Well.... for ONCE in my life, I'm rendered SPEECHLESS!

Each year, many of us 'Scottie Mams and Dads' exchange scottie Christmas gifts. The thrill is in the opening of the treasured gifts...always wondrous things, always scottie, always exciting.

My gift arrived today... ohhhh, joy!! How exciting!

The first thing I did was to see who my benefactor was.... The person responsible for this excitement is KATHY GILMORE!!!!!!

We were all curious...Katie had her head down IN the box as I tried to delicately unwrap the mysterious package from its careful wrappings.

I pulled out the most EXQUISITE artwork!!!!!!! It's KATIE and RILEY!!!

I was absolutely speechless...truly and totally beside myself with glee!!!

This original artwork will take a special place of honor on my wall, and will forever immortalize my two wild ones.

Thank you, Kathy!!!!!!!!

This exquisite artwork will be treasured for all time!!!

A close-up of this beautiful gift!!!

Kathy Gilmore, you honestly 'blew me away'!!!

The original photo!!!

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