Each of us is an individual... unique and special.
So it is with Scotties... the Wild Child Gang, in particular.
One is a paragon of decorum and respectability,
always sitting straighter upon hearing the camera,
the epitome of a PROPER Scottie.
The other one is, well..... a PILL!

Katie & Riley --- PROPER or PILL ???

Katie Wild Child... the PILL!
She cavorts, she romps.... she lives in the moment...she never slows down!
Her life revolves around PLAYTIME... either with a ball, or a toy, or with RILEY!
Call her name... and she'll FIRST race off to look for an ORB to bring with her...
just in CASE you want to PLAY!

Riley Rambunctious... this lad leads a dual life!
Mr. Bounce & Dance off-camera.... Mr. Dapper & Proper ON-camera!
He loves to demonstrate his "death shake" skills with his basketball-sized woobie ball.
He LIVES to steal whatever toy KATIE has at the moment... and is a food-driven FIEND!
BUT... let him hear that distinctive sound of the digital camera, and he sits straighter,
and takes on the demeanor of a stoic, distinguished Scotsman!!!

Katie LOVES orbs... anyWHERE, anyTIME!
She doesn't even need the FLOOR to tend to her orbs! She'll even use a footstool!
This child knows how to keep a firm GRIP on her orbs!!

Queen of "the LOOK"!!
I WANT what I WANT.....and I WANT it....... NOW!!!!!!!!
Yes, MA'AM!!!

Did I MENTION... she LOVES this footstool!!!

Our Miss PILL loves her "Jack Kong",especially when it's filled with TREATS!
However, this PILL enjoys balancing her Kong between her front paws... on her BACK!
Treat IS still in Kong! Her quest will only take 2-3 MINUTES!
COUNT! All 4 paws ARE visible! Rear paws act as rudders to maintain BALANCE!

Mr. Debonair --- a Distinguished Scotsman!!
Riley - the PICTURE of PROPER Decorum... while Katie cavorts!

Katie, worn out from her antics.....takes a nap!
The ORIGINAL "Hussy"!!

Naptime's OVER!
Using her famous "TUFT hold", the PILL demands PLAYTIME -- NOW!

My PROPER Scottie lad... the PERFECT Gentleman!!

SOOOOOO, it's quite apparent that KATIE is our resident PILL...
while Riley is our ever-PROPER Scottish Gentleman!


Riley, our PROPER Scotsman... happens to LOVE to sing!!!
And WHEN he sings, Katie the PILL worries about his SANITY!

She ALWAYS thinks he's CRACKED and DEMENTED when he sings!
She HAS to know if he's okay.....she ALWAYS checks.....by sticking her nose into his EAR!
FUNNY thing, he ALWAYS quits singing when she checks!!!!

THEN, there's the issue of our PROPER Scotsman's LOVE of his large woobie ball!
He gives it the DEATH SHAKE, he finds the squeaker and makes it "squeak UNCLE"....

And, AFTER playtime with the WOOBIE BALL has ended....
our ever-resourceful PROPER Scotsman uses it for a PILLOW!!!

This, therefore, brings us to the UNMISTAKABLE conclusion that,
it matters NOT whether you're a PILL or PROPER...

There's a LITTLE bit of PILL in us ALL!!!

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