This page is dedicated to catching those precious WCGang moments...
to delve into the minds and thought processes of the WCGang!!!
Scary thought, huh! LOL

December 28, 2013

Vangie, OBSESSED with cardboard boxes,
discovered 2 abandoned boxes, way over behind the dining table.
She rounded them up, a LARGE box and a TEENY box.....
piled them up together, and took turns gnawing, wrestling,
and wallowing in her two boxes......
she's blissfully happy, just her and her BOXES!

BUT........ then..........

(NOTE -- I did NOT intervene... I just recorded THEIR interaction!!)

Big Box inspection...
she wants it to be sturdy enough to endure
what she's about to THROW at it!! LOL

Inverting the box, she checks UNDERNEATH....
YEP, this box looks sturdy enough to tolerate
some Scottie SHENANIGANS!!!

NOTICE, she has paid NO attention to
the TEENY box!

BUT......... THEN.......
Riley saunters RIGHT UP to that small box,
grabs the box in his mouth, and starts to LEAVE!
Vangie, a mouth full of BIG BOX... is STUNNED!

Vangie DROPS her BIG BOX....
GRABS the other end of the SMALL BOX, and YANKS!
Riley lets go.....
Vangie's SOLUTION???

Riley(front) waits until Vangie drops the small box,
then turns back and PULLS that small box back OUT.
HE is now gnawing on one flap,
Vangie has her paw on the other end of the box,
biting the corner of the box with GREAT intensity!

Vangie(L) grabs the coveted SMALL BOX
and races to the living room...
AWAY from Riley,
who leisurely strolls BACK to the Small Box.

Riley (R) snatches the SMALL BOX...
Vangie JUST manages to grab the other end of the retreating BOX.
BOTH Scots are now in FULL PULLL mode...
At noooooo time was there ever a growl or grumble...
Vangie DOES know where THAT Line is drawn..... LOL

Vangie(L), the Tenacious 2yr old, refused to yield...
Riley, 3 wks short of 14 YEARS, saw NO point in burning
THAT much energy for CARDBOARD... turned loose.
BUT, he still has the other end of the box..... gnawing!

Riley(L) has a new strategy....
LAY DOWN and just gnaw on it!
NO WAY the Baby Girl can DRAG his big boy bulk!
Vangie is still trying to tug....
Riley has it firmly anchored!!

SHOCKING development!!

Vangie FORCES her way in between Riley(L) and Box....
and SITS on my Big Boy's face!!!
(Yeah, I quit taking pics..... was laughing!!!
AND getting him out from UNDER VANGIE!)

Riley decided to enjoy a long nap....
which allowed Vangie to finish the afternoon
digging feverishly in her BIG BOX...
Vangie, the Box Obsessed!

WE ALLLLL had a GRAND time!!! LOL

July 16, 2013

Riley, 13 1/2 now, still has a bounce in his step....
his main focus in life is FOOOOD!
Vangie, almost 2 1/2, is the Social Butterfly,
and loves the 'meet and greet' of our outings....
Today's errands took us to PetCo, the gas station,
and Starbuck's for their mini scones!

Riley(L) and Vangie(R) scan the route,
each intently focused on their assignments!
NOTHING will interfere with a FUN OUTING!

Kibble aisle at PetCo !
Riley wants to check for any holes in kibble bags...
Vangie sees a HUMAN at the end of the aisle....
SHE would rather 'press the paw'
and has switched into her IDITAROD 'pull' mode!!!

We were checking OUT, when Vangie heard her name called.....
Vangie & Riley were pulled out of line and taken to the Treat Buffet Bar,
where their fav Mgr Mary treated them to a private party!
Vangie sees it as "SOCIALIZING with humans! COOL!"
Riley sees it as "FOOOOOOOOOOOD!"
Trust me, Mgr Mary KNOWS to feed Mr Grabby like a HORSE!! LOL
Mgr Mary greets her 2 HAPPY Scottie guests.

Mgr Mary puts Vangie into a 'SIT'...
since Vangie got her CERTIFICATE from PetCo,
Mary KNOWS that Vangie KNOWS how to 'SIT'!!
Riley is just watching the HAND!
His attitude, PIDDLE on TALKING......
Bring the FOOD! LOL

One hand, two treats.... both kids were very well-behaved...
we will now overlook Mgr Mary's slobbery hand! hehe

Onward...... PetCo done.....
We're headed on to gas station....
$3.49..... OMG!

We've ordered Vanilla Bean Mini Scones......
We're now at the window,
waiting for the Barista to give us our yummies....
Riley (L) is already THINKING of that first BITE!! LOL

LOVE this pic.... they ARE food driven SCOTS!!! :-)

Yep, we had a GRAND outing! Both are now on their sides, snoozing!

February 27, 2013

Riley, now 13, and rocking on in HIGH style.....
and Evangeline, 2 weeks short of 2yrs old...
took their favorite trip.... to PetCo !!
There, their fav mgr spoils them.....
with plenty of treats from the Treat Buffet Bar.....
and NUMEROUS awww's and ahhh's from passing customers....
allll who insist on putting hands on the happy Scots!

Riley (L) and Vangie(R) 'pressing the paw'...
Riley has attracted a shopper who ooooh'ed and ahhhh'ed
over the 13 yr old Elder Statesman.
Vangie has her fav mgr wrapped around her wee paw.
PLENTY of happy 'meeting and greeting' !!!

NOW, for the IMPORTANT part of the excursion....
Mgr Mary dispensing lots of treats!
She had their TOTAL and complete attention!
AND, she was reminded to feed the ELDER SCOTSMAN

NOTE: WHY, you ask, are these photos SO lacking in QUALITY??
Photographer used iphone and was CLUELESS as to the accidental switch
from PHOTO to MOVIE!!! OOPS!!!
NO WONDER there was a whoosh instead of a click! VEG
Gonna HAFTA master 'iPhone 101' !!! LOL

December 25 2012

Evangeline received a Christmas gift....
from Jake Bradberry, with orders to NOT OPEN until Dec 24!
We complied.... but Vangie enjoyed the SHIPPING box in the meantime!

Today, she OPENED her gift!

Jake wrapped this in MULTIPLE layers...
bubble wrap.....
then, we reached the brown paper wrapper,
decorated with a cute Scottie....
Vangie was quite taken with the brown paper!

Once we got past the brown paper,
we encountered adorable scottie wrapping paper,
with Scottie ribbon, and a wonderful paper scottie!
Vangie was taken with the paper....and the ribbon!

Once we got past the adorable Scottie decor,
we reached 'CARDBOARD'...... Vangie's FAVORITE wrapping material!
THIS cardboard had a GREAT Louisiana sentiment from Brad!
We DID "pass" a good Christmas! hehe

LOOOOOOOOOOOOK what Jake & Brad gave Vangie!!!!
Brad, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Jake...... Vangie sends puppy kisses!!

September 12, 2012

Riley, at 12 1/2 yrs of age, STILL loves to raise his handsome muzzle in song!
He's quite fond of his own voice! LOL
It makes ME happy, as well, as it says he's just FEELING SO HAPPY!

NOTE: It also has a LOT to do with his desire for ANOTHER TREAT!
ALWAYS, food related! hehe

The sun is shining, I feel gooood,
(MY Handsome Old MAN!)

Translation --- "TREAT........ NOW!"

You're not MOVING, Mam!
I want WHAT I WANT..... NOW!!!!
(ME... isn't he just the HANDSOMEST HUNK!! hehe)

The demanding OLD MAN adds EMPHASIS to this NEXT demand...
LOUDER now... and he SWINGS that big old head of his....
lush beard flies.... impressive twist on the 'arrooo'...
The Hunk's "arrrooooo... with ATTITUDE!" hehe

Vangie stares..... WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
I'm going to sit wayyyyyyyyyy over HERE...
until he gets a GRIP on his enthusiasm! LOL

As pushy as Vangie is... always the 'PILL'...
always IN his FACE, tugging on his collar....
she ALWAYS sits well back when Riley is in FULL throat...
she thinks he's cracked a COG!! LOL

June 1, 2012

Sweet Evangeline..
puff, puff, puff....
Fresh from her favorite -- "power walk",
ears back, tongue out....
it was a successful walk! LOL

As Riley relaxes, Vangie practices her "sophisticated" pose!
NOTE-- didja ever realize JUST HOW NOISY that 'wiggly giggly' is?!?!?!
Especially, when she runs it into walls, doors, and such!!! LOL

Riley, snoozing happily...
that 'itty bitty' BB&B bed has ALWAYS been a favorite!
Guess it's COZY comfy to wrap yourself in a knot,
and tuck your muzzle down into the bed!
Whatever 'melts his butter'! LOL

May 26, 2012

Mammaw and Connie visited for Mother's Day....
Vangie held court....
everyone had a BALL!

NASTY ole rug......
got in the way of her hedgehog woobie mauling!

Vangie PUSHED the legendary blue footstool......
ALLLLL the way across, right up to the tv.....
then hopped up and watched tv!!!
(yep, just 'bout the time my camera battery died! LOL)

Riley AND Vangie watching a video...
a barking dog video from FB! LOL
They were totally enthralled! hehe

A neighbor brought us a black woobie dog...
what a nice gesture!!
"Gift dog" was placed on a 'high place',
Vangie took offense... relentless, she is!!
"Gift dog" quickly moved to the floor.....
Mam yields!!!!!!!! LOL

April 30, 2012

Team dynamics...
Riley, distinguished and VERY tolerant..
Vangie, pushing his buttons!

*smack, slurp*
YUMMY treats in that Kong!
Riley DOUBTS my abilities -- he ALWAYS checks MY KONG!
*smack, slurp*
Nothing left in there!!! LOL

Handsome Riley, ALWAYS in a 'perfect pose'!!
Sigh...... Vangie, Vangie, Vangie.....
QUIT making faces at Riley.....
TURN AROUND......and face the CAMERA!!!

BEST pic, EVER!!
Wanna see a Scottie ROLL HIS EYES?!?!?!
Riley's disgusted with the Baby Girl!!

A day in the life.....
Vangie takes the 'high ground',
to better SASS the Handsome Hunk!
LOTS of 'chatty conversation' happening here!!
Followed, IMMEDIATELY, by a huge frap up the hall!
(see 'flying' whiskers.... noise 'n movement! )

March 17, 2012

Temps in the mid-80's, it's time for Spring clips!
Always home-clipped, often sitting in my lap on patio,
take as long as we need.... no rush... lots of kisses!

Riley, my hunk..
this clipping nonsense interrupted his BEAUTY SLEEP!

Just KNEW she'd be worn OUT from the grooming!
She was wound up and ROMPED for over an hour!! LOL

LOVE her brindle coloring! JUST LOVE IT!!!
ONLY reason she's still... blade of grass fluttering in the breeze!

POOR Riley!
Vangie is checking his trim...
Lad is SOOO patient!

March 8, 2012

Today is Vangie's BIRTHDAY!
Can't believe she's already ONE year old!
Time flies when you're keeping up with an active PUP!

ONE year OLD!
I don't suppose she'll magically become sedate now, huh??

Sedate?? Nah, I guess not...... LOL
ALWAYS looking to show her 'creative expression'!

Parties are such HARD WORK! LOL
Vangie (L) and Riley (R),
worn out from celebrating Vangie's 1st BIRTHDAY!

January 19, 2012

Today is Riley's BIRTHDAY!
My big, handsome hunk is 12 years old today!
My distinguished Scotsman is my BOY....
my shadow, my constant companion...
my big, precious boy!!!!

My Riley, 12 years old now.....
doesn't LOOK 12...
and at his 'wellness' vet visit 2 wks ago,
he didn't ACT 12!
(BTW, he got a GREAT report! He's doing WELL!! )
Vangie.... wellllll, she's my adorable live WIRE! LOL

And...... little Miss Vangie
thinks Riley is KING of the world !!! LOL
Well, he IS.... at least, he's King of HER world! hehe

January 3, 2012

Vangie is almost 10 months old now,
Riley is 3 wks short of 12 yrs old.....
and Vangie worships Riley ...
EVERYTHING he does is 'the stuff of legend', in her eyes!
Our first photos of 2012 reveal HER adoration....
and my handsome Riley's PATIENCE and TOLERANCE!


My beauties......
you can surely tell these two are 'family'!
Vangie's great grandmother is Riley's litter sister...
she even POSES like he does!
My beauties......

LOOK at Evangeline's expression!!!
She ADORES this Scotsman!!!!!
I just LOVE the look on her face!!
And, Riley? He's the ULTIMATE patient Scotsman!

My handsome Scotsman...
Riley turns 12 later this month!
So distinguished.... he's ALWAYS been 'proper'!

Vangie, my PILL, is NEVER 'distinguished and proper'!!
She's just discovered the HINGED lid on the step stool!
Riley and I now spend our days listening to the LID THWACK down!
Vangie shoves her muzzle under the lid, raises it up,
then steps back and lets it THWACK back down.....
Riley and I are developing TWITCHES! ROFL

September 18, 2011

Riley and Vangie...
ALL the toys I've bought.....
and Vangie LOVES the plain old

This day, she's tossed it in Riley's face...
and he TOOK the bait!
NOW, to see if she can TUG with the 'Big Boy'!

He hasn't even worked up a SWEAT,
he's still laying DOWN! LOL
Evangeline, my little tomboy, is facing him eye to eye...
pulling with all her might!

Vangie's persistence pays off...
Riley's UP, and getting INTO the 'Tug' Fest...
The lad does NOT like to LOSE!!! hehehe

After the 'Tug Fest'....
Vangie & Riley recover their dignified demanor...
It's surely OBVIOUS that Vangie is learning POSING from Riley!
LOVE the dignity and attitude of proud SCOTTIES!!

September 9, 2011

Connie & Mammaw came to visit....
we celebrated Connie's Birthday...
VANGIE celebrated having GUESTS in the house!!!

Nothing better than sweet puppy kisses!
ALso good way to remove MAKE-UP! VEG

Vangie has NO FEAR!
To REACH Mammaw, Vangie took on the footstool...
the GLIDING footstool!
She began by jumping up from the SIDE...
WISE lass, side was RIGID... no wiggling.
Within 2 trips, she was hopping up 'head on'...
She now has her 'glider legs' and rides it like a CHAMP!
Mammaw was the GOAL!!!

July 23, 2011

Riley and Vangie...
Cozied up on the Lil Blue Stool !

My handsome boy, always with that DISTINGUISHED pose...
Pic after pic, he never moved!
Vangie, ahhhh, she was UP, she was down...
I have a LOT of shots of the TOP of her head! LOL
BUT, patience won out.....this is a SUPER pic!

Riley FINALLY grew weary of Vangie's 'up and down' antics,
so he dropped his front paws down to drape over the stool's edge.
Just then, Vangie decided to hop BACK up......
and wonder of wonders, ANOTHER great photo!
My SWEET babies!!

July 15, 2011

Riley LOVES his PetCo Outings!!

Riley and I are shopping for elevated water bowls...
Now, Riley has a tendency to be VOCAL in PetCo,
so we go early, BEFORE the crowd....
ALL was welllll, UNTIL he LET ME KNOW, LOUDLY,
That there were MICE cages at the END of the water bowl aisle!

Riley is also A THIEF!!!!!!! ROFL
While I was distracted with the clerk,
and he was schmoozing with the lady behind us in line,
HE STOLE a large bone treat from the 'strategically placed' bottom SHELF!!!
I handed it to the clerk,
told him Riley had CHOSEN his own purchase,
and PAID for it, to keep my LAD's RECORD clean!

July 3, 2011

Out for a Stroll.....

Riley loves a good "power walk"...
Evangeline would rather 'taste test' every ITEM along the path...
which turns our 'power walk' into a start/stop/start/stop outing!

July 2, 2011

Vangie Meets Mammaw!

Mammaw and Connie are here for a visit....
Vangie and Riley are loving the extended audience!

Vangie is on her BEST behavior to meet Mammaw...

Vangie protects Connie from the 'EVIL WIGGLY TOE' Monster!

Gotta Kill the 'EVIL WIGGLY TOE' Monster!

Vangie takes after her 'Great, Great Uncle Riley'!
The wee toddler LIVES to eat!!
She's learning 'begging' skills from the MASTER!

Vangie is ready for PLAYTIME... AGAIN!
RILEY wants to know where all of his NAPTIMES went!!!

June 28, 2011


This wee lass has put a SMILE back on Riley's face!

Wee Evangeline has triggered several FRAP sessions!
Now... I have to make sure HE doesn't overdo!

LOOOOOOOK at these happy smiles!!!

Healing a broken heart!!!
Vangie just barrels RIGHT on in.....
Riley just finally had to GIVE in and join the puppy's Antics!

June 24, 2011

Where'd She Get All this ENERGY?

Oh, my gosh! SO MUCH ENERGY!!

Don't you DARE disconnect my HDTV!

Vangie 'hit' the laptop from behind, at a dead run...
SLAMMING it shut.....then used it for a STOOL!!
I foresee a LOTTTTTT of computer problems in my future!

Connie brought 2 sacks of NEWSPAPER...
Evangeline CLIMBED one sack...
in order to PEEK down into the SECOND sack!!!

Inspection completed....
This 'live wire' is OFF to other adventures!!

Vangie's favorite toy.... the RoadKill Woobie!
She Pestered Riley...PLAY TUG with ME!!!

The 'tug of war' game didn't last long...
She's NOW trying to figure out how to GET her toy back!

Playtime over, Riley resumes his 'dignified' pose!
My Handsome Hunk!

June 23, 2011

Evangeline & Riley

Evangeline is growing more confident... and pushy!
Riley, ever the DISTINGUISHED Scotsman, refuses to muss his CRAVAT!

If the MOUNTAIN won't come to Vangie ...
then EVANGELINE will go to the MOUNTAIN!!

Evangeline has decided
that the beloved 'BLUE STOOL' is her next conquest!
It's the FIRST step to Mam's CHAIR!!!

Blue Stool MASTERED!
WELLLLL, the UP part is.....
DOWN is rather 'iffy'!

I KNEW my DISTINGUISHED Scotsman would give her some CLASS...
My debonair lad is teaching Vangie "THE POSE"!!!

June 17, 2011

WCGANG -- a TRIO... for 1 night...

MEET -- BayouScotties Cajun Spice

Born 3-8-11

Katie (L), Evangeline(C), and Riley (R)..... 1st photo!

She settled right in with the WCGang.... it's just spectacular!

Evangeline has the MOST gorgeous brindle coloring...
Being a Keipat girl... her Great Grandmother is Riley's LITTERMATE sister!
'Great Grand Niece'??? Have to PONDER that! hehe
'Vangie' gives the MOST wonderful kisses!!!!!

PSSSSSSSSSST--- her brand new 'LSU PURPLE' collar was accepted very well..
after a couple of hours of walking with a 'hitch' in her 'get along'...
She couldn't decide whether to WALK or SCRATCH at her neck...
SOOOOON, the road-kill woobie won out, and she's lost all interest in the purple collar!

May 28, 2011

WONDER if.... can ya IDENTIFY the "misbehaving" furchild??

In RILEY's world, it's ALL about IMAGE!
He's the consummate distinguished SCOTSMAN!
The Wild Child, on the other hand.... is BORED!

Riley never flinches!! It's a matter of PRIDE!
Katie?? She's watching LIFE pass her by...
while she's sitting here... BEING BORED!

The ULTIMATE photo.... revealing personalities!
NOTE: Riley is the MOST handsome Scotsman, EVER!
The WC?? Her face has not yet even FACED the camera!

May 26, 2011

TREATS -- on the Mantle!

What in BLAZES is she STARING AT, you ask????
REMEMBER that fist full of TREATS I told ya about....
the ones I kept on the mantle, by my chair???
SPOILED has now reached LEGENDARY proportions!
Treats are now broken down into 'pill sized' portions..
WHY?? Cuz she WINS, every single TIME she STARES...
I mean, LOOK at that face, cracks me UP! hehe

May 24, 2011

MAM.... look DEEPLY into our EYES!

Katie's trying to FORCE me to her will....using her EYES!!! LOL
He slept MOST of the day, recovering from his Crisis...
Evening ALWAYS lures Katie to the stool.... where she STARES...
This ALWAYS draws Riley out of a sound sleep...
Katie's BEGGING for the treats up on the mantle...
Riley considers this Food without EFFORT!
Katie's the PUSHY one... he just reaps the rewards with her!

They'll sit there.... by the HOUR!
They're NOT going to move..... until I REACH up to the mantle!
WELL TRAINED, aren't I !!!!

May 15, 2011


Phase 1:
INSTIGATOR surprises Frap-EE!
This ALWAYS produces the "AHA" expression!

Phase 2:
Frap-EE retaliates....
Usually resulting in some 'cheek to cheek' paw-stepping...
accompanied by tushy wiggles and tail wags..

Phase 3:
Posturing ENDS... It's time to RUNNNN!!!
Here... it's usually the Frap-EE (Riley) out front...
BUT..... THIS day,
the INSTIGATOR(Katie) is JUST about to WHEEL right & RUN!
Frap-EE is gonna give her about a NANO-second head start~!

Phase 4:
Instigator is in FULL STRIDE... out of frame, UP the hall!
Frap-EE is now PIVOTING... 'turning on a dime'!

NOTE: Instigator USUALLY runs in back, shorter legs, dontcha know
but in THIS exercise, she STARTED it, she LED it!! LOL

April 20, 2011

Riley & Katie... Always FUNNY!
ALWAYS Enjoying the "HERE & NOW"!!!

Riley LOVES mealtime....ANYONE'S mealtime! hehe
He quickly cleans HIS bowl...
then graciously offers his services to help KATIE!
He's ALWAYS the Gentleman... waits patiently for me to sneak him a bite of kibble!

Who started it? No idea...
HE could have barked at HER...
SHE could have taunted HIM...
BUT..... it always ends the same...
HER NOSE...... into HIS EAR!!!
And.... he ALWAYS acts surprised! hehehe
Riley's doing some SWIFT Back-pedaling...
Katie's 'on the prod'... ck her left front paw! VEG

LATER, same day...
Riley's ear... all dried out from the SHE-snorting...
He's dozing comfortably.... UNTIL.....
She's NOT going up there empty-pawed, either!
Yep, that's a HEDGEHOG in her mouth! LOL
Riley's mindset: "Ohhhhhhh, Sheesh! NOW WHAT????????"

April 5, 2011

A BUSY Day....

BUSY morning! Katie and I scoot across the city to her chemo appt....
after Katie finishes schmoozing and completes the office inspection,
she sashays to the back of the clinic for her 'spa treatment'.
I'm off again, back across the city, to pick up Riley,
for our standing 'date'.... PETCO !!!

Katie inspects the files....and those interesting PACKAGES!
Office staff gives great scritches, and offers her treats!

NOSY Katie follows tech to the printer...
"Whatcha got? Lemme see! Is it good?? Lemme SEE!"

Katie's nurse beckons.... and Katie responds.!
Ignore the blurry furchild (cellphone cam... and speeding W.C.!!)
These excursions are 'fun times' for Katie!

Within the hour, Riley and I arrive at his FAVORITE store!
I simply ADORE following him inside!!!!!!
Ears up... "c'mon door! MOVE!"

Today, it's the baskets in the walkway that draw his interest!
Ya ever notice.... they put the 'smelly stuff' right at SNUZZLE level!

After a storewide stroll, another DETAILED kibble aisle inspection,
I pay for our day's purchases.... kibble 'n OMH treats!
Back in the car, Riley inspects the merchandise!
The lad DOES LOVE his stomach!!!!! LOL

The WCGang has had a busy day, each making happy memories...
and I love every MOMENT of it!!!

February 22, 2011

Riley's Favorite SHOPPING Destination!

Katie's off getting her Chemo....
so, Riley and I have a standing 'date'....
a private his favorite store..... PETCO!
HE LEADS us INTO the store, HE decides which aisles we visit...
He browses, he roams, we weave up and down aisles...
He leads, I dutifully follow along behind...

But, FUNNY THING... look where he ALWAYS ends UP!!
The boy is HUGELY food driven!

February 20, 2011

Groomed, Gussied, 'n Gorgeous!!

I groomed Katie and Riley this past week, different pup, different days!

I just never tire of looking at this handsome Scotsman's photos!
The distinguished lad doesn't TAKE a bad pic !!

Warrior Princess-- head tilted ever so slightly, to show her BEST SIDE...
SHE likes the 'don't LOOK like it's freshly cut' look!
she FEELS great, LOOKS super, and LIVES each day 'to the fullest'

Did I mention -- Riley doesn't TAKE a bad pic?!?!
Straight back, head held high... My BOY!!
(Now, if I could get the eyebrows 'just right'...! hehe)

Betcha can't say:

Result of her multi-tooth dental extraction months ago...
Doesn't affect her ORB-interaction! LOL

Uhhhhhhh, about that 'never a bad pic' comment....
uhhhhhhhhhh, well, he's FOOD DRIVEN!!!!
He THOUGHT I had a TREAT in that camera lens! LOL

January 17, 2011


Katie and Riley had GUESTS today -- the KAYNANS!
Kay Woolridge & Nancy Aaron dropped by!
We had a GREAT visit... K&R barked, showed out, and had a GREAT time!

Riley listens intently, hanging on Nancy's every word!
Actually, he's hoping to hear the 'TREAT' word somewhere in there!

Nancy & Kay were witnesses to K&R's "King of the Couch" game...
UP CLOSE observers! Teeth flashing, Katie 'held the high ground',
RIGHT there between Nancy and Kay... with Riley bouncing around on
the floor in front of them!
Katie smiles and does her best 'sweet and innocent' impression!!

What a wonderful visit we had!!! We had a GREAT time!

January 15, 2011

Riley Gets a BATH!


His 'piece parts' back in place,
Katie SAYS she's just making sure he washed behind his EARS!
ACTUALLY, it's ANY excuse to put her nose in his ear !
Wicked Wild Child!

One quick "SNORT"....and Riley's OFFFFF!
This photo is that nano-second before they BOTH roar up the hall!
Out of the room, up the hall he races, Katie hot on his heels!

December 30, 2010

Katie & Riley - Adoptive PARENTS?!?!

Auntie Connie has a WICKED sense of humor!LOL
Katie and Riley received OFFICIAL certificates in the mail this week,
from the Audubon Nature Institute at the Audubon Zoo in N.O.
It certified that they were adoptive parents to a resident of the Audubon Zoo.

What had ME laughing OUT LOUD .....
was the SPECIFIC animal that my sister selected!



well, now.......

SOMEHOW, I don't see the 'Adoptive CHILDREN'
coming home for a VISIT anytime soon! VEG

December 28, 2010

Katie WC - Back on IV Chemos

Out of remission, Katie had Vincristine IV cath this morning...
She trotted IN with a spring in her step, and back OUT with a sashay in her stride.
She arrived home, where she immediately stuck her cold, wet nose into RILEY'S EAR!
After a K&R frap session, she proceeded on to her ORBS!
(Photo taken AFTER chemo this morning...)
We're HAPPY here... right here, right now, this minute.... Life is GOOD!
God Bless the Warrior Princess!

December 21, 2010

Katie WC - Vet Clinic Merchandise Inspector

Makes herself right at HOME, doesn't she!!!

What do ya MEAN, 'it's my turn'??


SINGLE-minded female--
Hagan(vet tech) had to come GET her and COAX her to the back to get her CBC!

November 21, 2010

Riley Rambunctious' MUG SHOTS?!?!?!?!

OFFICER?????? What'd he DOOOOOOOO????????

His Crime???
TOOOO handsome for his own GOOD! LOL

HONESTLY... the 3 pics were taken within seconds of each other!
Notice.... his tushy hasn't budged!
Only his HEAD.... on a SWIVEL! hehe
My Hunk.... and his MUG SHOTS! hehe

July 29, 2010

Riley Rambunctious' Field Trip

My Handsome Hunk went to the vet today, for his annual check-up!
Mr 'Stoic' saunters into the exam room ahead of me.
I START to sit down on the corner bench seat...
but HE wants it!!! NOT a SPOILED bone in his BODY, HUH!!

He LIKES sitting on that bench seat! He can SEE from there!
PIDDLE on this looking UP from the a DOG!
Vet techs... Vet.... all enter and PAUSE...
then move into the room, speaking to Riley on his perch....
just as ANY doctor would speak to US at OUR dr appt!!! LOL

Well, HELLO Riley! What can we do for you today?

"Okay, Riley.... come on... ya need to hop up HERE on this TABLE!"
Scottie response deleted---
"What do ya MEAN... 'come and MAKE me!"
Mr "Whistle Bait" got a clean bill of health,
and received treats from vet staff~!
So, "Whistle Bait" considered it a successful trip! hehe

July 12, 2010

Now ya know why the WCGang camera is always close...
wellllll, MOST of the time! LOL

UH OH......
Uhhhhh, Katie.... Ya may want to...

Now, I wonder...
WHERE did that HEDGEHOG get to??
WONDER where it IS NOW???

The WC LOVES to terrorize toys, dangling them over the edge,
before finally letting them plummet into the dark abyss...
What can I say... I TOLD ya she 'lives on the edge'!!!

Today's HANDSOME HUNK pin-up pic!
Now I ask ya... ya ever SEE such a
Distinguished Scotsman HUNK!!!

June 25, 2010

The WCGang LOVES hedgehogs... BIG hedgehogs, LITTLE hedgehogs,
and especially Katie's fav, the Hedgehog-ette!
But a trip to Bed,Bath,& Beyond yesterday revealed a NEW hedgehog
that DEMANDED to be added to the WCGang 'hedgehog HERD'!!

Blonde hedgehogs - their ONE moment of quiet reflection...
BEFORE they meet the...... GASP..... WCGANG!
That little red spot is where ya push to get them to 'chatter'!
TRUST me, they've chattered... A LOT! LOL

The "introduction"!!!
Two blonde-hogs......2 scotties.

Getting to know you.....getting to know all about you!
Riley LOVES these blonde-hogs!
He LOVES racing down the hall after a thrown Blondie...
where he won't BOTHER to retrieve an ORB!
Think these blonde-hogs remind him of his HUGE woobie ball!

Uhhhhhh....... TWO Blonde-HOGS!
EACH of you has YOUR OWN!!!

TWO Blonde-hogs.... ONE FOCUS!!!

enjoying a quiet moment with Blondie!

I PROMISE! I didn't set up this shot!!! LOL
That's TOTALLY the doings of the Wild Child...
groups them up on her FAV rug!
Hedgehog-ETTE..... meet BLONDIE!!!

June 22, 2010

HOT, HOT, HOT weather outside... triple digits!
SOooooooo, what do two Scotties do to stay COOL and breezy??
Welllll, it depends on the SCOTTIE!

Riley's solution to HOT weather survival --- A NAP!
A.C. down on 70....ceiling fan on high... handsome head wedged in, JUST SO!

If it ain't about FOOD... you'd better start asking FORGIVENESS!

Katie WC --- daytime is PLAYTIME... ALWAYS!
Summer just means ya play INDOORS!
Second ONLY to her Orbs, Katie LOVES her 'Hedgehog-ETTE'!!!
After raucous playtime, Katie does a little HEDGEHOG-ette grooming!
DONTCHA just love Scottie tootsies out behind 'em!!!

NOW, just in case ya thought this was a TAME Wild Child Moment...
COUNT the HEDGEHOG-ETTES she's rounded up!!!
The Wild Child is OBSESSIVE... in ALL THINGS!!! hehehe

May 3, 2010

Katie went to see her Internist today,
for her CBC ck prior to her Methotrexate chemo.
ALL was as usual.....except for the huge plastic bin behind the counter...
filled with a litter of newborn PIGLETS!!
The entire staff was busy bottle feeding the babies...
with the occasional "squealing like a stuck PIG" noises when each piglet was picked UP!
This was a TOTALLY new experience for the WC.....
who'd never HEARD such CATERWALLING!!!! LOL

But, our Warrior Princess got a clean bill of health!!!!

Katie LOVES the HUGE window at the far end of the waiting room,
watching for squirrels and critters,
either from the KIBBLE shelf, or next to me, in the chairs!!

WHAT in this wide world was THAT????????????
(Head tilted.... she TRIES to process a "PIGLET squeal"!!)

EVER the helpful girl, Katie does stock inventory....

Ya don't BUY THAT??? Wellllllll, how 'bout...
She's just TOOOO NOSY for her OWN GOOD!!!

Okay, on to TABLE inspection...
"Hey, THESE MAGAZINES aren't in ABC order!!!
Guess I have to do EVERYTHING MYSELF!"

I DID say she was NOSY!!!!!!!


April 5, 2010

Katie went to see her Internist today,
for her CBC/T-4 ck prior to her Leukaran chemo.
Dr Treadwell and I sat in a quiet corner of the lobby,
chairs backed up to a large window, Katie in a chair between us.
Dr T proclaimed Katie to be "the HEALTHIEST sick dog she knows!"
As Dr T and I talked about Katie's progress, Katie stood with
her paws draped over the back of the chair, telling off humans
visible in a nearby parking lot.

Seated in the chair between us, Katie watched the goings on around her

Can't have pics w/o one of the HUNK!
The lad DOES like his comfort--
his favorite woobie ball makes a great PILLOW!

(Cell phone camera - pardon poor quality - ACTION shot!)
Katie, NEVER shy or retiring, spent MUCH of the visit
sprawled across Dr T's lap, begging for another treat...
which she received, again and again!
This photo = Katie and her GUARDIAN ANGEL, Dr Treadwell!


March 5, 2010

After MONTHS of no beard, no furnishings...
we finally progressed to a FURRY Wild Child, who became VERY 'fluffy'!
Finally, bought a "4" blade for my Andis...
a new adventure... undercoat & a "4" blade....on a FURRY Scottie.
OH MY!!! hehehe

DID discover that undercoat on a rump,
with a "4" blade, makes CORDUROY!
Lesson learned- keep groomEE out of direct sunlight....
and maybe no one will NOTICE the furry ridges!!! lol

BEFORE --- My Scottie 'Chia Pet'!

WHEW, that's BETTER!

Everything is OUTA place!!!
This calls for MEGA-rearranging!!!

WHAT can I say! LOOOOOOOOK at those faces!!!!
"Warrior Princess" and "Whistle Bait"!!!
(My boy takes one HECK of a photo!)
Need to work on his 'brows! LOL

Mam, you're DONE!
Don't you DARE pick up that brush!

We now have 'furnishings' and a 'beard'!!

(one of her 2 favorite positions... hussy being the OTHER! VEG)

And..... she feels like VELVET!!!!!

February 23, 2010

HUH ???
WHAT is it??? WHO is it??

Is it a BIRD?
Is it a PLANE?
Is it a Scottie having a HISSY FIT?
Is it a Scottie gone MAD?

Welllllllll, the "WHO"....we KNOW!
Riley...of the Prolific Beard!
But...... WHAT's he DOING????

The FULL story:
Katie, looking for trouble, woke Riley UP from a SOUND sleep!
She stuck her nose into his big, furry ear....

Give Katie credit for knowing when to jump BACK ...
and CLOSE her eyes against the BEARD STORM!!! in this WORLD did I have 'camera in HAND'??
GENIUS??? Brilliant?? VEG
Try -- WAS taking "sleeping" photos!!! ROFL

February 18, 2010


Just as we settle after Mardi Gras,
and put away our doubloons and beads...
my sister sends us a SURPRISE!!!
A Randazzo KING CAKE arrived about an hour ago!!!
Overnight delivery... INSANELY fresh... OMG!!!

It's a TOUGH job....but we'll THROW ourselves into the task!

Cream Cheese FRESH and MOIST and YUMMY!

Oh, OKAY! SO it turns into a GROUP PROJECT!!
K&R love King Cake...but only get a tiny bit from each portion!
They just know it's sweet.... they don't REALIZE that THEIR portion is
dime-sized and MINE is NOTEBOOK sized!!! VEG

February 11, 2010

SNOW on the BAYOUS!!!

We've had snow MOST of the day, large, fluffy flakes...
but with temperatures hovering in mid 30's, it wasn't sticking.
Sunset.... temperatures begin to drop...
and the next line of snow showers arrives from Texas.
A VERY late yard trip, almost MIDNIGHT,
finds puffy snowflakes and accumulation!!
The WCGang has experienced snow before.....
but it's ALWAYS fun to watch!

Riley, ever the hunter/gatherer/food-a-holic...
Is it ICE CREAM?? It LOOKS like ice cream!
Not much TASTE to it!

Katie, the Browser/Dawdler champion --
What do ya MEAN, 'hurry UP'!!!
You SEE all this snow I have to INSPECT!?!?!
It's gonna take me HOURS to effectively catalog it all!!!
Just CHILL, Mam.... CHILL!!


OH, LOOK!!! There's a LOT MORE snow over THERE!
C'mon, let's go inspect THAT, TOO!!!

Living 'IN the MOMENT'
meant playing in the snow, at MIDNIGHT!

January 24, 2010

Wild Child Gang - Preparing for THE GAME!

N.O. SAINTS NFC Championship game!
Bayou Scotties that they are...
They're practicing their BALL skills,
Determined to lend their paws to the

Katie takes the DIRECT approach....
running back, right up the MIDDLE!
Showing her teeth, GRIPPING that football...
That's a GUARANTEED Touchdown!!!

Riley, a powerful defensive lineman...
turns the opposition to MUSH...
taking the SPINE out of the Vikings!

Riley says, "LEMME 'at 'em!!!"

January 11, 2010

Katie, Warrior Princess

11 MONTHS in FULL Remission!!!

Arriving at the Internist's office for chemo,
Katie spends time playing ORB with Mindy, the vet tech.
Katie LOVES the attention she receives there!

After searching for squirrels from her chair,
Katie settles down to await her name being called.
She, being the ultimate NOSY Scotty, watches ALL activity!

Dr. T gives Katie an "A+" report... FULL REMISSION continues!
Katie then settles in for the ride home...
after a morning of ORB tossing and treat eating at the Vet's!
Who SAID vet trips were scary!!!

Well DONE, Warrior Princess!

November 23 - 27, 2009

Thanksgiving '09!

With Mom and Sis both visiting for the week,
and with K&R feeling GREAT,
there is MUCH for which we are THANKFUL!

Riley... the EPITOME of a Food-Driven Scotsman...
waited patiently for Mammaw to OFFER a nibble...
then EAGERLY threw himself on the offered morsel!

1 hedgehog -- 2 Scotties = One HUGE tug of war!

Katie (up) and Riley (floor)
share Connie's fortune cookie!

Don't even THINK that ya can block me with that leg
and not have to PLAY ball! NOT gonna happen!

Wait... *slurp* ...
ORBS make ya JUICY mouthed!!!

Found Riley a "mini-Gus" woobie!
He's a HAPPY Scotsman!!


November 1, 2009

Riley Rambunctious -- The EASY LIFE!

The lad DOES like his 'creature comforts'!!
Tough life, huh!!

October 23, 2009

Katie's 11th BIRTHDAY Celebration!

This day was a GLORIOUS gift!!!
We celebrated in HIGH STYLE!

We visited TWO--- 2 --- different pet stores. She browsed, she shopped,
she climbed up ONTO the shelves, and shopped "up close and personal"!
She was fed treats on the PetCo check-out counter, by a very nice clerk,
she was "Happy Birthday-ed" by everyone there... she was a HAPPY girl!
Lots of fun, LOTS of good eats-- doughnuts 'n GREAT brisket!

August 18, 2009

Katie's ORB Expertise!

I keep SAYING that she's an EXPERT with those ORBS!
Tug of War with an ORB?? She holds it by its FUZZ!
A TINY bit of yellow fuzz, CLENCHED between her front teeth!
She gives the fuzz-held ORB a frenzied Death Shake...
then pushes it at ME....
"IF ya can CATCH it, Mam... I'll letcha play TUG with me!"
I've discovered that my reflexes aren't as SHARP as they ONCE were!
Katie??? Her ORB expertise is unparalleled!!!

And, her BEARD-lette is growing happily!!!

August 8, 2009

Fair is fair --
Riley deserves EQUAL TIME on the "ORB" discussion!
He sees NOOO useful purpose in Katie's tiny, yellow balls.

Riley wants a MAN-sized orb... a GUY orb!!
This is our 4th or 5th Woobie ORB!
I AM surprised it holds up as WELL as it does!

Riley's 'Woobie ORB' is ALWAYS the center of attention....
and has survived some VERY NOISY 'tug of war' discussions!

After 2-3 very exciting minutes of TUG-TALK,
Riley gives the "Woobie ORB" a wild SHAKE,
and claims HIS orb...for HIMSELF!

Riley is great at MULTI-tasking.....
his 'woobie ORB' serves SEVERAL purposes!!!

HIS 'woobie orb'....
his big, strong paw "holds his place"!

UH OH..... too many pics, too many FLASHES!
I get 'THE LOOK'!!
"MAM!!! Put DOWN the camera....and back away... SLOWLY!"

It was my OWN FAULT! I woke him UP!
His internal 'atomic clock' knew what time it was!!
BARK.......BARK, BARK.......BARK!!!

WHERE'D HE GO?????????????
All I said was, "Okay, SUPPER!"

August 3, 2009

Katie found a TENNIS BALL on our walk early this morning...
she raced over to the ORB, and with it gripped firmly in her mouth,
she sashayed home, head high... ANOTHER STOLEN ORB!
But, once in the house, I scooped her up to take her for her chemo treatment.
HOURS later, she walks BACK in the door.....and the FIRST THING SHE DOES???

She grabs that new ORB and spends some "quality time" with it!
The girl is OBSESSED with her ORBS!

The ORB queen checks out her new adoptee.

NAH, NAH..... she's NOT asleep!
..the mouth is CLOSED, the ball is FULLY compressed...
she's in ORB  Nirvana right now!!! hehe

A BETTER angle of her ORB position....
well, not BETTER..... but it's CUTE!!!

Riley?  He sees no PURPOSE in tennis balls.....
they're not EDIBLE!

Time OUT from the ORB.... to discuss HEDGEHOG ownership!
Epilogue: Riley won the "Hedgehog Discussion"! Katie chose her ORB!

July 2, 2009

Company's here!
Mammaw and Auntie are here visiting.... and K&R are thrilled!
Lots and lots of scritches....and TONS of TREATS!!!

Auntie Connie is serving TREATS!!!
And she has their UNDIVIDED attention!

One for HIM, one for HER!
Katie waits her turn... PATIENTLY!!
(Make a NOTE of THAT rare event! hehe)

Katie ups the ante!
She can receive treats AND continue her Squirrel Watch!

That's a good Auntie!!!!
Multi-talented....Treats to different muzzles at different ELEVATIONS!

Life's tough... it's a hard job nibbling treats and playing all day!
A girl has to get her ZZZZZZZ's when & where she CAN!

Riley?? NAP??? NEVER!!
Not when there are TREATS to be had!!!
ALWAYS watching for that next MORSEL!

Riley can ALWAYS talk MAMMAW into sharing!

NOTE: The LARGE woobie balls, one blue and one white,
are Riley's MOST treasured toys!!!
When he's not PLAYING with 'em, he uses 'em for PILLOWS!
My lad DOES love his comfort!!! hehe

June 15, 2009

Katie went for Chemo this morning...
As always, she trots in eagerly, makes a sharp left turn,
and sashays around behind the counter, to the vet techs at the desk.
I hand the vet techs the baggie filled with Katie's favorite treats,
and the Schmoozing begins!!! Katie turns into a wiggling, squirming EARLESS beggar!
She puts a full smile on her face, mouth open, eager for treats!
The vet techs oooooohhhhhhhh and aaaaahhhhhhhh over her, sweet talk her.....
And Katie Wild Child LOVESSSSSSSSS it!!

The baggie full of treats is passed from one vet tech to another...
and accompanies Katie back to her chemo treatment, where she is served treats
throughout the visit.

Katie arrives....and immediately makes her presence known...
she wiggles, she wags all over, her ears disappear.....
She's doing her BEST "I'm cute... TREAT ME!" maneuvers!

Treats are NOT being dispensed as quickly as the Warrior Princess would LIKE!
This requires a more DEMANDING approach!

OBSERVATION: The Warrior Princess doesn't HOLD a GRUDGE!
Word is, she will NOT take a treat from the vet just prior to the Cath IV being inserted.
HOWEVER, when I encouraged the Vet to TRY AGAIN, as we were preparing to leave, much later...
Katie happily and eagerly ACCEPTED the treat from Dr. T!!!

May 27, 2009

A slight difference in PRIORITIES!
Riley, distinguished....and STARVING... waits for a handout!
Katie focuses TOTALLY on her ORBS, as always!

Katie's 'grey peach fuzz' is growing back...
but the 'sleek look' makes holding her ORBS much simpler!
She LOVES to hold her ORBS by their "FUZZ"!

April 28, 2009

After 2+ months of chemo, Katie has lost some of her beard around her nose.
Never one to let a little FUR LOSS slow her down, she keeps on keeping on....
too busy screaming at squirrels, chasing bunnies, and running birds out of
her 'no fly zone' to worry about a little cosmetic issue!
Katie and Riley see nothing out of the ordinary.
Life moves on!

The Warrior Princess... fearless ... with the heart of a lion!

Katie's 'grey peach fuzz' muzzle...soft as silk, and growing BACK!

The TINY bit of red visible in her mouth, is her loaded JACK KONG!
The glazed eyes, and 45 degree angle on the ears show her total JOY!

'KAY, Mam... I emptied the Jack Kong!
LOAD 'er back UP!!! Let's DO IT AGAIN!

Riley, always the food fiend, KNOWS I have treats!

WHY is he on the stool??? To be CLOSER to the food!
They're both impatiently awaiting the reloaded Jack Kongs!

OKAY, MAM......all right already!!!
PUT the camera down, and back away SLOWLY!!!!!
Load the Kongs and let's get ONNNNN with it!

April 7, 2009

We're making special "Operation GOOD VIBES"
trips to the Vet... to keep Katie's mind POSITIVE
about our FREQUENT trips to the vet for chemo.
We've had GREAT success!
She rears up on the door when we turn into the drive...
She eagerly saunters into the clinic, then proceeds
RIGHT on around behind the desk!
She's now totally spoiled, and EXPECTS everyone to shower her with treats!

"OPERATION GOOD VIBES" is a roaring success!!

Riley also had a 'private trip' this day....
bank drive-thru, and PetCo... where he replaced his favorite GIANT, fuzzy
woobie ball, picked out a tennis ball for Katie, then helped select which
treats we'd scoop into our bag at the 'scoop-a-treat buffet" counter!

WHY no Riley PHOTOS??
HANDS FULL with giant woobie ball, 2 tennis balls, a bag
being filled with scoops of yummy goodies....and the leash of one VERY
vocal Scotsman, who's dancing and prancing and strutting and rearing up,
trying to REACH the scoopful of treats!
Simply NOT enough HANDS!!! hehe

March 16, 2009

The Anatomy of ORBS
Instructor: Katie Wild Child

Paw Position is EVERYTHING!
An experienced ORB fanatic will have NO need for teeth!

Paw Pedicures Aid in ORB Gripping...
NOTE the firm, poised grasp on the ORB.

Keep one paw UNDER the ORB, for support...
the OTHER paw grasps the ORB, to prevent its escape!

For the EXPERT ORB fan...
place BOTH paws beneath the ORB,
using the tongue to hold the ORB in place!

HAPPY ORBing !!!

March 12, 2009

One day after a major chemo treatment
AND a 'Partial Remission' report from the vet...
the "WARRIOR PRINCESS" parties on!!!

Neither lymphoma... or major chemo meds...
will interfere with ORB OBSESSION!

MAM: "Katie, CLEAN up that MESS!"
KATIE: "ME?!!?!?!! WHATTTTTT MESS????????"

Ahhhhh!!! AN ORB!


Katie enjoys an ORB moment....
RILEY?? My shadow... ALWAYS!

Anything that Katie does, Riley will follow!
Katie moves off for a nap...
RILEY moves in, to take on HIS favorite woobie....
the green monster SPIDER!
An action pic....he's giving his spider a wicked shake!

AFTER a vigorous 'spider shake', he moves to his OTHER
favorite toy, the green woobie turtle, with crackly sounding feet! LOL
NOTE: See tongue!
"Spider Shake" caused beard in MOUTH... PA-TOOEY!

February 25, 2009

Making memories involves enjoying the LITTLE things!
Soooo, after a trip outside, we celebrate with LOTS of water...
THENNNNNN, it's time for a TREAT!

Scottie identification Guide:
Katie has grey beard(L)...
Riley on stool,(R),closer to treat!

Whatcha have in your hand, Mam??
TREATS??? We're gonna get a TREAT!!!


Did they GET the treat???
YOUUUUU tell ME!!!!

February 12, 2009

GROOMING DAY..... again!
Beautiful day, 65 degrees, gentle breeze...

Katie volunteered....well, she was DRAFTED to go first!
She was a good girl, very cooperative, tolerant, and patient.
THENNNNNN, it was over.....she was DONE!
Racing back into the house, she frapped, she ran, she rolled, she rooted!

Katie smiles broadly...

What's a post-grooming celebration...
without an ORB!

Riley's turn for a haircut...
he's a good boy, but it's not his favorite pastime!
Katie spends the entire time teasing him... WC humor!
After-Grooming GROUP photo... Katie's STILL smiling!
Riley's TIRED of this 'foo-foo' business!

"Hold still, Riley... lemme see if Mam trimmed your ears right!"

January 17, 2009

Riley went to the vet this morning...
routine trip... a couple of shots... check-up by vet.
Nothing to worry about!
Riley STRUTS into vet's office,
NOTIFIES the large hound at the counter that a SCOTTIE was now in the building...
and assumed his stiff-legged 'macho pose'!
Hound?? Ignored the brash, NOISY Scottie!

Once in the exam room, Riley secured the perimeter,
and pronounced the room safe for habitation.
Finally TIRING of his patrol duties, Riley... ALWAYS the distinguished Scotsman,
hopped up on the corner seat....and AWAITED HIS FATE!!!

My handsome Scotsman...
ALWAYS suave, always "way cool"!!

Afterwards, as I checked out, Mr. Riley was FULL of himself...
dancing, prancing, strutting, telling the WORLD he'd SURVIVED his ordeal!

Drove through a VERY good barbecue, to get some smoked brisket & ham...
lady handed us our order......with some smoked meat wrapped in paper laying on top.
"That's for the CUTIE," she said, pointing to Riley, who was standing on the

console, watching!
The nice lady gave him some smoked meat for visiting!!!!
Free FOOD!!! Riley considers the day a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

'scuse the image......taken with cellphone! LOL

October 14, 2008

Katie Wild Child GOT MAIL!
The postmand delivered a box today...... addressed to KATIE!
He had a broad grin on his face as he delivered the package,
all adorned with Scottie insignia... and addressed to my SCOTTIE!
Brad Bradberry, in San Diego, has sent Katie a Birthday GIFT!!!

take NOTE of the HUGEEEEEEEEE DEMAND on the front of the package!!
Katie won't care........but it's gonna be the DEATH of MEEEEE!!!
Brad..... you're a wicked, wicked MAN!!! hehehehe
Katie and I THANK you most graciously for the generous GIFT!!


The WC definitely has a "CURIOUS" streak!!!


OCTOBER 23 arrived!

We opened the huge package!

Inside the package??

Katie checks out the CONTENTS of the package!

Katie models the beautiful coat once cherished by Brad's Sofy(RB'06)

And THEN.... she found the ORBS!!!
LOTS and LOTS of...... ORBS!!!
WC Heaven!!!!

THANKS, Brad, Jake, and Alexander!!!

September 18, 2008

Cooler weather, beautiful sunny day.... let's GROOM the furkids!!
It takes a while.... what with muzzle kisses, sweet talking, and such.
But, FINALLY.... Katie and Riley are Gorgeous!!!

SOOOOOOO, what's the first thing Mam does?
Pose her SPIFFY furkids in LSU kerchiefs!!! hehe

As SOON as the kerchiefs come off....Riley crashes!

Katie WAS asleep... UNDER the bed!
But, ever the DIVA.....she heard the digital camera turn on!!! LOL

February 3, 2008

Since our LSU isn't a contender (hehe), we're watching the PUPPY BOWL!
Riley has NO interest, as there is no TENOR in the group that'd catch his ear!
Katie, on the other hand......
she is INCENSED by the puppies' noisy invasion of HER space!

Katie prepares to tell OFF the puppies....
but is brought to a stop by the puppy antics!
She watches... fascinated!!!

Katie growls....then BARKS loudly...
this gal is used to being OBEYED!
Hmmmmmmmmm, bet they won't pay her ANY ATTENTION!!!

November 24, 2007

A WCGang report... on the road!
Katie and Riley have spent the last several weeks in New Orleans ---
keeping the neighborhood in line and enforcing Katie's "no-fly-zone"!

Riley(L) watches as Katie races off...
to tell off a commercial airliner that flew OVER "her" space!

Birds, squirrels, PLANES, helicopters...
all are fair game for the Wild Child!

POLL QUESTION - when YOUR furchildren run, how do they hold their tails??
Riley holds his straight up....Katie always holds hers like a 'J'!

Katie takes a very ACTIVE role in yard patrol!

Riley prefers the more PASSIVE approach to yard protection!!

Yard Guard duties over, Katie relaxes in the cool grass..
kicking her paws up in celebration of chasing off the "nasty ole airliner"!

Riley, ever vigilant, guards against the evil "barker" in the next yard!

Okay, we know WHO this is.....
BUT---- can you tell WHICH end is UP...
ORRRRRRRR---- where the BARKING end is?!?!?!

October 23, 2007

Today is Katie Wild Child's NINTH Birthday!!!!

Katie definitely lives 'in the moment' and faces life on her OWN terms!

The one, the ONLY......
turned 9 today!!

Katie went SHOPPING today.....
and after MUCH browsing, sniffing, and shelf-shopping
she made her selection ... a BALL.....
wellllllll, actually.... SEVERAL balls!!

After shopping stops at TWO toy stores,
AND a trip through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru,
Katie brought her chosen toy HOME!

What followed was 30 blissful minutes with her new ball,
snorting, grunting, rolling, licking and mouthing her new FAVORITE toy!!

AND.... where is this favored ball NOW????
Let's just say, Riley grabbed it...
and within 3 bites had split the ball wide open!!!!!!!
It's a GONER.... done for... TOAST!!!
But, while it lived.......ahhhhhh, Katie had a BALL!! hehe

September 15, 2007 --- New Orleans

Riley's FIRST "floor woobie" was found last December at Walgreen's.
He LOVES his "Gus"... it makes a GREAT pillow for a Scottie lad's naptime.
And, when playtime arrives... "Gus" makes a GREAT woobie for "death shakes"!

THEN, this past week, we made a trip to Sam's...
and found a bin FILLED with SUPER-GUS woobies!!!
TWICE the size of Riley's beloved Gus, "GOLIATH" went home to meet Riley!

"Gus" (L) and "GOLIATH" (R)...

"Gus" (L) and "GOLIATH" (R)...
with an "UNNAMED" Scottie lad right in the MIDST of these giant woobies!

Riley gets cozy with "GOLIATH"...
Naptime becomes SERIOUS...
as Riley cuddles up with his new GIANT woobie!

Riley admits that it's TOUGH being a Wild Child...
NOTE: You can't IMAGINE the scene when Riley gives GOLIATH a "death shake"!!

ORB in mouth, she's ROCKIN' !

Updated 12-29-13

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