Saint Louis Blues

Does there ALWAYS have to be a REASON for a BASH??
Guess not......this BASH is "Just BECAUSE"!

Chapter 1
The Cryptic Call

Well..... I seem to spend more time here, waiting at the airport, than I do at home! As usual, I was trying to imagine my hard, plastic waiting room chair as a comfortably well-cushioned nest. It wasn't working....... I kept wiggling, grumbling to myself about the need for more "customer-friendly" chairs. Finishing that complaint, I turned my attention to the decor of the room, finding THAT lacking, as well!!!

I was mentally redecorating the entire concourse area, when I heard the phone. Looking over toward the window, I saw Riley whip out his cellphone. Immediately, his face broke into a wide grin.

He motioned Katie over with one paw, while clutching the phone next to his furry ear with the other paw. Katie pressed her ear close to Riley's...... trying to hear the conversation.

So was I !!!!

All I got was one side of the conversation......... Riley's......... and it was NOT what I would call reassuring!!!

--------- "REALLY?? You're kidding!!   He DID??"

-------- "NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!"

-------- "How FAST?????????"

-------- "Upside DOWN???"

-------- "Captain Scotty really SAID we could?!  COOL!!"

-------- "Was he mad??? He doesn't MIND?!?!"

-------- "WOW!!!! FAR out!!!!!!!"

-------- "YEAH! We're ready....... we'll be at the door!!"

------- " Arrrrrrrroooooooooo!!!!!!!"

Riley ended the phone call, hooked the cellphone back onto his collar, and turned to Katie. They began whispering excitedly, their heads together, a definite scottie conspiracy!! They turned their attention back to the window, and almost immediately spotted the fast approaching Scotcorde.

As "Sleek One" touched down, Katie and Riley raced across the room to the gate door. They were almost giddy with excitement as the door slowly opened. The flight attendant staggered to one side as she was overrun by squealing scotties.

"HURRY!! Come on, y'all!!! Let's go!!!! Hurry, before he changes his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Eager scottie paws grabbed Katie and Riley, pulling them unceremoniously toward the gangway door.

Riley and Katie turned to wave goodbye.....their paws in the air........but it was that gleam in Katie's eye that took my breath.

I KNOW that look!!

When the Wild Child gets that excited gleam in her eye, something IS about to happen!! You can BET on it, and she had the look of a Wild Child about to "push the envelope" !!!

I saw the door close behind the two furry youngsters, and almost immediately heard the huge engines of "Sleek One" roar to life. The great, silver jet backed from the gate, and slowly taxied to the end of the runway, waiting for clearance.

I watched "Sleek One". To someone NOT familiar with the famed jet, it looked almost serene, sitting quietly at the end of the runway. But I'd seen TOO many Scotcorde take-off's, and "Sleek One" was literally champing at the bit!!! I watched the sleek aircraft literally shudder with the restraint of the brakes. I knew that Captain "Scotty" had the throttles pushed well forward, and was using his incredible strength to hold the great jet at bay.

Suddenly, "Sleek One" jumped forward, racing ever faster down the runway. It seemed to catapult into the air, its nose literally leaping skyward. Climbing almost straight up, I watched "Sleek One" streak into the clouds and disappear.

As I turned toward the parking lot, I remembered that adventurous gleam in Katie's eye......and shivered !!

Chapter 2
The Challenge

It was chaotic on board the Scotcorde. Everyone was talking at once, and the noise level was deafening! Katie smiled as she saw the looks of excitement on her friends' faces. Puck Grieco, Hoagy Devine, and Duffy Tracey were racing up and down the aisle, their paws spread wide, making "airplane" sounds. Angus d'Ascenzo and Jesse Vodvarka were arguing who was gonna help Chloe Rafatti with her seatbelt. She simply smiled broadly at the two terriers, who began crowding each other aside to assist her.

Everyone greeted Katie and Riley excitedly, all trying to explain their plan. Riley was straining to hear what Emmitt and Connor were saying, when a piercing whistle split the air. Every furry head turned toward the sound.

Standing in the open cockpit door was Captain "Scotty", lounging lazily against the door jam. He smiled at their questioning expressions.

"Never fear, youngsters.......that's what AUTO PILOT is for!!" He motioned to his huge german shepherd, Champ, who followed him to a nearby vacant seat. Captain "Scotty" perched on the arm of the seat, turned to the group, and began to set down his rules for the coming adventure.

"Okay, you talked me into it. "Sleek ONE" and I have an appointment to compete in an aerial race. We'd made this ....... errrrrr, BET, well before I got the BASH call. I'd planned to deliver you youngsters to the Bayous, then hurry on to the race."

He looked at the faces before him, their eyes shining with excitement. The youngest terriers were literally hopping up and down in their anticipation of the coming race. He glanced around the cabin, and seeing the alert eyes of the Guardian Brigade scanning the group protectively, he nodded his head.

"Yes, you can come!" A chorus of cheers and arroooooo's broke out!!! He raised his hand for silence. The terriers, not daring to do ANYTHING....... yet....... that would cause their Captain to change his mind, immediately grew quiet.

Captain "Scotty" continued, "I expect you all to follow my instructions WITHOUT question!! The Guardian Brigade will be in charge of the cabin security during the race."

He stood and walked to the cockpit door, then turned back to his furry youngsters. "Let's go win a race, guys!!"

Wild cheering followed him into the cockpit. He left the cockpit door propped open, then sat down, and released the auto pilot. He took the yoke in both hands, gripping it tightly. His mind traveled back to the challenge that had been thrown at him.

How DARE that little runt of a man say that to him!!!! HIM of all people!!!

He reviewed the conversation in his mind. The other Captain had been VERY irate, very condescending, and had made SEVERAL ugly, hateful remarks about the Scotcorde and those "nasty terriers" !!!!!!!!

Captain "Scotty" had NOT let that pass. Even Champ had needed to be restrained, as Captain "Scotty" had grabbed his collar to keep the huge shepherd from taking the little man's leg in his mouth. Holding the snarling shepherd close to his side, Captain "Scotty" had leveled his snapping blue eyes on the small, weasel-faced man.

"SIR", he spat, between clenched teeth. "I find THEIR company INFINATELY more preferable to spending time in YOUR company. Those terriers have spirit, courage, and are extremely loyal..........NONE of which could EVER describe YOUR character traits. The fact that those terriers dislike you so intensely only serves to show what good judges of character they are...... they're BETTER than you'll EVER be!!"

The little man began to sputter, and sweating profusely, he glared back at Captain "Scotty".

"You just WAIT....... I'll show YOU as well as those flea-bitten terriers of yours. I'm a better PILOT than you........ I'm a better aviator than you. And I'll PROVE it!!!!! You won't have a CHANCE plane will leave you in the dust!!!! They'll regret the day they fired me.............. you mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The little man had issued the flight challenge, giving a place and time for the "showdown"...then turned and stormed off .

Captain "Scotty" almost laughed aloud as he thought back to that conversation. Ohhhhhhh, my........he thought. I can't WAIT to see the youngsters' reaction........... they're gonna be livid!!!!!!!!!!

What WOULD his beloved terriers say when they found out that the "race" was against their own Captain "Barney Fife" !!!

Chapter 3
The Race

"Sleek One" streaked across the sky....occasionally disappearing into a wispy cloud, then reappearing again, eating up the distance. Captain "Scotty" had an appointment to keep, and he would NOT be late. He nudged the throttles forward, and made a minor course correction. He and Captain "Barney Fife" had agreed to begin this race at exactly 6:00 P.M. on the north side of Shiprock Peak, New Mexico.

Captain "Scotty" looked at his watch. He would just make it. His ears caught the distinct sounds of terrier activity in the aft cabin. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that the Guardian Brigade had their paws full. Ty and Honey Bear were trying to convince Baxter Walker ,Bailey Doud, Doanie, and Jazzy that the Captain did NOT need their help in the cockpit. The youngsters were trying to convince Ty that they would be his co-pilots....he NEEDED them!! Honey Bear smiled, and with her huge malamute paw, she steered the helpful youngsters to seats near a window, telling them to watch from THERE.

Meanwhile, Hamish MacBeth Wilson, Billy Delli Carpini, Bucky Sheets, and Robbie McGillivray were busy stowing the gear for the race. Everywhere, scotties and their friends were busy securing their bags, making certain that the treats, toys, and goodies were safely stowed away.

Sherman Mathison was grumbling under his breath as he tried to shove his small herd of Norwegian goats into the aft bathroom for safe-keeping. Emmitt Nuckles, Bartholomew, and Casey Grieco added their paws to the goat round-up, and were only able to get the bathroom door closed after they'd all put their backs to the door and shoved. They weren't sure what that strange sound was in the bathroom, but since there were 15 Norwegian goats in that tiny space, they figured it was just goats staking out their territory.

Captain "Scotty" came over the speaker. His voice sounded almost boyish in his excitement.

"Okay, we're only minutes from our starting point. Before I get too busy up here, I DID want to give you ONE more piece of information about our race opponent today. For you BASH veterans, you'll remember him QUITE well........ he was the pilot of your original Scotcorde.... Captain "Barney Fife"!!

Captain "Scotty" paused, his ears glued to the cabin behind him. He could HEAR the snarls and growls, the snapping teeth and the raised hackles. The terrier attitude radiated through the was a palpable thing, you could FEEL their anger!!!

The newer BASH guests looked around, confusion evident on their faces. Katie explained, through clenched teeth, "He was an arrogant man who said that terriers had no redeeming qualities. He begrudged every flight he made with us, he belittled us, he threatened us,so we finally drove that man clear OVER the edge!!" She ended with a devilish laugh, thinking of the flight that finally sent him over the edge. She finished by adding, "And he's a PUHDUL man!!!"

Gasps were heard across the cabin, as the BASH veterans began sharing "Barney Fife" tales with the newcomers. Tempers flared as they heard more and more of the former pilot's shortcomings.

The Captain's rich, baritone voice silenced the angry terriers, as he calmed his wee terriers.

"Calm yourselves. That's why we're HERE. This man needs a lesson in terrier supremacy, and we're here to give him a good dose of Terrier Tonic!!!"

The cheering was deafening!!! He had to almost shout to be heard, as he continued, " Okay, strap yourselves in, youngsters. We have a race to fly.......and I don't want to see YOU flying.... so cinch yourselves in!"

The Guardian Brigade immediately began checking everyone, assuring that all were safely strapped in. Megan Bruce had made certain that the youngest pups were tucked in by her, and she was NOT very popular at the moment. The wee warriors were determined to put some "puppy shark teefers" on this nasty little man they'd heard about. With a firm paw, Megan enforced her will, seeing that all the pups were safe, then turned her attention to the window beside her, eager to watch the race.

The faces of the terriers were glued to the windows of "Sleek One", all eager to watch Captain "Scotty" give "Barney Fife" the medicine he so richly deserved.

In the cockpit, things were all happening at once. "Scotty" saw the landmark peak of Shiprock ahead on the horizon. He and "Barney" had agreed to begin on the north face, so he banked "Sleek One" to the right to bring the sleek jet into position.

"Sleek One" quickly closed the distance to the tall landmark, then the Captain slowed the jet to cruising speed, waiting for the arrival of the other plane. Captain "Scotty" was still scanning the sky ahead when he heard shouting from the cabin. Webber Riches was pointing off the starboard wing, shouting excitedly, "He's coming out of that cloud!!!! He was hiding!!! Here he comes!!!!!"

The Scotcorde, still at cruising speed, lurched violently as Captain "Scotty" pushed the throttles as far as they would go. The jet leaped forward, gaining speed rapidly. As they reached the volcanic pinnacle to begin the first of 3 laps, the other jet cut across the path of the Scotcorde, forcing Captain "Scotty" to pull up sharply to avoid flying into the jetwash of the other plane.

"Barney" had cut the Scotcorde off, forcing it to change course and speed to avoid a collision. Now, he took advantage, leaping ahead of the Scotcorde, and heading for the distant mesa before turning back to complete the first lap.

Captain "Scotty" grumbled under his breath......he handled "Sleek One" expertly, and almost immediately had the Scotcorde back on course. The engines roared as he urged more speed from the jet, determined to regain the ground he'd lost as he'd protected his plane and its passengers from disaster. The terriers in the cabin were adding their support, cheering and encouraging him to greater speed. He thought of their terrier attitude, and clenching his teeth, he pushed the throttle forward.

The two jets streaked across the sky, banking sharply around the mesa several miles to the west, then returned to Shiprock Peak, completing one very dangerous lap. The second lap was even more hazardous. "Barney" was determined to keep "Sleek One" from passing, and was weaving and swerving wildly to maintain his lead. Captain "Scotty" would have taken the other jet within seconds, but as he thought of his beloved youngsters in the cabin behind him, he flew the cautious route to insure the safety of his wee ones.

As the second lap ended, "Barney" was still in the lead, but only because he had short-cut the last lap, tearing the top off Shiprock Peak in an effort to slow down or damage "Sleek One" . Only Captain "Scotty's" quick reaction had saved "Sleek One" from being destroyed by the falling rock and boulders left behind by the dishonest pilot.

The growls and snarls from the terriers were followed by Riley's shouted, "TAKE him, Captain........ we're ready.......TAKE him!!!" The BASH bunch all echoed Riley's feelings....... TAKE him, TAKE him !!!!

The Captain smiled to himself, admiring their spirit and determination. Okay, he thought to himself, let's DO this.

"Sleek One" literally leaped forward as it tore across the sky, rapidly closing the distance to "Barney" and his PUHDUL jet. As they rounded the mesa at the far end of the course, "Sleek One" swept wide, pulled alongside, then with a burst of speed, the Scotcorde took the lead. As the Scotcorde crossed the imaginary finish line, he quickly looked back to see the defeated jet almost sag in defeat. He smiled, then announced to his terriers, "Okay, youngsters...we've won!!!"

"YIPPEE!!! Wahoo!! Arrrrroooo!!!" The celebration was joyous and LOUD!!!

The veteran BASH puppers looked at each other and smiled... it WAS sweet!!!

Katie watched her friends chatting excitedly. "Let's go have a BASH adventure," she said, as she walked toward the cockpit to talk to Captain "Scotty".

Riley saw that look in Katie's eye as she passed him in the aisle and shook his head.

"We're gonna get into some TROUBLE now, I just KNOW it!!!"
Then he was ALWAYS fun when Katie got an idea!!!

The REAL Shiprock Peak!

Chapter 4
Cramped Quarters

Everyone was having a grand time and the most popular topic of conversation seemed to be the race, with tales of "Barney" stories a close second. Occasional laughter was heard as veteran BASHers regaled their friends with stories of BASH trips the way they USED to be.

The stories soon turned from the old Scotcorde flights, to the adventures they had shared. Midget Wion had Annie Laurie and Molly Quarry, MacBeth Ward, Jazzalyn, Janice, Agatha Bruce, and Lucky Laddie Zeigler absolutely spellbound as she dramatically told of her legendary wrestling match with a 'gator!

"You DID??????? WOW" Did it HURT?" Molly asked in a breathless whisper.

"Awwwwww, I could have taken that ole 'gator in SECONDS!!" Lucky Laddie boasted, his paws boldly braced on his hips.

"Could NOT!!" MacBeth retorted. Then, turning back to Midget, he asked, "What happened then?????? Tell MORE........"

Midget relished her position as 'chief tale teller', and she waved her paws wildly over her head, demonstrating her techniques to subdue the 52 foot long alligator giant. The group was so enthralled with Midget's tale, that they failed to notice the increased banging coming from the aft bathroom door across the aisle from them.

The bathroom door suddenly burst open, banging loudly against the wall. Norwegian goats exploded forth from the tiny, cramped quarters, bleeting and complaining loudly. Midget and her audience never had a chance. They suddenly found themselves at the BOTTOM of a huge pile of 15 angry, noisy Norwegian goats.

Annie Laurie was the first to claw her way out from under the mass of wiggling animals. Gasping for air, she was pulled from beneath the pile by Dom, while Honey Bear and Ty began shoving goats aside, searching for Agatha and the other youngsters. Seeing her paw sticking out of the moving mass, Ty took a firm grip and dragged Agatha out from under the pile of goats. MacBeth pushed his way out, carrying wee Molly in his paws. Midget crawled out, followed closely by Lucky Laddie, Jazzalyn, and Janice. They stood there for a second in shock, then began laughing as they looked at each other.

Trying to smooth her fur down, Annie Laurie giggled, "That must have been what wrestling a GATOR was like!"

The group was still rearranging themselves when another ruckus was heard coming from the bathroom. They turned and stared in open-mouthed shock!

Out of the bathroom staggered Spoiled Stormy, Abby Gamble, Angie Riches, and Bonnie Belle Mitchell.......and they were MAD!!

"OKAY!!" Angie shouted. "Who's bright idea was it to shove those blasted GOATS into the bathroom??????????????????"

The entire cabin of the Scotcorde went completely silent. No one wanted to have to answer THAT question. They didn't DARE look over at Sherman, or Emmitt, or Bartholomew, or Casey....who were all seated together, their paws over their mouths, trying to stifle their gales of laughter.

Spoiled Stormy stomped down the aisle to the center of the cabin, her fur tousled and mussed, and looking almost CHEWED in some areas. She put her paws on her hips and spoke through clenched teeth. "We were just minding our OWN business, putting on our make-up, straightening our fur, having a nice "make-over session". Then, the door opened........and before we could say anything or even get OUT, this HERD of goats came rushing through the door!!!!!!"

Stormy stopped and glared at her friends across the cabin, as she heard giggles and snickers from the BASH terriers. With a disgusted snort, she turned to Aggie, saying "I give up. They don't care that we were almost smothered by these smelly goats!!!"

Bonnie Belle was trying to rearrange her furnishings, although with the chewed areas, she was having difficulty covering all the bald spots. She stepped over to Spoiled Stormy and patted her soothingly on the shoulder. "Never fear, m'dear......... we'll find out who shoved those pesky goats into OUR "make-up" room, and we WILL make them pay!!!"

Bonnie Belle looked back down at her chewed furnishings, then looked at Angie, Stormy, and Abby. They WERE a sight to behold!!! Their furnishings were matted, ruffled, and even chewed in some areas. She tried to hide the smile that began growing across her face. Looking at Angie, Bonnie finally erupted in laughter.

Angie also realized how moth-eaten they were, and through her gales of laughter, she managed to gasp "You know.........those Goats will eat ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The entire room exploded in laughter....the "rolling on the floor and holding your sides" kind of laughter. Sherman, Emmitt, Casey, and Bartholomew were relieved to hear the group laughing, but decided to 'lay low' just in case Bonnie Belle had MEANT what she said about retribution!!!!!!!

The cabin still echoed with the giggles and laughter, as the group began trying to round up the now-angry goats. Darby Yeager, Branson, Sara, and Chak the Mitey managed to herd the goats through the doors to the aft cargo hold. They raced back through the door, slamming it just ahead of an irate goat. They laughed as they thought of the goats again, and just hoped that THEY didn't have to unload the goats later.

It was Bartholomew who happened to look out the window of the Scotcorde.

"Hey, that's the PACIFIC Ocean!!!! Where are we going???????"

He looked curiously at Katie, who simply smiled......... that devilishly wicked gleam was in her eye again.

Chapter 5
Down Under

It took only a short time for the Scotcorde to make the trip Down Under. The sleek jet touched down, then taxied to the last gate at the far end of the terminal. Captain "Scotty" had requested a gate far from "others". From experience, he KNEW that his wee ones would not be understood, that they would create chaos and mayhem whereever they went, and isolation seemed to help, at least a LITTLE.

As he stepped into the aft cabin to open the door to the gangway, he reminded his passengers one more time.

"Remember, we only have TWO hours for this visit. We have a LONG list of stops to make, and we're late, as it is!!! So, get to your social call........behave yourselves, and HURRY BACK!!"

He swung the door to the gangway open, made a gallant bow, and stepped aside to allow the terriers to exit the jet. The smile that lit his face shown in his brilliantly blue eyes. He would wait HERE....that much he KNEW!! He did NOT want to be on the receiving end of THIS social call! And he CERTAINLY felt a lot of sympathy for whoever they were going to visit! His deep baritone laugh echoed across the tarmac, as he watched Bartholomew take the roll of Social Director for this visit.

Katie waved a paw, and a waiting tour bus drove forward, stopping just in front of them. Bartholomew hopped on first, excitement obvious on his furry face. He turned to his friends and announced, "Come on!!! This will be FUN!! She won't mind.......I'm SURE of it!!!!!!!!!"

The BASH bunch eagerly climbed aboard the bus for the trip to Mrs. Di's house. The bus driver, not accustomed to such a group of passengers as this, kept glancing into his rearview mirror at the unusual group. Deciding that his safety was not at risk, he closed the bus doors, and headed toward the highway.

The trip was pleasant and the terriers thoroughly enjoyed the drive. Cammster Meverden, Maggie Mac, Gingerina Velez, McKenzie Sue Barfield, and Heather Tracey had let the windows down, and were having a super time hanging out the bus windows, letting the wind whip through their beards. Heather and Cammster discovered that the wind would blow their "arrrooooooooooo's " back , and were trying to out-shout the wind. The disgruntled bus driver pressed the accelerator down, trying to reach his destination as quickly as possible.

The bus driver made a right turn onto the street, as instructed, and pulled to a stop. Opening the door, he was very relieved to see the terriers peacefully exiting his bus. He looked into his rearview mirror, to find a very large malamute and two dalmations dragging two young terriers by the paws down the bus aisle toward the door. As they stepped off, he started to close the door, preparing to leave. Honey Bear instantly planted her huge body in front of the bus, and glared at the driver. She turned to Ty, saying , "I'll wait here to make sure we have a RIDE back to the airport. You and Dom can go inside with them. I'll be fine.......". Then, glancing back at the disgruntled driver, she added, "WEEEEEEE will be fine." Sitting her wide fanny directly in front of the bus, she wiggled until she got perfectly comfortable, preparing for a long seige.

Ty and Dom laughed at the expression on the driver's face. That's what he gets for backing into the driveway before he let the terriers out!! He had no place to go, now that Honey Bear had the end of the drive-way blocked!! Exchanging a look, the two dalmations turned their attention to the terriers, bursting through Mrs. Di's front door!!

Bartholomew had led the charge. He threw open the front door, and as it banged loudly against the wall, he shouted, "Hey, Mam... I'm HOME!!!! Look who I brought to visit Adara !!!!!!"

Chapter 6
House Guests

Mrs. Di, hearing the noises in the living room, came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on her apron. The sight that met her eyes made her stagger against the wall. Her living room was stacked, packed, and filled with 99 BASH revelers, all grinning at her!!!!!!!!!

"Hi, Mrs. Di !!"

"Hello, Mrs. Di !!"

"Thank you for inviting us, Mam Di !"

"Hi, Mam Di !!"

The greetings, although loud and VERY boisterous, were heartfelt and sincere. She smiled at the excited group, and thinking back to the past BASH adventures, she cringed inside. She knew that she dare not do anything that may trigger a "BASH event" !!!!

Slowly she walked into the room, careful not to step on any paws or a furry tail. She looked down at Bartholomew, and although she smiled, he KNEW that the smile didn't reach her eyes. Uh oh, he knew he was gonna be in trouble. Shaking it off, he decided to worry about that LATER.

He stepped forward, and took his Mam's hand in his paw. "Mam, they came to meet Adara !!! "

Immediately, Di's face softened. She moved down the hall toward the baby's room, and with a gesture, she called the wee terriers to follow. They hurried toward the baby's room, but immediately slowed when she put her finger to her lips and asked for quiet.

The entire group crowded into Adara's room, and they nodded approvingly at the scottie decorations that lined the walls. A fitting decor for a scottie's skin sister, they thought!!! They gathered around Adara's bed, and quietly peered through the slats at the beautiful wee girl lying inside. Sighs, ohhhhhs, and ahhhhhhhh's were heard as they admired the wee child.

Mrs. Di stepped back, proud of her daughter, and very proud of her wee scotsman who was making sure that everyone was very careful next to his skin sister. She didn't notice him give Brewster and Ziggy a wink. The scottie and his westie co-conspirator looked around, found Riley, and nodded.

The three terriers converged on Mrs. Di. Brewster immediately turned his wickedly charming smile toward Mrs. Di, as Ziggy began melting her heart with his gloriously soulful, deep brown eyes. The two terriers were working their charms on Bartholomew's Mam, preparing her for Riley's assault. He stepped forward and began, "Mrs. Di, we have been admirers of your exquisite voice. We were wondering........ no, it's too much to ask........ you'd NEVER consent....... it's not fair to ask.........." Riley lowered his head, dejectedly, and released a long, heartbroken sigh.

Mrs. Di looked at the three sorrowful terriers, then dropped to her knees, and began scritching each terrier, under their furry chins.

"What is it, little ones? What is it you'd ask of me?"

Brewster could barely contain his glee...........they HAD her, like a mouse in a trap!!!!!!!!! Clearing his throat, he raised his sad eyes to look into Mrs. Di's face. "Riley would love to ask you....... he'd be honored if you'd............ would you show him how to hit the HIGH operatic notes??? His arrrrrrrrrrooooooing is legendary, but he is never satisfied. He wants to become the GREATEST scottie singer of all time. And we thought YOU could be the one to help train him!!!!!!!!! Would you?? We don't have much time, Captain "Scotty" expects us back shortly. Could you, please??????????"

She looked at each face, filled with such hope, and could not refuse them. She turned back to Adara's bed, concern obvious on her face. Then she noticed Ty, KayCee, and Dom sitting next to the bed. They'd assumed the Guardian Brigade post around the child's bed. The terriers were content to sit and watch the small child as she balled a wee fist and tried to fit it into the tiny mouth. They seemed to get special joy from Adara's cooing and squealing, as she watched the mobile slowly twirling above her bed. Each time she squealed in glee, the terriers' tails began wagging excitedly, their happiness evident.

Telling the Guardian Brigade that she'd only be gone a few minutes, she gave Bartholomew a quick pat on his head, then led Brewster, Zippy, and Riley out the back door to the studio to practice the high notes that Riley so desperately wanted to learn.

The moment Mrs. Di had left the house, the terriers went into action. Millie Phillips positioned herself at the backdoor, acting as lookout. Seeing the studio door close behind the group, she gave the all-clear arrrrrrooooooo to Piper in the other room.

Adara's bed was moved to the center of the room, a box had been moved to the side of the bed, providing Piper with a better vantage point to observe her prize student. Piper Almandinger stepped onto the box, and took the book that was handed to her. The other terriers gathered close, eager to witness the wee child's first scottie attitude lessons. The youngest BASH terriers took their place at Piper's feet, notebooks in paw, ready to take their first lessons from the fabled WCGang manual, along with Adara.

Piper began reading from the leather-bound volume in her paws. As she read, Adara's eyes glanced around at the terrier noses peeking through the slats. She reached for a nearby wet nose, and giggled as the terrier's tongue washed her small, plump hand. Adara heard Piper's voice drone on and turned her attention back to the scottie standing next to her bed.

Piper continued to recite the lessons, and glancing over, was pleased to see Adara giving her complete attention to the lessons. Below her, Molly and the other wee youngsters were scribbling their notes as fast as their wee paws could write, trying to get all this important information down for later practice. Such GOOD little terriers, Piper thought, knowing that she was "molding the terriers of the future" !!

The lessons continued.........the clock kept ticking, telling the scotties that their time was short, they had to hurry!!!! Piper, hearing Millie Phillips shouting a warning from the back door, finished the last lesson, the all-important "LOOK". She slammed the book closed, and handed it quickly to Bonnie Gamble, who hid it behind her back. Scarlett Barfield stood next to Bonnie, helping to hide the precious tome.

Mrs. Di's voice grew closer as she and her music students came down the hall toward Adara's room. Riley, knowing that he had to warn the group, gave it his all.

"MRS. DI," he sang, at the top of his lungs. "THANK YOU FOR THE LESSONSSSS, ARRRRRRRRROOO!"

"Shhhhhhhhh!!!" she whispered loudly, as they came to Adara's door.

She stopped as she reached the doorway. All the terriers were sitting quietly, the Guardian Brigade was still on duty. But, she couldn't figure out why Adara's bed was now in the center of the room, why there was a box propped next to the crib, and why everyone had the definate look of someone caught with their paws in the cookie jar!!!!

Just as she was about to begin the interrogation of her terrier guests, Bartholomew ran up to her, grabbed her hand in his paw, and began pulling her back toward the living room.

"Mam, sorry to cut the visit so short, but we have some fish waiting for us back on the bayous. Ms. Carol is expecting us, so we're gonna leave now. Captain "Scottie" told us not to be late. Come on, guys!!!! Can't keep the Captain waiting!!" With a wave of his paw, he signaled the retreat.

The terriers all rushed toward the front door at once. Bartholomew had managed to get through the front door before the mass of terriers had clogged it completely. He now heard breaking glass, falling furniture, along with grunts and squeals as the terriers all tried to get out at once. Ty and Dom had their paws full, pulling terriers back into the living room as KayCee Donnelly tried to organize the group into an orderly line.

"Quit pushing!!! Watch it!! Polly Riches, stop shoving!! Tucker Warner, you QUIT that!!!" KayCee shouted, trying to maintain order. Tucker had decided that the best way out was to make a flying leap OVER the mass of fur clogging the door. All he'd managed to do was land on the TOP of the pile, creating an even greater block in the doorway.

Inside, Mrs. Di could be heard, " DON'T put your paws there.......... PLEASE watch that bowl.......*crash*........ could you......wait, not there........ it's gonna FALL......WATCH it!!!!........*crash*...... don't push THAT........ if you'd just......... wait, let me hel........ NOOO !!!"

Bartholomew KNEW then that he had to get outa town, NOW !!! Giving a shrill whistle, he shouted to Ty, KayCee, and Dom, trying to clear the blockage from inside. Hearing the whistle, they all put their weight into pushing the mass of fur from inside. With one last HEAVE, the entire mass of furry bodies burst through the front door, landing on the front walk.

"Move, NOW!!!" Bartholomew barked, as he looked back at the door. As the terriers got to their feet and began racing toward the waiting bus, he glanced back in time to see his Mam stagger to the door. She looked as though she'd been in a wind tunnel, tattered, windblown.......she'd definately been under the paws of terriers, that was obvious.

As the last terriers climbed aboard the bus, Bartholomew had the brazen gall to raise his paw and wave to his Mam. Just as the bus door closed, he shouted, "We had a grand time, Mam......THANKS!!! I'll be back in a couple of days......LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!"

Then, the bus careened around the corner and down the street, the terriers headed back to the airport, heading to destinations unknown.

Mrs. Di stared in open-mouthed shock........the NERVE of that boy. Then, she turned around, looked at the wreckage that used to be her living room, and sighed. She ran her fingers through her tousled hair and shook her head.

"At least," she thought to herself, "this is the WORST of it. And now, they're gone, and life will get back to normal."

That thought comforted gave her a sense of reassurance, knowing that she'd survived a BASH visit. Another sigh escaped her, as she bent down to begin cleaning the devastated living room.

It was then that she heard it. Raising up, with a broken vase in her hand, she listened. There it was again....what WAS that?!?

A ........... bleat ????????????

Chapter 7
Birthday Stops

Captain "Scotty" didn't understand, but he'd learned to 'go with the flow' when the wee ones got a notion into those furry heads of theirs.

Katie gave him an itinerary, and he banked "Sleek One" and headed west. So many stops, he thought!!!

Meanwhile, in the aft cabin, the party was in full swing. Spoiled Stormy was having a birthday party, and her friends were showering her with and treats, wombats and kangaroos, gift certificates to ALL the best shops. She was in scottie heaven, relishing her new treasures, enjoying the company of her friends. It was a grand time.

Katie looked over at Riley and nodded. He put his paws to his lips and gave a piercing whistle. Everyone turned toward the two scotties standing at the front of the cabin.

Katie announced, "We have planned a couple of special stops for Stormy's birthday. We've had Captain "Scotty" head west. We will now spend this day spreading scottie birthday joy around the world. Our schedule will include:

*St. Petersburg for a special tour of the Hermitage

*Vienna for a private performance by the Lipizzans at the Spanish Riding School

* London to see the crown jewels......and have tea with the Queen

*Surtsey Island, see the volcano

"Then, home again.......we'll end up at Mam's for sausage, biscuits and gravy. Does that sound like a nice "terrier's day OUT" for Stormy's birthday??"

Katie smiled wickedly as everyone began laughing and clapping, and giving Stormy huge hugs. They were very excited to be making these stops. Katie noticed Polly Riches, Stewart Almandinger, Doanie, Jazzy, and Bran Burks.......over in a corner, whispering excitedly. She knew they were hatching a plan.......she just didn't want to know!!

The rest of the day passed all too quickly.....each stop required military precision to get the transportation necessary to make the best use of the time they had. The terriers were on a whirlwind world tour, and were enjoying themselves tremendously!!!! It was noted by Captain "Scotty" that at EACH city, the terriers were escorted BACK to the airport by the local police, who had stood by to make certain that the huge, silver jet DID leave as promised.

Again and again, the routine was the same. "Sleek One" would land, the terriers would all race down the steps, barge onto the waiting bus, and with heads sticking out of the windows, would proceed to tour the city.

A couple of hours later, the bus would return, under police escort. The terriers would race up the steps to the jet, wave boldly at the police, and run to find a seat and plan their NEXT stop. Captain "Scotty" simply shook his head. He didn't want to know what had happened. He saw that the Guardian Brigade always had the entire group back on the plane, although he thought he noticed a definate slump in the Guardians' step now and then.

They had made their last stop.......everyone was back on board, and the Scotcorde was heading home. Katie had been sitting with Webber and Jesse, talking happily, when she noticed Riley. He had come out of the cockpit, and had plopped down in the first available chair. His laptop was open, and he had his cellphone to his ear. Snapping the phone shut, he began feverisly typing on his laptop. When he finished, he smiled wickedly.

Katie's curiosity couldn't take it. She and Webber walked forward to see what Riley was up to. Reaching his chair, she perched on the arm, looking over his shoulder at the laptop screen.


"What requests?? What are you doing, brother??"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the BASH bunch is a HOT ticket item!!! We're in DEMAND!!!!! We're getting requests from ALL over, EVERYONE wants us to visit THEIR house!!!!!!!! I've made a list........ and a schedule."

Smiling proudly, he clicked the mouse, and the screen changed. It revealed a long list of names........names they ALL knew!!!!!!!!!!

"Ohhhhhhh, MY!!" Katie exclaimed.

Webber was laughing so hard, he could barely catch his breath. He scanned the names again......they were ALL there!!!!!!!!!!

"Onward and UPWARD !" Riley announced. "We have PEOPLE that want to be graced by our presence!!!!!!!!!"

Chapter 8
Home Remodeling A La Scottie

Katie rolled her eyes as she looked at the list. How were they EVER gonna handle THIS?!?!?!?!

It was only a second or two, then the gleam in her eye said it all.........she had a PLAN !

Quickly, she called the terriers into a huddle. They were going to work in TEAMS. Each team would "visit" a home and offer some free redecorating, compliments of the BASH bunch!!!!

Dunc McGillivray was tickled to hear that he and his team would visit Mam Almandinger's house. He knew Stewart and Piper wouldn't want a paw involved in THAT job, so he recruited Maxxie Meverden, Barney, Bucky, and Bear Powers, Molly Reyner, Connor Bruce, and Dughul Wilson. He quickly announced that their team would be known as the "T-Rexes" !!!!!!!

Huge smiles, and flashing teefers showed Katie that the "T-Rexes" were more than ready to help redecorate Mam Almandinger's home!! She watched as the group began making plans, breaking out in bursts of laughter at some of the decorating suggestions!!

Shaking her head, she proceeded to the next name on the list. Lucy Sheets was chosen to head the next group. She immediately chose Polly Riches, Agatha Bruce, Mandi Reyner, Branson, Sara, and Windy, Stuart Timm, Simon and Turtle Livingston,Duffy Barfield, and Wolfgang Yeager. After a brief discussion, they announced that they were now to be referred to as the "Swamp Critters" ! Laughing at their choice, they were soon deep in planning the changes to Jan Patterson's happy home.

Feeling very good about the way things were going, Katie quickly took Murray Reyner by his good paw and appointed him the leader of the next "decorating crew". Murray, his voice echoing as he spoke through the bucket around his wee head, quickly selected Duffy and Mac Tracey, Burberry d'Ascenzo, Zoey and Maizie Vodvarka, wee Stewart Almandinger, Terra Belle Warner, Heidi Delli Carpini, Heather Sue Devine, and Ace Graves. Announcing the group as the "Bucket Brigade", they happily began planning the destruc..........decorating of Val Bruce's cozy abode.

"Ohhhhh, this is going VERY well!!" Katie thought. She began checking off the names on Riley's list.

"Okay, we need volunteers to paint an RV!!" Katie called. Immediately, Bartholomew raised his paw, eager to "help" !

"Okay, who's gonna join my 'Roo Zoo' ???? Chelsea Brown quickly volunteered, along with Mac Cavanaugh, Maggie Nuckles, Haley Devine, Cassie Timm, Brutus d'Ascenzo, Sassy Burks, Fergus and Cassie Joiner, and Scarlett Barfield. They slapped each other on the back as they were handed several gallons of paint. Maggie noticed that no two gallons were the same color.......but didn't think it mattered, so she kept that information to herself.

"It'll just look NICER this way!" she thought. Luckie Laddie, Baxter Walker, Bailey Doud, Dougan, Zoe, Windy, and Ziggy Riches volunteered to "freshen" the icing decor at Auntie Karen's gingerbread house.

Everyone was eager to get started. Riley, Bucky Sheets, Tucker Warner, and Robbie McGillivray volunteered to supervise the groups and inspect the damag............errrrr, decor.

Captain "Scotty" landed as close to all the assigned visit sites as he could. Katie had ordered SUV's for each team. The teams immediately sped off, eager to put their "pawmarks" on these Mams homes!!!

Katie, Spoiled Stormy, Midget, and Sadie Yeager stayed aboard "Sleek One", coordinating the teams. A huge chart was pasted on one wall, and Midget was perched on top of several stacked cushions, a marker in her paw, keeping track of the progress. Stormy had a cellphone to her ear, staying in constant touch with the teams.

Sadie was getting reports from Riley and his inspection team. It seems that Jan Patterson's home had undergone some drastic changes, with several windows being added to what used to be plain, unadorned wallspace. The "Swamp Critters" reported beautiful views from room to room, as the new windows were on INTERIOR walls! They also reported many other 'small' changes, which they KNEW Mam Patterson would REALLY appreciate.

Robbie called in with reports on Mam Bruce's home. The "Bucket Brigade" had outdone themselves, adding skylights in the barn, and phone jacks and cable connections in each stall. They were especially proud of the huge siren mounted on the roof of the barn. When the inspectors had asked what its purpose was, the "Bucket Brigade" had happily explained that there was a switch in each stall, which could be easily reached by any barn animal who wanted to be "fed". They only needed to flip the switch to activate the ear-pearcing siren.

"Mam Bruce will know instantly when someone in the barn wishes to be fed!!!" the Brigade had announced proudly.

The report from the "T-Rexes" was just as productive. They'd been very busy at Mam Almandinger's house, redesigning the kitchen area. It no longer had cabinets....."took away from the LOOK of the room" according to the "T-Rexes". ""

" We added wide windows, with cushioned perches for Piper and Stewart, so they could look out comfortably. Then, we cut the legs off the table, lowering it so Piper wouldn't have to exert any effort to reach the food that would be placed on the table. We DID have a small problem with the sink. When we tried to move it, the waterpipe broke, and she now has just a TINY lake in the middle of the room. But, we figured it'd be convenient for Stewart and Piper, as it's MUCH larger than a tiny waterbowl, and would provide a CONSTANT supply of water. We're QUITE proud of our work!!"

Auntie Karen's gingerbread house had also undergone changes......what had once been white icing, now because of supply problems, was covered in chocolate icing, and the gingerbread sections that needed repair had been replaced with saltine crackers. Lucky Laddie explained that the saltine crackers were smaller and easier for their wee paws to manage.

"Auntie Karen won't mind, we're SURE!!" Bailey Doud had commented.

The RV's paint job was reported to be a RAINBOW of a success and Bartholomew reported that it WOULD attract attention wherever it went !!!

Katie and her team were quite pleased with the results. "All teams, return to 'Sleek One' immediately!!" she ordered. Stormy immediately got in contact with each group, relaying the instructions. Within the hour, each team had returned to the Scotcorde, reporting great results and glowing with pride on their work.

"Good work, teams!!!" Katie announced.

As the last of the teams boarded the jet, Emmitt boarded........ bringing with him a mysterious stranger. A big, handsome scottie stood next to Emmitt. The girls immediately grew curious, and eagerly crowded around the dark stranger.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, this is O'Reilly!!!" Emmitt announced. "You'll find out more about HIM later!!!!!!!!!!!" Smiling mysteriously, Emmitt and O'Reilly moved down the aisle to sit near Riley, Connor, Bucky, and the guys.

The girls were all abuzz about O'Reilly, as they sashayed up and down the aisle, trying to attract his attention.

The time passed all too quickly, as Captain "Scotty" began his homeward flight, stopping to take each wee one home. It had been a whirlwind BASH, a grand adventure, an around-the-world tour.........and the terriers were ready for home and a good cozy bed.

The Guardian Brigade was especially glad to be delivering the terriers to their Mams and Dads. This BASH had been very tough for the Brigade. They just hoped the international police wouldn't be TOO angry. The terriers hadn't intended any harm.

The Scotcorde continued its rounds, and as the last terriers were delivered to their homes, quiet again reigned aboard "Sleek One".

Captain "Scotty" sighed as he inspected the now-empty cabin. This HAD been an unusual adventure, he thought. He turned, and scratching Champ's ear, he said, "Come on, big guy...let's put "Sleek One" to bed and go take a nap ourselves!!!"

And, the Scotcorde streaked down the runway and disappeared into the clouds.........until called for the next BASH Adventure!!!!

The END !!

This ORIGINAL story was created and written by Carol Johnson.
ORIGINAL illustrations done by Karen Donnelly.
It is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way ....PERIOD!!!!
ęCopyright 2003 All rights reserved.

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