We all know how much our scotties love "Woobie Wars"!
So, when I came across a 4 foot alligator woobie, I couldn't help it.....
it was MEANT to belong to "The Wild Child Gang" !

Katie and Riley meet Ally Gator! They "size up" their opponent.....
and the 'rasslin begins!!!!!

Katie & Riley team up on Gator....Riley races around for a tummy attack!
Katie grabs Gator by the throat....it's really getting rough, sports fans!!

Another brilliant maneuver! They team up for an over-the-back attack!
While Riley keeps Gator's head busy, Katie goes for the Gator tail !

The Scottie team has Gator on the "ropes" !!
He's Down!!! What teamwork! Riley keeps Gator busy
as Katie goes into her famous "belly-up" position !

The WINNERS.....and STILL Woobie Champions....Katie & Riley!!!

Riley poses for the cover of Outdoor Sportsman!

The REAL hero of this contest???
She's always there to do "woobie surgery" for her grand-furkids!
Katie stands guard !

No hard feelings!
Katie holds no grudges as she falls asleep next to her new friend.....
dreaming of another 'rasslin match, perhaps???

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