A Day in the Life

Katie and Riley spent a fun-filled week at Mammaw's house,
enjoying the crisp November weather,
chasing birds, squirrels, bunnies,
and speaking their minds to the entire neighborhood!!

What follows is a representative sample of a typical day at Mammaw's...

yard scotties
Mammaw has a large fenced yard, surrounded by tall shade trees,
PERFECT for two vacationing scotties!!

There ARE 2 scotties in this photograph.... TRULY!!!

Riley begins EACH day announcing his presence to the entire AREA...
rather like a Scottie Alarm Clock!

Katie the ragamuffin
Katie, always the picture of Southern gentility....
preferred rolling and rooting in the LEAVES!

Ever vigilant, Riley spends his day patrolling, barking, running, barking...
.... did I mention BARKING???

Katie - STILL a ragamuffin
Katie's day??
Ohhhhhhhh, she's STILL ROLLING in the LEAVES!

Riley(back) and Katie(front)
Riley DOES take his patrol duties seriously...
the Rotweiller neighbor needs to be watched carefully!!
KATIE?? She's on 'break' from rolling in the leaves!

Katie, the ULTIMATE Ragamuffin
did I MENTION the fact that Katie likes to ROLL in the LEAVES???

This pic was taken with zoom from the OTHER side of the yard!

Riley, kicking back
Riley's inside activities include relaxing in a comfy chair...
resting up....

Riley, barking at window
Patrol duty NEVER ends!!

Katie, standing door watch
Katie, without her leaves, prefers to spend her time at the door,
ready to tell off every biker or jogger that passes by on "her" road!

Riley(L) and Katie(R)
SOMETIMES, "WatchScotties" must take the "high ground",
to get a better perspective on the area!!
Auntie Connie's convenient LAP provides PERFECT elevation!

Riley naps on Connie's lap
There is ALWAYS time for a NAP in a busy scottie's day.
Riley finds a comfy spot. He KNOWS Auntie Connie won't mind
balancing her laptop on the OTHER arm of the chair!

Katie, with her favorite Mallard woobie
Katie prefers some "woobie" time before she takes a nap...
carefully inspecting her Mallard for any noticeable damage!

Katie, in her favorite HUSSY pose
Katie's naptime is always VERY predictable...
YEP.... there's that HUSSY pose again!!

Riley & Katie snoozing in Connie's lap
And, at the end of a scottie's long, fun-filled day,
there's nothing better than Auntie Connie's chenille lap
for some serious snoozing!!!

Author's NOTE:
there IS a distinct advantage to sitting in the recliner AWAY from the window! hehe

Home again, home again, after a week of rowdy fun!

Katie(L) & Riley (R)

Katie(L) & Riley (R)
After a romp-filled week, the Wild Child Gang returned home,
exhausted, worn out, and ready to catch up on their SLEEP.
But FIRST... it's time for the clippers!!
After all, a GROOMED scottie will SLEEP BETTER!!!

NOTE-- can you HEAR the sighs of exasperation?!?!?! hehe

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