Making Scottie memories... for 2006!
Katie's 8 now.... Riley is 6 1/2.
And with time speeding onward, I cherish each moment,
those moments when you gaze into those brown eyes...
or feel that furry muzzle against your leg...
when you just want to remember that face FOREVER...

Riley & Katie... my heart and soul

Make a NOTE-- Katie is LISTENING to what I'm SAYING! WOW!

Katie DOES enjoy a CHOICE when playing with her toys!

Uh oh.... she's PLOTTING something!

One of her favorite positions...with one of her BALLS between her paws!

Riley... my shadow, my boy!

Ahh, I feel a SONG coming ON!!

My handsome hunk... DOES take a nice photo!

Did I MENTION.... Riley likes to SING!

Shhhhh!! The Wild Child SLEEPS!

The Wild Child Gang... what a PAIR!

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Love Medley

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