Riley turns 4 on January 19, 2004.
And, as is our custom, Katie is throwing a BASH!
And, with that... as with ALL BASH stories... comes the unexpected.

Chapter 1


This was not a normal BASH. Well, when you think about it--- NONE of the BASH adventures have come even CLOSE to what you'd call normal.

As usual, I sit in the concourse....... waiting!

As usual, Katie and Riley have their furry muzzles plastered to the glass, watching eagerly for the first sign of the Scotcorde.á I learned long ago to simply ignore the stares that Katie and Riley attracted as they arrooo'ed and barked at the arriving passengers.

"Pssssssst!!á You two BEHAVE!!á Katie, stop pointing!á And that lady is NOT a geezer!á Now, BEHAVE!"

I sighed as Katie and Riley nudged each other in the side, then fell against each other, laughing gleefully.áá They always got rather boisterous waiting for a BASH adventure to begin.á Maybe it was the anticipation of the coming fun, maybe it was the arrival of so many of their friends.á Then again, maybe it was the thrill of the unknown!!!

I leaned back in the VERY uncomfortable plastic chair, closed my eyes, and envisioned a quiet, restful week-end. My imagination began to run wild, and I found myself picturing the entire BASH guest list quietly snoozing in my living room, curled up as they happily dreamed of soft breezes and delectable treats.

The roaring of engines overhead jarred me back to reality.á I quickly looked toward the tarmac, and caught sight of the Scotcorde streaking by just the window.

"Ohhh, no!áá He's joyriding again!" I smiled as I watched the sleek jet make a low pass over the runway, then turn for its final approach.

At the same moment, Katie's cellphone rang. She quickly put the phone to her ear and began speaking excitedly.

"They're gonna do WHATTT????á YOU'RE KIDDING!!!!!!!!áá ..given to them by WHOSE kids???á ...IN PUBLIC??????????"

That last comment drew my COMPLETE attention!!!!áá I jerked my head around, raised both eyebrows as HIGH as they'd go.....rather like Spock..... and gave Katie a VERY fierce glare!
It was RILEY who SAW me giving them the 'angry Mam' look.á He nudged Katie, just as she blurted, "WHAT news crew??????????áá BREW........?????????"
Katie finally realized that her voice had risen to almost a fierce bark, and was beginning to attract even more attention.á She quickly put her paw over the mouthpiece and began whispering desperately into the phone.
Riley knew that this was NOT the time for a Mam to get too curious, whatEVER the problem was.á He took me by the hand and escorted me to a chair on the OTHER side of the waiting room.á As soon as I was seated quietly in the chair, he patted my hand affectionately and literally RAN back across the room to join Katie.
I watched with a growing sense of dread, saw Katie let out a huge sigh, and close the phone with a snap.á She began hurriedly explaining things to Riley, and it was the reaction on HIS face that frightened me most!!!!á á

Katie was in mid-sentence when Riley jerked back and stared at Katie, open-mouthed!!!!!!!

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!ááá He's NOT!!!!!!!!áááá WHO called 'em??????"áá Riley worriedly scanned the area, then peered down the length of the concourse.
"OHHH, NOOOO!áá Yep, here they COME!!!!!!!!!!!!"á he announced.á Looking across at me, he could only shrug his shoulders, sending me an 'I love ya, Mam' look before he turned back to Katie.
Everything happened at once.á The Scotcorde slowed to a stop at the gate, the flight attendants opened the access door to the gangway at the same moment the BASH pups exploded into the waiting room.á The excitement on their faces was unlike anything I'd seen from them before.áá The Guardians were desperately trying to control the situation as they attempted to herd the BASH guests back onto the Scotcorde.á
Bedlam gripped the airport waiting area.
Then it happened.
The CNN news crew arrived, lights blazing, microphones being shoved in front of any scottie willing to talk.á The FOX News team began questioning the scotties, looking for an in-depth report.á At the same time, National Enquirer had sent their best pupperazi photographers to grab every seedy detail.
The door to the gangway slammed back against the wall of the waiting area.áá A collective GASP was heard as the room suddenly became deathly quiet.á
Every head turned toward the doorway in time to see Brewster and Megan Wynne sashay into the waiting area, paws on hips, proudly sporting the GIFTS their Mam and Dad had received from their SKINkids!!!
Lights from the camera crews blazed brightly as every news team in the country shoved forward, trying to get the best shot.á Flashbulbs popped...... reporters surged forward, wanting to be the first to interview the two scotties who were waving gleefully to the growing crowd!!
Somewhere, a lady squealed in shock and fainted.á I was just disappointed that it wasn't ME that had been able to find escape from this carnival atmosphere!!!
But, before you hear about this from someone ELSE, I include the photo that an Enquirer photographer gave me.
"Here, lady........ this oughta liven up your dull, dreary day!!!!!!!" he said, laughing loudly as he loaded a THIRD roll of film into his camera.
I groaned..........ááá maybe........just maybe it won't make the NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

AP Wire Photo - The Bayous of Louisiana
Bedlam breaks out as Scotties cavort in Airport.

Chapter 2

Recovering from my shock, I headed toward Katie and Riley.á They were in the midst of the crowd, smiling broadly, and enjoying the entertainment being provided by the Wynne scotties.

I leaned over and began frantically whispering to Katie and Riley. "Go get Megan.á Throw this sweater around her, then drag, pull, haul, or CARRY her out of here!!!á Riley will be right behind you with Brewster. Now, MOVE!"

Katie groaned, then grabbed the sweater, and headed through the crowd to Megan's side.á Riley trudged along, trying to figure out how he was going to pry Brewster from his moment in the spotlight.....LITERALLY!

They had unexpected help, as Captain Scotty raced off the Scotcorde, followed by 4 very smug terriers.

Captain Scotty took in the chaos with one glance, then lifted his forefinger and thumb to his lips and issued a sharp, piercing whistle.á

Immediately, the terriers whipped around, saw their Captain's intense glare, and stopped dead in their tracks.á Even the media sharks took note of the pilot's air of authority and quietly backed away from the center of activity.

Katie and Riley grabbed Brew and Megan by the paws and tugged fiercely.á "Come NOW!" Katie muttered under her breath.á Megan turned and, seeing the expression on Capt. Scotty's face,á decided that Katie DID have a good idea. The four scotties snuck quietly out a side door, heading for the tarmac below.

Captain Scotty stood tall and erect in front of the crowd.á He spoke quietly but firmly, "The wee ones meant no harm.á They were having some fun and it got out of hand.á I do apologize for letting it spill over into the airport, as I would never want my wee ones to become the butt of jokes by people who do not understand their terrier spirit."

"I was, however, distracted by 4 now-obvious accomplices to this little joke!á And, for that, I apoligize."

Captain Scotty turned back to the door of the Scotcorde, looked at the terriers who stood watching the excitement happening all around them, and smiled softly.

He shook his head, and under his breath, admitted that he'd been DUPED!áá He would have been able to PREVENT Brewster and Megan from leaving the Scotcorde if he hadn't been distracted by these four!!!!á He would NEVER have suspected Ziggy Riches, Ace Graves, Nicholas Mitchell, and Dunc McGillivray of subterfuge!!!!!!!ááá

He BELIEVED them when they stopped him at the door of the cockpit and began asking him about his Air Force experiences.á He'd fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker.á Those 4 terriers were part of the ELDERS, for pete's sake!!!á And he BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!áá He shook his head again, and saluted the 4 smiling senior citizens.

Turning back toward the crowd, he proceeded to clear the room. It took quite a bit of talking to convince the police to put away their handcuffs as they threatened to arrest both of the Wynne youngsters.á He had to issue some serious threats to the scotties who were standing around, trying their best to HELP, but were only making it worse!

Mason Bruce, along with Jazzalyn, Sam, and Jazzy had clamped onto one officer's pants legs and were growling furiously as they tugged on the officer's pants, trying to drag him away from the Wynne scotties.á All the terriers were talking at once, all trying to make themselves heard over the other terriers, all wanting only to help.á Captain Scotty finally had to issue a stern "ENOUGH!" to his beloved group of wee ones.

Captain Scotty did some serious talking to convince the media groups to leave, although CNN had to be escorted away by the local police.

With a last glance around the now quiet waiting room, Captain Scotty finally breathed a huge sigh of relief!

"Well, THAT was fun!!" he muttered to himself.á He turned as he heard paws racing up the steps from the tarmac below.

Katie plunged into the waiting room, smiling broadly!

"Okay, BASH puppers!!áá Let's go party!!á Our rides are here!á COME ON!!!"áá With a wave of her paw, she turned and scampered back down the stairs, followed closely by dozens of scotties and their party friends.áá Reaching the broad tarmac that spread across the airport, the BASH pups stopped and stared.

Parked in front of them were several swamp buggies.á Two buggies were sputtering and rumbling, as Bucky Sheets and Billy Delli Carpini kept the motors running.

"Hi, guys!" Lucy Sheets and Heidi Delli Carpini announced.á "Come ON!á Y'all have really missed the fun!á What a grand time WE have had!"

Laughter broke out among the BASH terriers as they rolled their eyes.á Arguing immediately broke outas they discussed who would provide the BEST version of the "Wynne Show" they'd just witnessed. Everyone was chatting happily as they all piled into the nearby swamp buggies.

All except Spoiled Stormy Kubicek.

"OHHHH, NO!" she growled.á "NOT AGAIN!!!áá I've spent 2 days at the SPA getting ready for this BASH. I've been groomed,áprimped, coiffed, and manicured!!á And you want me to get into a SWAMP BUGGY?????"

"OHHHH, NO!!!áá I KNOW what happens when we get into these things!áá We get DIRTY!!!á For goodness sakes, Iá just got the dirt out of my furnishings from KATIE'S Bash!!!á And ya want me to go WILLINGLY into a SWAMP???áá AGAIN????á NOPE!!!!!á Not going to happen!!!!!!"

She clamped her mouth shut, crossed her paws, and glared at the group from under furry eyebrows.

Worriedly, Katie looked at Stormy's determined stance.á Stormy just wasn't going to get into the swamp buggy, THAT much was certain.á Katie began talking, trying to convince Stormy that she would, indeed, have a super time in the swamp.

"NOPE!" Stormy announced.

"Katie, step aside.á Give me a second with her,"á Dunc McGillivray whispered.á He quietly walked over to a sulking Stormy, and began talking softly into her furry ear.á The BASH puppers watched hopefully.á They hoped that Dunc would be able to change her mind.á It WAS always more fun when everyone played along!á

Watching closely, they saw Stormy's paws slowly fall to her side.á A soft smile spread across her face, as she gently patted Dunc's cheek.

"Okay, gang!"á Stormy announced, as she and Dunc leaped into the nearest swamp buggy, "let's have a BASH!!!"

Everyone cheered happily as the swamp buggies roared to life. They sped across the huge concrete tarmac of the airport, and soon reached the swamp at the far end of the runway.á

The swamp buggies never slowed as they hit the thick, oozing mud that announced the beginning of the swamp. Mud flew up from the tires, covering the passengers, as the BASH puppers headed into the deepest part of the swamp.á They were heading toward another BASH adventure!!!


Scottie swamp buggies speeding toward the swamp--AGAIN!

Chapter 3
Francie LaRoux!

With Katie's swamp buggy taking the lead, the caravan of BASHáadventurers sped further and further into the thick, tangled growth that called the bayous home.áá The more experienced BASH partiers squealed gleefully as the buggies lurched and careened around stumps, over bushes, sprayingáwide plumes of mud in their wake.
Katie held the steering wheel in a death grip , as it tried to jerk out her paws.á But, the expression on her face said it all.á She was having a BALL!!!á The wind, mud, vegetation, and insects that whipped her fur only increased the excitement.á She laughed as she heard Riley's voice from the seat behind her, encouraging her to even greater speed.á
Webber Riches, seated next to Katie, smiled as he saw the Wild Child grit her teeth and floor the accelerator.á Keeping one paw on the rollbar and another braced against the dashboard, Webber turnedáaround toward Riley.
"Don't ENCOURAGE her!!" Webber cautioned with a grin.á He saw that Cammeron Meverden, Dughul Wilson, Murray Reyner, and Doogie Lawrence were grasping for any available paw-hold as they fought to stay inside Katie's crazed swamp buggy.

Riley, however, had long ago learned how to deal with his Wild Child sister.á He seemed quite relaxed as he lounged back against the seat.á Upon closer inspection, though, it was apparent that every paw had an iron grip on the buggy. Riley, too, was just trying to stay INSIDE the buggy!

The other swamp buggies were also experiencing a wild ride.á Bruce, Emmitt and O'Reilly Nuckles, Stewart Almandinger, and Baxter Arthur Nyberg were having a grand time as the mud splattered them across the face.áBaxter lowered one paw to cover his wee sister's face.á Bridget Ann, only 10 weeks old,á was safely tucked into a baby carrier strapped to Baxter's chest.á Her eyes were wide as she took in the scene around her. Small squeals of delight were heard each time the buggy veered sharply in a different direction.
"MORE!á More!" she insisted each time.á Baxter looked at his friends and rolled his eyes. He knew he was in for a long week-end!

The swamp buggies made a detouráaround a large stand of cypress trees and up onto a well-manicured lawn that lay hidden behind the trees.á Experienced BASH travelers knew EXACTLY where they were!á Shouts of joy erupted as the buggies pulledá to a stop in front of a very old building. It had seen better days, as the peeling paint fell away from the wooden building. Huge, majestic columns rose high before them, supporting a wide roof. This had once been a great plantation, before the swamp had begun its quest to take possession of this once-grand home.

Katie stepped down and called to her friends,"Step down, y'all! Let's get this BASH started!!" Everyone eagerly scrambled down, and gathered at the bottom of the wide staircase leading to the front door of this mysterious home.

Katie called for quiet, then turned to Riley.

" Okay, brother!!á Happy Birthday!á Go introduce our host."

Riley smiled as he trotted up the stairs. He knew who lived here, and his growing excitement was almost visible as he lifted his paw to the thick door and tapped loudly three times.

He stepped back as the wide doors were thrown open. A mysterious figure appeared in the doorway, silhouetted by candlelight from within the home. Everyone stared in awe! Those who had been on previous BASH adventures into the swamp knew who this was. The newcomers weren't sure, but they DID know that this was a special person. Riley gently reached forward and lifted a gnarled, withered hand in his paw. He slowly pulled her forward into the sunlight that filtered through the trees to bathe the front of the building. The figure was shrouded in a dark cloak, a hood pulled forward, casting deep shadows on the face inside.

"My friends," he announced to theáexcited group. "This is a dear friend of ours. Most of you remember her from other visits. I would like to present to you, our hostess, Madame Francie La Roux, better known in BASH circles as THE SWAMP WITCH!!"

Francie La Roux, the Swamp Witch, was ancient. Her dark brown eyes seemed to reflect the history of the ages, timeless wisdom mirrored in their depths. She stood proudly, standing next to Riley, as he held her hand gently in his paw. She seemed fragile, frail, as though made of glass. Her body was as drawn and gnarled as her hands were, but the terriers also recognized the pride and fierceness that were part of her. She was as they were, fierce and determined, a force to be reckoned with.

Sera Goetz, Holly Grant Atkins and Carly Rose Beach hopped up and down with excitement. They had heard stories of this woman!á Sera began whispering excitedly to the other two, vowing to get the Swamp Witch to concoct a love potion JUST for HER!á Holly and Carly Rose giggled as they began plotting how to bestáuse the potion they would get from the ancient lady standing there in front of them.

Meanwhile, the Swamp Witch hadástepped off the wide veranda, and was moving to the edge of the manicured lawn. With one gnarled hand, she beckoned the group to follow. She stepped over to a giant cypress tree that towered over the others in the swamp and stopped.

She turned to Riley, who still held her hand in his strong paw. "Riley, my handsome lad, you've reached another milestone. What is your wish for THIS adventure?"

Everything in the swamp became suddenly hushed...not a sound was heard if the entire world awaited Riley's decision. He thought for a moment, then turned to Madame La Roux. Leaning down, he put his furry muzzle to her ear and whispered. Her eyes twinkled as she listened to the rambunctious lad's request. Then she tilted her head back and laughed....a rich, tinkling laugh that spread across the group like warm sunshine.

"You have chosen WELL!!!!!!"

Looking around at the faces of the wee guests gathered before her, she announced," My, ARE in for an adventure this year. I just hope you are PREPARED for this quest." She turned to the huge, ancient cypress tree, and began whispering softly. The scotties and their pals pushed forward, straining to hear what the Swamp Witch was saying.

She suddenly whirled around, and addressing the Bash group, she announced, "Step forward, adventurers, and place your paws onto the Legendary Great Cypress."

Eagerly, the pups pushed forward, finding any open place around the huge tree to place their paws.

The Swamp Witch continued her dialogue with the tree, the volume of her voice gradually growing. The BASH pups could hear her words now, but were unable to understand their meaning.

"Through time we come, through time we go..... time is the ebb and to flow!!!!!!"

The giant cypress began to glow....a light from within began to shine from the branches, spreading a brilliant glow throughout the swamp. No one dared move, they were mesmerized.....their paws pressed firmly to the bark of the huge, glowing tree.

The Swamp Witch raised her voice with two final words, " Time MOVES!!"

The lightening flashed from the great tree, sending a blinding light exploded across the lawn.

The silence that followed was broken by Francie LaRoux's laughter, as she wiped her hands on her dark cloak.

" There's no one here, but ME, to mark their crossing.áThey've GONE now to experience an adventure of a different kind," she muttered to herself as she turnedáto walk back across the manicured lawn.

Behind her, onlyáthe quiet of the swamp was heard as the wind blew gently through the branches of the Legendary Ancient Cypress.


Chapter 4
Where ARE We???

The intense flash of light had momentarily blinded the terriers.á As their eyes grew accustomed to the light again, they found that they had changed environments completely! No longer were they surrounded by lush vegetation, dark swamps, and thick, smelly mud. There were hills, eroded and tall.á The air was dry and dusty.á
Dom, Honey Bear, and Callie tried desperately to keep the BASH terriers together until they knew WHERE they were.á But, it was growing more and more difficult.
Bonnie Hoffman, Gingerina Velez, Zoe Gray, and BonnieScot Bugle realized that they were at the top of a hill.á Zoe raced to a tall boulder on the very edge of the hill, and leaned WAY over.á
"LOOK!áá You can see for MILES!!á Come SEE!!"á she shouted as she leaned even farther over the edge.á
Heather Tracey had trotted off in the OPPOSITE direction, and announced that there was an even GRANDER view on THIS side of the hill.
The BASH terriers hurried to the edge of the tall hill.............and GASPED!!á Heather and Zoe were correct.á It was as if they stood at the top of the world.á As far as the eye could see, in any direction, was nothing but dry, desolate expanses of emptiness.
"Riley, what did you WISH for?!?!?!áá WHERE have you taken us?"á Sadie Yeager asked, her paws braced on her hips.
Riley merely smiled and walked to the opposite edge of the hill.á Gestering with his paw, he invited the BASH terriers to come enjoy the view from THIS side of the hill.á Curiosity took over, as the terriers scurried across the hill to join Riley.
"Ohhhh, WOW!!!" MacTavisháWilson whispered.
"Would you LOOK at THAT!áá Look over THERE!"á Hoagy Devine shouted, as he pointed toward the dust being stirred up on the road far below.
Excitement spread through the group, as everyone began spotting details and identifying distant landmarks.
"Riley, are we REALLY here??á TRULY?"á Bailey Doud asked, trying to take in everything at once.
Katie smiled broadly as she gave Riley's paw a pat.á
"You chose WELL, brother!á This WILL be a BASH to remember!!"
Katie turned and began searching the top of the hill.á Her friends wondered what she was looking for.á Katie finally located the object of her search, tucked safely behind a huge boulder.á Katie gestered toward the large bundle on the ground.
"Francie LaRoux said that she would send the proper clothing to whatever destination Riley chose.á She has provided us with the clothing to blend in, to become a PART of this time.á Come, make your selections.á The faster we're changed into these clothes, the sooner we can begin Riley's adventure!!"
Sophy Donnelly,á Angie Riches,á Bert Williamson, and Bonnie Belle Mitchell reached the huge pile of clothing first.á As the others also arrived, the pile began to rapidly disappear.á Terriers were tugging and pulling the strange clothes on, turning about, and modeling their attire for their friends.
Laughter was heard across the hill as the BASH guests donned their costumes for this unusual adventure.á They were eager to get started.
"Where's Riley??á Tell him to get over here!á We're ready to GO down there and see what's happening!" Robbie McGillivray pointed toward the point in the distance that still had dust rising from the valley floor.
Katie cleared her throat.á Everyone turned.á She made a broad gesture with her paw and stepped aside.
Out from behind the boulder stepped Riley.
Gasps were heard as he stood tall and proud on top of the dusty hill.
"WOW!!!á Would ya look at HIM!!!" more than one scottie lass whispered under her breath.
"Okay, WCGang!!áá Let's GO have an adventure!!"
The Guardian Brigade immediately lost control of the wee terriers, as they all raced down the steep hill, following Riley, heading directly into the unknown!!!


Where ARE THEY??
Curious, are you??? Want to take the journey THEY took??
"Touch the ancient cypress and watch TIME MOVE!"

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
This is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

ęCopyright 2004 All rights reserved.

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