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This page pays homage to those "IN the MOMENT" photos...
those photographs that just HAPPEN.... never to be repeated.
They bring a smile, a smirk, a nod of understanding...
or, occasionally, just an "OHHH" of wonder!

Be sure to send in your favorite photo moment!

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  • WEEK OF: April 29 - May 5, 2013

  • WHO? Vangie, the "PILL"

  • WHAT? Spots the FERRETS!!

  • WHERE? An aisle at PetCo

    Vangie, wants to play with THESE toys!

    "We were trotting down the aisle, headed to the KIBBLE....
    Vangie's attention was drawn to scrambling, running noises.
    She sees FERRETS, racing around, wrestling ... right up by the glass!
    TOTALLY intrigued, she sat UP, and just WATCHED!!!
    BETCHA, she thought it was her favorite 'roadkill woobie",
    reincarnated as her remote control car! LOL
    That'd be her ULTIMATE toy! hehehe

    (RILEY? He's across the aisle, sniffing for KIBBLE or edible treats! LOL)

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  • WEEK OF: July 12-18, 2012

  • WHO? Mac(Tavish) Delli Carpini

  • WHAT? HOGGING the camera!

  • WHERE? Home, with Mam, late at night

    Mac, not SHY at ALL!
    Mac, a POSE!

    From Mam, Joan Delli Carpini:
    "Mac was running around the family room (in the dark; I was the only one downstairs and at the PC), jumping on and off the padded storage ottoman (all the Wii rock band equipment inside) with his little yellow Air Kong dumbell. I took the camera out to try to get a picture of him (and a video) running around, but as soon as he saw the camera... Well you know what happened next. Here are a couple of pictures of him -- not posing, but one I got of him posing! He's in his last few days of collar reform school."

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  • WEEK OF: June 22 - 29, 2012

  • WHO? Evangeline

  • WHAT? Getting FREE TREATS!

  • WHERE? PetCo, schmoozing with the MGR!

    Vangie, public relations STAR

    Vangie ADORES her trips to PetCo.... and LOVES the Manager,
    who ALWAYS takes Vangie to the Treat Bar, where Vangie
    shows her "sit" and "down" skills for Treat rewards!
    Today's trip had the Mgr AND Vangie's Puppy Obedience Class trainer
    (trainer is out of frame, stage right! hehe)
    playing and schmoozing with Evangeline, the SOCIAL Butterfly!!

    Excuse the poor photo quality, Razr cellphone!! LOL

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  • WEEK OF: September 9 - 16, 2009

  • WHO? Draco

  • WHAT? Gonna KILL the lawn Sprinkler!

  • WHERE? Mam, Tracey Edwards' back yard!!

    Draco Edwards


    Mam, Tracey Edwards, reports:
    "And this is a dog that dislikes a bath. The big pansy whimpered like a baby at the pet wash on Sunday. But icy cold hose water is great!"

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  • WEEK OF: July 1 - 7 , 2009

  • WHO? Piper

  • WHEN? May 12, 2009

  • WHAT? Mam Didn't PACK her!

  • WHERE? Mam, Susan Truett's car trunk!!

    Piper Truett


    Mam, Susan Truett reports:
    I was packing my car to head out on a trip to Nebraska to go to my nephew's graduation. Piper decided she wanted to go. I had already put my bag in the trunk. She hopped up on the bumper and them placed herself on the spare tire. "I'm ready to go".
    Piper is always up for a trip anywhere.

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  • WEEK OF: June 21 - 27 , 2009

  • WHO? Winston

  • WHAT? Hose Fanatic!

  • WHERE? Mam, Susan Friend's yard......

    AIR Winston


    Susan Friend's lad, Winston, LOVES chasing water from the hose!!
    I'm SURE this makes him a BIG help doing the yard chores!!!
    LOOKS to ME like she oughta sign him up with the NBA!!!
    WAY TO GO, Winston!!!!

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  • WEEK OF: January 24 - 30 , 2009

  • WHO? Katie Wild Child

  • WHAT? Squirrel patrol

  • WHERE? Visiting Mammaw...

    The Wild Child, watching the trees for SQUIRRELS...

    The Wild Child, STILL looking for SQUIRRELS...

    Visiting Mammaw SHOULD involve relaxation, serenity, and quiet afternoons in the sun.
    KATIE??? NAH....spent the entire time searching the TREES! The lass is RELENTLESS!!! hehehe

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  • WEEK OF: August 18 - 24, 2008

  • WHO? Tracy Knaub's wee lad, RORY...

  • WHAT? Finding a COOOL hideaway...

  • WHEN? On a HOT, summer AFTERNOON...

    Rory's secret COOL SPOT...
    "MAM!!! PLEASE... this is my MAN CAVE!"

    Mam Tracy reports:
    A few weeks back, some friends and I were playing cards on our patio. I had headed into the house for something, and when I returned my friends told me this tale: "We were just sitting here, and all of a sudden we look over and there's dirt flying in the air. We couldn't figure out what was going on."
    When I looked over, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots before Rory -- who enjoys cool dirt in warm weather -- left his new hiding place.

    Editor's NOTE: Looks like a perfect "COOL" spot to US!
    GOOD CHOICE, Rory!!

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  • WEEK OF: June 26 - July 3, 2008

  • WHO? Riley and Katie...

  • WHAT? Begging from Mammaw...

  • WHEN? Their New Orleans vacation...

    Riley & Katie, begging from Mammaw...

    Riley & Katie, working the

    ANY time the WCGang is with Mammaw, SHE becomes the focus of their most ARDENT begging... soulful eyes, pitiful grunts and whimpers... all sure signs that they're 2 breaths away from total and absolute starvation!!!
    Funny thing... it always WORKS!!!

    Rory Knaub's pathetic pose...

    The WCGang received a post from Rory Knaub, who claims to be a contender for "Pitiful PRO" ! He has included photographic proof of his skill...and reports:
    "My Auntie Lesley says "nobody works that pathetic thing as well as Rory."...."

    Rory, we agree!! You definitely know how to work the pity angle!!!!
    Welcome to the Pathetic PROS! VEG

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  • WEEK OF: May 1 - 7, 2008

  • WHO? Linda Wilson's boy, Hamish MacBeth, a.k.a. "H.M.B."...

  • WHAT? H.M.B.'s computer skills...

  • WHEN? When he SEES himself!!!

    Hamish MacBeth Wilson

    Mam, Linda, acknowledges:
    "He is a real showoff, no reserved Scottie here...
    When I'm not at my desk, pictures roll by on the screen. I was on my way in the office when I saw H.M.B looking up at the screen, he was admiring himself. I sat him in my chair ,where he sat adoring himself ,till he couldn't stand it anymore. He stood up, front feet on my desk. As soon as a body appeared in front of the screen the P.C went into work mode, he sat waiting to see himself again ...LOL ... long enough for me to get this shot. I use it when he gets B.D wishes and good thoughts ,he thanks every one verra much ,see his paw looks like it's near the mouse. Told you he's a ham ...LOL"

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  • WEEK OF: February 9 - 16, 2008

  • WHO? Barbara's son, Paul & the Brickwood Scot, Lucytu...

  • WHAT? Paul & Lucytu waiting for the morning coffee to brew...

  • WHEN? Both just getting their day started, had JUST awakened

    Paul & Lucytu

    Mam, Barbara, reports:
    "Caught my son and Lucytu, minutes after getting out of bed, waiting for the coffee to brew. Both look rather hungover, but I swear, they were both home all night."
    "She has that man so tightly wrapped around her little paw, it's disgusting to watch. She walks where he walks, sleeps where he sleeps, and the only time she even pretends I exist is when he is out of town working. Then and only then is she the same way with me. He doesn't discipline her, though. Doesn't want to be the bad guy. She will "talk" to him, and if she doesn't get the answer expected, she will grab his pants leg and pull him off the stool! I finally have to intervene and don't even have to get out of my chair--"Lucytu, settle down! NOW!" She immediately stops and lays down by his stool."

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  • WEEK OF: January 8 - 15, 2008

  • WHO? Katie Wild Child, the Fighting Tiger

  • WHAT? Katie celebrates LSU's win....
    WELL, perhaps "CELEBRATE" is just a tad INaccurate, in Katie's eyes!!!

  • WHY? "Cuz Mam put these silly TIGER ears on me....
    and expects me to be HAPPY about it!!!!


    Katie wears the Tiger ears- RELUCTANTLY

     OKAY... had all of THIS I'm gonna take!
    'NUFF of THIS mess!! I listened to Mam's hollering and carrying on during the game... now I hafta DRESS UP... in C@T ears?!?!


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  • WEEK OF: January 1 - 8, 2008

  • WHO? Katie Wild Child and Mammaw

  • WHERE? New Orleans

  • WHAT? Katie wants Mammaw to take her to the YARD!

  • WHY? Mammaw is an 'easy mark' for Katie's demands!

    Now, going outside is not a problem.... unless it's Katie WC, who demands a trip every 15-20 minutes, just to check for planes, birds, or butterflies. She DOES know who to ask... MAMMAW!

    It has become a running joke. Katie BEGINS by waiting patiently for Mammaw to sense her presence, LEAP up, RACE to the door, and take Katie to the yard. Mammaw always ignores the FIRST request... overlooks the soft grunts and mumbles that Katie uses to express her impatience.

    But, Katie ALWAYS gets tired of waiting... as she finally just barrels her way THROUGH the paper, wedges her furry head right into Mammaw's face, and DEMANDS that the door be opened.... NOW!

    Katie WC can never be described as "shy and retiring"!!!

    Katie WAITS patiently

     PIDDLE on this 'waiting' ...
    I wanna go chase birds and planes.... NOWWWWWWW!!!

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  • WEEK OF: November 25 - December 1, 2007

  • WHO? Hot Rod Rammbler of the Meverden clan!!!

  • WHERE? Fountain, Michigan USA

  • WHAT? A species identity crisis!

  • WHY? Who knows why!

    Mam, Morgana, reports:
    "I think it all started when he began cuddling with the Ginnger and Gyppsy(kitties) at night. And now this! A total full blown species identity crisis! Playing with cat tracks! Tossing around jingly balls! Cammeron is sooo embarrassed. We don't know what to do to put this poor confused young Scottie back "on track"!!!

    A SHOCKING species situation, to be SURE!

    Rammbler Meverden   Rammbler Meverden
    Rammbler ... playing with C@T toys!    OHHHHHH, the SHAME!!!

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  • WEEK OF: October 19 - 25, 2007

  • WHO? Lisa King's adorable ham, Lyndi!!!

  • WHERE? Just chillin' at home!

  • WHAT? Consider... Lisa's recliner has that 'pillow attachment' headrest..
    Consider... Lyndi thinks it's a great place to HIDE/PLAY/CAVORT???

    Photo of the Week
    Results... DON'T LOOK...... ya can't SEE ME!!!

    Photo of the Week
    Lyndi does LAUNDRY inspection!

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  • WEEK OF: October 1 - 7, 2007

  • WHO? Cheryl Root and her wee rescue lass,Catri Mhairi...

  • WHEN? August 18, 2007

  • WHERE? Amherst Scottish Festival - Amherst, New York

  • WHAT? Catri Mhairi attends Scottish Festival

    Catri is the tiny (14 lbs.) Scottie girl Cheryl rescued last year
    at age 3 from a Missouri puppy mill. The poor darling had given birth
    to *FIVE* litters of puppies in her three short years!
    She had a stroke this last year, which Cheryl thinks was probably
    due to the tremendous strain on her not totally developed body.
    She is *adorable* and is fashionably attired in her school-girl
    plaid skirt with attached white hoody sweater.

    Photo of the Week   
    Bo'sun Howatt(R)admires wee Catri as he takes in the excitement!

    Photo of the Week   
    Catri's WILD SIDE emerge as she displays an EDGY hair-do!

God Bless you, Cheryl, for rescuing this sweet baby!

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  • WEEK OF: Sept. 14 - 21, 2007

  • WHO? Katie Wild Child...

  • WHEN? September 12, 2007


    Katie, being a VERY obsessed ORB addict, LOVES to play 'fetch'!
    PART of the game involves just PRYING the orb from the "Jaws of Death"!
    BUT, once the ball is thrown, she goes into RACE mode...
    happily chasing her fleeing ORB!
    THIS is a TRUE 'action shot'... she's racing back to ME....
    so we can DO IT AGAIN...... and AGAIN......and AGAIN!!!

    Photo of the Week
LIGHT on her FEET, isn't she!

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  • WEEK OF: Aug 9-15, 2007

  • WHO? The Wild Child Gang...

  • WHEN? August 8, 2007


    The WCGang lives each day to the fullest... on the edge,
    voicing their opinions, enforcing their rules, and living in the moment.
    So, it's ALWAYS an "Awwwwww..." moment to watch them sleep.

    Photo of the Week
Katie.... the WILD Child... STILL!!!
Sweet innocence.... loves life, plays hard, sleeps hard!

Photo of the Week
Poor RILEY... look at that gorgeous brown eye!
My camera woke him up with its 'whistle & bell' start!!!

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  • WEEK OF: July 20 - 27, 2007

  • WHO? The "Original" Belly Girl.....

  • WHEN? July 20, 2007

  • WHERE? Connie's backyard in New Orleans

  • WHAT? The Ultimate Happy Feeling!

    A warm July morning... the heat hasn't yet taken control of the day...
    The cool grass in the shade of the sweet-gum tree just BEGS to be enjoyed!

    Katie Wild Child sniffs out a suitable spot, then flounces down, and rolls gleefully!

    Grunts of pleasure, rear paws waving and flying, tushy twisting side to side...

    The purest joy of all .... the Joy of Living in the MOMENT!

    Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week
Right in the ACTION!!!
Flying rear paws..... up close and PERSONAL!!!

Photo of the Week
And what is Riley doing at this very moment???

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  • WEEK OF: July 15 - 20, 2007

  • WHO? Riley, the FIG-Fiend.....

  • WHEN? 4th of July vacation...

  • WHERE? Mammaw's FIG tree!

  • WHAT? The FIRST ripe fig of the year!!!

    And WHO does Mammaw think of first??? Her Grandpuppy, the FIG Fiend!
    She even peels it for him!!

    KATIE?? Nope, she turns it down... She's 'bout to race off after BIRDS... enforcing her 'no-fly-zone'!

    But Mammaw sees that her fig-obsessed lad gets the ONLY ripe fig on the TREE!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: June 4 - 10, 2007

  • WHO? Ed & Dana Leab's Scottie Reunion...

  • WHEN? May 2007...

  • WHERE? Sheridan, Ill

  • WHAT? MistyGlen ANNUAL Scottie Reunion
    Ed and Dana host a reunion every year for the Scottie pups they have raised and placed and their families. Its a potluck with fun and games.... and they get to see how the pups are growing and aging.

    Photo of the Week
Nancy Schaus reports that this sign SHOULD read "14th Reunion"....

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  • WEEK OF: April 9 - 15, 2007

  • WHO? Robbie McGillivray, Karen's social lad.....

  • WHEN? Easter Sunday...

  • WHERE? The Health Center & Memory Unit!!!

  • WHAT? Scottie Ambassador Robbie visits his fans!

    Wee Robbie reports :

    "Yesterday I put on my white bunny ears and went to the Health Center and Memory Unit to see my friends. They loved me! Well, they always love me, but this time they *REALLY, REALLY* loved me. Then, after people in the apartments on our floor were in bed, Mom and I went around and left candy for them. We also left a picture of me in my bunny ears so they would know that a REAL Scottish BunBun left them."

    "Today, after lunch, Mom and I sat by the elevator with candy. I wore my bunny ears and gave out all the candy we had, and then we stayed for people to admire me. I am in lots of people's family Easter pictures now."

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: March 31 - April 7, 2007

  • WHO? Marilee Clark's wee lad, Parkin, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • WHERE? His backyard, early summer...

  • WHAT? "Helping" with the yardwork!!!

    Mam Marilee reminisces :

    "Parkin loved to be outdoors with us -- he didn't stay too close, but he kept track of where we were. If he wasn't digging, he was patrolling the nooks and crannies -- under bushes, in the tall grasses. We've got a very large yard, fenced of course, but he was always on the lookout for critters. (One day he presented us with a baby bunny; when I asked him to drop it, he did, and the baby hopped off none the worse for wear.) He always accumulated twigs or leaves in his coat but they were of course beneath his notice; his attitude seemed to be that a good shake would set things right."

    "On the day of the picture I had been out weeding. The bedstraw is awful stuff, but because it's sticky, it can be "harvested" with a light rake. I was raking away, and Parkin was snuffing around the area, checking for monsters or baby bunnies. The bedstraw caught him by surprise; it wouldn't let go. His look of chagrin is, I think, priceless."

    Photo of the Week

These "fur-angel" memories are SOOOOO special!!

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  • WEEK OF: March 12 - 18, 2007

  • WHO? Hamish MacBeth,The MacDughul & Megan Daisy MacTavish Wilson

  • WHERE? Ontario, Canada

  • WHAT? Waiting for DAD to come home!!
    HOW cute is THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: December 18-25, 2006

  • WHO? Katie WC & Riley Rambunctious

  • WHERE? Celebrating Christmas in New Orleans

  • WHAT? Katie & Riley play with their Secret Santa Gifts!

    We received the most WONDERFUL box of scottie gifts from Joan Delli Carpini!

    Needless to say, K&R got THEIR noses in the box FIRST, located their woobie gifts... and the Terrier Tug-FEST was ON!

    Photo of the Week
    Katie(L) & Riley (R)

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  • WEEK OF: November 12-18

  • WHO? Angus & Murphy Catalano

  • WHERE? Caught in the ACT on the Catalano front porch!!

  • WHAT? Angus PLOTS a CRIME of Postal Proportions!

    Mam Kae reports:

    "This happened yesterday late in the morning.....

    Ever since little Murphy donned Angus' little cowboy hat and played with the plastic horses, Angus has been conniving....trying to think of ways to get RID of the little sweet boyo. Yesterday, he headed out onto the front porch, carrying a box, bubble wrap, and tape....

    I got a bit suspicious, so I decided to check it out. I heard Angus coax Murphy to "sit" INSIDE the box! Then, he picked up the bubble wrap and began "packing" his brother into the box....notice the TAPE by his paw.......

    Fortunately, my instincts told me to watch out!!
    That Angus...WHAT shall I do with him?

    If you look closely, you will see what Angus wrote on the side of the box....
    "From: A family tired of this RUNT" "To: Scotland".

    Poor, poor little Murphy. So trusting and UNsuspecting!"

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: October 1 - 7

  • WHO? Callie - Bouvier & Bo'sun - Scottie

  • WHERE? The Howatt's backyard

  • WHAT? Hose Happiness-- WATER DANCING!
    Callie performs her famous "hose dance", chasing the water...
    WOW!! Callie's very LIGHT on her paws... "Air CALLIE"!!!
    Bo'sun?? He's fleeing the scene--- too much like a BATH for his taste!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: August 27 - September 3

  • WHO? Riley Rambunctious and his MAMMAW!

  • WHERE? Vacationing at Mammaw's house

  • WHAT? Riley's a FIG-a-holic! He ADORES figs!
    And Mammaw PEELS them for him!
    Here, they happily share a BLISSFUL 'fig moment'!
    NOTE: Riley must be closely supervised during FIG season....
    he "hoovers" 'em off the GROUND!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: August 4 - 11

  • WHO? Jill Timbers' Mom, Elaine

  • WHAT? Elaine & her scottie Piper, and a BEAUTIFUL skirt!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: July 23 - August 3

  • WHO? Nancy Schaus' HIQ scottie pups
  • WHOSE? Ms. Sophie's GREAT grandpups!!

  • WHAT? Maiden voyage of the USS Mistyglen

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: July 16 - 22

  • WHO? Dayna Williamson's Miss Sassy

  • WHERE? Door County Scottie Rally, 5/20/06

  • WHAT? Sitting in her Chariot, waiting for the PARADE to begin!

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: July 6 - 15

  • WHO? Susan Moore's two 4 month old wee ones, Sophie & Sadie

  • WHERE? On vacation in Colorado , 6/23/06

  • WHAT? Romping in the mountain meadows

Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: June 25 - July 5

  • WHO? Karen Donnelly's scottie boy, O'Henry

  • WHERE? AGILITY competition

  • WHAT? O'Henry shows the judges what SCOTTIES can do

    Photo of the Week   Photo of the Week
    Photo of the Week

    Title: UAG1A
  • 200 - 2nd place
  • 193 - 2nd place
  • 198 - 1st place

    O'Henry racked UP a stack of ribbons at the Agility Competition!!!
    WAY to GO, Big O!!!!

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  • WEEK OF: June 11-24

  • WHO? Kathie Lawrence's Karey, as pup, with an orphan fawn

  • WHERE? Karey's farm

  • WHAT? Karey,scottie baby, checks out the baby deer

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: June 4-10

  • WHO? Kathie Lawrence's Darby AND one of 3 bottle-fed orphan baby squirrels

  • WHERE? Darby's yard

  • WHAT? Darby, the 'nanny', is in charge of "poop patrol"

    Photo of the Week   Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: May 28 - June 3

  • WHO? Kae Catalano's Angus

  • WHERE? LOOKS like Mam's backyard!
    Angus obviously envisions a sandy beach on Waikiki!!

  • WHAT? Word is... Angus will do ANYTHING for food!
    We BELIEVE it!!!

    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week

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  • WEEK OF: May 21-27

  • WHO? Lee Juslin & the Hampshire Hooligans

  • WHERE? Mam's BED

  • WHEN? Whenever it PLEASES her!

  • WHAT? "Ya want me to move so you can MAKE the BED??
                        NAH..NOT gonna happen!"

    Photo of the Week

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    • WEEK OF: May 14-20

    • WHO? June in Texas

    • WHERE? Texas

    • WHEN? Hot, summer day

    • WHAT? Murphy, Teddy Bear, Ginger, and Jr. enjoy a cool dip!

      Photo of the Week

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      • WEEK OF: May 1-5

      • WHO? ME!! WCGang's Mam!

      • WHERE? I-10 in New Orleans at 70 MPH

        WHEN? Saturday morning, May 6, 2006

      • WHAT? Experimenting with new Kodak digital camera....
        "Hmmmmmmmmm, wonder what THIS does?"

      • WHO? Photographer, Carol (MEEE!)in passenger seat...
        camera in hand...snapping photos through the glass at 70 mph!!!

      • WHY? To see if it COULD!!

      • RESULTS: A "WAY COOL" photo!!    Modest, humble...yep, that's ME!

      Photo of the Week

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