GOAL: ONE decent photo with BOTH scotties in the SAME pic!
Rather an extreme idea, I know, but thought it would be an EASY task!
With digital camera in ONE hand, and treats in the OTHER hand...
I began my quest.

Riley hops RIGHT in....being FOOD driven, he's VERY willing!
Katie, the WILD CHILD, is headed to parts UNKNOWN!

Katie(R) finally agrees to join the party!
MOVE're in MY spot!
Riley(L): I was here first!!
Okay, youngsters....look at the CAMERA!

Notice the CHANGE of seating arrangements!!
Katie(L) decides Riley had the BETTER seat...MOVE OVER!
Riley(R)tries to figure out how he got on THIS side!
WOO HOO!! Hey, youngsters....look at the CAMERA!!!!

Several minutes of "woohoo", "wheeeee", and "hey" go by, to no effect!
I stop a minute to rest my camera arm....they POSE....Great!!!!
I whip the camera up....and cut the BOTTOM half off the picture!!!
Ohhh, swell!!

Riley(R) is getting the hang of this modeling assignment!! Good boy!!
Uh oh, Katie's mind is starting to wander...she's got that wander-lust in her eye!!
Okay, youngsters....look at the CAMERA! Katie, where are your EARS??

Katie(L) is STILL not putting her heart into this assignment!
Riley(R)looks disgusted with the entire plan!
After all, he's been a good boy for a VERY long time now, while Katie wandered!
Okay, youngsters....look at the CAMERA! least I can SEE their eyes!
They're both SORT of facing THIS way!
Okay, youngsters....look at the CAMERA!

Okay, youngsters....look at the CAMERA! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!

One successful photo of the Wild Child Gang!
After ONLY 20 minutes, several treats,
and MUCH sweet-talking!
Nothing TO IT!!!


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