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Evangeline LOVES adventures, socializing, and all things fun...
and now has a wicked sense of humor!!
Appears to me that she has been reading the WCManual!
So, her antics will be documented.....
SIMPLY to prove to YOU that I didn't MAKE IT UP! LOL

October 3, 2014

Vangie LOVES her new furry 'live woobie'.....
but is HUGELY respectful of those "PUPPY SHARK TEETH"!
I keep telling her NOT to swing her beard over the couch.....
but does she listen to ME?? Noooooooooo....... hehehe

September 16, 2014

Playtime with the Roadkill woobie!!
Shaking, growling, tugging, more tugging...
Fun, fun, fun!

September 11, 2014

Vangie's two FAVORITE toys....
a cardboard box...... ANY CARDBOARD BOX!!!!



September 5, 2014

Vangie LOVES to SUPERVISE Mammaw's
morning walks....she automatically walks slower,
on a loose lead... SUCH A GOOD GIRL~!!!

July 6, 2014

Evangeline and I are adjusting to life
without Riley.... and she seems to be 'channeling'
the Distinguished Scotsman.....
She assumes his regal demeanor, and looks SO GROWN UP!!!

LOVE this photo!

Yes, I promise... this is VANGIE, not Riley!

March 8, 2014

Vangie is 3 years old today!
We had a great day...
a PetCo excursion, she ADORES that store...
picked out her own gift....
visited with passers-by...
sweet-talked treats from the cashier...
a trip to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru....
the fact that the "HOT" light was on... BONUS points! LOL
The evening will be spent playing with her new "LAMBCHOP" woobie!!

My beautiful Evangeline is 3 today...
she LEARNED the 'distinguished pose' from Riley! LOL
But, she's a fraud... she's ALL "PILL"!!
She's my shadow, follows me, step for step...
I've been told I can never play "Hide 'n Go Seek" again....
I have a "TELL" !!! LOL
I DOOO love this lass!

PetCo, her FAV shopping destination..
she's browsing the woobie aisle...
she vetoed the giant green spider,
she has one at home in one of her TWO toy bins!
She DID choose a "LAMBCHOP" woobie!

Toy chosen, she's on to "Public Relations"...
we were approached several times
by people wanting to visit with her...
Vangie is ALWAYS up for a 'meet & greet' !

On PetCo adventures, I let HER lead....
MUCH more fun that way!!
We reached the end of the woobie aisle...
Now, decision time.... which way to go....
Hmmmmm.... decisions, decisions....
FYI, we 'hooked a right'... why??
She saw another HUMAN up that way! hehe

Vangie and I made a loop thru Krispy Kreme...
the "HOT" light was on.... but we were GOOD...
we took 'em HOME, to share with RILEY!!
I put the box of WARMMMMMM doughnuts down...
my two FOOD FIENDS went NUTS!!
LOTS of snorting 'n SNUFFLING!!

The ULTIMATE sacrifice for ME!
This is a WARM, gooey, YUMMY KRISPY KREME....
'N where is it???
Don't mind ME......
I'm the one drooling on the camera!

FUNNY... they start by LICKING THE GLAZE OFF!!

THEN, they discover.... it's good ALLLL the way THRU!!

Doughnut is toast....gone... gobbled up.
But, Vangie sez this is the best part....
the THUMB!!!!

Vangie specifically PICKED OUT this woobie....
NOW, she's showing Lambchop the RULES...
"DO what I SAY...... or ya fall into the EVIL VOID!"

Lambchop must not MIND being a Scottie's woobie..
she does have a Mona Lisa smile ...
She's probably in SHOCK! LOL
But, she's soft 'n cozy....
DO think she'll survive...
DUNNO 'bout those cute, pink ears though! LOL

December 5, 2013

JUST put up the tree... haven't even gotten out the ornaments yet.
And, already.....Vangie has called on her "INNER IMP"!!!
She has picked up RIGHT where she left off 12 months ago.....
she's SMITTEN with the golf ball sized pine cones on my tree!!!
I was HOPING she'd 'matured', so had left the tree 'unprotected'...
But turned around to see the tree swaying and tottering....
with the "IMP" reared UP on my tree, a pine cone in her mouth....
tugging with all her MIGHT!!!
Tree was in "OMG" mode, fearing for its vertical LIFE!!!!
SIGH....... so, out comes the X-PEN!!!!
Ya could almost HEAR the "whew" from the Tree!

you DO understand "TERRIER TENACITY", huh...

The plot thickens......
you can SEE those conniving wheels turning
in her devious little mind!
The "IMP" plots, mentally measures,
considers possible strategies....

The "IMP", with the VERY tip end of a branch,
is trying to THREAD a tree limb
THROUGH the bars of the x-pen!!!

The BEST part of the holiday season....
staying one step ahead of the "IMP"!!!

October 21, 2013

Vangie ADORES her remote controlled CAR!
She roars right in, grabs the nearest rubber wheel,
and starts working to pull it off the rim...
with the car twisting and twirling in her mouth!! LOL

She HAS the wheel IN her mouth...
fearless HUNTRESS! LOL
It's the DRIVER of this vehicle we all need
to sympathize with!! hehehe

HER car is rolling and flipping....
is SHE standing off, warily watching??
Piddle, NAW!
She's grabbed yet ANOTHER wheel!!!
I constantly have to drive the car back to ME,
to put its soft, clear plastic wheels back onto the rims!
Since this car is meant for SKIN kids, the wheels come right OFF....
and slip RIGHT back onto the rims!

I've managed to drive the car away,
and am now playing 'keep away'
between Vangie and the car!!
BUT, she's cornered it again,
right up against my nice tv stand!!

Vangie & I were playing 'RED Light... GREEN Light' !!
I'd let the car SIT there, unmoving...
Vange would grow bored, and turn to go aggravate Riley....
THEN, like the old 'Red Light/Green Light' game,
the car would DART forward after her....
she'd HEAR it behind her, and WHEEL around to grab it!
BEST defense for the CAR was to ROLL 'n TUMBLE..
trying to be a MOVING TARGET, to protect his WHEELS! LOL
VANGIE?? She's JUST about to LEAP IN,
and GRAB a flying, tumbling wheel!

Evangeline Faire has worn out ANOTHER set of car batteries!!
I've replaced the batteries, involving screwdriver & time...
and am NOW returning her car to the floor...
to continue the game.
Vangie says I'm moving MUCH too slowly for her taste!!

Vange and I have the BEST time with her car...
And just ordered a replacement pair of cars from Q....
CAN'T take a chance on NOT having a working car...
She gets SOOO excited when the car comes down off the shelf!!
SUCH fun, such special memories we're creating!!

September 9, 2013

Making the Bed....
such a SIMPLE task....
UNLESS you have HELP!!
Vangie's Tutorial - HOW TO MAKE A BED....

#1 - Inspect the bottom sheet, fresh out of the dryer..
CHECK for any damp spots.... if ya find none, MAKE some!!

#2 FLUFF 'n TOSS -
On your back, kick 'n paw the bottom sheet, VIGOROUSLY!
This 'air fluffs' the sheet....better than some ole dryer!

#3 - Eliminate "LUMPS n BUMPS"!
Help Mam put on the bottom sheet......
be SURE to be UNDER the bottom sheet,
checking for those 'lumps n bumps'!
HMPH! Mam sez I AMMMMMM the "Lumps n Bumps"!

#4 Tossing the TOP sheet!
The goal here is LOFT..
RUN around under the flipped top sheet,
making sure the top sheet never TOUCHES the bottom sheet!
For some reason, Mam grumbles at THIS!!

#5 Snort n Snuzzle
Once the top sheet FLATTENS onto the bed,
Roll around on your back, kicking your paws...
Mam LOVES to know that you've
put your 'stamp' on her CLEAN SHEETS!

#6 Pillow FIGHT
THIS is my FAVORITE part of the game....
Mam will TRY to hold up the pillow,
so she can put on the pillow case.
MY goal is to add WEIGHT to the bottom of the pillow...
kind of like the fella who holds the
bottom of that rope in wall-climbing!

#7 Tag POLICE??
Those floppy tags on one end of that pillow....
they're for gnawing and slobbering on, right???
Mam sez I'm going to PILLOW JAIL!!!!!
UH OH!!!

July 28, 2013

Neighborhood Social Hour
Vangie has known 'Grace' since she was a very wee babe.
Grace is 'bout 12-13 wks now, is growing like a WEED...
and, although still a BABY, now stands taller than Vangie!
At LEAST, Vangie says, Grace no longer swings on her BEARD!! hehe

Vangie & Grace romp and play...
this started 10 minutes of wrestling and rolling!

Break time.... Grace gives kisses.
Vangie questions motives... LOL
SHE is ready for more 'rassling!!!

15 minutes later, Grace leaves......
Vangie is POOPED!!! LOL

July 19, 2013

Evangeline Faire... grown up LASS!

Vangie is a BIG girl now....
the picture of Responsible and Reliable!
This is her FAV spot, when I'm working around the house.
'High Ground', sightline down the hall...
Can see doorways of hall bath, guest bedroom, kitchen...
SO TODAY, went out for lunch..
AND did NOT cage Vangie, but left her out with Riley,
baby-gated in 'our' bedroom.
Got home, and when I got into the hallway, looked.....
and THERE sat my Big Girl, in her CHAIR... waiting patiently!
She was SOOO excited when I got to the baby gate..
"MOM, I got to stay OUT, and I sat up in my CHAIR,
and I was good, and I NAPPED....and.....and....."

July 10, 2013

Vangie made a visit to her vet,
for her annual check-up.....
Since we make periodic stops by there, enroute to PetCo,
just to let her visit with the staff and get free treats,
Vangie sees it as just another opportunity to 'meet and greet'!

Vangie's first stop...
Greet the staff at the front desk!
A well-bred Social Butterfly,
she follows the Emily Post rules of etiquette!!

Once in the exam room, Vangie examines the area carefully...
giving the entire room a thorough 'sniffing down'...
She danced, cavorted, and played with the vet tech,
who took her to the scales, where Vangie did a perfect 'sit'
and waited for her treat.
Back in the exam room, Vangie awaits her vet.....
head high, exuding confidence...

June 2, 2013

You just never know what will attract her attention...
who'd have thought she'd have a taste for "intellectual humor"......
NAH! SHE just took OFFENSE at the JESTER'S hat!! ROFL

YEP..... it's not often ya see a 'bonnet' like THIS!
She raced across the room, and began using 'expressive barks'!!

Even with several people in the scene,
her focus is zeroed in on THAT HAT!!
The lass is relentless!!
She also has great taste......
That ISSSSSSS a tacky chapeau !!! LOL

May 12, 2013

Brad sent Vangie a very special gift....
his beloved Sofy's FAVORITE bonnet!
Soooo, with Connie here for a visit, we had enough 'hands'
to insure that said bonnet would REMAIN on Vangie's head,
for at least 5 seconds! hehehe

Vangie's FIRST ever BONNET....
such a demure lass...
By the way, her 'head shake' is lightning FAST!!

Being a VERY good girl.... with Auntie Connie's hand on her neck! hehe
I don't EVEN wanna know what Vangie is THINKING right now!! hehe

SOMEWHERE, UNDER the hat, is a miffed Scottie!

THANK YOU, Brad.... we LOVE the hat...
Sofy would be proud of Vangie...

March 15, 2013

Vangie and her BFF, Linus...
same AGE, slightly different sizes!
They LOVE to wrestle, play chase,
and are VERY noisy 'mouth wrestlers'!!!

Vangie and Linus just finished a game of chase....
why no pics? Blurry STREAKS don't make good photo ops! LOL

As they begin to slow down, Linus drops to 'Vangie height'.....

HE will quit when it gets 'rough'... we back them off..
then VANGIE races back IN...
He is more than willing to play ON!! LOL
SEE him 'watching' her! hehe

January 12, 2013

Vangie & I took a long Power Walk...
She "HEARD" him before we 'saw' him.....
Around the corner came her favorite playtime buddy....
Linus, the BIG black Lab, in a full run!
He absolutely ADORES Vangie... she thinks he ROCKS!
They're the same age... just a tad difference in SIZE!
Linus' Dad says Linus took a left turn and INSISTED on going 'that way'...
Apparently, he 'heard' Vangie's tinkling tags! hehe
What followed was a 15 minute MEGA-FRAP!!
Huge grassy yard, I dropped Vangie's 12' lead,
to give her maneuvering/dodging/bobbing room.
She worked Linus like a fleet-footed cutting horse....
bobbing, weaving, spinning, whirling, running in tight circles...
Linus hot on her trail, BIG paws, BIG body... rolled her once...
She sprang to her feet, showed her teefers, and VOCALIZED her disapproval!
Linus immediately geared back his play level...
just as Vangie darted back in with a 'tag, YOU'RE IT' move!
15 minutes later, two exhausted playmates were collapsed in the grass,
side by side, tongues dragging!!!
There will RARELY, if ever, be pics of these mega-fraps...
Linus' Dad and I are much too busy to take pics!! LOL
YOU will see the AFTERMATH of the joyous exertion!!

Vangie gets back inside,
and immediately COLLAPSES on the cool tile!

Nah, that's not right....
lemme rearrange..
Puff, puff, pant, pant.....

Yeah, maybe if I FACE TOWARD the ceiling fan....
Tummy on cool tile..... check!
Fan blowing the beard.... check!
Puff, puff, pant, pant.....

10 minutes later.....
Past the 'puff, puff' stage...
Now on to 'serious battery recharging'....

30 minutes later.... Riley(R) sees his 'happy quiet' coming to an end....
He LOVED Vangie coming back in exhausted...
and celebrated his good fortune at her WEARY tiredness!!!

NOW, she rolls ACROSS the couch, onto her back...
Yawns LOUDLY, waking Riley, who now knows.....
It's about to be "GAME ON....." AGAIN!!! LOL

A day in the life....
the "PILL" recharges her batteries efficiently and QUICKLY! LOL

October 25, 2012

Evangeline LOVES remote-controlled cars!
She wore OUT Katie WC's pair of vehicles...
Soooooooo, Vangie's very own set of
remote-controlled cars arrived today!!!
Purpose: Wear out the "PILL"!!!

Riley(L) strolls right up to the new vehicle...
he's an old hand at remote cars...
Nothing to see here, so off he saunters.
Vangie, however, KNOWS what these are.....
She's ready for it to Streak off across the room!!!

NEW vehicle doesn't 'turn' left/right...
Front wheels TWIRL left/right... flacketa-flacketa!
Vangie and I are BOTH enthralled with this!
TRUST me.... the front axle on this car is twirling up a storm!!
Vangie is thinking.... "WHOA..... how cool is THAT!!!"
(I LOVE the expression on her face!! hehe)

Riley has moved on to a loaded Dental Kong...
his world revolves around his tummy! hehe
Meanwhile, behind him.... BEDLAM!
I'm driving the car forward.....backward.....forward...
Vangie is following along, chasing, retreating, chasing...
LOTS 'n LOTS of Barking happening now....
Lights on the car flashing colors...
MORE barking....
And Riley... tuning it out!! LOL

Vangie is now playing 'full speed' ....
running circles around the speeding car!!!
MEANWHILE, Riley hasn't moved... still working on his Kong.
And, I am being VERY careful to NOT drive across his tail! hehe
Does he TRUST ME? Absolutely!!!
Car zipped forward.....backward.....forward...
Vangie is racing in circles, barking madly....
He never turns around, he never moves his tail....
He knows..... Mam has his back!

Vangie never picks the car up...
Katie used to carry 'em around in her MOUTH, wheels whirring!
Vangie 'noses it', she pushes it..
she mouths it, but the whirring wheels tickle! hehe

Vangie pauses to take a breath...
Breaking in a new remote-controlled car is hard work!!
The new vehicle is a huge success!

(Vehicle operator has to ADJUST to twirly axle turns!!! LOL)

September 23, 2012

Goodness.... it was just a BOX!!
Now, granted... it WAS longer than she was used to...
it wasn't the 'cube' shape she was accustomed to....
therefore, it was an EVIL BOX BEASTIE!!!

It HAD been standing UP... BIG evil Box BEASTIE!!!
She knocked it OVER, then proceeded to cuss it out!
She's still on 'Danger' alert!! LOL

The 'Danger' is now a thing of the past...
Now, she's just TICKED!

After MUCH pushing and rolling the box around,
she was in HIGH FRAP mode!!!!
SOOOO, she grabbed her new 'gator woobie.....
And frapped around the box!!!
The gal can multi-task!!! LOL

DUNNO if the Gator had signed UP for such 'togetherness'...
but Vangie had him up close for her box playtime!!!

A bite on the box.....
then a Bite on the Gator woobie....
multi-tasking PRO!!!

NOW, she's getting SERIOUS!
She's in full-bore DIGGING mode....
BOTH front paws digging FEVERISHLY!!
Dunno why I bought the gator....
the box was the HIT of the day! LOL

Just doesn't take much to entertain the "PILL"!!!

September 11, 2012

Vangie is growing UP....
her toys have overtaken a corner of the living room!
SO, I decided that it's now SAFE to bring out KATIE's toyboxes...
assume and hope that Vangie will be more interested in what's INSIDE,
and not focus on CHEWING and GNAWING the 2 toyboxes!

2 toy boxes... 1 wooden, slat sided wagon... 1 wicker basket
WOW!!! LOOOOK at the cool toys inside!!!
(Yeah, I had to shovel her toys into middle of the room!)

Vangie starts exploring Katie's personal stash.....
she LITERALLY drags out every woobie, every toy...

WOW!! DIDJA SEE what's down in the BOTTOM, Mam??
(Now, I WONDER what would have filled the
entire BOTTOM 1/3 of Katie's toy basket???)

YEP!!! ORBS!!!
DOZENS 'n DOZENS of yellow ORBS!
Vangie went NUTS!! She's digging 'n grunting....
ORBS are flying around in the basket...
She's in ORB heaven!
Vangie has never SEEEEN this many ORBS in one place before! LOL

WHEW!!!! PUFF, PUFF.....
ORB digging is hard WORK!!!!

Vangie has not CHEWED on the toy boxes.....
she's also learned to rear up and lean INTO the box to select her toy....
and pulls the toys OUT of the boxes as quickly as I put them IN!! hehe

Riley?? He's happy as a clam.....
those toy boxes have Vangie's FULL attention!
He grew UP with these toy boxes...
he doesn't know what all the EXCITEMENT is about! hehe
In his opinion.. 'been there, DONE that'!!
He'd rather have a couple of comfy PILLOWS for a nap!

August 11, 2012

Vangie got MAIL!!
Jake Bradbury sent her a gift from California!

Vangie reads her card from Jake...... how NICE!
He sent her a book about GATOR PIE!!
Mam hasn't had 'Gator Pie......
But Alligator Sauce Piquant is SUPERB! LOL
THANK YOU, Jake & Dad, Brad... LOVE the book!
Jake, want us to SEND ya a 'gator????? VEG

June 9, 2012

I was sitting on the floor,
leaning against the chair,
INNOCENTLY reading my Kindle.
Vangie jumped up INTO the chair
and started nibbling and tugging on back of my hair!
Sooooooooooooooo, I turned around
and began PUFFING in her face!

It's MY ARM that's keeping her from rolling OUT of the chair!
AND, she's snorting in my FACE! LOL

Now, she's decided to PAW me, too!
Snorting, rolling, grunting, and paws flying!

KNOWING she's not going to roll OFF,
she REALLY starts rooting and snorting!
NOT MY FAULT that I'm STILL blowing into her cute face!

Miss Sweet, Demure, & Angelic!!!
She's a PILL !!! hehe

And more fun than ya can imagine!!

June 4, 2012

Bobbing for Ice Cubes....
one of Vangie's favorite water sports!!
What SAVES us is this SPECTACULAR 'water bowl' system!
There's an underneath CATCH reservoir to catch the SPLASHES!

Water bowl ADVANTAGE... it catches ALL her splashes!
HOWEVER, it DOES support her weight....
so she STANDS up on it, to get better PAW SPLASHES!
THIS is her TWO-pawed MEGA Splash maneuver!

A little more subtle, her LEFT-Pawed Water PAT!

Serious now, it's muzzle dunking time....
lots of snorting, bubble-blowing now!

Watching the fleeing ice cube....
about to POUNCE!!

Floor around the waterbowl is bone dry.....
the RUG in the doorway, however is soaking WET!
She moves each ice cube to the rug,
where she shares her stash with Riley!!

April 16, 2012

The Lass has a NOSY streak.....
puts that cute muzzle into EVERYthing!
Snoopervisor.... NOSY LASS....
BUT, who could fuss at THAT FACE! hehehe

I just LOVE this photo!
It is SOOOOOO full of her personality! LOL
And it's my new desktop wallpaper! hehe
17" laptop, life-sized Vangie... staring back...
Gets your ATTENTION, that's for sure!!!

April 12, 2012

SEVERAL times a day, she gets the need...
the need for SPEEEEEEEEEEED!

Poised.... any second now.... wait for it....

AND........... she's OFFFFF.....
with a flying grab at her favorite
yellow quacky duck as she flies past!
Wise use of time... frap AND toy death shakes!

Lap 1 completed.....
ALLEY OOOP! She's back...
She'll BANK off the back of the couch,
and LEAP off to begin LAP 2!

Whiskers flying, she's at FULL THROTTLE now!

AND, Riley joined her to finish this lap....
HE hits the couch first,
with the Baby Girl scrambling UP behind him!

WHEW, wears ya out to just WATCH, huh! LOL

April 9, 2012

My Baby Girl -- the WART HOG!
My sweet Vangie is 1yr old now, growing a very lush beard...
nice length... but she now has beard cowlicks!!!
Right up front, visible, STAND-OUTS!!

FIRST -- the ultimate ROLE MODEL for beards!
My handsome Scotsman, RILEY..... luxurious, gorgeous beard!
Granted... he's had 12 years to perfect his locks!!!

My precious lil WARTHOG!!! LOL
Well, what's a lass to do....
active girl, lots to do, new beard-locks growing in...
not long enough yet to blend in with rest of the beard....

Wet her beard, brush it down, looks PERFECT...
UNTIL, she gets busy playing or romping or rolling...
BOING --- those beard-lettes pop up, stick straight out...
I guess Vangie is too busy to worry about such minor issues....
She has toys to shake, balls to toss,
elder Scotsman to keep up with....
at least, he's a great role model for her growing beard! LOL

April 6, 2012

Evangeline, the sweet, sedate lass....
is, in fact, A PILL !!!

She LOVES this footstool!
MAINLY, she loves WRESTLING with it!!
Puts her muzzle under it, and FLIPS it....
over and over and over and......
NOW, we're in trouble with the TAG POLICE!! ROFL)
THEN, she heard the camera....
And, learning how to "POSE" from Riley,
She 'struck THE POSE'!!!
LOL All I could do was LAUGH!!!

The look you see is one of IRRITATION!!! LOL
She's rolling on her back, paws flying in the air,
lots of grunting and happy noises......
then the CAMERA shows up.... again!

March 20, 2012

Faces of a ONE Year Old!
Vangie had her 1st Birthday on March 8....
my Baby Girl is growing UP so FAST!
These are some images of my Pill, my sweet Vangie!

I want it, and I want it NOW!!!!
You don't think she's spoiled, do ya?????

Vangie LOVES this 'glider stool'....
It is NOT rigid, it GLIDES....
She leaps up onto it, and RIDES it to a stop!
She really LOVES this stool...
and has amazing 'sea legs' with it! hehehe

My new FAVORITE photo....
Riley, the consummate distinguished Scotsman..
Vangie, takes her 'high ground' perch....
You can surely tell they're related....
GOOD looking babies!!!

Vangie has quite a 'kick' when she jumps OFF her 'glider perch'!!
BUT, she'd just been sassing Riley, he barked up at her...
then he spun around and RACED OFF.....
Vangie TOOK the bait, and LEAPED off the 'glider perch'....
it threw the glider swing backward, then momentum sent it on OVER!
Can just HEAR RILEY ---
Vangie's thoughts --- "Whoa........ COOOL!!"

March 7, 2012

The Car Chase
Vangie DOES love her remote control car!
The battery wears out before SHE does! LOL

I put down the car's remote...
to pick up the CAMERA! LOL
She KNOWS that car will LEAP forward at any second....
So she's braced and ready!!!

The car is in motion....heading THIS way!
Vangie LOVES a good car chase....
And, I'm multi-talented--
camera balanced on right knee
remote balanced on left knee...

March 3, 2012

Vangie ... the HELPER??
Doesn't seem to FIT, does it?!?!?! VEG

I'm loading the dishwasher,
turn back to sink to rinse another plate...
turn back to find the "plate Inspector" on duty!
SIGH..... yeah, explains why THAT load of dishes
ran a 'double cycle', huh! LOL

March 2, 2012

VANGIE gets the comfy recliner...
"Mere MAM" gets the floor in FRONT
of the 'royal tushy cushion'! LOL

Mam's choice, actually -- perfect place to give 'buss kisses'
and the legendary MUZZLE kisses!

Best comment I've seen in a while--
friend saw this pic and said
that I really needed to do something
about VANGIE'S INTROVERTED personality!

February 16, 2012

Vangie - the Energizer Bunny!

How come it's MY car.....
but MAM gets possession of the REMOTE?!?!
WHEW... wearing these batteries down is HARD WORK!

February 14, 2012

TV Watching - UP CLOSE & Personal!

Vangie's watching the Clumber at Westminster....
good thing I don't plan to take her to the THEATER...
we'd hafta sit on the FRONT ROW, to please her! HAHA

February 6, 2012

Vangie 'moonlights' as a CASHIER!

Vangie LOVES her PetCo outings!
She loves pushing people's "awww...." button...
She LOVES browsing the toy aisles....
She's nuts about the KIBBLE aisles...
But she ADORES the check-out!

Silly girl... interning as a cashier!

(cell pic... 'scuse!)

February 2, 2012

Chasing the Car!!

Vangie has been introduced to
Katie WC's remote-controlled CAR!
While Katie simply picked it UP off the floor to stop its retreat....
Vangie prefers to cuss it out, tell it off, and dance around it!

It MOVES 'by itself'! Its wheels light up! It's ALIVE!
IT chases HER..... she chases IT!

Smart lass that she is....
she KNOWS that the 'thing' in my HAND has SOMETHING
to do with the moving "light creature" in front of her!
When I let it SIT for a while withOUT moving,
Miss Impatient gives me a look ... "MAKE it MOVE, Mam!"

Chasing her "light creature" all over the house,
chasing and BEING chased, whirling, twirling, pivoting...
wears out a wee LASS!

When she's ready to PLAY "car",
she goes to the table where it's 'parked',
rears up, looks at IT, then stares at ME!
"Let's PLAY, Mam!! VA-ROOOOOOOM!!! "

January 12, 2012

Leaf Pixie Headquarters!!

Vangie is SMITTEN with leaves fluttering along the ground!
Today, she located the Leaf Pixie HEADQUARTERS! LOL

Tummy deep in glorious leaves....
Vangie pats them with her paws,
runs her muzzle under them,
snorting and snuffling for the Pixies!!

*sniff, snort*
I KNOW they're down here...
Just MUST keep looking!!!

Here a leaf.....
THERE a leaf...
EVERYWHERE, leaves, leaves!!

an ORIGINAL story by Carol J.

December 31, 2011

Supervising Decoration Storage!!

Vangie is NOSY.... totally!
Add box obsessed to that, and you have
SUPERVISION, on a grand scale!

Vangie, nosy AND box-obsessed,
LOVED putting the tree away...
HUGE box, Vangie tested the box SECURITY!

Supervision duty finished......
Vangie and Riley earn treats from Auntie Connie!
Treats create VERY obedient SCOTTIES!!! LOL

Evangeline is a gifted student!
She was MOST interested in the humpback documentary...
and was VERY curious about their singing!
She DOES love tv !!!

December 9, 2011

Decorating for Christmas!!

Decorating, putting up the tree, rearranging furniture,
all will draw the intense supervision and PARTICIPATION
of one 8 month old Scottie girl, experiencing her first
adventure into CHRISTMAS!

Step 1: Put up the TREE!
Vangie doesn't CARE what's INSIDE....
she's in love with the BOX!

Uhhhhhhhh, okay......
THIS is what was inside that BOX?
You're planting a TREE in the dining room...
And, we're going to do WHAT with it?!?!

Okay, Mam....
put that ornament UP a little,
no, little more to your right....
Yeah, right there!

She DID put it where ya told her to.... SEE??
No, it's NOT edible! Quit slobbering on it, Riley!

Alllll right, then.....
if YOU like it, fine...
Don't know whatcha SEE in it, tho....

Maybe it SMELLS..... maybe ya EAT it....
Nah..... nothing.... BORING!

HOWEVER, I LIKE this nice comfy tree blanket!
Makes a GREAT place to practice my LSU FOOTBALL skills!

I've found a PURPOSE for this indoor TOPIARY!!!

Ohhhhh, piddle!
Ya want a PIC of me with the TOPIARY??????


Ahhhhhhhhh, she's found the PERFECT use
for that Tree Skirt!

UH OH......
wonder how the family will feel about
just STACKING the gifts up on the DINING TABLE?!?!?!
Looks like the tree is already being HOMESTEADED!!!

December 3, 2011


Vangie LOVES her LSU football games!
Dressed in her LSU bandana, she's ready for the GAME!



November 16, 2011


Evangeline GRADUATED from "Puppy 1 Class" last night!!
She did a perfect 'sit', a SURPRISING 'down' (3 of 'em!!!) WHEW....
and even made a 30 sec STAY... with me 2-3 steps back!!
SOOO PROUD!!! And KNOW I shoulda bought a POWER BALL last light...
For, surely.... I was on a HUGE streak of GOOD LUCK!!! LOL
Photo courtesy of PetCo...

Vangie met 'Dublin' last night.....
1 month YOUNGER than Vangie....
at 7 months, he's 145 lbs of St. Bernard! LOL
How FUNNY these two were, playing!!

Excuse the cell cam.... all I had TIME for!

October 16, 2011

PUPPY Class!
Vangie absolutely ADORES her Puppy Class!!
She's one of 5 students, including 2 labs, Ace - 3mo old , -CoCo 6mo old,
Pippa- 4mo old heeler mix, and 1 chihuahua youngster named COWBOY!!
Vangie doesn't "HEEL" appropriately, she likes to LEAD!
But, she does a SPECTACULAR "sit"! Trainer Jeff LOVES her "SIT"!
Now, we're starting to work on "DOWN".... slow going,
but putting her on a footstool to down SURE does help! hehe
We use the back 'community room' at PetCo...
Trainer Jeff opens the double doors to the huge concrete-floored supply room,
and we have an ENORMOUSLY long area for working the pups!

One-on-One training....
Jeff stands in doorway, working with CoCo.
Vangie waits patiently, WATCHING Jeff and Coco...
She LIKES Trainer Jeff... he has a pocket full of TREATS!

Vangie's turn in the other room, ya should have SEEN her
"come" work on a 20' lead!!!
Trainer Jeff put her on the long lead, dropped it,
and told me to walk to other end of the room, saying "come".
Ya should have SEEN my happy little CINDERBLOCK dragging that lead....
prettiest little trot-sashay ya ever saw!
Got to me at the far end, and I put her into the nicest SIT ya'd ever want!
Now, the "HEEL" on the return was more like a "follow ME, Mam!" hahaha

Free play time!
All exterior doors closed, for safety....
Puppies had a ball.... Vangie right in the middle of 'em!
Cowboy was absent, so Vangie was the shortest...
Didn't phase her.. she was having FUN!

Then, Pippa got overwhelmed, so Trainer Jeff ended playtime.
Had me 'recall' Vangie... so I did a "COME, Vangie!"
And my GENIUS furchild trotted away from the herd,
making a BEE-Line for me, tushy sashaying merrily!
Did I mention that my child is a PRODIGY?!?!?!?!

Yeah, we're doing REMEDIAL work on "HEEL"!! hehe

October 15, 2011

GameDay -- Vangie Dresses for the GAME!!

Evangeline LOVES football!
And doesn't even mind DRESSING to cheer 'em ON!

Vangie says, "GEAUX, LSU!!!

October 3, 2011

Just FUN, FUN, FUN... all the time!
And at 7 months of age, she doesn't seem to TIRE! LOL
Vangie ALWAYS has a grand time, WHATEVER the situation!

"WE" are attempting to change the sheets!
WONDER what's slowing down our PROGRESS!?!?!?!

AHA!!! SOOOOOOO much for CLEAN sheets!!
But with THAT face, and those flying tootsies....
She's just TOOO Cute!!! She got KISSES and tummy scritches!

Muzzle AND both front paws INSIDE her bowl....
Scratching feverishly.....
She's just like Riley... TOTALLY food driven!

September 24, 2011

GameDay -- Vangie Dresses for the GAME!!

Evangeline LOVES watching football!!!
She especially LOVES blitzes and pass plays,
as everyone is running around excitedly! LOL
Sooooo, with LSU playing tonight,
Vangie has to put on her GameDay gear!!!

She paid no attention at all to the LSU t-shirt,
she went about her business, watching people approach!
She apparently will be a CLOTHES DIVA, wears them well!
(Katie's t-shirt, Vangie will wear it proudly!)

Slipped a 2nd collar on... "GameDay LSU Collar",
was told (by a Raz'rback fan)that she NEEDED one! LOL
She paid it no mind, she had 'roadkill woobies' to kill!

THEN, we pulled out the ole LSU kerchief!!
Yep, my Clothes Queen had no issues with that, either!
She DID enjoy the umbrella sleeve she stole from the closet!

My EVANGELINE is a true blue SEC, LSU TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!
She's ready for the GAME!

September 3, 2011

Evangeline's FIRST LSU game!!

LSU's 1st game of the 2011 season....
LSU vs Oregon!
Being a RABID LSU fan, I was curious about how Vangie would react.....
to the cheering, the clapping, the yelling, and the SHOUTING!!
She's a NATURAL!!! She LOVES the RUNNING!!!!

She has the BEST seat in the HOUSE... TOTALLY mesmerized!
GOOD thing she's SHORT enough that she doesn't block MY view!

HAHAHA She spent a LOT of time at the BACK of the tv....
looking for all those PLAYERS that're hiding back there!

My EVANGELINE is a true blue SEC, LSU TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!

August 23, 2011

Evangeline's Personality is Shining through!

Vangie is growing up... over 5 1/2 months old now.
She is my shadow... and has lightning reflexes!
I find a LOT of things are JERKED out of my hand...
by my 'helper/assistant/nosy supervisor'!!
She's not into racing away up the hall with it yet....
She's more than willing to SHARE her stolen treasure with me.
Probably to keep herself in my good graces for the NEXT 'grab'!

22wks... and she's a SCAMP!
Here-- she was about to climb ONTO the arm of the sofa and leap over,
onto the nearby hassock, to reach 'forbidden, blocked off carpet'!
When I called her name... (yeah, so I grabbed CAMERA first! GUILTY! LOL)
she showed not ONE iota of guilt... "you talkin' to ME?????????"
Then, proceeded on with her mission.....

have started THIS FUR-FLYING moment!?!?!
YEAH..... frap immediately followed!

Yep, this is wee, baby Vangie.....
She's growing like a weed..
full of herself, doesn't take "NO" for an answer...
and is developing the most amazing personality!
WHOOOOOO do you THINK she's taunting here?? VEG

Her FAVORITE spot in the world.
cuddled up against me, head propped on a body part!
With THAT face, I'd sit still forever! :-)

August 9, 2011

Vangie's NOSY Streak....

I was cleaning out a closet....
the dining table was LOADED down with 'stuff'...
boxes on the floor....
'Stuff' piled up everywhere....

Curiosity finally took over...
She had to SUPERVISE my OBVIOUSLY poor efforts..
Did I mention lately..... she's a PILL ?!?!?!

Creative use of CLOSET JUNK...

UH HUH!!! THOUGHT ya were so SMART, huh!
JUMPED up there, thinking ya could get on top of the TABLE....
ONLY made it as far as the mezzanine, huh!!!!

NOTE: FIRST thing I'm going to do after I finish this update....
will be to DUST off that Bentwood chair seat! LOL

August 2, 2011

Vangie Meets Gus Jr.

Gus Jr. is a 'smaller' version of the legendary GUS,
who resides in New Orleans.
Gus Jr. is the 'ultimate' woobie... large, plush,
and PERFECT for wallowing and napping!
(WOOBIE = plush furkid toy)

Nothing better for chewing on than a big ole woobie ear....

Giant woobies are even better for WRESTLING!

Giant Woobies are PERFECT for NAPTIME!!!!!!

July 26, 2011

An Adventurous SPIRIT !

Vangie is afraid of NOTHING....
and is more than willing to go exploring!

I'M in the kitchen, I HEAR 'suspicious noises'....
Miss Vangie Innocent is in the recliner...
staring up over the back of the chair!
"Hi, Mam......whatcha WANT?!?!"

I'll HAVE TO strip everything OFF the side table!
She's in LOVE with the cordless phone.....

"No, Vangie! Get down!"
WHAT? You talkin' to ME?
What'd I DO????????

Being adorably INNOCENT (cough, sputter)...
ME??? Instead of doing dishes...
I was peering over back of recliner, taking PHOTOS!

July 19, 2011

Suppertime....and that White TRAY!

Okay, Evangeline has decided...
WITHOUT fail !!!
Eat at the dining table?? Try eating somewhere ELSE??
She goes to the far corner, and SITS by the 'white tray'!!

The MINUTE I set up the 'white tray'...
Evangeline disappears from the kitchen!
A quick search.... she's HERE... WAITING!
The lass does NOT like 'change'...
She wants it THIS WAY..... PERIOD!

July 16, 2011


You know when your ice water reaches JUST that perfect stage...
the water is ICE cold.... the ICE is soft and CRUNCHY??
I LOVE that.... APPARENTLY, so does VANGIE!!!

I came out of the kitchen after cleaning up supper dishes,
came around the corner, to find THIS!!!!!

Vangie, the little IMP, didn't flinch, not a remorseful bone in her BODY!

ADMIT IT, she has SKILLS!!!
She RIGHTED the glass as she BACKED away!
Not a DROP of water was spilled!

"Hey, Mam! I'll SHARE with ya!!"
Uhhhhhh, no THANK you! I'm good!

YES, that 'perfect icewater' went into THEIR BOWL!!!
SIGH......... hehehe

July 13, 2011

Suppertime...... MINE!

Suppertime involves a tv table, and a good TV program!
Riley has always been the consummate gentleman...
sitting beside the tray, waiting quietly for a morsel.
Along comes Vangie......
who discovers the benefits of 'the BLUE STOOL'!
She is apparently a GREAT 'problem solver'...
and SOOON discovered a new way to 'watch' Mam eat!

HAHA WELL, she HAS learned Riley's DISTINGUISHED pose...
she's just using the stool to get CLOSER to the ACTION!

(as far as VANGIE knows, I eat her KIBBLE! VEG)

Sooooooo, I push the blue stool BACK....
My CONNIVING wee lass sees BENEFITS to THAT, TOO!!!
NOW, she can rear up and put PAWS on Mam's tray!!
I can TELL..... this lass is going to be HARD to 'outthink'!!

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