I was working at the pc... total concentration.
Furry body rears up on my right leg. Okay, I continue typing, left-handed - and give HER a scruffy cuddle, then continue with my work. NOPE, she rears back up, but she has *gasp* THE ball in her mouth!

Now........ this ball is the 'Chinese water torture' of toys!!!!

It began as a normal woobie ball....nothing special. But, Katie decided to make it her SPECIAL woobie ball. She found ONE side of this ordinary, round woobie ball...... and proceeded to turn it into a PEAR shape! This ball now has a perfect 'Katie handle' on one side. It now has a BUMP on one entire side of this thing.....and she clamps her teeth onto her BUMP and DARES ya to take this ball from her.

Okay, fine...... she's rearing up on my leg. I stop working, take the ball in my hand. Don't know what I think I'm gonna DO with it......with 22 pounds of determined scottie clamped onto it!! Fine, then I can't throw it, Katie.... whatcha want me to do? I pat her, and go back to typing! NOT the plan of choice, apparently!!

Her idea of joyous playtime:

1. Rear up on Mam's leg, shaking head vigorously, THE ball clenched in mouth.

2. PUT beloved BUMP ball into Mam's hand, then JERK back out when she tries to grab it. Beg Mam to play..... but do NOT let her throw it, do NOT let her tug it..... do NOT let her get a grip on it!!!

3. Watch Mam sigh, and go back to her work.......THEN rear back up on leg, and repeat process.

Katie gets into this 'Bump Ball' mood about once a week. And, believe me.....ya CRINGE when she chooses the bump woobie ball for playtime.

Even Riley gets tired of trying to get it from her.... as she breathes through clenched TEETH..... a death grip on her beloved ball! Oh, what fun Riley and I have.....as she jerks this darned ball out of his mouth.....or out of my hand.

But, don't think you're gonna get OUTA woobie ball playtime! Nope, she'll stand up on you, so she can get this precious ball IN YOUR FACE! She puts it IN my hand, gives me time to get a good grip on it ( useless - totally a waste of TIME!). Then, listening to her breathing through those steel-clenched teeth, she slings her head and jerks that blamed thing right outa my hand. It's the gleam in her eye that's the kicker! She gets devilish GLEE in this game!!!! The first 15 minutes is fun!!! It's the NEXT 20 minutes that does tend to wear on your nerves!

This gal's determination is not to be believed!!!!
I've gotta DESTROY that ball!!

Katie and Riley......the Wild Child Gang.
It's NEVER dull!!

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