The Wild Child Gang definitely lives in the "here and now"!

Late Summer - 2008:
Right now, they're visiting at Mammaw's...
wreaking havoc on a peaceful neighborhood!

What follows is a glimpse into our road trip... one photo at a time!

A very small bloom and a TINY bud, this rose bush came from a cutting taken from
my Great Grandmother's old home site, way out in the country. Pine trees, scrub brush,
rural forest land.... and this pink rose!! This cutting now adorns Mom's fence.

As Mammaw performs an inspection of her 'Ancestor Rose', Riley watches from afar.
Meanwhile Katie, the NOSY Supervisor that she is,
heads over to officiate, evaluate, and CRITIQUE the happenings at the fence!

Visiting Mammaw's ALWAYS includes 'snack time'!
Mammaw always has the BEST nibblings!
And she ALWAYS has the complete and total attention of the WCGang!

First outing of the day...

How does Katie Wild Child celebrate the start of another beautiful, breezy day!?!?!

AHHHHHHHHHHHhh, she kicks up her heels, in sheer JOY!!!

And, my very distinguished Scottish gentleman???
He surveys his kingdom as any royal LAIRD would!!!


Katie(L) at full tilt. Target? A mocking bird that invaded her 'sky'!
Riley(R) gives tells off a goose that has wandered into the yard!

K&R patrol their domain... tracking squirrels and ALL feathered fowl!

The 'great oak' provides lush morning backyard shade
and is a haven for Katie's enemy bird invaders!


"Yard Guard" is a full time job.... it's hard WORK!
Katie, tootsies out behind her, selects the 'high ground' as her guard post.
Riley finds that he can get a better view of the ducks and geese
in the lake if he sits up STRAIGHT and TALL!

Huge yard, lots of space to run....
and where does the WCGang choose as the BEST spot to stretch out???
Right under Mam's FEET!!!

Always ready... they BOTH spot the 'evil interloper'!
Katie, fleet of paw, is OFF and racing to defend the yard!
Riley is more discerning about what's WORTHY of his attention!
With him, it's more a case of "ohhhhhh, nooo... NOT AGAIN!"

Katie, the original Scottie Water Baby, is a BIG help!
She makes certain that NO water reaches the grass... THROWING herself in front of the spray of water...

As usual, Katie throws her paws skyward as she dries off!!
As usual, Riley heads for the hills at the first sign of water!!

It's a rare sight to see the WCGang lying down on the job....
exhausted, worn out, and NAPPING in the shade of the 'great oak'!

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