Katie and Riley have NEVER played 'by the rules'!
The Wild Child Gang has ALWAYS lived by their OWN code...
and this is especially true for their SLEEPING HABITS!

Proof positive that K&R follow a 'different drummer'!!


Katie & Riley have a GREAT bed with a thick, plush pillow.
This wonderful bed has nice, foam side-walls for propping furry muzzles,
and usually has BOTH of them cuddled in for naptime!
Uhhhh, Riley...your tushy goes on TOP of the cushion!!!

So, HOW does Riley decide to take his afternoon nap??????

And, then there's my Southern belle...graceful and ladylike...
the picture of southern charm and poise!!!

And, lastly.....the ULTIMATE in spoiled scotties...
Katie(L) and Riley(R) LOVE being covered up at night,
and MUST be covered by the green 'blanket'!!
The fabled green blanket has been with Katie since puppyhood!
More often than not, K&R AND the blanket are in MY bed!!

The Wild Child Gang has STRANGE sleeping habits!!!

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