Beth Sheets sent Katie and Riley LSU T-shirts... fresh from BATON ROUGE!
It was quite an adventure, as K&R are not "Clothes Scotties"!!

Join us on a little PHOTO tour of our T-Shirt EXPERIENCE!!
*insert INTENSE eye-rolling HERE*


Maybe it's the FEMALE idea that "clothes make the woman"...
but Katie has NO problem with the T-Shirt...
OTHER than the fact that it DOES make her TUSHY look a yard WIDE!

With nary a thought for the T-shirt,
she carries on with her intense scrutiny
of EVERY blade of grass in the Western Hemisphere!

HARK!! A bird?? A Squirrel? A PLANE??
It needs my ATTENTION!!

NOTE: Katie'll be 10 in October... notice her "racing stripes"..
Gray down the middle of her bottom...and on both heels!!
Makes for some VIVID imagery when in a full RUN!!! hehe

Neither rain nor sleet nor evil T-shirt
will keep Katie from ruling her world
with an iron PAW!!!

Sir RILEY Rambunctious...

PLEASE don't make me WALK in this...

Okay, well... MAYBE if I really CONCENTRATE,
I can still check for areas that may need marking!

Don't think about the T-shirt....Don't think about the T-shirt!

FUNNY how a Scottie male forgets insignificant things like t-shirts
when he's outside trying to outmark every OTHER male's markings!! hehe

We come inside, I take off his T-shirt.... and he runs AMOK!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... nekkid at LAST!!!!!!!!

NOTE: right about now, there was a LOT of grunting and groaning,
accompanied by frantic and gleeful ROOTING and ROLLING!!!

It's apparent... Riley is NOT a GQ kinda guy!!!

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