Katie and Riley are scotties with opinions.
They each have their OWN idea of what qualifies as
a "favorite". Katie's choices reflect her DIVA outlook
toward life. Riley prefers choices that are more VOCAL.

Katie (L) and Riley (R) both agree on one thing...
look life 'straight in the eye'... on THEIR own terms !

Katie's MOST favorite sleeping position... belly UP!

Riley's favorite hobby... SINGING!

and SINGING .... and MORE SINGING!!!

They both agree on their favorite chair.... MINE!!!

Their favorite nap position ALWAYS involves sharing!

Tug-time is their favorite TEAM sport!

Katie's ULTIMATE obsession - her favorite Orphan ORBS!

Riley's #1 favorite toy - ANYTHING made of cardboard!

K&R's favorite observation 'guard' post!

Riley's favorite toy #2 - his 'thumper'!
This favorite toy is so named due to the
CONSTANT thumping he does on the carpet with it
until ya FINALLY pick it up and PULL with him!!!!

The Wild Child Gang LOVE their treats! Being BAYOU scotties,
their ADORE their favorite Mardi Gras treat ... decadent king cake!

Uhhhhhh, did we mention Katie's favorite belly-UP position?!?!?!

Riley's favorite body part - his MOUTH!
Great for ALL of his favorite pastimes -
EATING...singing...cardboard destruction!
Teeth, anyone?!?!?!
No danger here - Mam had a paper towel roll in her hand!

Favorite hot, summertime activity on the bayous -
staying cool in the pool!

Katie and Riley's FAVORITE style of home decor...

MY personal FAVORITES...
these 2 photos of the WCGang!

Katie and Riley's favorites.....
ohhhh, I forgot one!!
Their favorite MAM!!!
ME !!!!

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