Well, now!!!
Katie and Riley received a Christmas package from Linda Wilson in Canada. Inside were all sorts of wonderful treats and goodies... and quietly tucked in a corner of the box were two very innocent looking gifts. *I* thought they were adorable... two red fur-trimmed scarves with "Noel" printed on them.

They'll have a festive 'outfit' for Christmas Day!!!

Linda then asked the impossible, at least from the Wild Child Gang!! She asked that photos be taken, showing K&R with their new scarves!!!

Ohhh, my gosh!!!!

My task, if I choose to accept it...
take PHOTOS of Katie and Riley, in their scarves!!!


Katie looks at me.....
"you want me to wear WHAT?!?!"
Riley just STARES...
"I don't THINK so!!"

The scarves now on..... K&R sit for a moment, STUNNED!!!
"Mam, how COULD you?!?!?!"

Riley studies the monster around Katie's neck.
"Katie, it's not going to fall off. She TIED it!"

"There's more than ONE way to 'skin a scarf'," Katie says.
Her rear paw moves forward as she begins some serious scratching!
Riley closely supervises Katie's progress.

Scratching doesn't work..... time for serious measures!
Katie turns toward Mammaw on the couch.

Riley decides to try his OWN version of desperate measures.
He leaps to the sofa and tries to rub it off!

Riley sits dejectedly, as he admits defeat.

"Okay, THAT tears it!" Katie growls.
She trots over and rears up on the chair.
"Okay, Mam put those sacks up HERE, somewhere!"
She begins searching for the packages the scarves CAME in!!!

Neither Katie nor Riley CARED that Mam was laughing uncontrollably!
The ONLY thing that mattered, was that she took the evil scarves OFF!
Riley watched CLOSELY as Mam put the evil scarves away!
He had PLANS for those nasty things LATER!!!

Moral of the story:
The Wild Child Gang doesn't 'DO' well-dressed!!!

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