Making Scottie memories... !
Katie's 12 1/2 now.... Riley is 11.
And with time speeding onward, I cherish each moment,
those moments when you gaze into those brown eyes...
or feel that furry muzzle against your leg...
when you just want to remember that face FOREVER...

5-7-11 Saturday


They're FOCUSED!
What could POSSIBLY be causing THIS much attention!
AHA! Mam's holding TREATS!!! LOL

*Smack, smack*
YUM, that was TASTY!
Katie's beginning her "do it AGAIN" begging!
RILEY?? He's checking to see if KATIE dropped any!! LOL

5-4-11 Wednesday

How to Take a NAP!

Katie's idea of a 'perfect nap'...
Belly UP..... on her favorite LSU rug!
'nuff said! The girl is in nap nirvana!

Riley... a lad who LOVES his creature comforts!
Cushy pillows for his HANDSOME head....
He's NOT into 'roughing it'!! LOL

3-16-11 - Wednesday

When the MOOD strikes!

Riley HAD been napping!
The 'mood' struck Katie... it's time to STIR it UP!

NOTE: Katie had chemo Tuesday... doesn't slow the WC down, not one bit!

C'mon, Riley! Betcha can't CATCH ME!
Betcha can't!!
C'mon, PRETTY BOY!!!
SHOW ME whatcher made of!!!
P~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!

*Smack, LICKING lips, Satisfied smile*

Where's Riley??? UP the hall, at a mad RUN!

3-15-11 - Tuesday

Riley's Day OUT!

Katie's off having chemo....
as is our custom, Riley and I take a private trip to PetCo..

YOU get to ride shotgun, Mam!

He LOVES browsing.. especially the kibble aisles!!
He personally picked out 2 woobies to take home...
HE picks 'em... *I* PAY for 'em! LOL

Waiting in line at Starbuck's drive-thru...
Riley's NOT a patient lad! COME ON, PEOPLE.. Let's MOVE IT!

Last trip... they gave him a mini scone.
THIS trip... he got half a slice of lemon pound cake!
My Hunk LOVES his food.....any way, anyWHERE!

Katie LOVES her crab woobie that Riley picked out for her at PetCo!
(dontcha LOVE this side of her!!! VEG)


Riley's 11th Birthday EXCURSION!

My 'Whistle Bait' had his 11th birthday celebration today.
He got a private adventure... just the two of us....
a trip to PetCo... and a drive-thru for a pastry!
HIS day.... HIS excursion... HIS choice....
HE LED the way... loose lead, HE decided WHERE we went!
We had the BEST TIME!!!!!

Where are we GOING, MAM?
Are we THERE yet??
Are we THERE YET??

COOL! A 'Spoil the Scottie' Store!!

Riley's in his 'power walking' zone....
I notice that he's speeding right on BY
the cleansers and medicines and shampoos and such!
Loose lead.... he has SOME destination in that furry mind of his!
He just hasn't shared that info with ME! LOL

AHA! He's found the 'fuzzy toy' aisle!
BET he's gonna hunt his big fuzzy woobie ball!
ORRRRRRRRR, he could be checking for loose kibble 'n treats on the FLOOR! LOL

DUNNO what was UNDER the shelf....
Trust me....I did NOT get down there to CHECK!
Perhaps he's doing a cleanliness inspection! VEG

AHHHHHHHH, this is the FIRST time he's STOPPED!
Think he may now be considering a purchase!!!

YEP, looks like he's chosen his birthday gift....
NOW, it's merely a matter of WHICH 'gutless woobie' he wants!
(He chose that spotted one that's dangling over his ear!!) hehe

"What do ya MEAN, 'put it back'?? LOOK....not a SOUL in sight!"

At the check-out counter, after he'd reared up to inspect the clerk...
we were approached by a gentleman who was STUNNED to SEEE a
'real, live Scottie'! Said he hadn't seen one since he was a small child!
Riley wasn't impressed.... the guy had no TREATS! hehehe

NEXT stop, a drive-thru... STARBUCKS!
Coffee for ME.... pastry for HIM!
Intrigued by the 'invisible voice' that spoke to us,
Riley was VERY impatient to get to the window!
He gleefully accepted the mini-scone...
and WOULD have eaten it IN ONE GULP...
but I DOLED it out in small portions!

We had a SUPER birthday excursion!

Katie WC... Creative SCRITCHES!

She LOVES scritches just behind her ears...
she hops up on her blue stool...
peeks over the raised recliner...
puts her furry face in between my feet....
and STARES, inserting grunts for emphasis....
until I give her scritches just behind her ears....
yep, tootsie scritches!!!!
DUNNO.... SHE makes the rules! I just OBEY!!!


Riley, 'Whistle Bait', (L) ... Katie WC , (R)
HE is looking to see if what I have can be CONSUMED!
SHE is in that nano-second before she EXPLODES up the hall to the ORB!!!

The REST of the story --
DID she romp up the hall?? OHHHHH, YEAH!
DID she confiscate the ORB in question?? YOU BETCHA!

AND...... with hiney in position....
we KNOW what's coming NEXT!


SEE Katie with the ORB...(bottom furry body)
SEE Riley SLIDE into the very CROWDED space
right beneath my feet!(TOP furry body)

NOW you see her with the ORB....


Could be SEVERAL things...
she wants a T-R-E-A-T... she wants O-U-T...
Whatever it is..... she wants it N-O-W!!

Scotties body language - "You ought to be ASHAMED!"
Can ya tell?? I'm EATING.. they want some....

Hedgehog SAGA!
Riley STARTS off with "THE" hedgehog du jour!
Happily, he quietly grooms the filthy beast!

THIEF!!! SAME hedgehog.....different MOUTH!
HMPH! Can't FINISH OFF this hedgehog yet..
GOTTA get my favorite LSU rug wadded up JUST SO!

HUH??? WHU.... That's MINE!
HE took "THE" hedgehog BACK! LOL
Whatcha mean 'there are 6 hedgehogs laying around on the floor'??
(Notice the OTHER one laying just behind Katie?? NOT the 'hedgehog du jour'!!)

That MILLI-second before the FRAP begins!
Riley gave the hedgehog a serious death shake,
sending the furry woobie out of frame!
Now, Katie prepares to FRAP....tushy in the air...
Riley's ears reveal which way he's about to run...
ALL fraps are the same....Riley INSISTS on being out front...
he runs faster than Katie! LOL

'THE FRAP' concludes ON the couch...
They LOVE 'couch frap'... as well as 'bed fraps'!
Katie's racing back and forth.... Riley's bouncing and barking.. LOUDLY!


AFTER the party... Katie stretches out...
Cool tile on her furry tummy...
Being a Wild Child is HARD WORK!

AFTER the party... Riley naps...
ALWAYS the same, he's cuddled up with Mam!
... my beloved LAD!

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