The Wild Child Gang definitely lives in the "here and now"!

And, with Katie now in her 8th SUCCESSFUL month of chemo...
as she boldly holds the lymphoma at bay.....we DO live 'in the moment'
and are joyously happy with each and every shared minute!

September - 2009:
Visiting New Orleans for 10 days...
fun and games...
enjoying life in the Big Easy!

Katie performs living room GUARD duties...
ALWAYS with an ORB close at paw!

Katie(L) and Riley (R) share the watch...
although Riley prefers to SIT on the job!

Note Katie's broad shoulders---
THICK fur growing back in adds 1" on each side.
My furry little linebacker! hehe

Katie hasn't MOVED...
Riley pivots and is in mid-stride, RACING ELSEWHERE!
Reason?? I'd lay MONEY it's FOOD-related!!!

Riley, fresh from the first early morning yard trip,
job done, paws wet from the morning dew, uses the living room
as his personal 'roll and grunt' space.
PURE JOY... he just feels SO GOOD!

Their two favorite toys... GIANT, woobie DOGS....and Jack Kongs!
Old Mother Hubbard liv'r treats, broken and inserted into the Kongs,
provide mere minutes of intense concentration......

SHIFTING positions HELPS speed the efforts...
sometimes including exchanging JACK KONGS!
NOTE the aid and assistance of Gus(L woobie) and Goliath (R woobie!)

Riley finishes his, and heads off for OTHER activities...
Katie ALWAYS gathers up ALL Kongs and inspects carefully!

Katie sees no reason to SUFFER......
when ya can lean up against a GIANT woobie...
prop up your head, grip the Kong between your paws....
and LEISURELY get that last bit of treat!

Gus and Goliath also come in handy at NAP TIME!

Well, then Katie gets SERIOUS about her nap...
she ALWAYS returns to her 'belly UP' position...
paws totally relaxed, she's SOUND asleep!

Riley DOES like his 'creature comforts'!

Connie sits on the edge of her recliner....
as Riley snoozes contentedly at the BACK of the chair!
He's not SPOILED...... nope!!!

Okay, so he LOVES Gus and Goliath!!

It's just a lucky thing that Connie gets to sit in her recliner at ALL!

Katie plots her next move....
THAT way..... or THIS way!?!?!
A GOOD view of her very THICK plush fur, new beard, and baby eyebrows!

My favorite pic... she's about to cut loose!
She's going to grab an ORB and give it a royal death shake...
orrrrrrrr, grab a woobie and demand we play... NOW!
It's ALLLLLL in the EYES!



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