Katie Wild Child celebrated her 7th birthday on October 23, 2005.
As is our custom, we honor this occasion with a BASH!!!
Sit back, free your imagination, and enjoy the adventure!

Chapter 1

Just Dropping In!

A birthday celebration for either of the Wild Child Gang always involves a party... not just any party, but one of those heart-stopping, nail-biting BASH gatherings that gives Mams and Dads gray hairs and sleepless nights.

The fact that "THE" Wild Child was having a birthday BASH was a special cause for concern. Riley and Katie had spent the greater part of the last several days whispering behind closed doors. My repeated questions and attempts at interrogation had only served to bring wide smiles to their bearded muzzles, along with a waggling of eyebrows, followed closely by a condescending pat from each furry paw.

"Never fear, Mam," Riley crooned, "we're not going to go anywhere this trip. We promise to stay close.... we're not even going out to Madam La Roux's place this time. We're going to have a nice, quiet visit with our friends. We're going to sit around talking, go out to a couple of nice restaurants, and then take them out to the Fairgrounds to the State Fair. Nice, relaxing, normal, and very quiet..... we PROMISE!

"REALLY Mam! How much trouble could we get into on the FERRIS WHEEL!?!?!?!"

I breathed a huge sigh of relief hearing that the BASH gang would NOT be visiting the Swamp Witch this trip. I was always unsure of WHAT happened each time they went into the deep swamp. This would be a much more relaxing BASH..... the guests would stay in town, they would be close enough for me to keep track of and watch over. I smiled again, and gave a quick scritch under each adorable scottie chin!

"Good babies!!" I said, as relief washed over me again. "You'll be in town, you'll be right here, you'll......"

UH OH!!!!

I suddenly realized that a BASH happening in TOWN was an invitation for disaster. I thought back to the past BASHES. Even the mere arrival of the Scotcorde brought out the authorities in FORCE. They'd even had to call the MILITARY to escort the Scotcorde in on one occasion. My mind suddenly began rewinding through the many Scotcorde arrivals, each more noteworthy than the last, and ALL of them resulting in a huge show of force from the local authorities..... what would they say at knowing that THIS BASH would be celebrated ENTIRELY within their jurisdiction!?!?!

I swung back around, hands on my hips, and glared at Katie and Riley suspiciously. "Just what do you have in MIND? What are you two plotting THIS time?? And WHEN is the Scotcorde scheduled to arrive? Shouldn't we be heading out to the airport to meet your guests???? Okay, now TELL!!"

Katie looked at me and smiled gently. "Mam.....Mam......Mam...... we PROMISE to stay close by, to stay away from the ancient oak..... and we even promise to behave when the Scotcorde comes in. NO ONE will even hear a sound when the Scotcorde delivers our guests!"

Riley looked down at his Rolex watch, glistening on his dark, furry paw. "In fact, it's time for them to arrive! We'd better go outside!"

I looked at them both..... outside? Not a sound?? What had they cooked up THIS TIME???

The three of us went out onto the front porch. I stopped and looked around..... nothing out of the ordinary, nothing unusual. Then I heard the familiar sound of those powerful jet engines overhead.

"Ohhhhhh, GOOD!!! They're HERE!!!" Katie shouted, as she gleefully began clapping her paws together!

Here, NOW!! Right HERE?!?! "We're 10 miles from the airport!! What do you MEAN, they're HERE???" Confusion was written across my face.

Riley smiled, and spread his paws wide. With a deep, rumbling laugh, he merely replied, "Look UP!"

I don't think I really WANTED to look up.... but curiousity won out, and I looked up..... and GASPED!!

It was raining parachutes....... huge, red-plaid parachutes, with furry bodies dangling beneath each huge, plaid canopy. I searched the sky, and spotted the Scotcorde. It's rear cargo bay door was standing wide open. I watched in amazement as the scotties and their pals continued to pour out of the rear of the great, silver jet. The sky was alive with arriving guests. As the parachutes came closer, I could hear the excitement overhead. Squealing scotties, arrroooo'ing terriers, barking Guardians..... they were just DROPPING IN from above!!!

I stepped back under a large oak, and watched the arrival of Katie's guests. I had to admit, this time there would be no massive show of force from the local authorities as the Scotcorde arrived. This time, the guests WOULD arrive quietly and peacefully!!

I smiled broadly as the first guest's paws touched the ground, then laughed as they fought their way out from under the collapsing parachutes. Katie and Riley stepped out into the midst of the arriving guests, welcoming them happily, renewing old friendships, and greeting the first-time BASHERS eagerly.

I watched as Katie and Riley enthusiastically gathered their guests in the center of the yard. It only took minutes for the scotties and their friends to make their plans. The entire gang quickly moved down to the curb, where they all sat down to wait for the bus.

Within minutes, the transit bus arrived. As the terriers piled on, I heard Katie tell the driver, "State Fairgrounds, sir.... and STEP on IT!!"

I watched the bus drive off down the street, the terriers seated quietly on the bus, their paws waving happily out the windows!

I breathed another huge sigh of relief...... This WOULD be a quiet, relaxing BASH!!!!!

Who'd have GUESSED!

Chapter 2

Hammer DOWN!

The arrival of the BASH guests at the Fairgrounds was entertainment at its best! The terriers poured out of the bus, and immediately attempted to scatter into a dozen different directions. The Guardian Brigade hadn't expected to be called on within SECONDS of arriving at the fair, but shook their heads in resignation as they immediately sprang into action.

Haley Gersch grabbed Ruby's huge german shepherd paw and dragged her off to round up Katie Mac, Piper Almandinger, Dougan, Puck Grieco, Darby Lawrence, Sam E Williamson, and Piper Miller, who were gleefully making a bee-line toward the massive roller coaster at the far end of the midway.

Meanwhile, Reggie and Sadie, their golden coats glistening in the sun, were racing in the opposite direction, chasing Linus Smith, Bonnie Belle Mitchell, Angie Riches, Laddie Ziegler, Reagan Wion, and Kelley Lyons, who all seemed bent on being the first to reach the 200 foot tall bungee tower.

Jake Lawrence, the collie Guardian, was having problems of his own. The flock of sheep that had been brought from the Lawrence farm was rapidly disappearing into the crowd, being herded along enthusiastically by Billy Delli Carpini, Rose Battson, Bailey Doud, Bo'sun Howatt, Maggie Nuckles, Heather Sue Devine, Lilly Gilmore, Reilly Nuckles, and Lucy Sheets. Try as he might, he could not seem to gain ground on the fleet-footed sheep and their arrrooooo'ing terrier herders!

Farther down the midway, Callie Howatt had at last spotted Dughul Wilson, Riley Rambunctious, and Bartholomew van Dulken. The three scottie lads were standing at the counter of the white trailer of the Silver Dollar Bakery, their furry muzzles pressed against the glass, watching as the baker rolled the 6 foot length of cinnamon-covered dough into a huge tube, quickly slicking the roll into giant cinnamon rolls, ready for the oven. Callie couldn't argue with the attraction of this booth..... the aroma was enough to bend even the strongest resolve. She smiled as she watched the three terriers, their mouths watering as 3 enormous, hot, fragrant cinnamon rolls were laid on the counter in front of their noses.

"That'll be $9.00, please."

Callie stopped across the walkway from the Silver Dollar Bakery trailer, and watched as the three sat down on the curb, rearranged the napkins that held their treasure, and took huge bites of the warm, sweet pastries. Her own resolve was almost broken as she watched the three scotties' reactions.... their eyes closed in purely joyous pleasure.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......." the lads moaned, then eagerly began devouring the luscious buns.

"Piddle!" Callie finally said. She stomped across the broad midway, stepped up to the trailer's counter, and ordered her own cinnamon bun. She then moved over to the curb, sat her large Bouvier body down next to the three scotties and joined the feast!

At the far end of the midway, Jubilee had been quite pleased with herself to have finally located a small group of the escaped BASH guests. Ali Riches, Robbie McGillivray, Nikki Fones, Alistair and Max Knaub, Gracie Kubicek, Duffy Tracey, and Charlie the cart lad had been totally mesmerized by the huge mallet that lay on the ground near a tall wooden post. They were listening to the barker call for bold, strong volunteers to come 'ring the bell'. Charlie and Nikki were encouraging the other members of their little group to try their paw at 'ringing the bell', and were enthusiastically cheering the efforts of each attempt.

Jubilee reached to her collar, took the cellphone from its hook, and called the other members of the Guardian Brigade. After a brief report from each Guardian, she sat down on a bench, put her head in her paws, and groaned wearily.

"Well...........here we go again!!!!!!!!!!" she lamented. "The Guardians have lost sight of all but 11 BASH guests!! ELEVEN!!!! My little group here, happily trying to beat the soup out of this bell...... and Callie's group who won't leave the Silver Dollar Bakery!!!!! How are we to find the other 87 terriers among 100,000 fair-goers??? How are we to keep these terriers out of trouble when we can't even FIND THEM?!!?!?!???"

Jubilee had just gotten to her feet, determined to gather up all of the BASH terriers, one way or the other, when her cellphone rang.

"Yes?" she said, and immediately recognized the panic in Jordan's collie voice. "What do you MEAN,'crisis'?? They did WHAT??????????? OHHHH, my GOSH!!"

Jubilee snapped the cellphone closed, quickly hooked it back onto her collar, and sprinted across the midway.

"Why.......why.......why...... didn't I stay home, chasing DUCKS??" she moaned.... then sped off into the crowd.

Chapter 3

What is "Art"?

Katie had convinced herself that she would stay out of trouble... and had made a point of NOT heading off toward the FUN of the midway. Instead, she had sweet-talked Webber Riches into accompanying her to the Exhibit buildings at the far end of the Fairgrounds, next to the livestock pavilion.

"We're going to go see WHAT???" Webber had muttered. "Corn, beans, and fig preserves!!!!! You've GOT to be KIDDING! I'll be laughted out of the Scottish Laird's League!!"

"Now, Webs," Katie cajoled, "I promise we'll have fun. We'll even go look at the new tractor exhibit after we've finished looking at the prize-winning quilts and afghans!" She finished with a broad smile.

"Ohhhhhhh, great.... we'll go look at afghans, then tractors. Just what I need.... quilts for my tractors that I'm gonna use in my CITY condo!"

He continued muttering to himself as Katie took his larger paw in hers and began coaxing and tugging him toward the exhibit building.

Webber was NOT about to be the ONLY guy to endure THIS, so in desperation, he grabbed Mac Williams' paw as he passed, and yanked... HARD!


"What the....??" Mac grunted, as he tried to catch his breath.

"QUICK!!! Grab some of the gang.....and come with US!" Webber pleaded.

Mac didn't ask questions. He quickly turned, tapped Alex Mathisen on the shoulder, and pointed toward Webber. "Follow him!" Mac said, then turned to find OTHER victims....errrrrrr, volunteers.

Bran Burks, Mason Bruce and Megan Wilson, Maggie Nuckles, Haley Devine, Campbell Donnelly, Lucy Sheets, Wiggins Battson, Maggie Fones, Sean Mitchell, and Reagan Wion were soon added to the "Quilt & Preserves" Posse.

They quickly caught up with Webber and Katie, and although they didn't quite understand WHY they were there, or WHERE they were going.... they knew that if the Wild Child was involved, it HAD to be exciting!!!

Katie happily trotted into the main Exhibit Hall, followed closely by the rest of the "Quilt & Preserves Posse". The group was quite surprised to see the walls lined with glass cases. Inside the cases were prize- winning paintings, wood crafts, needlepoint, 'DOILIES', quilts, afghans, and all manner of hand-sewn crafts.

The group strolled from one case to the next, putting THEIR opinions on the judges' ribboned choices.

"Who'd have ever thought that a painting of Elvis, done in colored macaroni would win a 2nd place!" Haley commented, shaking her head in shock. "It'd be a BLUE ribbon in MY book!"

Wiggins almost choked on his caramel apple. "No WAY!! That ole picture is just left-over SUPPER!"

He trotted across to the opposite case, pointed to a hand-carved wooden statue, way in the back, and said, "Now THAT's TALENT!!!"

Bran Burks, agreed. "Yeah, Wigs. That IS cool!! WOW!"

Lucy Sheets laughed out loud. "You guys are CRACKED!! That's not ART! Someone took a chain saw to a hunk of wood and carved a FOOT! A FOOT, do you hear me?!?!?!"

A heated discussion immediately erupted... over the definition of 'art'! The noise attracted the attention of a nearby judge who hurried over and scowled at the terriers. He glared at the scotties, with his hands on his hips, then in a very superior tone, he shushed them.

The scotties were shocked! They'd been told to get QUIET?!?! How DARE he!!

Katie smiled wickedly. "Well, gang. I think our judge may need our help! Let's go see what HE'S judging!"

The "Quilt & Preserves Posse" could smell an adventure in the making, and almost trampled each other in their eagerness.

They followed 'their' judge over to the jams and jellies, where they saw a group of judges tasting and deciding on the merits of the finalists of the raspberry jam competition. Each judge took a spoon, dipped it into a jar, tasted the jam, and made notes on a clipboard. After tasting the entire row of jars, the judges moved to the far end of the room, and began to conver quietly among themselves.

Mason whispered to Campbell. "I bet those ole judges haven't even TASTED that jelly!! They didn't judge the wooden sculpture right. Betcha they don't pick the right jelly, either!!! Let's judge it OURSELVES!!!"

Campbell and Alex thought this was a SUPER idea.....and with Wiggins, Bran, and Sean, they dashed to the table laden with jam jars, grabbed the spoons lying on the tables, and began plunging the spoons deeply into the jars, slurping the spoonfuls of jelly and jam noisily.

The scotties soon realized that spoons didn't provide a large enough bite to make an honest decision as to which jar was best. The logical solution to THAT problem was quite simple..... they shoved their furry paws down into the jars, pulling out thick globs of fruit preserves.

"MMMMMMMM..... THIS one has a fruity taste"

"THIS one needs more sugar...."

"They overcooked THIS batch..."

"HEY.... let's mix THESE two. That'd make a GREAT jelly!!"

The scotties were warming to their judging task, when they heard HIM stomp up behind them.

"OUT!!!!!!!!! OUT!! Get OUT!!!"

The judge was livid! His rage was obvious... he was actually TOO angry to speak. He merely POINTED.... toward the DOOR!!!

The scotties rounded on the judge, braced their feet, and were prepared to do battle. Then Jubilee raced up, followed closely by Sadie Williams. The large Guardians quickly stepped between the scotties and the angry judge and managed to herd the growling terriers out the front door of the Exhibit Building.

Back out on the midway, the terriers took a breath, wiped off their paws, and began to regale each other with tales of their Jam-venture!

Katie turned to Webber and smiled. "Now, didn't I TELL you we'd have fun!?!?!"

Then, with a wicked gleam in her eye, she added, "How about we go TEST-DRIVE a Tractor!?!?!?!"

Chapter 4

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words....

We know everyone feels VERY confident that THEIR furkids are behaving themselves... and there is NO reason to think that anything bad could EVER happen. After all, our scotties are totally self-reliant, completely trustworthy, and able to handle any situation.

Now, granted.... the excitement and thrills involved in a State Fair adventure would cause most scottie Mams and Dads to fret, worry, and obsess over their furchild's antics.

But, we all know that our scotties are noble creatures, dignified, regal, proud, and responsible. So it is with great tribulation that I share this photographic moment, taken this afternoon on the midway. The scotties in the photo are unnamed, but I'm certain that they'll be easily recognizable by their Mams.

Let's look at it THIS way...
they ARE having FUN, now... aren't they!!!!!!!

SURELY...cotton candy can be removed from furnishings... SURELY!

Well........ I THINK it can... HOPE SO!

Chapter 5

The $2.00 Teddy Bear!

Spencer Battson, Hoagy Devine, Polly Riches, Molly Brewer, Kelley Lyons, Heidi Delli Carpini, Darby Yeager, Midget Wion, Maggie Tyner, Fala Devine, Sherman Mathisen, Bella Gilmore, Mochreigh and Monte Reyner, Baxter and Annie Laurie Nyberg, Cammster Meverden, and Reilly Nuckles had ridden every ride on one side of of the midway, and were working their way back down the other side, eating, and enjoying the thrill of each ride they encountered.

They'd passed Dughul, Riley, Bart, and Callie.......STILL sitting in front of the Silver Dollar Bakery trailer. They were STILL ordering cinnamon rolls, and had staked out a homestead on the nearby picnic table, had lined up an entire panful of the sweet treats, and were working their way down the table, one cinnamon roll at a time.

They refused the terriers' invitation to join them at the rides. They'd simply said, "They're still baking CINNAMON ROLLS!" And with that, they'd turned back to the trailer, to press their muzzles eagerly against the glass, to watch as the NEXT batch of warm, sweet treasures was pulled from the ovens!

The terrier troupe shrugged and moved off down the midway, searching for their next ride. They'd managed to avoid the lure of the barkers' game tents, who shouted promises of great treasure for those who could master the game, knock the milk bottles down, pop the balloons, or put the ring over the narrow neck of a bottle.

Each such tent they passed had been harder and harder to avoid, as the game's barker promised them easy winnings, great fame, and rare, expensive stuffed toys.

It was the puhdul with the oily topnot, beady eyes, and a greasy smile that finally lured them over to his game's counter. He'd slapped his cane down on the counter, pointed towards the group of terriers and had shouted, "I don't BLAME you terriers for running away!!! This game DOES require more concentration that you'd EVER be able to manage!"

That'd brought the terriers to a screeching halt, as each terrier plowed into the back of the terrier ahead of them. They all turned, as one, and stared at the disreputable puhdul who was sneering at them down the length of his too-slim muzzle.

"Move outa the WAY, SLIM!" Hoagy said, glaring angrily at the puhdul whose smile didn't reach his eyes.

"Who ya calling SCARED?!?!" Spencer demanded. "How 'bout we SHOW ya how we 'discuss' stuff with .... PUHDULS!" He balled up his blonde paw and pointed it at the puhdul, whose eyes had grown quite large.

Kelley and Heidi stepped in front of Spencer. "Don't waste your strength, Spencer. He wouldn't GET it anyway. How 'bout we SHOW him.... beat him at his OWN game!"

The group of terriers immediately warmed to the idea, and began crowding the counter, all wanting to be the first to conquer the puhdul's game.

The object of the game was fairly simple--- shoot the duck, while hitting the spinning wheel, and hitting the bulls-eye in the center of the board.....all at the same time!

"Nothing TO it!" Darby said, grabbing a pellet gun in one paw, and balancing a dart and a ball in the other. Shooting the gun AND throwing both at the same time had marked different results. The duck went down immediately, but the spinning wheel continued to turn, and the dart hadn't even HIT the board, but had buried itself in a teddy bear's tummy on the left wall, just BARELY missing Midget's ear!!

"Sorry, Midget!" Darby said, smiling sheepishly.

"Move OVER, lemme try!" Mochreigh said, swaggering to the counter's edge. He had to be boosted up to even SEE over the counter, but once the targets came into view, he made a grand show of taking aim and firing.

His results brought wild, uproarious laughter!!! His pellet gun had hit one end of the banner over the tent. The banner had immediately fluttered downward, covering the terriers and nearby observeres. His dart had also missed its mark, but had landed firmly in the puhdul's ungroomed, matted backside!!!

"OOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!" squealed the insulted puhdul.

"Oh, HUSH UP, Curly!" Reilly and Cammster ordered. "That didn't HURTCHA! Now move outa the WAY! We've got a GAME to win here!"

The terriers, at that point, turned their full and complete attention to 'winning' the game. They lost track of time as they repeatedly plopped one dollar bills down on the counter, each trying desperately to hit all 3 targets at the same time.

They didn't even flinch when their cash ran out. The terriers merely turned to the ever-present family credit cards... slapping them down onto the counter, with a "Give me 3 more shots, PuhdulMan!"

Passersby wondered why the puhdul had such a pained expression on his face, with so much money being spent at the tent. They didn't notice the wounds, gouges, and missing fur on the puhdul's body, where stray darts/pellets/balls had landed. Each time a terrier fired at the target, the sleazy puhdul winced, expecting the worst... and more often than not, he WAS the recipient of the barbs, not the ducks or the board.

Finally, after an hour and 20 minutes, one of the terriers FINALLY managed to score.... knocking the duck down, while hitting the target AND the dartboard.....all at the same time!!!

Wild cheers and arrrrooooooo's resounded across the midway, as the terriers patted their scottie 'sharp-shooter' on the back!!!! The puhdul breathed an enormous sigh of relief, as he watched the terriers return the pellet guns and darts to the counter, to turn their attention to their newest hero!

The noise had attracted Ruby, the german shepherd Guardian. She trotted over to the tattered and bedraggled tent. Huge holes appeared throughout the tent, very few areas were left intact. There were deep gashes and gouges where repeated balls had torn through the frayed and rotted cloth of the tent. The puhdul who ran the booth looked even worse. He was leaning up against a wobbly tent brace, his eyes closed, groaning quietly.

Ruby turned and saw Polly Riches perched precariously atop a nearby trashcan, a notepad in her paw. She was writing furiously, occasionally touching the pencil tip to her tongue, then returning to her computations.

She looked up as Ruby walked up. "HI, Ruby!! Guess WHAT! We finally WON the GAME! We now own a priceless TEDDY BEAR!!! LOOK!"

Ruby turned to see Sherman and Monte waving the cheap, $2.00 teddy bear proudly overhead. The group of terriers continued to cheer and sing the praises of their 'sharpshooter'!!

With a suspicious gleam in her eye, Ruby turned back to Polly, who continued her figuring. Ruby noticed that Polly seemed to be on her third or FOURTH page, and finally was forced to ask....

" ...........and how much did this 'priceless treasure' set y'all BACK???"

Polly sat up straight, beamed a broad smile......and with a quick glance down at her notebook, to check her figures, she announced proudly, $15,635.49 !!!"

Chapter 6

Ferris Wheel Fan-dango!

Things were beginning to happen quickly around the State Fair midway. Jubilee had gotten a quick call from Ruby, telling her a LITTLE of the happenings at the puhdul's tent. She'd sighed and wondered which parents would be paying for THAT adventure.

However, she didn't have time to fret over the problems Ruby was having. She was about to have troubles of her own!

She HEARD Piper Miller before she SAW him! He was running toward her, flat out... ears back against his head, his paws digging into the soft earth as he ran.... Mac Tracey right behind him. They skidded to a halt in front of her, stirring up a thick cloud of dust around them all.

"IT WON'T STOP!!!! It just keeps SPINNING!" Piper sputtered.

"Whizzing around and AROUND!!! IT won't STOP!!!" Mac added breathlessly.

Jubilee grabbed both boys by the shoulder. "WHOA! Hold it, guys! WHAT won't stop?? Where are the others?"

Piper turned and pointed back toward the far end of the midway. "Down there... they're ALL there!! On the FERRIS WHEEL! And it won't STOP!!!! It sped UP!"

"It's broken..... he broke it! Well.... he didn't really BREAK it. The button got stuck, and when they tried to UNstick it, it just fell OFF! Now, they can't STOP IT! And some of 'em are starting to get SICK!!! Ya gotta come STOP IT!!!! HURRY!!" Mac finished.

Jubilee began running down the midway. She grabbed her cellphone off her collar, and began speed-dialing the Guardians. Only Callie answered the page. "They're all down at the Ferris Wheel," she told Jubilee. "They got a group discount, so they're all down there... most of the terriers, too! Why???" Callie asked, her mouth full of cinnamon roll.

"Get to the Ferris wheel, NOW!" Jubilee shouted, still running. "They're in TROUBLE!"

Callie grabbed Dughul, Riley, and Bartholomew, and together they sprinted down the midway, headed toward the ferris wheel.

They reached the ferris wheel just as Jubilee, Piper, and Mac raced up.

The group could only stare..... their mouths gaped open, in SHOCK!

The ferris wheel was running, but not like they'd ever seen before. It was SPINNING around...FAST!!!

"Ohhh, my GOSH!!" Jubilee stammered. "That's INCREDIBLE! My Mom's ceiling fan only went that fast ONE time, and the globe fell off!"

"I've NEVER seen anything go around in circles THAT fast," Callie replied, concern written on her face. Pointing, or TRYING to point toward one gondola, she said, "Isn't that Reggie? And Sadie? And ...Jake, oh my!! I think they're ALL on there!"

Riley whistled through his teeth. "WoooWEEEE! That thing's really SCOOTING AROUND! Looks almost like one of those centrifuges that the astronauts practice in! WOW...."

"Those lucky DOGS! Getting to play on something going THAT FAST!!! LOOK... it's spinning so fast, ya can't even SEE the spokes of the wheel! Bet they're LOVING THAT!!" Dughul added, awe written all over his face.

Jubilee turned and glared at the awestruck scotties. "GET A GRIP!" she said, through gritted teeth. "This is SERIOUS!"

Mac stared at the speeding ferris wheel.... the gondolas and their riders were a mere blur as the huge wheel continued hurtling around, out of control."OH, my GOSH! That's my sister, HEATHER up there!" he said, recognizing the pink floral t-shirt she'd worn that morning.

The group stood and stared. No one could even BEGIN to figure out how to STOP the speeding ferris wheel. Just the WIND from it's spinning vortex left them breathless from its very power.

At that moment, Emmitt Bad Boy, Captain Eddie Ziegler, Stokie Poges Musial, and Sherman Sheets slipped up beside the group. They stood quietly..... made no sound, looked no one in the eye, just stood there, staring at their friends on the speeding ferris wheel.

One of the small group whispered softly, "OOPS!"

To continue the Adventure...

Click on the ferriswheel, please!

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson .
Original artwork is the exclusive property of artist, Karen Donnelly.
This is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way
without the EXPRESS written consent of the author !!!

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