Well, now.....
it DOES appear that another BASH adventure is about to unfold!

First, the Guardian Brigade was called to duty.

Then, the BASH call to arms went out....
and fur-volunteers from all over the world responded!

HMMMMMMMMMMM........I wonder what's UP!?!?!?!

Chapter 1
Night Flight


Katie Wild Child tried to quiet the eager volunteers. She squinted into the darkness, straining to make out the dark figures who were quickly loading the necessary supplies onto the ScotCorde. She KNEW her friends were there, hurrying to complete Captain Scotty's instructions, but the dark, moonless night revealed nothing. She knew that Sleek 1, the huge silver jet, sat just in front of her, yet the thick darkness seemed to render it invisible.

This was definitely NOT the way the Terriers usually began a BASH.....

The ScotCorde had always arrived with great pomp and circumstance, had always stirred the anger of the local officials, and had, on occasion, even attracted the attention of the worldwide media.

Tonight, however, was very different. The ScotCorde had arrived shortly after midnight, silent and unnoticed... an unseen jet, an unknown purpose, with a mysterious destination.

The huge, silver ScotCorde had given no hint of its arrival, its running lights having been extinguished before it touched down. The legendary jet had quietly moved to a seldom-used hangar at the far end of the runway, had shut down the massive engines, and sat alone in the darkness, completely unseen.

Katie and Riley had met the jet, had eagerly greeted their friends, and then together, the group had begun feverishly loading the huge plane with the supplies Captain Scotty had ordered.

The work continued at a blistering pace, with Guardian Brigade members trying desperately to keep the BASH volunteers busy AND quiet, at the same time!

Haley Gersch, Giant Schnauzer, and Callie Howatt,Bouvier, were having a whispered, frenzied 'discussion' with Sam E Williamson, Campbell Donnelly, Riley Rambunctious, Tosh II, Duffy Barfield, Mochreigh Reyner, and Linus Smith, who had decided to spend their time chasing 'possums in the field beyond the runway instead of laboring with the heavy boxes being loaded onto Sleek 1.

The lads were having a GRAND time, arrrooooo'ing and laughing, as they let one 'possum after another slip through their paws into the ear-high grass.

Haley finally got the lads' attention, as she lowered her chest to the ground, tushy in the air, to stare the terriers in the eyes.

"Gentleman," she said, through clenched teeth, "we have business to attend to. You will return to the ScotCorde to assist your friends in the loading of the supplies..... NOW, please."

Raising herself to her full height, Haley tilted her head ever-so-slightly, raised her eyebrows expectantly, and waited.

She watched Callie out of the corner of her eye, and hid a smile, as Callie pulled out a paw full of liver treats. Callie never looked at the lads, but turned and began walking back toward Sleek 1...... with seven food-driven terriers in hot pursuit.

"Easy as falling off a log," Haley thought to herself, as she turned and followed Callie and her hungry boys back to the jet.

Activity around the ScotCorde continued at a frantic pace, as BASH volunteers hurried to load the cargo. The Guardians were always amazed at the VOLUME of noise that the terriers could produce. They shook their heads in frustration as they fought a losing battle trying to keep the terriers silent as they worked.

Pagan Marie, The Dughul, and Bucky Powers had just carried the last box up the ramp into the massive rear cargo hold of the jet, and were trying to pry up the lid of the largest box, to sneak a peek inside, when Captain Scotty entered.

Smiling at the three, he shook his head 'no', and moved on to the rear cargo door. He stood a moment, and just watched as his wee ones began policing the area, removing all traces of their visit.

Quietly, Captain Scotty stepped down the ramp, and stopped at the edge of the tarmac. He made no sound, he made no movement. His mere presence brought a sudden hush to the loyal scotties, who quickly converged on the tall Captain standing so quietly before them. They waited....

"Wee ones," Captain Scotty began, "our help is needed. I have been contacted with a most desperate request, a matter that affects us all. I have accepted this mission on your behalf, but I do acknowledge the fact that YOU have the final word, and I will make no further move until I have YOUR approval."

Captain Scotty paused a second, then asked, "Are you willing to undertake a mission with me, a mission of world-altering proportions? Do you accept this challenge?"

Without a pause, the entire group of BASH volunteers erupted as with one voice, "YESSSSS!"

The Captain smiled proudly at his brave, noble 'wee ones'. His blue eyes shone as he looked at his beloved Terriers.

"Load UP, then. We've BUSINESS to attend to!"

And with that, the entire BASH contingent raced up the loading ramp into the huge jet. Captain Scotty brought up the rear, and, after one last glance around the dark tarmac, he pushed a button on the side of the bay.

He didn't wait to see if the cargo ramp would close. He had faith in his jet. He knew he could rely on it.... just as he knew he could rely on his 'wee ones'. They would be brave and true, fierce and noble... as he'd expected.

His long strides took him forward, into the main lounge, where the Terriers and their friends traveled in luxurious comfort. He smiled as he watched them settle in and heard cellphones buzz to life, but he had no time to linger. A time for visiting would come later. Now, they had to leave...they had a deadline...they had a mission to complete.

As Captain Scotty stepped into the cockpit, he pushed the cockpit door back against the wall, locking it open. He loved his 'wee ones', yet he knew that life ran more smoothly if he kept one ear tuned in to the happenings in the Main Lounge.

The experienced BASH volunteers smiled knowingly as they heard the great engines come to life. They KNEW what was in store for them. This was Captain Scotty's gift to them... at each take-off. It proved to them that their Captain had Terrier in his heart.

They smiled widely, and after quickly turning to give a warning to the NEW travelers, they cinched their seatbelts tight, then pulled again, tighter still. They were ready!

Across the airport, the roar of the engines was heard, as the red glow from the powerful jet exhausts shone across the broad expanse of runway.

Only the security guard bore witness to the incredible jet as it prepared for take-off.... to the scream of the engines as they were pushed to the stops, to the great rumble of the plane as it was held back by sheer force of the Captain's will... as it shuddered at the end of the runway, ready to leap into the sky, but not yet being given the freedom to do so.

"Are we READY, WEE ONES?" Captain Scotty called back over his shoulder. He had no need to turn around, he knew what was to follow.

From the cabin came a resounding, "AAAAARRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Then, and ONLY then, did the legendary ScotCorde begin its rush toward the skies. The Captain released the brake, and the plane leaped forward, gaining speed at a frightening rate. Almost immediately, it began to lift off the ground, and it was THEN that the Captain presented his gift to his loyal wee ones.

He pulled back on the yoke, lifting the nose of the great jet skyward, more....more.....more.... to coax the huge jet into an almost-vertical take-off.

With ever-increasing speed, Sleek 1 disappeared into the night sky, on a mission yet to be revealed, with wee warriors filled with the bravery of giants, and hearts of lions.

Behind them, the moonless night again enshrouded the tarmac, leaving only darkness and silence.

Chapter 2
In-Flight Antics

As the ScotCorde reached its cruising altitude of 50,000 feet, Captain Scotty leveled the jet out and checked his instruments one last time.
Altitude - 50,100 feet ....
Speed - Mach 2.04 .....
Distance to splashdown - 4,578 miles....

Everything was working perfectly. He rechecked his flight plan on the indash computer, cast one last glance at the extensive instrument panel, flipped the switch to 'Autopilot', then rose and headed toward the Main Lounge.

He stopped just inside the Lounge foyer, leaned against a paneled bulkhead, and just watched. It always amazed him that the scotties and their friends could turn any situation into a rolicking party!

Cammeron Meverden was holding court over near the movie screen, where he,Gyppsy Rose Kitty, Connor Bruce, Robin Baillargeon, Midget Wion, Robbie McGillivray, Heather Sue Devine, and Webber Riches were entertaining the 1st-time BASH guests with tales of past adventures.

Geordie Tracey sat enthralled, eyes wide, as Midget regaled the group with the story of her 'gator wrestling match at the original BASH.

"You DIDDDDDDDDDDD??? REALLY??? WOWWWW! Can I try?? Can I wrestle a 'gator, TOO???" he begged. His mind raced, as he began making plans. He had a lot of scotties' adventure tales to live up to.

Make a LIST...that's what he'd do... MAKE A LIST - "Things I MUST Do in a BASH Adventure"! Excitedly, his attention returned to the group of veteran BASHers. He slipped a small notepad off the lounge table beside his chair, and began scribbling away.

Ivy Grant-Atkins was equally taken with the tales. She'd heard her sister, Holly, mention these stories, but she'd never actually BELIEVED any of them. After all, Holly was a mere SISTER, and therefore, not reliable!

But here she sat, listening to the REAL events being retold by the BASHers who had actually LIVED the adventures, and she was swept up in the spell.

"I MUST get OUT more!" Ivy thought to herself. "I've got to LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!"

Her eyes twinkled brightly as she listened with rapt attention, taking in every word. She gasped in amazement and wonder as the adventure tales moved to the Gorkons and the legendary Space BASHes.

Robbie began to tell the story of Woobidoor, and the evil Gorkons. As his story unfolded, the new BASH members leaned closer and closer, not wanting to miss a single word.

"And, one of the most MEMORABLE moments in BASH history came at the paws of your great Grandmother, INKY!" Robbie said, turning to Angel Schaus.

She smiled proudly, adding, "My Mom told me those stories... how G.G.Inky tried to eat a Gorkon... and how she knew JUST the right place to pinch certain scotties' ears to make them conform to protocol!"

"WOW!! WHERE? Where do ya pinch ears?" Libby Timm asked excitedly. She KNEW this skill would most definitely come in handy!

Captain Scotty smiled as he listened to the tales. Some of the adventures were before HIS time, and for that, he was deeply sorry. He DID enjoy sharing adventures with these wee ones.

His attention was drawn to the back corner of the Main Lounge, where a group of rascally scotties had gathered. Immediately suspicious, the Captain casually strolled farther into the Lounge, passing several scotties busy with their cellphones, blackberries, and wireless laptops.

Shaking his head, Captain Scotty wondered where these scotties and their friends found the TIME to create mahem and chaos, with the amount of technology in their paws.

He continued farther into the room, stopping at the large, mahogony conference table. The Council of Elders was busy discussing the coming assignment. Captain Scotty propped on the corner of the richly polished table and quickly took stock of the discussion.

Sherman Mathisen, Bonnie Gamble Meadows, Tidbit Rudy, Maxwell B. Kaub, Jeannie and Jamie Murray, and Laci were eagerly discussing the approach that would be used when they reached their destination. Their eyes flashed excitedly as they thought of the coming adventure, all trying to talk at once.

"The approach, Captain! Everything hinges on that approach angle!" Bonnie advised.

Sherman added, "And we can't WAIT!"

Captain Scotty patted Sherman on the paw, smiled at the distinguished Council of Elders, who seemed young and vibrant as they planned the coming mission.

The Captain rose from the table, to continue his path to the boisterous lads at the rear of the Lounge. Stopping just within earshot, he leaned casually against a plush, chenille sofa, and listened.

The discussion was rowdy and loud, interspersed with MUCH laughter. He shook his head as he identified several of the group members... Murphy Beach, Mac Tracey, Mason Bruce, Dougan Gray, Lucky Laddy Zeigler, Dottie Smith, Polly Riches, Gracie Graves, Megan Wilson,Bo'sun Howatt, Emmitt Nuckles, and Teddy, a.k.a. Big Billy Bad Butt, May.

What surprised him, though, was the presence of Grand Champion Kilpatrick's Gentle Giant, HAMBURGER! He listened intently to the conversation.

"And THEN what'd ya do, Burger?"

"Well, truth be told, the judge was a lightweight. So, I just leaned into him and planted a hoof on his foot. He backed RIGHT up!"

The group roared with laughter, then they began a barrage of questions for the most unusual Guardian.

"Do you have any brothers & sisters?"

"Are you a HOUSE Brangus?"

"Do you have your own room?"

"What's your favorite toy?"

"How come you like scotties?"

Hamburger raised a hoof....."slow down, youngsters! You're gonna stampede the herd!"

The scotties were still laughing at Burger's joke, when one of the scotties laid a paw on Burger's side and piped up.

"Hey, BOB.... why'd ya bring all that barbecue sauce?? Whatcha planning to DO with it?"

Emmitt smiled broadly, and replied simply, "It's great for removing burrs and tangles! You should TRY it!" he said, giving Hamburger a broad wink.

Captain Scotty had to stifle a burst of laughter as he listened to the bizarre conversation from the group. Glancing around, he saw Jubilee, the lab, and Belle Gray, the Great Pyrenees, sitting casually within pawreach of the group of mischievous terriers, and relaxed his guard.

Turning back toward the front, he headed for the cockpit, stopping to visit with first one group of BASH volunteers, then another.

He stopped, looked twice, then shook his head in wonder at the small group of terriers, seated demurely in lounge chairs, crocheting feverishly, their eyes downcast, with angelic expressions on their furry faces. He looked questioningly as Wake May stood atop a high-backed recliner, snapping photos of the strange crocheting behavior with his Razr cellphone.

"I just won't ASK," he said to himself, and walked away, shaking his head.

Chapter 3
The Mission - REVEALED

The ScotCorde commander glanced down at his watch, then moved to the front of the plane, and stopped at the forward bulkhead.

"It's time," he said softly.

He took the intercom microphone off its cradle on the wall. Flipping a switch, the Captain activated the cabin intercom, then cleared his throat.

The BASH terriers all stopped, mid-sentence. Their attention focused totally on Captain Scotty.

"Well, BASH volunteers, the time has come. We have a mission to complete... a dire mission, one that will affect the entire world. It has been discovered that something has begun draining electrical power across our entire planet. This drain is responsible for EVERY loss of electrical power over the course of the last decade!"

The BASH volunteers began grumbling among themselves. The Captain raised his hand and continued.

"Authorities around the world have located the source of this electrical drain, and have been shocked to discover that this intensely concentrated electrical power is also the reason for the melting icecaps. If this continues unchecked, the Earth will be overrun by water, and the temperature of our planet will rise dangerously.

We know WHERE the source of the danger is and we know WHO it is. We need to stop them before they destroy our planet."

"Let us AT 'em!!" the Scotties shouted, enraged that someone would threaten their world.

Captain Scotty held up a hand for silence, then continued.

"I need to add ONE small detail.... the culprits in this act are NOT of this world!"

A GASP went through the crowd... followed quickly by several "YESSSSSSSSSSS!" comments.

"World authorities have identified them as being 'Skozians', from the Gamma Hydrogen 2-O galaxy. They are from a water planet, and require dangerously high water temperatures to survive. They have apparently chosen a point 35,000 feet beneath the ocean surface of OUR planet to colonize, and this, we can not allow, as it threatens OUR existence. Our job is to make the Earth safe again. Are you with me??"

"YESSSSSS!" the group shouted.

Captain Eddie Zeigler added loudly, "Let's go UNPLUG these Skozians!!"

Wild applause broke out as everyone patted Eddie on the back, congratulating him on his bold statement.

"Okay, then," Captain Scotty announced, as he heard a bell sounding behind him in the cockpit. "Get to your seats, strap yourselves in. We've arrived at our destination. I have been assured by the Council of Elders that this approach will be acceptable to them... that there will be NO concerns over our method of descent.

We MUST rely on secrecy and stealth in order for this mission to succeed, but I believe you MAY have time for one last phone call before we move out of range."

Moving into the cockpit, he added, "Ohhhhhhh, and don't worry about what you may see out your windows. Everything has been taken care of."

And with a devilish smile, he added, "And you thought the TAKE-OFF was exciting!!!"

With that, he resumed control of the plane, and almost immediately put Sleek 1 into a 45-degree down angle, heading for the ocean.

There was not one gasp of shock or fear from the terriers. They had total faith in Captain Scotty. On the contrary, their furry muzzles were plastered to the windows, everyone eager to see the 'unusual sights' outside their windows that had been promised.

They watched as the ocean, far below, seemed to come at them with incredible speed. They felt the ScotCorde shift, ever so slightly. They heard motors and gears begin to whir, and felt the great jet begin to vibrate. They could feel the flaps being lowered, and felt the small jolt as the jet slowed just enough to make its final approach.

It was the sudden spray of water shooting upward, drenching the windows that brought the gasps... as if someone had suddenly splashed cold water on their faces... but the ScotCorde never slowed down, never paused.

The legendary jet continued racing downward, away from air and sky, sun and wind... downward to its destiny.

WELL... are you ready to get WET??

Take a DEEEEP breath... you ready???
Click on the pic and Dive IN!

This ORIGINAL story has been created and written by Carol Johnson.
ORIGINAL illustrations are done by Karen Donnelly.
They are NOT to be reproduced in ANY way ....PERIOD!!!!

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