Riley turns 3 on January 19!
So, as is our custom, Katie is throwing a BASH!
Ahhhhhhh, but THIS time, the BASH pups don't realize what they're getting INTO!!

Chapter 1
Quiet and Uneventful??

Well!! This was a first! I wasn't accustomed to sitting in the airport by MYSELF!! I had gotten used to watching Katie and Riley pace at the window, as they watched for the first signs of the Scotcorde.

But, this time it was different.....Katie and Riley had gone to Texas to help their friends celebrate Abby Gamble's birthday party. And the ENTIRE bunch was headed THIS way, for Riley's Birthday BASH!

Now, itself didn't scare me. After all, I'd watched them skydive from that decrepit cropduster, wrestle 'gators, and fight aliens in deep space. I'd developed nerves of steel when it comes to BASH parties. But, it was the call from Katie that stirred my curiosity.

"Mam, stop by Barksdale, and pick up their Super-Sized Humvee. We're gonna need it! Just tell the General that it's for a BASH.....he'll know!!" Then with a quick, "bye, Mam", she hung up.

Okay, so I found myself driving across town in this mammoth-sized Humvee. I guess I'll hear from my insurance company, though. How was I to know that these things required WIDE turns?!?!?!?! Not to mention, the trouble I had getting it INTO the airport parking lot!!!! I sure hope those folks don't mind that little dent I put in their Cadillac's bumper!

I had Katie's "transportation" parked outside the terminal, and was enjoying the quiet before the coming storm, when my cellphone rang. Answering it, I was surprised to hear Captain "Scotty". I could tell by the laughter in his voice, that things were NOT out of hand...YET. It was apparently just the usual scottie flight, full of noise, bedlam, and chaos.

What amazed me was Captain "Scotty's" calm as he announced, " Uhhhhh, we may need to do some GROOMING when we land! They're sort of, well.......let's just say they're a COLORFUL bunch of pups!"

He began laughing, apparently quite amused with his description of his passengers. "We're on final'd best be ready!!" and with that, he hung up.

I leaped up and raced toward the bathroom. Collecting a handful of paper towels, I dampened them ......and, ready to make repairs to the party guests, I returned to the waiting area just as the Scotcorde reached the gate.

The gate opened. I HEARD them first, the noise growing louder as they approached. As they burst through the door, I could only gape in open-mouthed shock!!!

The entire group was absolutely COVERED in paint....all colors, all OVER!! There wasn't a clean spot to be found on ANY of them! I looked down at the meager handful of paper towels I held tightly in my hand.

"Hi, MAM!!" one of the colored ones shouted. I recognized Riley's voice. He laughed as he turned, pointed something at the scottie behind him, and FIRED!!

Ohhhhhh, my gosh!!!! Paint pellet guns!!!!

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I begged. I should have KNOWN...... the fight broke out right there in the concourse!!!

I recognized Tucker Warner and Zack Burks as they fired across the room toward Ty and Dom. The large dalmations tried to dodge, but only managed to bump into Puck Grieco, causing his gun to fire crazily across the room.

This prompted Cammster Meverden and Billy Delli Carpini to return fire with their green and yellow paint pellets. Stormy Kubicek, Dunc McGillivray, Midget Wion, and Gingerina Velez got the worst of it as they were covered in yellow and green paint. They immediately retaliated, firing their own pink, orange, and fuschia paint balls.

I stared in horror as passengers fled down the concourse, dodging paint pellets. The BASH scotties and their pals raced down the hallway, their paint pellets splattering over the walls.

I turned back to the doorway of the Scotcorde in time to see a paint-covered Captain Scotty exit the plane, leading a furry, paint-covered creature behind him.

He smiled as he stopped in front of me. He turned to his furry friend, and said,"We inherited HIM from Abby's birthday party!!! It seems that he brought some paint pellet guns with him......and handed them out to the party pups!!'s been an INTERESTING flight, THAT'S for sure!! Seems like we'll have to have the entire inside of Sleek One remodeled!! It is DRIPPING in paint. But, apparently that's not going to be a problem. McKenzie Sue Barfield called in the "Decorator for the Stars" to redecorate Sleek One. She said her Mam wouldn't notice the "minor increase" on her credit card. Sooooo, we'll be back to normal in NO time!!"

He smiled, then added, "And I have to get THIS fellow back home!! I'll be in the Himalayas, if ya need me!!!!!!!!" I giggled as I watched a paint-covered Captain "Scotty" turn and head back toward Sleek One, pulling his huge, furry friend along behind him.

As the door to the Scotcorde closed, my mind returned to the bedlam going on INSIDE the airport!! I caught sight of Emmitt, Murray Reyner, Bartholomew, and Bailey Doud, firing blue and red pellets at the ticket agents, who were diving behind the counters, trying desperately to avoid being covered in paint!

Racing along, right behind Emmitt was his 4-Pack, Doanie, Jazzy, Jazzalyn, and Janice, along with Lenni Goetz, Wee Baxter Walker, Dughul Wilson, and Polly Riches. The youngsters were having a grand time, THROWING paint pellets, as it seemed they weren't allowed to have the paint weapons.

I finally located Katie, who was helping Maggie Mac and Heather Sue Devine "paint" the escalator. As I got closer, I noticed the security team, approacing from the far end of the concourse. Grabbing Katie's paint-smeared paw, I merely pointed toward the fast-approacing security force.

"You'd better get your pals OUT of here.......NOW!!! Your transportation is outside, as you requested. The keys are under the turret. I don't think I can afford bail for ALL of y' please take your PAINT Patrol and GO!!"

Katie smiled, patted my hand patiently, and said, "Yessum, we're GONE!!!!"

She turned to Webber and winked. "Okay, Webs....let's go," she said. Webber put his paws to his lips and whistled, loud and long. Immediately, the entire BASH bunch stopped, turned, and raced toward Katie. Then, they all tore out the front door.....leaving a trail of dirty, paint-filled pawprints behind them.

The group piled into the huge Humvee, and arrrrrooooooooooo'ing loudly, the wild Gang of BASH partiers sped off into the night......the beginning of another BASH adventure!!!!

Chapter 2
Legend of the Cypress

The huge Humvee raced across the open field, heading straight for the line of trees in the distance. Katie's paws clutched the steering wheel tightly, holding the huge vehicle on its course, as it bounced and jumped over the rough terrain. She heard laughing and giggling behind her, and knew her friends were thoroughly enjoying this wild ride.

As she drew nearer to the treeline, one experienced BASH pup realized where they were.

"HEY!! We're headed back to the SWAMP!" Prince Maxxie announced, as he noticed the wide, rutted trail ahead of them that had cut an opening through the trees at the edge of the swamp. The other pups quickly took notice, and realized that they WERE following the same path taken by the run-away 18-wheeler from Katie's Birthday Bash.

"What's the DEAL? We've BEEN here!" Pagan said. "We're looking for a BASH with a TWIST, not the SAME story again!"

Katie laughed from the drivers seat. Never taking her eyes off the rutted trail before her, she called over her shoulder, "Pagan, your wish will be granted. This will DEFINATELY be a BASH of a different sort. Just be patient."

Riley sat with Bucky Sheets, Connor Bruce, Emmitt Nuckles, and Bartholomew. He could only shrug as he saw their questioning looks about their destination. Katie had not let him in on her plans for his birthday Bash. He was just as curious as the others about what lay ahead.

Laughing, the scottie lads returned to their discussion at hand....offering suggestions to Bartholomew for training his soon-to-be-arriving skin sister. The argument grew hot and heavy, as they discussed the merits of paper training for humans.

The Humvee reached the edge of the swamp and never slowing, it plunged ahead into the darkness. Squeals of delight were heard from the smallest ones as the heavy darkness closed around them. Grunts and bruffs were heard from the wee group, followed by "WATCH it....OUCH!" G.G. Inky reached over and turned on one of the spotlights on the side of the Humvee. It cast an eerie glow across the inside of the vehicle. She smiled as she saw Lucky Laddy trying to climb up higher to see out into the swamp. He wasn't too concerned about Annie Laurie's paw, or Wee Baxter's tail, as he continued to stomp on BOTH as he climed ever higher.

"Here, Laddie," she said as she pushed a seat cushion under his wee paws. "This will give you a better view, and it will SAVE Annie Laurie and Wee Baxter a LOT of discomfort." She had to quickly dodge the youngsters, as they all scrambled onto the cushion, all eager to see the 'dangerous swamp'. G.G. Inky swiveled the spotlight around toward the swamp ahead of them. The wee pups gasped in awe as the great light cast eerie shadows on the moss-draped trees around them. Shivers of apprehension and a growing excitement spread throughout the group as they continued racing deeper and deeper into the swamp.

The Humvee suddenly veered to the right, and began making a NEW trail as it mowed down bushes and small saplings in its race ever deeper into the swamp. NOW, Riley knew where they were headed!! He KNEW where Katie was taking them. Turning to his friends, he announced, "OHHHHHH, we AREEEEEEE going to have fun!!"

Katie wheeled the huge vehicle around a large stand of cypress trees and up onto a well-manicured lawn that lay hidden behind the trees. She pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of a very old building. It had seen better days, as the peeling paint fell away from the wooden building. Huge, majestic columns rose high before them, supporting a wide roof. This had once been a great plantation, before the swamp had begun its quest to take possession of this once-grand home.

Katie stepped down and called to her friends,"Step down, y'all! Let's get this BASH started!!" Everyone eagerly scrambled down, and gathered at the bottom of the wide staircase leading to the front door of this mysterious home.

Katie called for quiet, then turned to Riley. "Go knock on the door, Riley. It's YOUR birthday!!"

Riley smiled as he trotted up the stairs. He knew who lived here, and his growing excitement was almost visible as he lifted his paw to the thick door and tapped loudly three times.

He stepped back as the wide doors were thrown open. A mysterious figure appeared in the doorway, silhouetted by candlelight from within the home. Everyone stared in awe! Those who had been on the last BASH knew who this was. The newcomers weren't sure, but they DID know that this was a special person.

Riley gently reached forward and lifted a gnarled, withered hand in his paw. He pulled her forward into the light from the Humvee that bathed the front of the building. The figure was shrouded in a dark cloak, a hood pulled forward, casting deep shadows on the face inside.

"My friends," he announced to the eager group. "This is a dear friend of ours. I would like to present to you, Madame Francie La Roux, better known in BASH circles as THE SWAMP WITCH!!"

Francie La Roux, the Swamp Witch, was ancient. Her dark brown eyes seemed to reflect the history of the ages, timeless wisdom mirrored in their depths. She stood proudly, standing next to Riley, as he held her hand gently in his paw. She seemed fragile, frail, as though made of glass. Her body was as drawn and gnarled as her hands were, but the terriers also recognized the pride and fierceness that were part of her. She was as they were, fierce and determined, a force to be reckoned with.

Polly Riches and Annie Laurie squealed in delight. They had heard stories of this woman! G.G. Inky grabbed the paws of the wee girls as they attempted to race onto the wide veranda to get closer to the great lady in the mysterious cloak. "Wait and see," G.G. Inky said, holding the girls close to her side. Impatient and irritated, the two began grumbling and complaining, trying to use their sharp teefers on the iron paw that held them securely.

G.G. Inky looked down at the shining teeth. "NOW, now.....none of that, youngsters!" A light, quick pinch onto each small ear got their immediate attention. They quickly settled, deciding it was better to follow instructions. They glared at Wee Baxter and Dughul who were laughing and pointing at the girls' predicament.

Meanwhile, the Swamp Witch had moved off the wide veranda, and was moving to the edge of the manicured lawn. With one gnarled hand, she beckoned the group to follow. She stepped over to a giant cypress tree that towered over the others in the swamp and stopped.

She turned to Riley, who still held her hand in his strong paw. "Riley, it's your birthday. What is your MOST precious wish????"

Everything in the swamp became suddenly hushed...not a sound was heard if the entire world awaited Riley's decision. He smiled and turned to Madame La Roux. Leaning down, he put his furry muzzle to her ear and whispered. Her head jerked back as she turned to stare at him, amazement in her eyes!!!! Then she tilted her head back and laughed....a rich, tinkling laugh that spread across the group like warm sunshine.

"Very well!!!!!!"

Looking across the group gathered before her, she announced," My, ARE in for an adventure. I just hope you are PREPARED for this quest." She turned to the huge, ancient cypress tree, and began whispering softly. The scotties and their pals pushed forward, straining to hear what the Swamp Witch was saying.

She suddenly whirled around, and addressing the Bash group, she announced, "Step forward, adventurers, and place your paws onto the Legendary Great Cypress." Eagerly, the pups pushed forward, finding any open place around the huge tree to place their paws.

Bonnie Belle Mitchell and Piper Almandinger had just stepped up to a huge cypress knee and were about to put their paws onto the huge root, when Bonnie realized that she had left her credit card in the Humvee. "Come with me,'ll have to help me up into the truck to get it!" The two girls raced back across the yard toward the huge vehicle.

Meanwhile, at the Ancient Cypress, all paws had be placed onto the great tree. The Swamp Witch continued her dialogue with the tree, the volume of her voice gradually growing. The BASH pups could hear her words now, but were unable to understand their meaning.

"Through time we come, through time we go..... time is the ebb and to flow!!!!!!"

The giant cypress began to glow....a light from within began to shine from the branches, spreading a brilliant glow throughout the swamp. No one dared move, they were mesmerized.....their paws pressed firmly to the bark of the huge, glowing tree.

The Swamp Witch raised her voice with two final words, " Time MOVES!!"

The lightening flashed from the great tree, sending a blinding light exploded across the lawn.

Bonnie Belle and Piper raced back, the credit card held tightly in Bonnie's paws. They reached the tree, stopped in their tracks, and looked around in shock!!

Only the Swamp Witch was there, wiping her hands on her cloak. She looked up, surprise clearly written on her face! "You didn't follow the instructions!!" she said, then spread her arms wide to encompass the entire area around the tree.

" There's no one here, but ME!! They've GONE!!!!!"

Bonnie Belle and Piper stared in wide-eyed shock!!!! Their eyes searched desperately around the tree, looking for their many friends who had stood there only moments before. GONE!!!!!!!

Only the quiet of the swamp was heard as the wind blew gently through the branches of the Legendary Ancient Cypress.

Chapter 3
A BASH Across Time

The light had been blinding! The scotties and their pals felt the tree beneath their paws. They slowly opened their eyes, only to be forced to squint from the glare of the sun overhead. They gradually became accustomed to the blazing sun, and carefully began taking stock of their surroundings.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, my goodness!!" exclaimed Lucy Sheets and Sophie Donnelly, looking around in open-mouthed shock!

Bartholomew was the first to notice the change. "Uhhhhhhh, you guys may notice that we're not holding the CYPRESS tree any longer!!" They all stared up at the huge tree around which they were huddled.

A DATE PALM?????????

Duffy Tracey turned to Riley, and asked "Okay, Riley.....WHAT did you DO??"

"Yeah!!" exclaimed Angie Riches. "What'd ya WISH for, Riley???"

The BASH pups couldn't believe their eyes!!! They HAD been in a dank, dark, gloomy swamp clinging to a huge cypress tree. As they looked around, they saw nothing but, burning sand heated by the unforgiving sun overhead!!!

They looked up again at the date palm and were thankful to see that it grew at the edge of an oasis, along with several other palms. That was the only sign of life as far as the eye could see.

"RILEY!!!!!" Katie squealed. "DID YA??? Did ya, REALLY!?!?!???"

The BASH pups released their hold on the palm, sat down around the oasis, dipping their paws in the cool pool of the oasis. Bonnie Gamble repeated the question, "Okay, Riley......what'd ya WISH for??? Where in the blazes ARE we????"

Riley smiled as he leaned back against a nearby palm tree. He propped a rear paw against the trunk of the palm, then calmly announced, " I thought we'd enjoy a little fun in the SAND!!"

Bartholomew barked, "Yeah, but.....Riley.....there's nothing BUT sand!!!!"

The other pups giggled as they realized the truth of this statement. That's all there WAS........sand, and more sand!!!

Queen Saucy Megan asked the obvious question, "HOW did we get from a SWAMP to a DESERT???"

Katie stepped to the center of the group. "We were helped on our journey by Madame La Roux and her legendary Cypress tree. That tree is a time portal....and with her help, we have journeyed through time to reach Riley's destination. Riley, you'd better tell them!!!"

Riley stood up proudly and announced, "BASH pups, we are now sitting at an oasis in ancient EGYPT!!! We've traveled back in time over 4,000 years!!!!!"

Gasps of delight and squeals of excitement echoed across the oasis. Everyone began talking at once....all excited to find out what would happen next.

Stormy was sitting over by the oasis, trying to get her cellphone to work. Dunc strolled over and patted her on the arm. "M'dear, I don't think you're going to NEED that....not THIS time!!!!!"

She laughed when she realized her error.......then, dropping the useless piece of technology into the sand, she and Dunc walked over to the rest of the group to make plans for this unbelievable adventure.

Meanwhile, under a nearby palm, Honey Bear and Dom were hard pressed to keep the youngest wee ones together, as they had begun digging in earnest, trying to reach some imagined creature beneath the sand. Sand flew, young pups raced around digging wildly, as Dom and Honey Bear tried valiantly to keep the overactive youngsters together.

The BASH pups were in the midst of discussing which direction to begin walking when Mackenzie Quigley turned around and asked, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh, has anyone seen Bonnie Belle Mitchell and Piper Almandinger???"

They all one had seen the girls since the Cypress tree. Everyone began talking at once, trying to figure out what had happened to their two friends.

A shrill whistle split the air !!!!!!

Everyone turned toward the sound, and saw Ty and Dom pointing across the sand. "We've got COMPANY!!" Ty shouted. "And by the looks of that dust cloud, we've got a LOT of company!!!!"

The Guardian Brigade formed ranks at the front of the group of scotties and their friends. They stood shoulder to shoulder, braced for action.....the scotties right behind them, stiff-legged and rigid with excitement. The entire group watched in silence as the cloud of dust grew ever closer.

Lucky Laddy, with the fresh eyesight of youth, noticed it first. "Uh, what do you call those funny wagons with only two wheels?" he asked. "There are a LOT of those funny wagons heading straight for us!!"

"Chariots?!?!?!?!" Ms. Ashleigh squeaked. "We're being attacked by an army in chariots?!?!?!?!"

"WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" exclaimed Bartholomew, Pagan, and Hamish Mac'Beth Wilson in unison.


Chapter 4

Ben Riley Barfield was absolutely ecstatic!!! He hopped up and down gleefully, attracting a rather large audience. Wolfgang Yeager, Bear Powers, Bonnie Gamble, and Stuart Timm stood in a tight circle around Ben Riley, laughing at his antics. Brutus d'Ascenzo trotted up, saw Ben Riley bouncing up and down, and asked him what the excitement was all about.

Ben Riley stopped long enough to catch his breath and reply, "We're gonna SMITE somebody!!!"

Robbie McGillivray overheard this remark, and walked toward the group. His first comment was "......we're gonna WHAT???"

Ben Riley smiled proudly!!! "That's what they say on the Discovery Channel......every time they talk about ancient Egypt, someone is ALWAYS 'smiting' someone else!! I figure we may end up having to SMITE us someone....and it's gonna be those guys in those chariots out there!!!!"

Robbie rolled his eyes heavenward...." ohhhhh, we're REALLY in trouble THIS time" he thought to himself, then left Ben Riley to explain his version of "smiting" to his audience.

Robbie hurried over to join the Guardian Brigade that had formed at the far end of the oasis, preparing to face the approaching chariots. He joined Heather Tracey, Haley Devine, Dougan, and Floyd Johnson who were braced for action beside the Guardians. The tension was intense as they waited for the dust cloud to reach the oasis.

Katie peered into the distance and said,"HEY....there's one chariot out ahead of the others!!! He's looking BACK over his shoulder.....I think they're chasing HIM!!!!!"

The others squinted as they tried to see into the dust cloud. Gradually, the chariot drew close enough for them to realize that Katie was right....he was trying to outdistance the 15-20 chariots behind him.

The fleeing chariot soon reached the oasis and wheeled his chariot around as he pulled his magnificent team of Arabians to a stop near the group. He immediately began talking very excitedly, gesturing toward the fast approaching aggressors.

Ben Riley raced up. "Let me!!!! I can talk to him. I learned ancient Egyptian from the History Channel." The BASH gang stared open-mouthed as Ben Riley began hurriedly jabbering to the tall, well-garbed man in the chariot.

He almost immediately gasped......turned to look at the chariots, now very close.....and said, "Ohhhhhhhh, MY!!!!!!!"

Riley nudged Ben Riley in the side. "WHAT!!!!! WHAT!!!!! What'd he SAY??"

Ben Riley turned quickly to the group. "Our friend here is Amunrahopup.....the PHARAOH!!! He became separated from his chariot guard and their enemy, the army of the Apophis serpent, is trying to capture him to gain control of the throne!!!!!! He has asked that we place ourselves between him and the approaching foe! We are to hold them off until his chariots arrive!"

Ty had listened closely to the conversation, and quickly added "you'd better decide NOW. We've got company!!!"

The scotties and their Guardians acted instinctively. The Guardians raced to the front to slow the onslaught of the racing chariots. Dom, Honey Bear, Gracie, and KayCee leaped forward toward the closest horses as the enemy chariots raced into the oasis. The horses reared in terror as the huge guardians darted in and out, barking and snapping. The scotties joined the fray, adding their voices to the bedlam. The enemy charioteers, unaccustomed to fighting terriers, were shocked to find themselves being attacked around the feet and toes by the very SMALLEST of the terriers.

Honey Bear and Gracie desperately tried to round up their wee pups and take them to safety, as Ty and Reggie, a handsome golden, leaped forward to protect the youngest warriors. Everywhere, there was noise, barking, horses neighing in fear, men shouting....and always the dust.

Honey Bear finally managed to grab all the little ones, and was moving toward the safety of the trees, when she saw them approacing.

With her great malamute voice, she shouted, "We have MORE chariots, coming FAST!!!!!!!"

Katie turned toward the new threat and bared her teeth. Webber and Riley stood on either side of her, as they braced for the second assault.

"Okay, friends." "It's TERRIER time!!!!!" she announced. It was only then that she noticed that the chariots coming over the dunes THIS time were numbering in the HUNDREDS!!!

"Uh Ohhhh!!!" Riley thought to himself. Then, with fierce resolve, his tail rigid, he feet wide apart, he and his friends prepared to meet their destiny.

Chapter 5
The Financiers

The Guardian Brigade and their beloved terrier continued battling the army of the Apophis serpent, knowing that more were about to arrive. There was no regret...only that terrier determination.

Gracie Cross, Miss Abby J, Simon and Turtle, Alexander Bradberry, and Hoagy Devine stood shoulder to shoulder as they dealt with an enemy charioteer. They were quite proud of themselves when the chariot suddenly wheeled around and began fleeing the oasis.

Looking around, they quickly saw that the army of the Apophis serpent WAS, indeed, running away!!!

Loud cheers and arrrrroooooo's broke out around the oasis. It was Midget who pointed out the true reason for the retreat. Gesturing toward the new army of chariots just entering the oasis, she pointed out the fact that THEIR chariots were decorated with the SAME insignia as their oasis guest, the pharaoh Amunrahopup!!!! It was HIS army, coming to rescue him!!!

A loud discussion quickly began, with most of the terriers INSISTING that the Apophis serpent horde had left because of the TERRIER threat, and NOT because of a FEW piddling chariots!!!

The Pharaoh's chariots raced into the oasis. A high-ranking charioteer quickly located the Pharaoh and hurried to his side. An intense discussion began between the two men.

The terriers stood back, allowing the Pharaoh his privacy to discuss matters with his officer. Prince Maxxie pointed out to the group, "Don't know why we've backed UP to give them privacy. IT's not like we KNOW what they're saying!!!!!"

Everyone laughed, realizing the truth of Maxxie's words. And Ben Riley was not quite interested in interpreting the conversation just now. He and Angie Riches were trying to drive one of the abandoned chariots left by the Apophis serpent army.

The BASH bunch was enjoying the show. Angie had the horses in full gallop, racing around the oasis. The chariot bounced along, tipping precariously as she turned sharply to avoid first one palm, then another.

The blinding light startled everyone. Angie and Ben Riley lost control of the chariot when the horses bolted. The chariot slammed into a date palm, throwing the two terriers into the nearby pool. The BASH bunch quickly turned toward the light, and saw Bonnie Belle Mitchell and Piper Almandinger trotting up. Both girls were dragging HUGE wheelbarrows LOADED down with gold bullion.

The BASH bunch raced toward the two girls, everyone talking at once. Bonnie Belle held up her paw for silence. The entire group immediately quieted, eager to hear their story.

Bonnie Belle began, "Well, Piper and I had gone back to the Humvee for my credit card. We saw a huge flash of light, and when we got back to the cypress tree, you all were GONE!!! Madame La Roux told us where y'all had gone and said she could send us, too. But, she DID think you guys MIGHT need this!!!!!!!"

Bonnie and Piper stepped aside, and spread their paws dramatically, to reveal two HUGE wheelbarrows, heavily laden with gold bullion.

Gasps of awe were heard from the group as they gazed at the gold shining in the sunlight.

Piper continued, "We drove the Humvee into New Orleans, used Bonnie Belle's credit card to get a SMALL cash GOLD, of course. Our Mams and Dads would be proud of us!! We knew plastic wouldn't work, and paper currency would be useless, so we brought GOLD!! We knew you guys would need some SPENDING money......otherwise, you would all have had to get JOBS to pay your way!!"

Everyone cheered wildly, and began clapping Bonnie Belle and Piper on the back, thanking them for their brilliant planning!!!

Ben Riley trotted over to the group and announced that Amunrahopup wanted to address the entire group. The terriers eagerly gathered around the Pharaoh to hear his words. Katie and Lucy Sheets were giving Bonnie Belle and Piper a brief summary of the adventure they'd missed, as they all gathered around the Pharaoh.

Amunrahopup stood on the back of his chariot, raised his arms high, and began speaking."!!!"

Shocked, the BASH bunch cheered wildly!!! Ben Riley had taught Amunrahopup enough English to make himself understood by the wee adventurers!!!!

Amunrahopup smiled at the group and continued, "You are a brave tribe. You have protected my kingdom from ruin. We will now go to my palace, so that we may honor you for your brave service."

The Pharaoh gestured to his charioteers. Each man stepped down, and gently took the paw of the BASH pup nearest him. They all began loading the terriers into the chariots.

As the last terrier scrambled eagerly into his waiting transportation, Amunrahopup raised his arms again, speaking loudly, " Onward to the Palace of the Sun!!"

Immediately, the chariots wheeled around and raced out across the dunes, westward toward the setting sun.

In the shadowy dusk, the oasis could almost be heard breathing a soft sigh of relief as the peace and quiet returned to that lonely garden.

Chapter 6
The Palace of the Sun

The trip across the desert was not dull at all, not for the BASH gang. Their first chariot ride was exciting, exhilarating, and provided wonderful entertainment for the terriers. It also showed the extreme level of patience being exhibited by the charioteers.

Zoe and Dougan had crowded into a chariot with Cassie and Stuart Timm, Abby and Melly Sagadin, Chelsea Brown, and Angus d'Ascenzo. They were all perched on the top brace of the chariot, balancing precariously. They squealed gleefully as the wind raced through their whiskers, plastering their ears and fur to their heads, giving them the appearance of Anubis rather than terriers. Abby Sagadin turned her head to ask the driver to increase the speed of the chariot, and almost managed to fall forward under the thundering hooves of the horses. The wind had whipped her beard into her eyes, blinding her, cauing her to lose her balance. Only the quick reflexes of Angus d'Ascenzo saved her as he grasped one of her rear paws and dragged her back into the chariot.

Turning, Abby thanked Angus with a quick kiss on his furry cheek. The others teased both of them unmercifully. But the thrill of the ride soon drew their attention back to the ride, and the entire group returned to their dangerous perch on the top of the chariot railing.

Mac Tracey was pushing Barney Powers toward the driver of their chariot, daring him to take control of the reins and drive the chariot himself! Maggie Reyner, Nuggy Cross, and Spencer Goetz enthusiastically endorsed the idea, along with Campbell Donnelly, who had the ends of the reins in his teeth, pulling fiercely. The poor charioteer was hard pressed to maintain control of the reins. The terriers in his chariot had the ends of the reins in their mouths, had braced their feet, and were growling deep in their throats as they tugged on the reins. The chariot careened dangerously as the team of horses veered first one direction, then another, weaving crazily across the desert.

Bonnie Belle and Piper made certain that THEIR chariot drove carefully, making sure that their huge cache of gold bullion would arrive safely at the palace. Bonnie perched atop the huge mound of bullion, patting her paw possessively on first one gold bar, then another.

The procession reached the Palace of the Sun, none too soon for the charioteers. The poor, harried drivers staggered off the chariots ahead of their passengers, wiped their foreheads with relief for surviving such an insane experience.

Amunrahopup climbed to the top step of the palace and turned to address the huge crowd that had gathered for his arrival. He spoke first to his people, in the language of his ancestors. As he spoke, the crowd turned to stare curiously at the Pharaoh's unusual guests.

Bucky nudged Lucy Sheets in the ribs as she blew kisses to the Egyptians as they stared at her and her friends. "Behave yourself!!" Bucky warned. Lucy smiled sweetly at Bucky as she replied,"Well, of COURSE, brother dear, of COURSE!!" Then she, Maggie Nuckles, Petunia Jirik, Heidi Delli Carpini, Scarlett Barfield, Megan Bruce, and Midget Wion began posing, preening, and batting their eyelashes and winking at the handsome foreigners.

Bucky groaned as he watched the girls flirting with the unknowing victims of their attentions. He watched as they first flirted, then fell over giggling loudly at the reactions of the surprised Egyptians.

Ben Riley Barfield stood in the center of the BASH bunch, translating the Pharaoh's words. "He is telling everyone of our bravery, of how we saved his bacon...MY words, not his!!" Ben Riley laughed at his paraphrased translation.

Ben Riley finished by saying, "He says we are his guests....that our EVERY wish is to be granted immediately...we are to be treated as DIVINE beings!!"

Bobbi King, Bartholomew, Connor Bruce, Bailey Doud, Bran Burks, Webber Riches, Mandi Reyner, and Stewart Almandinger broke into wide grins. Bartholomew immediately pulled a notebook from his pocket, and the group quickly began making their "wish list". As they reached the FIFTH page of wishes, Bailey laughed loudly. "That Pharaoh doesn't have a CLUE what he just started!!!!!!"

Roaring with laughter, they joined their friends as they followed Amunrahopup up the steps into the Palace of the Sun.

One BASH partier paid no attention as the dark tile at the corner of the step began moving and slithering. The furry paw paid no notice as the cobra reared its head and spread its hood, preparing to deal a death blow to his chosen victim.

Chapter 7
The Divine Ones

Casey Doodle Grieco was enthralled by the sheer size of the palace as she climbed the steps. She gazed upward at the stonework, the sun glistening on the gold that adorned every available surface.

"Casey!! FREEZE!!!" Ty and Honey Bear barked in unison. Casey, though shocked, knew enough to pay heed to the Guardian Brigade when they used THAT tone of bark. She froze in mid stride, her paw hovering in mid-air.

Ty stood just to the side of the cobra, moving just enough to keep the cobra's attention. The cobra's focus changed from the smaller victim to the new target, a much larger choice. Honey Bear wheeled around behind Casey Doodle, and with her huge jaws, jerked the wee one off the ground and back out of harm's way. At the same moment, Dom lunged forward. He grabbed the cobra just behind the head, and began shaking it fiercely.

The BASH bunch raced over, concern for Casey and their beloved Guardians visible on their faces. Honey Bear deposited Casey safely on the wide tiled veranda near the palace entrance. Casey Doodle was immediately surrounded by the BASH friends, eager to hear what had happened.

Taking a deep breath, Casey Doodle looked up at the huge malamute. "Thank YOU!!" Casey whispered to Honey Bear, then turned and began explaining about the cobra. "It was HUGE!! It stretched up at least FIVE feet in the air, and his mouth had fangs that were 2 feet long, and they were pointed at my throat, and I could have handled that snake by myself, but I wanted Honey Bear to feel useful so I let HER take me by the scruff of the neck and snatch me out of the way of that snake."

Casey looked up at Honey Bear and blushed. Honey Bear just smiled and walked off to check on Dom and Ty. Casey continued receiving the accolades of the BASH bunch.....Casey was a HERO!!

After the excitement settled, the group continued into the palace. The pups gazed in awe at the splendor of their surroundings. Everywhere was polished stone, glistening with gold leaf, and elaborate colors. Sheer, gauzy fabrics fluttered gently in the breeze between the huge columns that supported the immense roof overhead.

A servant led them down several hallways, through beautifully manicured gardens, and across exquisite courtyards. Entering a distant wing of the palace, the servant spoke quickly to Ben Riley Barfield, then turned and left.

The terriers stared around in amazement. The rooms were breathtaking....wide verandas lined by great, towering columns. The openness allowed the breezes to flow through, yet shaded them from the glaring sun. Soft, sheer fabrics provided a fluttering screen from the insects, providing a magical quality to the rooms. The walls were finely decorated with brightly colored hieroglyphs and scenes of Egyptian life. Gold adorned the tops of the columns, and shimmered in the torchlight. Pillows lined the chaise lounges and chairs that sat around the room, providing comfort and luxury.

Ben Riley turned to his friends and explained,"This wing of the palace belongs to the Pharaoh's son. He's off on a military campaign. We are to think of this as our home. There are servants ready to see to our every wish."

Katie spread her paws wide and announced, "Okay, BASH pals, it looks like we're HOME!!! Let's enjoy ourselves!!"

Polly Riches, Annie Laurie, Wee Baxter, Bailey, Lucky Laddie, and Brutus d'Ascenzo took the statement literally and headed straight for the huge, tufted pillows.

"WOOBIES!!!!" Polly exclaimed, grasping a silken pillow in her jaws and shaking furiously.

Not to be outdone, Brutus, Emmitt Bad Boy, and Wee Baxter tried to claim Polly's pillow. The terriers soon had "woobie stuffing" strewn all across the floor. That was too much lure for the other BASH guests.

Pillows soon began flying, as terriers jerked and shook, chewed and tugged. The unfortunate pillows had no chance, they were stripped and chewed, shredded and torn. The pillow stuffings wafted in the air as the pillow fight began in earnest.

Meaghan Barfield, Bailey May Mulcahey,Robbie McGillivray, and Abby Gamble were having a glorious time, racing around the room, kicking up pillow stuffing behind them. Agnes Donnelly joined the frap session, and the three created a blizzard effect as the flying stuffing whirled under their paws.

Ali Riches, Ace Graves, and G.G. Inky sat in a breezy niche on a luxurious chaise lounge, watching the Wild Child Gang do what they were famous for, creating havoc whereever they went.

Ali grumbled under his breath, "Huge waste of energy, if you ask ME!"

Ali, Ace, and G.G. Inky then turned their attentions to the heiroglyphs on the wall, happily trying to interpret their meanings.

Across the room, Dom, KayCee, and Ty were trying to calm Reggie, the newest Guardian member.

"Now, just sit down and relax. They'll wear down in a while. It's just best to let them blow off steam. It's either this.....or WE have to play with them!!! Let them play with the PILLOWS!!" Ty said. "We just make sure they don't KILL themselves during these shenanigans of theirs!!"

Reggie gazed around the room, watching Katie, Karey, and Burberry d'Ascenzo swinging on the delicate flowing fabric that hung from the ceiling. He turned back and said, "Yeah, but.........."

Honey Bear laughed. "This is CALM!!!! You should have BEEN with us the time that these terriers......"

The Guardians began regaling Reggie with tales of past BASH adventures, sharing stories of bravery and terrier excitement. Reggie's eyes widened at each tale, his mouth hanging open in shock.

"And they have a WCManual with INSTRUCTIONS for this???" Reggie asked, shaking his head in wonder.

Gracie smiled, spitting out a tuft of pillow stuffing that had floated into her mouth,"ohhhhhh, you have a LOT to learn!!"

The Guardians dodged pillows, picked pillow stuffing out of their fur, as they gave Reggie an introductory course in BASH adventuring.

And all around the huge Guardians, scottie bedlam reigned.

Chapter 8
The Royal Barge

The scotties had finally tired of their palace redecorating, had found comfortable cushions, and were all peacefully sleeping when the Pharaoh's vizier entered the scotties' quarters.

As his eyes took in the carnage of the Prince's chambers, he gasped in shock. He felt weak and braced himself against a nearby column to regain his composure. How would he explain to Amunrahopup? What would he say?

Quietly, the vizier slipped out, closing the door softly behind him. He hurried to the Pharaoh's quarters, and begged entrance. He was brought into the Pharaoh's presence, and after a deep bow, he hesitatingly began describing the scene he had just witnessed in the Prince's Royal Chambers.

Amunrahopup frowned upon hearing of the damage to the Prince's wing of the palace. "But, I owe them my life. I can not retract the hospitality I have offered them. I must honor my pledge."

Then, with a smile he added, "We will just have to take a sight-seeing trip. Yes, as Lord of the Two Lands, I must show them my kingdom!!"

He quickly gave instructions to the vizier, then sat back and smiled, pleased with his wise plan.

The vizier hurried through the palace, gave instructions to the staff to prepare for the Pharaoh's immediate departure, and ordered the Royal Barge to be made ready for an extended trip.

He paused then, not quite ready to face the devastation of the Royal Chambers. With a final sigh, he proceeded to complete his mission.

The vizier threw open the doors to the Prince's Royal Chambers, startling the sleeping terriers. They sat up, rubbed their eyes, and tried to locate the source of their interrupted sleep.

Riley was the first to realize that this man was at the right hand of the Pharaoh, and was probably here at the command of Amunrahopup. He stepped forward, offered his paw to the vizier, and introduced himself.

The vizier smiled tightly, trying to ignore the pillow stuffing that wafted around his feet, and the shredded draperies that waved beside him. He looked from Riley to the other terriers and announced loudly, " The Lord of the Two Lands wishes your presence on the Royal Barge. He chooses to share the beauty of his kingdom with you. His Royal Personage awaits you on the Barge. If you will come with me, please. We must not keep the Lord of the Two Lands waiting."

The terriers scrambled to their feet. A Field Trip!!!!! They were going sight-seeing on the Pharaoh's Royal Barge!! Chatting excitedly, the terriers quickly grabbed their belongings, and hurried along behind the vizier. Bonnie Belle and Piper were hard-pressed to keep up with the others, being slowed down by the extreme weight of their wheelbarrows full of gold bullion. Heather Sue Devine and Darby Yeager hurried back to help the girls push their heavy loads.

The vizier quickly ushered the BASH bunch to the banks of the Nile, and were surprised to see Amunrahopup already aboard the Royal Barge. He sat on the throne that was located at the rear of the Barge, on a high dias. When he saw the terriers, he motioned them aboard with a wave of his hand.

At the same time, he gave orders for the Royal Barge to get underway. The terriers, surprised at the speed with which events were happening and not wanting to be left behind, scurried aboard the floating palace.

As the Royal Barge pushed away from shore, the terriers settled in for a leisurely trip down the Nile. They chatted quietly among themselves. It was Maggie Johnson who finally realized what was happening.

"Sure looks like the Pharaoh wants us OUT of his palace. Wonder if he took exception to our decorating talents?" She smiled as she added, "Yep, he's sure working fast. He 's getting us OUTA DODGE!!"

The terriers laughed as they realized that she was right. The Pharaoh had apparently figured that they would cause LESS damage on WATER!!! They decided not to tell Amunrahopup about Riley's legendary water cannon. It was just a lucky thing that they hadn't brought THAT with them this time!

Katie was chatting quietly with Webber, Darby, Stormy Kubicek, Terra Belle Warner, Sassy Burks, and Hamish MacBeth Wilson. Sassy glanced back toward the raised dias where the Pharaoh lounged under the delicate awning that shaded him from the intense sun. She stopped and stared. Turning quickly to her friends, she said simply, "LOOK!!"

She pointed toward Amunrahopup's shaded dias. The Pharaoh was totally relaxed as he reclined in the cool shade, being fanned delicately by a servant who stood quietly to one side. Seated next to Amunrahopup, on smaller lounges were Ziggy Riches, Gypsy Rose Kitty, Harvy 'c@t' Barfield, Ace Graves, G.G. Inky, Dunc McGillivray, Ali Riches, and the 3 month old collie pup, Jake. They were all chatting happily with the Lord of the Two Lands. Ziggy said something that amused the Pharaoh, who threw his head back and laughed loudly.

"Ohhhh, my!" Katie exclaimed. "They are keeping VERY good company!!" She smiled as she watched the group entertain the great Pharaoh.

The hours passed lazily as the terriers relaxed on the chaise lounges aboard the Royal Barge. They watched the beauty of Egypt glide quietly by as the barge continued its leisurely trip down the mystical Nile River.

Chapter 9
The Scottie Legacy

The early morning sunrise found the terriers curled luxuriously in their lounge chairs, sleeping soundly. As the barge gently bumped the bank of the Nile, the scotties awoke. Mooring ropes quickly secured the Royal Barge to the bank of the river,ramps were lowered, and servants quickly set up an enormous tent on a nearby dune.

The BASH bunch arose, stretched their muscles, and gathered their belongings. The vizier motioned for them to follow as he quickly walked down the ramp toward the tent. The terriers eagerly followed the vizier to the brightly colored tent.

Arriving at the top of the dune, they were amazed to see the construction going on in the distance. Amunrahopup had commissioned the building of an enormous pyramid on the plains beyond the river. His engineers were gathered around a table at the edge of the tent, as they explained their progress to the Pharaoh.

The BASH terriers understood the meaning of the Pharaoh's pyramid, as they watched the construction going on in the distance. Amunrahopup wanted his name to be remembered for all eternity, he wanted to leave his mark on history.

Riley, Emmitt, and Bucky looked at each other, an excited gleam in their conniving little eyes. Together, they trotted over to Bonnie Belle, who had parked her wheelbarrow under a corner of the tent. She was perched on top of the huge mound of gold bullion, and was watching the activity around her as she casually tapped her paw on first one gold bar then another.

Riley and his cohorts quickly began a secretive discussion with Bonnie Belle. She gasped audibly as they explained their idea, then smiled broadly as the boys finally convinced her to support their plan. The newly formed Legacy Planning Committee quickly gathered the entire BASH bunch together at the far end of the dune.

Quietly, they explained their plan to their shocked friends. Wild cheering broke out as the group eagerly approved the brilliant plan of the Legacy Plannng Commission.

They all helped Bonnie Belle wheel her load of gold down the dunes to the workers below. A quick conference with the curious pyramid workers soon had the entire workforce following the scotties away from the pyramid to a flat, level area nearby.

Riley, Emmitt, and Bartholomew quickly began issuing orders to the workers. Duffy Barfield directed the workers to begin the base, making certain that the dimensions were correct and that all was ready for the next phase.

Molly Reyner and Bucky Powers eagerly handed out gold bars to the workers, who hurried to do the terriers' bidding. Ms. Ashleigh was helping Miss Gingerina Velez as they directed the building of the second level of the fast-growing masterpiece. Sofy Bradbury and Floyd Johnson were overseeing the huge pile of limestone blocks, ordering them readied and moved for quick access to the new monument.

Everywhere, there was frenzied activity. The construction of the pyramid for the Pharaoh's trip to eternity had come to a complete halt. The activity had shifted to the nearby plain, where an enormous limestone monument grew out of the sand, as if by magic.

The Pharaoh's vizier hurried over to Riley and the Legacy Planning Commission, a furious expression clearly written on his face. Riley smiled at the vizier's intense frown and calmly patted the man on the arm. Riley stepped back and motioned to Bonnie Belle. She smiled broadly as she sashayed over, a gold bar balanced in each paw. She boldly looked into the vizier's eyes and with a knowing wink, she placed the two bars into the shocked vizier's hands. "We'll only need your workers for the day," she said softly. "This should take care of any inconvenience we may have caused the Lord of the Two Lands."

The vizier quickly clamped his mouth shut as he realized the profit to be realized from this deal with these terriers. He nodded in agreement, then hurried back to the Pharaoh's tent. He eagerly placed the two gold bars on the table in front of Amunrahopup, and quickly explained the deal he had reached with the terrier guests. Amunrahopup smiled broadly as he praised his vizier's plan. Together, they sat in the shade, curiously watching the terriers' rapidly growing monument.

The day passed quickly. The BASH bunch worked with frenzied speed. Everyone was busy, everyone was desperately needed to see that this was accomplished before the Egyptian sun dropped beyond the dunes. There was exhaustion on their faces, and weariness in their steps, but there was no complaint. There was a unity of spirit, a goal to be attained, and the terriers WOULD see this goal reached before they left the Land of the Nile.

As the last rays of the sun finally sank in the west, the last block of limestone was carefully moved into place. The terriers stepped back and gazed with pride at their gift to the Lord of the Two Lands. They had left their mark on history, they had left a scottie legacy for the ancient world.

Amunrahopup walked over to the group of terriers gathered at the base of the huge monument. He patted first one terrier, then another, on the back as he praised them on their ingenuius monument.

"We will treasure this always and remember our friends from beyond the river," Amunrahopup began. "We will be the caretakers of this beautiful monument. Fear not, it will last for all eternity. It is your legacy to the future."

Smiling proudly, the terriers nodded in agreement. They HAD left a scottie legacy for the world......they WOULD be remembered for all eternity.

Exhausted but happy, the terriers returned to the Royal Barge. They had arranged to be taken upriver to a waiting caravan who would return them to their magical oasis.

As the last BASH partier boarded the barge, Katie waved farewell to the Pharaoh who remained seated in his tent overlooking his beloved pyramid. He returned the wave and smiled. He had enjoyed their company, had been greatly appreciative of their help with his rescue. He now turned his attention to his pyramid. He looked down at the two gold bars on the table before him. "This just MIGHT cover the repair cost of the Prince's rooms," he thought to himself. He smiled again as he remembered the recent days. It had not been dull.

The Royal Barge pulled away from the bank and began its journey upriver. Katie turned to the BASH bunch and said simply, "Well, friends, I think we've left our pawprints on History. Let's go HOME!!"

The Barge continued its journey into the night, the river lulling the exhausted terriers to sleep in the comfort of their chaise lounges.

Chapter 10
Time Moves On

The Royal Barge reached Luxor the following morning, and the scotties quickly scrambled to shore, eager to return to the oasis and their own time.

Hurriedly, they searched the crowded marketplace for the caravan that was to take them through the desert to the oasis. The caravan leader waved as he saw the terriers approach, and spread his arms wide to show the long line of camels kneeling in the sand.

The terriers smiled broadly at the thought of this new adventure. They smiled wickedly at each other. They looked forward to at least ONE camel race as they headed back across the long, lonely desert.

The caravan was soon loaded, and the camels rose from the sand, almost dumping several scotties into the sand as the camels reached their feet. The trek across the desert was livened by more than one camel contest, usually begun by one of the youngest terriers, eager to prove their independence.

The hours dragged on as the camels loped across the desert. The terriers occasionally dozed, lulled by the swaying movement of their transportation.

The caravan leader's voice was heard down the length of the caravan.....the oasis was in sight. The terriers perked up, their eyes peering into the distance, trying to be the first to see the date palms that signaled the oasis and home.

It didn't take long for the caravan to reach the cool shade of the oasis. The camels dropped to the ground eagerly, happy to be rid of the squirming, wiggling passengers. The terriers thanked the caravan leader for his hospitality, then they all sprinted across the oasis to the date palm sitting alone on the far side of the pool.

Katie called the group to her, and asked the Guardian Brigade to check the roll. Heads were counted, everyone was present and ready for travel. Katie pulled a sheet of paper from her pocket and after reading the instructions from Madame La Roux, she turned to the group.

"Okay, BASH pups, we've left our mark on history. We've celebrated Riley's birthday in a most unusual fashion, and now we return home. Madame La Roux has left instructions. They must be followed exactly." Turning to Bonnie Belle and Piper, Katie added, "And ALLLLLLL paws must remain on the trunk of the palm. NO EXCEPTIONS! We ALL go or we ALL remain here, FOREVER!!"

Everyone nodded in understanding, and after making certain that the Guardian Brigade had the youngest wee ones secured and safe, Katie began. Everyone placed their paws onto the trunk of the date palm. Kate began whispering the words from Madame La Roux. The date palm began to tremble, then shake violently.

Just as the terriers were beginning to doubt the success of this effort, the tree gave one final groan. The now-familiar lightening was a welcome sight, as the entire group felt the light surround them, taking them back through time, toward their own homes and families.

As the light began to fade, the scotties found themselves once again around the great cypress tree in Madame La Roux's garden. Cheering wildly, they hugged and thanked the wise old woman who had waited patiently by the cypress for their return. Smiling, she told them that their journey through history had been noted in the annals of time.

"Your journey has made a difference," she said. "Always, Make a Difference!"

The BASH bunch agreed, then raced eagerly for the huge Humvee, still parked under the branches of a great oak. Scrambling into the vehicle, they waved one last time to the Swamp Witch, as the Humvee bounced across the rutted road back toward the swamp.

The trip back through the swamp didn't seem to take as long as it had before. The terriers soon found themselves approaching the flightline of the airport. They smiled happily at seeing their beloved ScotCorde, parked near the end of the flightline, the stairs welcoming and beckoning.

Captain Scotty stood in the doorway of Sleek One and waved as the Humvee came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs. His beloved terriers smiled happily and greeted him warmly as they scampered up the stairs into the huge jet.

Settling themselves into the first available seat, they readied themselves for their flight home.

Katie and Riley stood on the tarmac beside the Humvee and waved farewell to their friends. As Captain Scotty turned to close the door of the jet, Katie caught a glimpse of a pendant hanging around the Captain's neck. Was it her imagination?? Could it be?? How could their Captain have THAT pendant around his neck....the sacred ANKH of the ancient Egyptians???

The Captain turned back, and seeing Katie's look of recognition, he smiled knowingly. With a bold salute, he waved farewell to Katie and Riley, then closed the door. Within minutes, the sleek jet had taxied to the end of the runway, then sped forward as it raced toward the sky.

Katie knew that in a very short while, everyone would be back home again, each in their own homes, in the loving arms of their own Mams and Dads. As she and Riley turned to head to the warm love of their own home, Katie thought again to the pendant around his neck.

That WOULD have to be explored further........perhaps for another day. This BASH was at an end. She patted Riley gently on the paw.

"Happy Birthday, Rileyman!!" she said fondly. "Let's go see Mam!!"

Together, they walked paw in paw. It was time to go home.




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