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Artwork the property of:
Karen Donnelly, ARTIST & HUMORIST

Scarlett Makes a Trip to PetCo....
Ruth's Adorable Baby Girl!

Scarlett travels in STYLE..
"Okay, Mam....up here, we're gonna take a RIGHT...."

Scarlett takes a break from
her 'head SCOUT' duties.....
deciding to ENJOY the scenery!
SURELY, she's the CUTEST buggy ornament we've ever SEEN!

Mary Duffey introduces....


A Keipat Scottie lass...

SIRE: CH. Keipats Wildcard
DAM: CH. Keipats DancingAfterMidnite

Mary reports: "Gaira is a darling...a spitfire, for sure...but love her to pieces!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gaira is a littermate sister to BayouScotties' EVANGELINE!

Susan Riches introduces....



This beautiful 4 month old brindle lad
has found the 'good life' in the Colorado Rockies.

Ohhhhhhh, that boy's going to have Susan wrapped FIRMLY
around that wee brindle paw of his!!!

Susan Riches' CRUISE JOURNAL....
a Visit with CyberScotters Karen & Finn Mathisen !

A CS visit in OSLO....

Susan, Karen, & Finn in front of Susan's ship, the Maasdam
Susan, with Karen & Finn Mathisen, greeting at the dock in Oslo.
Susan's cruise liner, the Maasdam, provides an impressive backdrop!

Susan and Karen
Susan and Karen...
heading off to see the sights and taste the cuisine of Oslo!

Karen & Susan
Karen reports:
" We went for coffee and waffles and Norwegian Goat Cheese:-) and she liked it!!"

Susan, Karen, & Finn in front of Susan's ship, the Maasdam
Finn is having a GOOD time visiting a world-traveling CS'er!

Viking Ship Museum
Magnificent Viking ship in the VIKING SHIP MUSEUM

CLICK here to visit the VIKING SHIP MUSEUM

Roxanne Huckstep introduces....

Shofarr's Caledonian Belle

Our Scottish Southern Belle was bred by Seon Farris of Shoffar
Scottish Terriers in Madison AL. Her father is CH Charthill Commander in Chief.
Her mother is HIQ's Blonde Ambition. She was born 30 December 2009.
She has a black face, red brindle body and silver brindle tail.

Truman has been the bestest big brother ever. He dutifully allows her to lick
his beard, eyes, ears and even his feet. He lets her chase him around, showing
her how to frap. He gave her his great honor, sharing his beloved "fluffy" bed.
The only harsh word came when Callie decided to check out his food bowl instead of hers.
He has on a few occasions given us the "when is she leaving look" but then lets her start
all over with her attentions.

Callie clacks her teeth if she is not getting the attention she thinks she deserves.
Her toys are not going to last long based on her first purple loofa dog.
Thankfully the tuffy fish is proving stronger.

"Draco says BOOOOO!"

Draco in his Halloween mask!
Tracey Edwards' 8 month old OES lad, Draco, gets into the HALLOWEEN spirit!

Mam Tracey reports: "30 seconds after I snapped this shot, he was scraping the mask off!"

It's not the QUANTITY of costume time....but the QUALITY!! hehe
And, he's an ADORABLE "devil"!!!

Janet Noble PROUDLY announces....
BEST of OPPOSITE Sex, Specialty !!!

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Absolut vom Adeligen CD, RE, HSAsd, HIAs, BH, AD


Columbia River Rottweiler Club Specialty... June 28, 2009
Judge was Dr. Carmen Battaglia.
"He is also doing written critiques; can hardly wait until they come!
BISS was a SUPER nice male I had not seen before..."

Janet reports:
"What was even better is that 6 days before that show,
she was setting sheep for a herding trial.
I washed the green sheep poop off of her before the show...
(she thinks she can herd better if she smells like poop so she rolls in it!)...
I am sure green is a disqualifying color!"

Tracey & Charles Edwards' new pup!

SOMEWHERE in this adorable litter
is their new OES lad!

OES group pic
Old English Sheepdog pups- FAMILY PHOTO!

OES group pic
Tracey and Charles will pick up their baby boy THIS SATURDAY!

HiQ Scotties' New Litters

Bruce-Reba pups
Ch HIQ's Bruce Almighty and Ch Mistyglen HIQ Tale Of Liberty
Bruce & Reba's litter at 1 week.....

Sire - Austin , Dam - Harley
Austin-Harley pups

Austin-Harley pups
Nancy Schaus reports that Scottie attitude
is ALREADY beginning to appear, with these 3 day olds!!

Faye's 'Car Scottie Art'!

Scottie Car Decal
Faye Chapman proudly displays her Scotties...
on her VEHICLE!!

Faye reports:
"I love "My Boys", Spike & Logan Chapman so much that
I had their picture put on the back of my SUV rear window.
Logan (Wheaton) is doing his best to copy Gene Simmons of KISS.
Notice the tongue.

I just had to show off "My Boys".

Susan Riches' Holiday Visitor!

deer visitor
Susan lives IN the city, in Durango....
yet seems to have MORE than her fair share of visiting wildlife!
Today, it was THIS handsome fella!

Susan reports:
"Not exactly scottie, but a reason why my kids can not go out right now....
a neighbor has come to call....
(and the dogs want to get out, out, out!!!)

Deer - NOT a zoom lens.....actual distance from HOUSE!!
Susan emphasizes the fact that THISSSSSSS photo
This big guy is THIS close to her DOOR!!!

Susan adds:
I can't get Sunny and Webber out for their "walk" since
they want to chase this guy who is showing signs of spending
the night bedded down next to my house.
Two frantic scotties on leash and me standing on ice!!!
Not even Yak tracs will help!!!
And he won't run.... he just stands there looking at me ....
this one is taken without benefit of telephoto...

Susan Riches' PHOTO FUN!

Susan's Durango Gang BEFORE...
Trying to get a Christmas card Photo...

Susan TRIED to get a 'family photo' of her Durango 3+1 gang,
BUTTTTTT 'certain' subjects simply refused to cooperate!

SOOOO far, photo looks like a BEAUTY!! PERFECT angle....
ALLLLLLLLL furry faces pointed the same direction!
Looks like a KEEPER............

UNTIL the FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!

AFTER the Flash!

Sunny heads for HIGH GROUND!

NOTE Angie's reaction -- WHAT'RE ya doing up THERE???

Gina Smith & the QUILT

24 hour SECURITY Patrol!


Linda Tubbs Bell and I TRIED...
but there was just NOOOOO chance to swipe the QUILT!
Gina even GUARDED the QUILT on Scottie 'POTTY BREAKS'!
Surrounded by lots and lots of Scotties & their parents,
Gina even carried the QUILT under her arm while her SCOTTIES
took their potty stops!!!
Linda and I didn't have a CHANCE!!!!!


Bonni !!
Marlene's new NZ baby!

Bonni... look at that adorable FACE!

Bonni, the Belly Girl
Bonni, the Belly Girl... practicing her "Hussy" pose!
NOTE the nearby ORB!! She's gonna be a PILL! hehe

Dianne van Dulken's kids!

Adara, Clio, Bartholomew

L-R : Adara, Clio, Bartholomew
Di, what a beautiful family!

Miss Adara is really growing up!!! She's such a doll!
My goodness, how time flies!

Introducing... SUNNY!!!
Susan Riches' new WESTIE girl!

Sunny Riches

Look at the SPARKLE in those eyes!   a beautiful Sunny face
Susan is gleefully pleased to present the newest member of her family, a Westie rescue lass named Lucy...
whose new name, upon joining the Riches' fur-herd, will now be Sunny!
This 1 year old lass will now spend years and years surrounded by all things wonderful... a truly SUNNY future!
Welcome, wee Miss SUNNY!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL Westie FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny and Polly
Sept. 1 -- Sunny is really settling right IN....
and has decided that Polly makes a GREAT pillow!

Beth Sheets' new Scottie lad,


Teddy   Teddy

Teddy   Teddy
Beth and Ricky Sheets have added a gorgeous Scottie lad to their furfamily! Joining Lucy and Sherman is Teddy, born November 26, 2007. This 7 1/2 month old lad is a beautiful red brindle who is settling into his new life as a spoiled Scotsman!

Beth's furkids

Beths' furkids -- Lucy, sitting on top step, being REGAL;
Down front - Teddy (L) and Sherman (R)

Editor's Note: I'm in LOVE with Teddy's 'head shots'!! WOWWW!



John & Terry Mitchell are THRILLED to introduce the newest member of their family, Westie/Scottie girl, Lilly!!

John reports: "Lilly has 4 tunnels started trying to reach China. She loves to eat dirt and rocks."

Editor's NOTE: CONGRATULATIONS, LILLY!!! You've got it MADE, sweet girl!!

Cheryl Root's latest rescue -- Caelan!

Caelan - 12 wks,3.2 lbs
This time it is Caelan, 3.2 pounds of scottie. Caelan is 12 weeks old, a 'backyard baby' and carrier of CMO. He is incredibly tiny as are both his parents and most of his siblings. We are still investigating the cause of the smallness. He would eat non-stop if allowed but doesn't seem to get the nourishment into his system. He is growing a little bit now, ounce by ounce as he is eating around 6 times a day in small amounts. When we got him from his rescuer, we stopped at a pet store and got his famous little blue long johns. My son Andrew who works with our rescue (many know him, six foot nine..not tiny) looked at the pjs and thought they would be too small. As it is, Caelan has his cuffs rolled up on the xxs size still, 3 weeks later!

No weakling, Caelan can attack his tiny cat toy and human child's pacifier with deep growls. When on my lap and the rest of the dogs come up, he is quick to give his scottie growls and make them back off. He has been a delight and just another reason for folks to realize that though rarely perfect, rescues are incredibly wonderful!

His name is rather special. I named him about an hour after knowing him. When I got home and looked up the meaning of his name at a Gaelic site, it means "little slender one!"

Cheryl S. Root
Scottish Terrier Rescue Association of Northern NY

Nancy Schaus' newest LITTER!

new pups
Just arrived today - Nov 16 ..
2 black boys, 1 wheaten boy, 3 black girls.

Sire- Austin; Dam- Jackie(from Russia)

new pups

new pups

Dayna Williamson's NEW Furbaby!

Katie Williamson
Scottie rescue... 12 yr old grand dame, KATIE

Nancy Schaus' Catherine!

Catherine ... Ms. Sophie's granddaughter...
Winners Bitch at the Michigan Terrier Specialty!!

Juanetta Powers' Furkids
on Vacation in South Dakota!!!

Barney, on vacation at Oahe!

Bear surveys HER river!

Karen Yeager's New Scottie Lass

July 29, 2007
Karen's Mom flies to Keipat Scotties in Missouri to pick up Ceilidh!
This photo was taken just before Ceilidh and "Gramma" headed back to Arizona!


I can just IMAGINE how much fun Ceilidh had as the center of attention!


Karen proudly introduces CEILIDH!
Ceilidh is still with her Keipat Mom,
learning how to be a good Scottish Lass!

Ceilidh with siblings
Ceilidh, left front, has a head start on the EARS-UP process!

Ceilidh held by Pat B.
What a BEAUTIFUL girl!

Susan Riches' Schnoodle Rescue

He's a CUTIE... looking for a forever home!

Groomed Schnoodle
UPDATE! This Schnoodle cutie found a FOREVER home!

Michael Serrano & the MistyMoor Scotties
PJ Scots Eddie The Cruiser

LOOK at this handsome FACE!!

What a GOOD lad!!!

Beth Sheets and I visited with Donna Morganstern
and her Morningstar Scotties!!

Morningstar Scotties

Lots of happy scotties...

Morningstar Scotties

Eager for snacks, treats, and scritches..

Morningstar Scotties

and the BEST part of the day... a scottie KISS!!!

The KAYNAN Scotties!!!

The KAYNAN Scotties

Six month old Rori is in the chair.
Kevin O' Cork is high, on the right.
David the Bruce has his head tilted lower left.
In the center is Kirsty, and on her right is her sister, Piper.

Riley LOVES woobies...
Soooooo, I bought him a HUGE woobie... named him "GUS"!

Riley(L) - Katie (R)

Riley wrestles with Gus.... gives Gus the "death shake"...
Then, when it's allllll over.....

Riley NAPS with Gus!!!
Riley and his 'GUS' woobie
Gus has a VERY forgiving nature!!!

Nancy Schaus and HIQ Scotties present
their NEWEST family members...

2 puppies - "Big Bertha" & "Tiny Tim" - 1 day old!
What sweet, wee babes!!!

Nancy Schaus and HIQ Scotties present

CH Scottish Tauer Jivago For Charthill (Jackie) X CH HIQ's American Classic

These wee Scotties are less than 24 hours OLD...born Aug 14!!!
7 puppies
4-wheaten girls
1-black girl
2-black boys

Welcome to the WORLD, babies!!

Sept. 1 ...

These infants are 2 1/2 weeks of age!!


Sept. 14 -- the latest PUPPY PICS!!!

These babies are growing awfully FAST!!

LOOKIE!!! LOTS of puppy bellies!

Little Bit Farm's newest residents!!!!
Kathie Lawrence proudly introduces her newest furkids...

2 miniature donkeys.... named Penny & Polly !

LOOK at those faces!! Simply ADORABLE!!!!

Marti B's Model A ... SCOTTIE STYLE!

A beautiful Model A...
but WAIT.... you have to see the INTERIOR!!!

WOW!!!!! How cool is THAT!!!

Impressive, HUH!!!!!!

Okay, Marti...we're ALLLL green with ENVY!!!

Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Kathie Lawrence's Orphan Fawn...

This tiny fawn is being fostered at Kathie's farm.
The little one has lots and lots of farm friends.... sheep, horses, goats, cows...

It seems that the fawn is trying to find "dinner" whereever he can GET it...
hey, it's the same COLOR as a deer! Of course, the mare's not quite SURE of it!!

Fawn child visits with livestock in the barnyard...

FYI: Those gorgeous horses are Haflingers!!

The Texas 7's Louisiana livestock!!

a 1,400 pound Brangus BULL.....discusses farm life with the SCOTTIES!
Thanks, June!!! We would NOT have believed it, had we not SEEN it!!!hehe

Old Jack, miniature donkey( lying down... look CLOSELY)
shares his pasture with June's scotties.

Beaux, June's African Grey,
shows his scottie pal his WINGSPAN!!

Big Man's 1st Birthday!
Little Caesar Pooparelli, "Caesar", celebrates the big O-N-E!
This 1 year old celebrated in STYLE, in his Mam's classroom...
complete with a Clifford birthday theme, and a roomful of party guests!
Happy BIRTHDAY, Big Guy!!!!!!

INTRODUCING Susan Friend's handsome new furbaby....
Caerleon Short Dark and Handsome..
a.k.a. "Winston", 15 weeks old and FULL of himself!
Can't ya just FEEL those puppy shark TEETH!?!?! hehe
He's a CUTIE!!!

Judy King cruises the beaches of St. George Island...
with furkids Bonnie Rose and Angus McTuff!!!
How cool is THAT when the scotties let MAM come along on the vacation!


Robbie McGillivray's good deed outfit... r>You're a HANDSOME ScotBunny, Robbie!!!


Holly Reyner, 2nd from left, and several other of her apitol building for a "Cultural Awareness Day!!"
They're seen here WITH THE GOVERNOR!!!
Way to GO, HOLLY!!!!!!


Linda Wilson's bashful girl, Megan Daisy MacTavish! R>

Introducing Kae Catalano's precious 5 month old lad, Murphy!!!
Looks like our Roy's having a little talk with Trigger!
What an exquisite brindle boy, Kae!!!!!

Ohhhhh, my goodness!
A cowscottie gets SOOO tired after a hard day on the range!

Noela Howatt's Bouvier, Callie, giving a sheep "THE EYE"!!
Callie earned her first herding letters this year! Way to GO, Cal!!

Noela Howatt's adorable furkids, at BouvStock IV this year.
Bo'sun, seated, was a "Hell's Scottie"
Callie the Bouvier, standing, was his "motorcycle Mama"!!

Susan Riches' Grapevine SCOTTIE!!!!!

Katie Wild Child, as an OBSESSED tennis ball fanatic,
was ENVIOUS beyond WORDS when she
saw what this CLUMBER was capable of!!!

Reggie Lawrence(L) and Sadie Williams(R)..
Reggie gazes at his golden haired girlfriend's pin-up photo!!!

And just to prove that Sadie's not alone....
My OWN wee lass!!! Such a hussy!
What can ya say about today's generation!!!!?!?! hehehe

Meet Ruby...
Kellie's gorgeous new german shepherd girl!!!
She just turned 1 year old Sunday, May 8!!

The Latest Adventures of Kevin O'Cork
Captions are PURELY Kaynan... their own words!!!

It is MY dish! Don't even think of picking it up!

Editor's note--- THIS is the WCG's FAVORITE photo of Kevin!! LOL

Lesley Smith's youngsters...
L to R: Cassie Rose, Greta (in her faux fur), and Bonniedoone!
The WCGang ADORED their Christmas gift from the Smith crew...
with furry muzzles shoved right into the middle of 'gift opening'!!

Updated 6-8-12

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