The Wild Child Gang definitely lives in the "here and now"!

June 5, 2009:
Katie and Riley LOVE having their "Jack Kongs" loaded with
broken pieces of Old Mother Hubbard liv'r treats.

THIS "Here and Now" adventure begins at the moment I
hand each Scottie their very OWN treat-loaded "Jack Kong"!

NOTE: We BEGAN with TWO Jack Kongs!!
BEGAN WITH..... uh huh!

A Treat-filled KONG!
Katie begins working on hers right on the footstool.
NO point in wasting time...
Riley moves his Kong off to work on his in private!

Katie keeps a FIRM grip on her Kong as she decides on
the best strategy to reach the treats!
In back, Riley happily works on his Kong,
certain that he'd be LEFT ALONE!

Katie has taken her Kong to the sofa,
out of frame, to the left... and continues her labors.
Riley, ever watchful of his FOOD, has moved HIS Kong
into a more protected location!

Munching continues... Riley is happy and content!
LITTLE does he know....

Katie FINISHES her Jack Kong!
"Hey, RILEY... ya need any HELP?"

At this point, they begin the dance...
Side by side, vying for position...
BOTH want... "THE" Kong!

MINE !!!!!!


Claiming the Kong, Katie brings it to ME!
"Reload it, Mam.... load it again!!"

It's not over YET!
Katie takes the Kong out of my lap, back to the footstool!
Riley eyes "HIS" Kong...
and EASES closer... he has a PLAN!

AND... they're both dancing around the Kong AGAIN!
TRUST ME....down under those muzzles is ONE KONG!

Riley emerges from the "Scottie Pile" with the Kong!
It's at THIS point, that an ORB is kicked by a wayward paw,
and totally adjusts Katie's focus!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmm....... Riley is WISE!!!

Riley's Kong is now, once again, tucked safely between his paws.
Katie?? She's now across the room........with her ORB!

How does this adventure END?

Katie's off licking her ORB.

And, RILEY...... well, just LOOK at that happy face!!!
What do YOU think??? Did he finally get the treat???

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