Memorial Day party - May, 2001
The following story was a week-end party to celebrate Memorial Day, 2001.
We had many of our fur friends join our "virtual" adventure.
Sit back, and enjoy the party!

Chapter 1

Well, Katie and Riley are so very excited to be hosting the 1st Annual Memorial Day Bayou Barbecue BASH. They keep assuring me that everything is “well in paw”……and that they have things under control. I keep asking to see the guest list…….Katie says Riley has it……….Riley says he gave it to me……I haven’t see it……….something’s not right about this…….why do I smell a “scottie rat”???

We were outside while ago , setting up tables, chairs…..getting the new inflatable, Super-sized Olympic wading pool ready for the week-end. Suddenly, we heard a commotion……looked up to see Piper Wade ride up !!! She was sitting on a COW !!!!! Piper had a huge sunbonnet on, and was waving a scottie flag over her head, shouting, “YIPPEEEEEEEE !!!!!” We all dashed over, took hold of the cow’s haltar, and helped Piper down. Questions immediately began to fly about…….WHAT?? WHY??? Where’d ya GET her??

Piper explained that she’d taken “Bessie” from the Vet School and was gonna bring her to the Bayou Barbecue…… this point, “Bessie” chimed in, “ Now, WAIT just a minute, here…….ya didn’t say anything about a BARBECUE !!!! What kinda trick are ya pullin’ here !!!!!” She began to paw the ground and stamp her hoof angrily……glaring dangerously at Piper, who was grinning broadly!!!

Katie and Riley stepped over to “Bessie” and began to calm the agitated bovine down……..comments of “not ME for the main course”……..and “don’t even THINK of me as your Hamburger Happiness” !!! Katie and Riley were in the midst of some serious cow negotiations, when ANOTHER rucus was heard.

The group looked over to see Lucy and Bucky Sheets drive up in their swamp buggy. “We decided to come early and help y’all set things up,” Bucky said. Lucy added, “Yep, and we brought up some alligator and crawdads from south Louisiana for the grill.” The two new arrivals looked around the group, and with a confused look on their faces , pointed to the cow!!!!

At this, the cow again began screaming that she didn’t intend to be DINNER for a pack of flea-bitten, short-legged DOGS !!! As Katie again tried to quiet the red-faced, hollering cow, Riley threw his shoulders back, bared his teefers and said through clenched teeth , “WHO YA CALLIN’ FLEA-BITTEN, HEFFER?”

He started toward the cow…..bumped into Lucy and Bucky, who dropped the alligator they’d been taking from the back of the swamp buggy. The noise level immediately increased as the cow spotted the alligator’s wide yawn and noticed the razor-sharp teeth ! The cow screamed……Lucy shouted into Bucky’s ear…… “get a ROPE on that feller, Bucky!” Riley and Bucky wrestled the ‘gator back into the swamp buggy, while Katie and Lucy tried to quiet the now completely hysterical cow. Through all of this, Piper sat on the edge of a picnic table, swinging her legs and giggling!!!!!!!!!!!!

When everyone finally queted down, Katie looked over at the smiling Piper and demanded an explanation. Piper giggled, looked over at “Bessie” and told her to RELAX………. “You’re NOT dinner, Bessie………you’re the ENTERTAINMENT !!! You’re gonna teach all my scottie, westie, dalmation, and lab pals how to do the COW-COW Boogie !!!!!!!” The sobbing cow broke into a wide grin, and happily agreed to teach the wee ones the new dance.

Soon, order was restored, and Mam assigned duties to the group. Bucky and Riley were sent back to the swamp with their rope….assignment: more meat for the grill. Lucy, Katie, and Piper joined Bessie under an old, towering oak……where they began practicing the new dance steps.

Mam sighed, shook her head, and muttered to herself……… “not another BASH……not AGAIN !” With a helpless shake of her head, she went inside to call the pilot……and following ANOTHER long, heated conversation, the pilot reluctantly agreed to begin his flight to gather the party-going puppers!!

Soon, the Scotcorde was seen overhead as it began its task of collecting the Barbecue BASH Bunch!!

Chapter 2

Katie and Riley assured Mam that she didn’t need to go with them to the airport…….said she should rest from her afternoon of preparation……..uh huh!! Yep, something’s definitely NOT right ! The group that finally reached the airport was a combination of suspicious and indignant. Katie and Riley were in a definate huff over their MAM coming with them. The embarrassment occurred when the Airport Security stopped them…….their words were, “Not YOU again!!” Smiling broadly, Katie and Riley merely waved, and kept walking toward the standard Scotcorde arrival gate…….Gate 13 !

They didn’t have long to wait…….the Scotcorde banked sharply and glided gracefully to the runway, then cruised toward the gate. Just as the flight attendants opened the doors, one of the attendants looked at me, shook her head sadly, and said, “Good LUCK!” What exploded through the doors of the Scotcorde was a living, writhing BLOB of furry creatures! Shouts of “PARTIEEEEEE” and “Where’s the BEEF?” were heard as literally dozens of scotties and pals tore through the door.

The youngsters were at the front of the group…….4 ½ month old Chak raced across the concourse, shaking a seat cushion in his mouth. Hard on his heels was 6 month old Pagan, yipping, and nipping at Chak’s tail, as they began to tug against each other, effectively de-gutting the bedraggled airline seatcushion. Out of the mob of scotties came Jubilee, a huge lab, hollering , “PAGAN, drop IT!” Pagan, being a young, enthusiastic scottie , paid no attention to poor Jubilee, as the two pups raced back to the party puppers, darted into the group, and began nipping noses, tails, and swinging on distinguished beards. This was entirely too much temptation for Emmitt Bad Boy, who happily joined the boistrous youngsters, as they chased a security guard down the concourse.

Chapter 3

Scotties greeted Katie and Riley, and much hugging, laughing, and aroooooooo'ing was heard as the group began making plans for another historic BASH. Through all of this, Carol could be seen, standing with her back to a nearby wall as she counted…..67, 68, 69!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhh, NOOOOO!!” she squeaked!!

Plopping down, she immediately began planning “Bash Riot Control”, and made sure that Katie and Riley saw the “LOOK” that she gave them. Then, snickering under her breath, she sat back and watched the group of puppers as they began heading toward Lucy and Bucky’s swamp buggy.

Millie Phillips skipped along beside Brewster, Molly, and Megan Wynne, as they began discussing the relevance of swimsuits. They were followed closely by Midget, Spoiled Stormy, Meaghen and McKenzie Sue Barfield , each bragging that their THONG suit was smaller than the other girls’ !!!! Carol giggled as she spotted Hugo Kimbell, Cameron, Connor, and Ali Riches tagging along behind the wee girlies, snickering and poking each other in the sides as they eagerly anticipated the pool party !

Other pups filed down the concourse, visiting, and eagerly discussing the coming Bash events. Linus Riches was slowly making his way toward the buggy, with Fergie Grant on one paw and Green Bean on the other. The group parted, to allow Linus first choice of seats in the buggy. Katie stood watching her friends find their places in the swamp buggy, when suddenly she was pulled off her paws. Squealing, she turned to find herself being placed on Webber’s lap as he said , “save a seat for someone else.” Giggling, she directed seating arrangements from her new vantage point. Looking around, she noticed Maggie Doodle, Agie Donnelly, Izzy Murphy, and Puppy Boy McTavish dragging some large bags toward the buggy. Throwing their heavy bundles into the back of the buggy, they leaped in , and were seen trying to stop the noises coming from one of the bags, and desperately trying to hide the wiggling bundle in another.

Jubilee came around the corner, dragging Chak , Pagan, and Emmitt Bad Boy. She looked toward Ty and Dom, rolled her eyes, and announced that these three were trying to chew the tires off the Scotcorde!!!! She then asked, “Is it ALWAYS like this when these terriers get together?”

Laughing, they told her……..she hadn’t seen ANYTHING yet!! The three large guardians then gathered the stragglers together and loaded the excited pups into the buggy. Smiling, they braced themselves for another BASH adventure.

Chapter 4

YAWNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! What a looooong night!!!!! YAWWWWN ! We somehow got all the scotties/westies/dals/labs to the house, where Katie, Riley, and the gang began making plans for the barbecue and pool party the next day. The plans began to become more and more ......uh, frightening. Thinking that feeding them would settle them down, I called out for pizza. The poor delivery guy almost had a hernia, as he delivered the 37 pizzas…….liver kibble, alligator , plain veggie, crawdad, and cheese pizzas. The party favorite seemed to be the “Sweep the Swamp” pizza…….ya don’t wanna know!!!! HEHE

Well, the full tummies did seem to slow the herd down, and they soon began throwing their sleeping bags down, claiming their sleeping spots. I had to forcibly remove Ace Graves , Bubby, and Duncan MacNab from the girls’ room…..Angie Riches and Sophie Donnelly threw kisses to the guys and began wagging their furry fannies……telling the guys they were gonna miss a really good time!!!!!! The guys grumbled loudly as I drug them back to the boys’ room, where they were greeted by Linus and Judge Brimley , who immediately directed the hormonal boys to the back of the room. The two elder statesmen the proceeded to place their own sleeping bags in the doorway, effectively blocking the exit.

The evening didn’t slow down for quite a while……….the pups discovered that they could knock on the wall to talk to the pups in the next room. What followed was a sort of Scottie Morse Code……..and much laughing, giggling, and arooooooo’ing was heard from the guys as they made bold promises to the lasses on the other side of the wall.

Just when I thought things were finally settled, and that we might all get a little sleep………..we heard someone LEANING on the doorbell !! I stumbled over sleeping bags, stepped on backpacks, and more than one tail….oops, sorry!…….. and opened the door to discover Brindi and MacDuff Arzani, and the Flewarty Crew…..Mz Ginger, Brindi, and Pogo sashayed in, followed by Taz , MacDuff, and Zack , who threw their large bag into the center of the room, and giggled as the contents of the bag exploded into the room!!!!! Pygmy GOATS???????????????

Chapter 5

There was that ONE, brief nano-second of blessed silence, then CHAOS erupted !!! Goats began looking for the exit, head-butting any furry object that got in their way!!! Scotties scrambled out of the way......Mason Allen , Duffy and MacTavish Tracey decided they could wrestle the goats back into the bag…….only to find themselves FLYING across the room to land in the tropical aquarium in the corner!!!!! Climbing out , they shook themselves and decided that the goats could stay right where they were………and the 3 fellas plopped themselves down and watched the bedlam!!!!

Girls squealed and scurried out of the line of fire of those horns!!! The guys took advantage of the situation, and soon had an impromptu rodeo going on in the living room!!!!! Shouts and cheers were heard as Riley, Connor, Brewster, and Bucky began roping, throwing, and “goat-roping” the angry pygmies ! The guys waved, smiled, and winked at the girls, who’d scrambled onto the back of the sofa to get a better view of the “indoor rodeo” !!!! Soon, the goats were back into the huge bag, and safely tied. Ty and Dom took the writhing bag to the swamp buggy…….then instructed Jubilee to take them to the nearest pasture………Jubilee smiled, and agreed. The goats left the scene, never realizing that they were nearly the Main course at the Bayou Barbecue Bash!!!!!

It took another hour to settle the cowboys and their audience . Someone broke open a bag of Cheetos, and a huge bag of sugar cookies appeared soon after.......gradually, things quieted, as munching and crunching replaced the rowdy boasts and brags.

Slowly, the group began to return to their sleeping bags, and everyone soon fell into exhausted sleep…………dreams of barbecue, thong suits, and pool party dancing in their heads !!!!

Chapter 6

Well, the pups were eager to get up this morning. They all scurried to the bathroom to get ready for the Memorial Day service. There was NOT enough room for 75 pups at the mirrors, as they adjusted their kilts, tams, and dress uniforms for the service, but with a lot of patience and sharing, everyone was able to finish their preparations for the ceremony. When all were ready and assured that they looked their best, the entire group filed into the waiting limousines for the trip to Forest Lawn.

The weather was overcast , with a cool breeze, as the limousines drove through the tree-lined drive of Forest Lawn. The vehicles pulled to a stop at the foot of Veteran’s Hill. The scotties and their friends quietly exited the cars and gathered at the edge of the walk leading up to the great standing oak on the hill’s summit. The Scottish Special Forces began the procession to the top of the hill, the drone of the bagpipes providing a somber reminder of the loss of so many brave warriors. As the group reached the great oak at the top of the hill, the Scottie Special Forces came to attention under the tree’s great, spreading limbs. The scotties and their friends stood quietly, facing the honor guard, as Judge Brimley stepped to the podium, and cleared his throat.

He began by explaining to the youngest scotties what Memorial Day symbolized. He explained to the youngsters about the brave sacrifices made by all of those who had lost their lives in defense of our most sacred gift of liberty......our freedom.

The group listened intently as Judge Brimley began explaining to the scotties that freedom comes with responsibility, that freedom is easily lost, must be protected by each one of us, and that those who gave their lives for our freedom deserve to be honored for their devotion to all that we hold dear.

As the Judge finished speaking, Katie quietly turned to Robin Baillargeon and nodded. Robin began blowing into the bagpipes, and soon the strains of “Amazing Grace” could be heard echoing across the rolling landscape of Forest Lawn. As the scotties listened to the melancholy tune, they looked up to see the sun break through the clouds and settle it’s golden glow onto the American flag flying proudly on the summit.

With the last notes of Robin’s bagpipes fading, not a dry eye was seen, as each scottie tried desperately to commit every detail of the touching service to memory. With reverence and respect, they began placing flags at the base of each headstone, then after a final moment of silence, they filed slowly back to the waiting limousines.

As the cars exited the drive, several scotties looked back, to find that the clouds had obscured the sun, and quiet had returned to the grassy hill.

Chapter 7

The Bayou Bash pups return to the house was rather subdued, with each one remembering the beautiful ceremony. But, that quickly changed when Riley called for volunteers to help finish filling the pool. Immediately, everyone began eagerly locating their bags, and soon scotties were scattered in every nook and cranny , changing into their suits.

Outside, Riley had Duffy and Buster Brown, Roscoe-man, Cecil B., and Simon Livingston shifted the Olympic-sized wading pool into a large, sunny area……but had one corner sitting comfortably under the oak, to provide shade for the elders who wanted to cool off, but not burn from the sun. Riley had them continue filling the pool, and he disappeared around the corner of the building. He soon returned, brandishing his legendary water cannon!!!! The pool brigade broke into loud arooooooo’s upon seeing the famous weapon. Riley smiled, and simply laid it in a quiet corner.

Suddenly, Fitzroy MacTavish Masterson came racing out of the house. “GUYS!!!!!!!” he screamed. “You GOTTA see this!!!!!!” He couldn’t catch his breath, and could only pant , his eyes wide and excited. Riley and his pool pals turned and stared at the front door of the house, where they heard a loud commotion. As they watched, a group of semi-clad girls burst through the door, laughing and giggling. Riley broke into a huge, teefer-sized grin as he saw Megan Bruce, Winnie, Molly, Mandi, and Maggie Reyner, Heather Tracey, Meaghen and McKenzie Sue Barfield , and Maggie Johnson parade out of the house in the barest suits he’d ever seen!!!! Behind them , Spoiled Stormy, Angie Riches, and Katie Wild Child appeared, giggling and waving a K-Mart bag of SHOELACES over their heads. The guys cheered wildly, and raced inside to put on their Speedos. They soon returned, and watched with tongues hanging out, as the girlies paraded around to the edge of the Olympic-sized wading pool and began to dip their paws into the water.

Soon, all the pupper guests were splashing around in the pool. Riley had roped off a corner of the pool, and placed several floats for the elders to enjoy , without having to worry about the rowdy bunch at the far end of the Olympic-sized wading pool. Riley then located Mac Arzani and , speaking quietly, led him to an inflated raft. With great care, Riley placed Mac onto the raft, and secured it to the side of the pool. He assured Mac that the pool was no more than 8” deep, and that he could climb over the side of the pool to the shore at any time. He then sat quietly talking to Mac, until Judge Brimley walked up, asked for a float, and joined the quietly talking group. Riley told Mac he’d check on him later, then turned and smiled as he saw Fergie, and Green Bean help Linus onto an inflated raft. They handed Linus a huge glass of lemonade, and a pair of sunglasses, then claimed rafts of their own, as the group quietly relaxed in the pool under the shade of the giant oak.

Chapter 8

At the other end of the pool, Piper Almandinger was organizing the group for water races. Midget immediately stepped forward and claimed Burberry D’ Ascemzo, Ace Graves, Megan, and Pee Wee for her team, then promptly dubbed them the “Water Warriors” !! Sadie Brown announced the creation of the “Wet Wizards” and selected Molly and Maggie Kimbell, Avery Murphy, and Willow Donnelly as her teammates. Mickey Allen stepped forward, and immediately chose Guiness, Fiona, KayCee Donnelly, and Maggie Livingston as the brave members of the “Steely-eyed Swamp Demons” !!! The scottie and westie crowd gathered around the sides of the Olympic-sized wading pool as Piper set down the rules for the contest. Jubilee, a lab, having been disqualified due to her “unfair advantage in the water”, was chosen to be the official judge of the race. The teams were told that it was to be a relay race, and that each member of the team had to wade the entire distance of the pool, then return, to tag the next member of their team to enter the pool. The first team to complete the relay would be declared the winner.

The crowd began cheering, as Midget, Sadie, and Mickey took their places at the far end of the pool. Jubilee checked each racer for a fair start, then blew the whistle. Water began churning as the wee terriers began wading through the water, their short legs turning the water to a white froth, as they bared their teefers, each determined to be the winner of this event. The race was evenly matched, with each pup giving it their best efforts. But, gradually, Sadie began to pull away from the other two, and was clearly widening the distance between the teams. This was more than Midget could tolerate. Suddenly she leaped forward, grabbed Sadie’s shoestring bathing suit and began tying her to the ropes at the side of the pool ! The “Wet Wizards” immediately jumped into the pool, and raced to the defense of their team captain. The “Water Warriors” , not to be outdone, also joined the fray, followed closely by the “Steely-eyed Swamp Demons”.

All three teams began thrashing around in the water, splashing water into their opponents faces. The crowd at the pool’s edge immediately chose sides and joined the chaos in the pool. The pool was transformed into a frenzied, white-water froth, as dozens of terriers splashed and dunked each other. Seeing a new adventure, Chak, Emmitt Bad Boy, and Pagan threw themselves into the melee, taking advantage of the chance to chew on unprotected tails or tugging on convenient whiskers.

At the side of the pool, Ty looked over at Dom and smiled broadly. As Jubilee raced over, concern on her face, Ty and Dom reassured her. This was ONE battle royal that could NOT result in any injury to their beloved terriers. They agreed to “sit this one out”…….and strolled over to the great oak, leaned back with their paws behind their heads, and watched the entertainment in the pool. Dom commented on the splashing skills of the “Steely-eyed Swamp Demons” and predicted their victory. Ty and Jubilee also chose teams, and after making a “friendly wager” on the outcome, they sat back and began cheering their chosen teams.

It was Ace Graves who first noticed………with the exception of the 5 pups quietly floating in the shade at the other end of the pool, ALL 75 pups were in the pool for the battle royal, EXCEPT the three giant guardians lounging under the oak, laughing at the bedlam in the pool. Quickly , he gathered the terriers together, and began whispering frantically. Giggling, the terriers casually began taking their water battle to the edge of the pool, where they suddenly leaped out, and as a group, grabbed the shocked trio . Ty, Dom, and Jubilee soon found themselves in the middle of the pool…..surrounded by splashing, laughing terriers.

It was then that Riley climbed out of the pool, crossed the yard, and lifted the legendary water cannon onto his shoulder. Returning to the pool, he placed it in its bracket, then pointed the nozzle heavenward. With a wide smile, he turned the knob to “mist”, then casually flipped the switch with his furry paw. Suddenly, the entire pool was bathed in a cool mist, and the entire group reveled in the feel of the cool water falling onto their faces. The remainder of the afternoon was spent leisurely around the pool , surrounded by close friends, with the warm sun in their faces, and the cool mist from the famous water cannon in their fur.

Chapter 9

“COME AND GET IT!!!!!!” Every ear in the pool suddenly came to full attention--------FOOD!!!! Active, hungry pups began leaping over each other to exit the pool. Each wanted to be the first to reach the barbecue…….FOOD!!!!

Katie and Riley stood nearest the grill, with Midget, Brimley, Lucy, and Bucky beside them. As the furry mass of soaked, starving wee ones raced toward them, Katie stepped forward, lifted a paw, and said , “WHOA!!!!” The entire mob stopped, as if on cue, with those behind running headlong into the dog in front of them. Katie laughed as she watched the group untangle themselves , then announced that there was plenty of food , and if they’d form an orderly line, everyone would be fed in short order. Immediately, the line formed, with more than a few elbows and paws forcing their way into a place in line.

The aroma coming from the enormous grill drifted across the yard, causing mouths to water, as they eagerly approached the grill. The feast that met their eyes drew sighs and gasps from the hungry pups. On the grill were dozens of steaks, at least 4 alligators, an entire side of venison, in addition to the numerous moles, meadow voles, and hedgehogs that had been brought as contributions to the feast. Looking over to the table next to the grill, their eyes widened to see enormous bowls filled with potato salad, baked beans, a couple of hundred ears of roasted corn, and 5 huge baskets of french bread!!!! The scotties and their friends loaded their plates, then found comfortable places in the grass under the great, spreading oak to enjoy their feast. Soon, the only sounds that were heard were the groans of pleasure as they tore into the succulent meat. Seconds-------thirds----------Puppy Boy, Webber, Riley, and several other fellows were spotted returning at least THREE times to the grill to refill their plates. Just when they thought they’d never eat again, Katie, Midget, and Lucy came around the corner pulling a cart behind them. On the cart were 4 ice cream freezers, filled to the top with fresh-churned ice cream !!! Squealing, the group surrounded the cart, and eagerly accepted the bowls of cold, sweet ice cream.

Finally declaring that they could not possibly eat another bite, the scotties and their pals lay back in the cool grass under the great oak. Soon, the only sounds that could be heard were the sighs of sleeping scotties and westies. Ty, Dom, and Jubilee returned to the cart, dished up another helping of ice cream, and returned to the shade of the great tree to watch over their exhausted terriers. As the terriers slept, the three great guardians again began arguing over the outcome of the water war, each claiming that their chosen team had won the battle.

It was Katie and Riley’s Mam who finally woke the guests, and helped them gather their belongings. The group laughed and giggled as they boasted about their water prowess. A jovial group of terriers, dals, and lab climbed into the swamp buggy for the trip to the airport. Reaching the airport, Lucy and Bucky waved farewell to the group and drove away, heading back to south Louisiana until called for duty at another BASH adventure. The happy group of terriers boarded the plane for their trip home, full tummies and wet fur, with the vision of another great BASH adventure safely tucked away in their memories .

The crew on the Scotcorde breathed a sigh of relief------it was always this way----the trip home was always a blissfully quiet journey, with all scotties, westies, and their friends sleeping soundly. The crew wondered what could have happened to create such exhaustion in such active furkids-------ohhhhh, if they only KNEW !!!!!!

So, another memorable BASH comes to a close, with a record 75 party-goers!!!! Farewell,then.... until we hear the call for a new BASH adventure.......


This ORIGINAL story was created and written by Carol Johnson .
It is NOT to be reproduced in ANY way, PERIOD!!!

(c)Copyright 1999-2013 All rights reserved.

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