This photo page has a story.
Riley went in search of a toy and pulled this "Air Kong" out of their toy wagon.
His purpose---a nice, relaxing session CHEWING on it! This was no problem....
UNTIL Katie discovered that the prized toy was constructed of TENNIS BALL material!
What followed was 24 hours of chasing, BEING chased, darting and dodging,
and staring pitifully at the coveted toy in the OTHER scottie's possession!!!
Here stands Katie, enjoying her triumph, a milli-second before she races up the hall!!!

Scottie Mam that I am, I made a SPECIAL trip to the store
to buy EACH of them their OWN IDENTICAL toy!!

Katie HAS the toy...
Riley WANTS the toy!!

Eyes half-closed, ears cocked at that 45 degree angle!!!
Katie is in scottie HEAVEN....chewing happily on this coveted toy!
And WHERE does she choose to PROP the toy as she chews on it??
It's safely balanced on top of Mammaw's foot!!

Look at this face!!!
How could Katie want to EVER take Riley's toy!!

Never fear!
Riley has greater leaping skills....
ESPECIALLY when Mam has the toy in HER hand!!

Riley's turn with the 'toy du jour'!
Look at those eyes....
right after this photo was taken,
Riley and HIS toy raced down the hall!!

NOTE:     Some insight into the workings of the scottie mind---
Did you know..........
that if you purchase 2 IDENTICAL toys, and give each scottie identical toys,
ONE of those IDENTICAL toys will be found to be superior to the OTHER!!!
These same, semi-sane scotties will spend ANOTHER 24 hours swapping the identical toys,
STEALING each other's IDENTICAL toys, and leaving ONE identical toy abandoned
on the floor as they BOTH race through the house with the OTHER identical toy!

Proof positive!!!
Notice the ABANDONED IDENTICAL toy to the left!!

The scottie mind is a frightening place!!!! hehehe

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