

The wee-est youngsters grabbed hunks of purple fur from the hill, raced around the hilltop, shaking it furiously...they ran, they played, they wrestled, practicing their terrier skills.

As the afternoon drew to a close, Wart and Wren stepped to the far end of the summit, where they clapped their paws, quickly getting everyone's attention. The Bash bunch crowded around eagerly, curious about what would happen now. Wart began....."We, the Canine Nostra, have been longtime associates and pals with the Wild Child Gang. We are here today for a special ceremony. Riley, would you step forward, please."

Confusion on his face, Riley walked over and stood between Wren and Wart. Wren continued..."We're proud to announce to you that Sir Riley Rambunctious has met the three secret criteria that qualifies him as a "Capo" in the Canine Nostra. Riley, we present you with this symbol of our friendship."

Wren turned and hung a silver scottie medallion onto Riley's collar. The Bash bunch cheered wildly. Riley blushed as everyone began patting him on the back, congratulating him on his achievement.

The afternoon passed too quickly for the terriers, there on the fuzzy summit of that purple mound. Finally, Captain "Scotty" announced that it was time to leave Woobidoor. The terriers sadly began packing their belongings, making certain to leave no trace of their presence behind. Dom and Champ were the last to leave the summit, having made certain that no terrier had decided to remain behind. As the group climbed back into the buggies, they were startled to find the Woobid from their earlier encounter, standing next to the Captain's buggy.

The Woobid spoke rapidly, that piercing squeak clearly audible to all the terriers. Then, motioning to Katie, the Woobid placed something in her paw, smiled, and rolled off into the furry distance.

Katie stood still for a moment, then turned to her friends...."We've been given a most wonderful gift. The Woobids wanted to recognize us for our incredible party spirit. In honor of our outstanding partying skills, we've been presented with their legendary "Golden ORB" ! This Orb, according to the Woobids, may be used if we ever decide to return to Woobidoor......all we have to do is hold it tightly in our paws, close our eyes, and think PARTY!" The entire Bash bunch broke into wild cheering....they would return someday!!!

The trip back to "Sleek ONE" was much too short, and the terriers quickly stored the supplies and gear, preparing to leave Woobidoor. They entered the cabin, found their favorite seats, and as the engines of the great jet roared to life, the terriers were already exaggerating the party stories of the afternoon.

As "Sleek ONE" climbed into the rose-colored sky, Captain "Scotty" spoke into the intercom, "Let's go home, youngsters!"

The Scotcorde 1 made one final circle over the beautiful purple mound, then raising its nose toward space, it raced out into the darkness.

Chapter 11
Home Again

The trip back to Earth was much too short to suit the terriers. "Sleek ONE" streaked across the universe, eating up the distance. They would have welcomed another Gorkon encounter....but they knew that those aliens would never interfere with THIS ship. They sat comfortably curled up in the seats..... laughing, joking, and sharing stories with their friends.

The Guardian Brigade lounged at the rear of the cabin, their long legs stretched out in front of them. Champ looked around at the terriers, and hearing the tales.....the TALL tales being shared, could only shake his head in wonder. Ty laughed and slapped Champ on the back....."they're TERRIERS, they LIVE for the chase! These guys are "wee" ONLY in size......they are giants in attitude! You will have to just learn to live with it. We long ago learned that it's just easier to laugh about it, and let them BE !"

Smiling, Champ agreed, then added, "But, they're just never QUIET!" He shook his head, watching as Ty and Dom rolled with laughter. He'd have to get used to THIS!

As the millions of miles sped by, the terriers finally grew quiet, then peace reigned, as all the wee warriors fell into a deep, relaxed sleep. The Guardians were not foolish enough to disturb this peace and quiet, so they sat whispering quietly, sharing THEIR tall tales of the week-end's adventure.

As the Scotcorde 1 re-entered Earth's atmosphere, the BASH bunch was awakened, and told to get their things together.....they were home. The terriers grumbled as they sorted through the piles of clutter strewn across the huge cabin, looking for their belongings. They soon had their backpacks stuffed and ready......then sat down to wait for Captain "Scotty" to announce their stops.

"Sleek ONE" made fast work as it escorted each scottie safely home. Katie and Riley were the last to be delivered, and as they walked down the steps of the Scotcorde, Katie turned to Captain "Scotty" and said, "Take the Scotcorde 1 to its hangar, and keep it ready. You never know when we'll need the "Sleek ONE" for a short jaunt." Then, waving goodbye to the Captain and Champ, Katie and Riley trotted across the tarmac to Mam's waiting arms.

Captain "Scotty" watched the last of the BASH bunch leave, and wondered......"I can't IMAGINE what those guys will think up NEXT !!!!" Then, with a gentle pat, the Captain said, "Come on, Champ.....let's go see what WE can get into."

And the two walked together back up the steps of "Sleek ONE", to await the next BASH adventure call.

And, sooooooo, once again...we survive a BASH experience...all 112 of us!!!
Until the next time............. whew!!!!!!


This ORIGINAL story was created and written by Carol Johnson .
It is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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