My beloved Wild Child celebrates her birthday....
under that great oak standing at the far end
of that sunlit meadow beyond the Rainbow Bridge.
I honor her with her own birthday BASH.

Katie Wild Child's
Birthday !!
A Rainbow Bridge Birthday Party

The early morning breeze softly fluttered across the sunlit meadow, rippling the fragrant flowers that covered the idyllic meadow. A perfect daisy danced in the breeze, tickling the muzzle of one, special dozing Scottie. She twitched her nose, then raised a paw to bat at whatever had disturbed her slumber.

"WAKE UP, sleepyhead! It's your BIRTHDAY! Time to PARTY, Wild Child! UP and AT 'EM!!" Pris smiled devilishly as she reached down and tweaked Katie Wild Child's nearest paw.

Katie grunted contentedly, then rolled over onto her back, stretching her paws luxuriously. She opened one eye, JUST ENOUGH to see Pris standing there, braced and ready to POUNCE, her forepaws on her hips, one rear paw tapping the grass impatiently.

Katie laughed, sprang to her feet, then bounded right into Pris' side. A friendly wrestling match ensued, both Scotties rolling and grunting in the cool grass.

"Okay, you two..." Ty stepped into the middle of the two wrestlers, Jake close behind. Putting a large paw on each rowdy lass, the two large dogs smiled at each other.... "Once a Guardian, ALWAYS a Guardian", Jake muttered.

"Come on, Katie.. you're needed over at the Oak. Let's move it!"

The group trotted across the meadow, their paws making soft, whispery sounds in the lush grass. Katie looked over at Pris, and smiled. Katie had selected Carol as her Mam soon after Pris had crossed the Bridge.

Pris had been the first to welcome Katie across the Rainbow Bridge, and they'd become fast friends. Katie enjoyed hearing the stories that Pris shared, of times long ago with Mam. They had a bond... both were loved by the same Mam!

Looking up, Katie spotted the great Oak, sitting majestically on a gentle rise. Ty, Jake, and Pris stepped closer and shepherded Katie toward the tree. As they neared the tree, Katie noticed the fluttering of many, many wings. She smiled broadly as she surveyed the large crowd!
Judge Brimley and Fergie were standing front and center. Katie scanned the familiar faces of so many friends... Great Grandma Inky, Seamus, Megan, Bonnie Belle, Ace, Alistair, Austin and Bohdi, Kelsi, Pitty Pat, Prince Maxxi, Miss Fiona and Robin, Green Bean, Hamish MacBeth, Billy, Pagan Marie, Reggie, Karey, Darby, Haley, Dom, Murray, Mikey, Sydney, Molly, Chak, Kaycee, Midget, Sherman, Lucy, Vicki, Sofy, Cassie... and many, many more that she could only see ears in the crowd.

Judge Brimley raised his paw, and the entire crowd erupted....


Katie smiled broadly as her friends cheered loudly... she clapped happily as the ARROOOOOO chorus began, echoing across the meadow.

Judge Brimley stepped forward, and in his deep, rich voice, commanded, "Katie Wild Child, come up here.." He gestured to a place beside him. Katie smiled happily and trotted up to stand beside the Judge. Her gaze scanned all of her friends, all smiling. Webber sauntered out of the crowd, and moved to stand beside his girl. She glanced at the Judge, and waited expectantly.

The Judge cleared his throat, then began. "Today, we celebrate the birthday of a legendary lass. She possesses a truly adventurous spirit, a bold sense of curiosity, and is absolutely fearless. Today, we honor our own Katie Wild Child!!"


Judge Brimley raised his paw for quiet. He tapped Katie on the shoulder, and pointed to a nearby spot in the meadow. Katie squinted her eyes.... and recognized Brewster, Connor, Bartholomew, and Emmitt Bad Boy. They stood side by side, their paws raised. They waved at Katie, then at the Judge's signal, they looked up toward a soft, white puffball cloud. Magically, the puffball cloud transformed into a rainbow slide.

Katie WC heard rumbling, lots of loud, noisy RUMBLING! Her eyes widened.... down the Rainbow chute, out of the puffball cloud came ORBS, dozens, hundreds, thousands of yellow ORBS! They bounced down the Rainbow chute onto the slope, then rolled merrily across the meadow.

The party started then.... Katie raced down the slope, right into the field of Orbs. The rest of the crowd followed close on her heels. What followed was an entire afternoon of rolling, throwing, catching, balancing, juggling, and chunking ORBS.

Tables were brought out, loaded with every manner of treats, ORB liv'r bits, ORB shaped carrot balls, ORB cake with yellow fuzzy icing (Katie wasn't quite sure how they got the icing to fuzz up...but wasn't about to question it!) , and Orb muffins.

Katie and her friends had a wonderful day, playing, eating, and exchanging tales of past BASH adventures, the legend growing larger and larger with each new telling.

Gradually, Katie and the partiers slowed, whether from the day long playing or the fact that the food-laden tables were now empty. The furkids began to curl up in the lush grass of the meadow, resting their furry muzzles on their forepaws, they settled in for a nice nap.

Quietly, Katie got up, eased around several sleeping friends... and slowly made her way to the edge of the meadow, near the Rainbow Bridge itself. Katie knew that JUST at the edge of the Bridge, if she concentrated VERY hard, she could look down on those she loved.

Placing one paw on the stone Bridge, she leaned well over, looking deeply into the gauzy mist. As she looked, the mist cleared... she saw her Mam.

Holding her breath, she closed her eyes. Katie could feel the love in Carol's heart, directed upward toward her. Katie knew this love that surrounded her, she'd known it all her life. It felt as though her Mam's arms were once again wrapped around her in unconditional love. Katie squeezed her eyes shut, sending her own love down to her Mam.... "I'm here Mam, I'll always be here with you...."

Opening her eyes, Katie blew a soft kiss. She watched as the kiss, now a breeze, made its way down to caress Carol's cheek. Carol's hand came up to touch her cheek where the breeze had fluttered by... a soft, melancholy smile appeared on her face.

"Yes, Katie, I love you toooo........"

Katie smiled. She heard that 'heart message', she knew the love was still there, it would always be there, strong and sure.

"Love you, Mam... I love you......."

Quietly, Katie turned back toward the meadow, toward her friends, to share more stories, to revel in the sunlit joy of the meadow, and to await the day when she'd once again be wrapped in her Mam's arms....

Happy Birthday, my Katie angel...
Always and Forever, Sweet Girl.

You're sorely missed, my beloved Wild Child, now and forever...


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